You Can’t Go Home AgainThis is a work of fiction for your entertainment and written by me for publication on XH. Nothing like this has happened in my life or the life of anyone I know.The scent of her perfume filled my head as she looked into my eyes and our lips met for the first time in 25 years. Her ample breasts pressed against my chest and I let my hands slide down her back hesitating at her bra strap. “Yes, I admit to being a pervert of sorts,” I thought to myself. I felt the clasp and identified at least 4 if not 5 hooks and that confirmed that her breasts needed far more support than they did when we dated in our last year of college and confirmed they were a couple cup sizes larger as well.But I am getting ahead of myself so let me begin a couple weeks back. One of my coworkers and I were talking and I said I was looking forward to returning to my hometown for a college class reunion. I graduated from a small regional college and had never gone back for any reunions but for some reason the 25th seemed like the time to try it.“You can’t go home again,” my friend said quoting Thomas Wolfe’s book title. “Everything changes, people, places, circumstances, everything will be different,” he warned.“I know,” I said, “But I did have some friends from college that would be fun to catch up with.” I had no illusions that I would be returning to an idyllic time that my memory had made seem better than it may have been at the time. Most of all I wanted to see a woman I knew back then. Vivian, Viv as her friends called her, was one of those young women away from home for the first time and we had struck up a friendship that seemed like we were made for each other. And the relationship quickly turned sexual.She was very pretty, petite, and radiated sexuality without acting slutty or overly aggressive. We had gone to on a couple dates and then after our third date she invited me to her dorm room for a night cap. We both enjoyed a drink when we went to dinner so it seemed right.Her dorm room was typical for the time except she had managed not to have a roommate. “I have this all to myself,” she said as she tossed her purse and jacket on a twin bed that had nothing but a mattress on it. Each dorm room had a private bathroom, which was unusual as the guy’s dorm had a shared bath in the hall. “I need to use the bathroom,” Viv said and as she passed in the door I saw her unzip her skirt in the back and close the door.I looked around the room that was neat and tidy for the most part. I had not been in a girl’s dorm room so my only experience was the guys and those rooms weren’t fit to live in. So this was refreshing. I wasn’t snooping but as I sat on the desk chair on her side of the room I looked towards her made up bed and saw something I did not anticipate. Lying just under the bed was a lace trimmed panty thrown in a heap. But I was shocked when I saw the tip of a dildo sticking out from under the panty.It made me smile, “I guess she found a way to have her fun,” I thought as I looked at the bulbous tip of the realistically shaped device. I had not considered that we might be intimate but if we were I didn’t stand a chance in comparing to the size of that monstrous plastic cock. My cock hardened as I imagined her laying on that bed naked with that that dildo plunging into her. “I wonder if it is a vibrator too.” I asked myself in my mind.I heard the bathroom door and diverted my eyes to a picture of Viv and her parents hanging above the bed. As the door opened I turned to look at her standing in the door with the bright light of the bathroom silhouetting her figure through a somewhat sheer silky lavender slip. The slip did nothing to hide the shape of her slender thighs and the outline of the juncture of her legs.“I bakırköy escort wanted to get comfortable,” Viv said as she made her grand entrance into the room with the slip swaying across her legs. I could see the outline of her string bikini panties barely hidden by the gauzy nylon slip. “Do you like it,” she asked as she held the hem of the slip up barely covering her panty covered pussy. “I just love silky things against my body.” She walked over to me holding the slip up letting me see her smooth bare legs.She stopped a foot in front of me, “You didn’t tell me if you liked the slip,” she said with a mischievous smile, “but I think your body language speaks volumes,” she said looking down at the bulge in my trousers. She dropped the slip and put her hands on my shoulders and straddled my legs and sat down on my lap facing me. Our lips touched and instead of the light goodnight kiss I had given her the night before I felt her lips part.I had made out with other girls but this felt different. This seemed like it was more than a little touch and feel and maybe a hand on a bare tit. I felt her tongue hot and wet pressing against my lips and I returned it with mine. She melted into my arms as I hugged her close. I had noticed that her bra was gone when she stepped out of the bathroom and now my hands confirmed it when they slid across the silky slip.I felt her tits pressed against me and tried to guess how big, I had no clue about sizes back then but these felt bigger than the other girls I had been with. The kiss ended with her squirming her hot pussy against my bulge, “would you like to get comfortable?” she asked looking into my eyes. I loved her light blue eyes and her subtle make-up that didn’t hide her natural beauty.Viv didn’t wait for an answer but started unbuttoning my shirt. Her hand went inside my shirt and rubbed across my nipple and I replied by cupping her breast. It was firm and full and more than filled my hand. It was remarkable how heavy it felt in my hand. But my mind was distracted by the feeling of her nipple as it hardened against the palm of my hand.I had experience with a bare breast but none of the girls had nipples that responded that fast or that hard. She moaned into my ear as she put her head beside mine. “I love feeling your hands on me,” she whispered in my ear. She sat back up and pulled my shirt out of my pants and I slipped my arms out of the sleeves as she bent and kissed my shoulder and then my neck. “I want you so badly,” Viv said, “I want us both to be naked.”She pushed herself up with her hands on my bare shoulders and asked, “Will you do the honors,” as she started to lift the hem of the slip up. I stood in front of her and took over. I slipped the delicate nylon over her head. Her bare breasts bounced seductively as I pulled them free of the slip and they looked larger than they felt as they came into full view. Her areolas were wide and several shades darker than her pale skin and her nipples stuck out like knobs on a radio.Her satin string bikini panties were a close match to the lavender slip and I ran my fingers around the side string and then down across the front of the slick fabric. Viv arched her back and pressed her pussy against my hand and rotated her hips bringing my fingers in full contact of her slit that was seeping fluid out of the fabric.“I have been wet since you picked me up Larry,” Viv said as she unbuckled my belt and dropped my trousers around my ankles. She looked into my eyes as she ran her hands around my waist to the small of my back. “When we were in the restaurant I thought about this moment, the moment when we were alone and getting naked. I could hardly concentrate on the meal. I saw you looking beşiktaş escort at my breasts and wanted your hands on them.”She didn’t wait any longer and pushed my pants down and let gravity finish the job. She had her hands inside my briefs before the trousers hit the floor and massaged my throbbing hard cock. “I love the feeling of a hard cock in my hand but more than that I love it inside of me. I am on the pill and I want you inside of me until your cock goes soft.”I stepped out of my trousers and briefs as she slipped her panties down. Her dark brown triangle of hair covered her pussy but I could see her pink labia and it glistened with her arousal. We tumbled onto the bed and rolled around kissing and fondling each other. Then she rolled on top of me and drew her legs up beside me. “I love being on top,” she said as I felt her move her hips and my cock was sliding into her.I was so hard that I didn’t need any help to guide me inside of her. She rocked back against me burying my cock balls deep inside of her and then she sat up straight. Her tits hung against her chest and I reached up and took both nipples in my hands. She moaned loudly and rocked against my cock while pressing her tits against my hands.“I want you to cum for me Larry, I don’t cum easily so don’t hold back, don’t wait for me.” She said and began rocking hard against my cock. I knew I wouldn’t last even though I wanted this to go on all night. I lost track of time as she rocked against me and then felt that tight feeling that signaled my orgasm. I groaned and she smiled down at me, “fill me up Larry, I want to feel your spunk leaking out of me.”Across the old Student Union hall I saw Vivian. She was as beautiful as ever and didn’t seem to have aged a day since that night in her room. Her hair almost glowed in the dim room lights of the hall and was professionally styled. She wore a black dress that fit her perfectly and was so well suited to her body shape and size. It was as if she had stepped off the cover of a fashion magazine. She had three guys glued to her as she chatted with them. As the conversation progressed I noticed Viv turn my way and her expression told me she remembered me. One of the guys put his hand on her arm to get her attention and she turned back his way. Two of the guys were joined by what I assumed were wives. It seemed as if that was the case because the looks on the women’s faces seemed combative towards the charming and attractive woman that I had known so many years ago. Vivian was not making any moves on the men but you could tell the wives felt that she was heavy competition.Then I recognized one of the women. Cheryl was one of Viv’s friends in college and she was the one that seemed most disturbed by the small group that had formed around Viv. Viv looked back at me with a smile that spoke volumes, I knew she wanted to break out of that little group yet she was never one to be rude.Suddenly a thought came to mind, a dim memory of a few words spoken that night in Viv’s dorm room. That first sexual encounter with Viv had been a bit of an eye opener to me about college girls and their desires.My cock had dumped a load into Viv long before she had reached her orgasm. But she didn’t seem bothered by it as she rolled off of me and whispered, “You need to finish what we have started. I have a friend that never fails to get me off.” And she leaned over the side of the bed and retrieved the cock toy.“Have you ever seen one of these?” she asked without a bit of embarrassment or loss of modesty.“Only in porn magazines,’ I replied. “Well you turn the end and it vibrates, I like to start with it vibrating on my clit and then deep inside of me when I am close.” She said as she handed beylikdüzü escort me what had to be an 8” rubbery cock shaped toy. It was heavy in my hand as I looked at its large girth. As I had surmised, I was no comparison to this toy yet when I was inside of her she didn’t feel loose at all. I began with the tip of the cock buzzing against her clit and within a couple minutes she was writhing on the bed in near orgasmic bliss. “Oh fuck yes Larry, now fuck me with it,” she said. I guided the tip inside of her and watched as that giant cock found its home deep inside of her. “All the way Larry…” Her voice trailed off as I complied with her wishes.Again she was like a woman possessed as the rubber cock worked its magic. My cock was hard again and her hand clutched it as I thrust the cock in and out of her sopping wet pussy. My cum and her arousal coated the rubber cock as I brought her closer and closer to cumming. She spread her legs wide apart and brought her knees up and instead of trying to finish her with the dildo I pulled the toy out and got between her legs. I plunged my cock inside of her.She moaned loudly and gripped at my ass as I slid the vibrating cock between us aiming for her clit and the tip stimulated my cock as well as I got into a steady rhythm. As I pumped at her pussy I could feel the vibrations and knew I would cum again. I felt her body tremble and she pulled me hard against her as her orgasm took control of her body. Midway through her bliss my cock spurted another load into her.As we both were coming down from our orgasms she whispered, “no guy has ever done me that way. I usually depend on Cheryl to get me off with the cock after the guy leaves. If she shows up before you leave you will understand how well trained she is. She loves these nights because when she finishes me I eat her pussy and use this toy to finish her off. We don’t consider ourselves lesbians, just friends that take care of each other.I chuckled to myself as I watched the little scene playing out in the Student Union. Cheryl was the one that had the sternest look as Viv was speaking and then there was laughter all around the little group. Then Cheryl pushed her guy away from Viv and stomped off literally dragging the guy behind her. The other couple followed leaving Viv with the last guy. I moved closer and could hear the guy say, “I guess that bitch forgot to tell her guy that she was bi back in the day.” He laughed out loud and said, “nice meeting you Viv I will tell Stacy that you asked about her,” and moved away to another group leaving Viv standing alone. She turned smiled at me when she saw me standing near her. Her smile was as warm as I had remembered the night we met back in our college days.“Larry where have you been for the last 25 years?” Viv asked as she closed the distance between us. Our embrace went from an introductory greeting to a passionate kiss in a matter of seconds. As our lips parted she whispered, “You were the hottest guy I ever dated in college and I have wanted to hook up with you all these years. I am sorry we didn’t keep in touch”We only had a couple sexual encounters that last few weeks of college and then it was graduation and job hunting. I had wanted to see more of her but she went west and I went east and well “shit happens,” I thought as I looked into her smiling face. Up close she was simply radiant and her sexuality remained as vibrant as it was in college.She turned to face the crowd of former classmates and brushed her ass across the lump in my trousers that she had produced with the passionate kiss. As she stood there for a moment her hand went behind her and she grabbed my cock, “I want this tonight so stay close.” She had no idea that the moment I saw her I had wanted her as badly as she had just declared.I leaned close to her ear filling my head with her scent that was a mixture of perfume, body wash, and yes her arousal was mixed in. “Did you bring your toy?” I whispered.“This is all I need,” she whispered back rubbing my cock again. “Let’s get out of here.”



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