You can watch me but you Cant have me…You have been watching me through your window for years, watching me undress & put on my PJ’s as I go to bed, watching me swim in the pool & walking my dog. You like my short shorts, my tiny tops, my long legs, my firm young breasts, you want me but you cant have bakırköy escort me.I lay out to sunbath by the pool, the sun is warm, there is a light breeze, I think I am alone so i take off my top & bikini bottoms. The suntan cream feels nice on my breasts as i rub beşiktaş escort the lotion in to my supple young skin, my nipples are hard & erect as I sqeeze them, my pussy, young and unfucked, I am a true virgin, yet it aches for more than just my fingers, today it drips, beylikdüzü escort sweet young pussy juice onto the sun lounge & over my busy fingers as the breeze blows gently on my swollen clit. I arch my back as I push another finger deep into my pretty pink slit, thats 3 now & about all my tight cunt can take. I writhe with pleaseure & cum all over my fingers, licking my juices clean off my polished nails. My pretty pink slit now gaping & wet, faces in your direction, I know you are old & I know you are watching me, that makes me hot in my imagination you are cumming, would I be right?



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