Yelka pressed his shoulder against the wall, touching his temple against the cold stone and groaning softly.

He remained there for a few moments before he slid along the wall, approaching the oak table and dropping his body, which felt like wet sand, into the chair.

He stared at the wood of the table for a moment, tracing his fingernails over each smoothed-out knot illuminated only by the weakened moonlight.

He continues to trail his hand over the tabletop until he touches the stone lamp at the center. He lazily grabbed the firesteel and flint and stuck them together, needing to make a few attempts before he finally put in enough effort to start a flame and light the lamp.

A soft rustling sounded from the attached room. Yelka set the firesteel down hard and turned his head towards the sound.

“Piggidigi,” he barked “Wine.”

There was a short pause, and then more rustling that carried on past Yelka’s point of patience.

“Move your arse, beast!” He called in a harsher tone.

The instant his sentence was finished, Piggidigi came rushing out with the wine and goblet, her expression completely flat yet when she moved into the moonlight, tiny scratches that made their way down her yellow cheeks became visible.

She approached the table with loud footsteps and placed the goblet gently on the table, brushing her crooked fingertips lovingly against the cup as she slowly poured the wine, blackened by the darkness. Yelka watched her closely, waiting until she was finished and the bottle was re-corked before he reached out and grabbed her by the jaw, rubbing his thumb over one of the scratches. Piggidigi huffed and grunted in his grasp.

“Who damaged my property now, Piggidigi?” He asked in a smooth tone, releasing her jaw so he could brush his knuckles against her cheek.

Piggidigi’s dark eyes dropped down to his hand and then over to the far wall.


Yelka stared for a moment, thinking over her response as his eyebrow slowly raised. Then he shrugged and leaned back in his chair, lifting the goblet to his chin.

“I can’t say I’m surprised. The young thing’s a cunt.” He cleared his throat before tilting the goblet against his lips.

Piggidigi released a soft chuckle as he drank, eyes watching the goblet all the way back to the table before twitching back to Yelka.

“You’re weary of face.” Piggidigi finally spoke, her words just as twisted by her strange accent as usual. “Why?”

Yelka breathed a heavy sigh, putting his shoulders into the çankaya escort effort.

“My own father doesn’t trust my judgement.” He answered, squeezing and releasing the handle of the goblet between his fingers over and over. “…The man is older than the mountains themselves and he still thinks he knows more than I do about the state of things.”

Yelka paused on Piggidigi’s features, staring at her for a moment before continuing.

“A savage wouldn’t understand.”

Piggidigi was silent for merely a few seconds before she straightened her spine and crept a few steps closer.

“No,” she began “…But a savage trusts in her king… And a savage believes he should force his own judgement upon the old man’s ears if he will not listen.” Piggidigi slowly moved behind Yelka and after a moment he felt her gently push her fingers through his hair.

“Wouldn’t you say?” Her whisper rasped in his ear.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about.” Yelka answered, tilting his head back and closing his eyes as the wild-woman combed through his hair with her rough fingertips.

“I was powerful once.” She had returned to her normal speaking voice, Yelka had to assume this was out of resentment of what he had said.

“Hm…” Was all Yelka gave in response aside from a long, slow exhale as he let his shoulders drop.

Silence took over the room for a few minutes before Piggidigi’s hands left Yelka’s scalp and he heard her move back around him and saw her shadow on his eyelids.

“You don’t want to talk about it.” Piggidigi seemed to point out more than ask.


The silence returned for a moment before it was replaced with gentle rustling. Yelka furrowed his brow and then slowly opened his eyes in time to see Piggidigi’s naked body, illuminated by the lamp, slowly moving closer to him. He flinched and straightened in his seat, pressing his back hard against the chair.

“Put your damn clothes back on! What are you doing?” He gruffed, but Piggidigi didn’t stop approaching.

“I’ll take my Lord’s mind off of all his troubles…” She purred, lifting a thick thigh over Yelka’s legs and leaning her body over his. Yelka grabbed the woman hard around the waist and pushed back with low effort.

“Get your filthy body off of me, are you out of your fucking mind?”

Piggidigi stiffened her expression, slowly lowering herself onto Yelka’s lap and smoothing both hands over his pale hair.

“You don’t fight much for a man who doesn’t want my body.” çayyolu escort She laughed the words as Yelka loosened his grip on her. “…Besides. I bathed.”

“I. Am. Betrothed.” Yelka grumbled between gritted teeth, still not managing to phase Piggidigi, who shook her head, sweeping her tangled hair over her shoulders.

“No. Veni’s dead.”

Yelka lifted his eyebrows, curling his lip he asked “No she’s not. How?”

“I killed her.”

Yelka stared Piggidigi down. Waiting for a smile to crack on her crooked lips or for any other sign that she was joking. But the woman just stared, naked and waiting.

“You killed her?”

Piggidigi nodded, giggling shrilly as she leaned even closer to Yelka, grabbing onto his shoulders to balance herself.


“You hated her.” She lowered her voice to a soft mumble, squeezing and releasing his shoulders. “…and I want to please my king.”

Piggidigi locked her gaze with his and he stared back for what felt like hours before he finally thought several expletives and he gave up, gritting his teeth and grabbing the wild-woman by the back of the neck, crushing his lips against hers.

Piggidigi’s arms flung around Yelka’s torso and squeezed it tightly as her nails grazed him through his shirt. She opened her mouth in acceptance and they kissed aggressively, their teeth clicking together as Yelka reached down to undo the tie on his trousers. After a moment of struggle Piggidigi brought her hands down to help him take out his cock, which flopped back against his stomach. Piggidigi wrapped her warm fingers around it and gently pumped as they kissed.

Yelka moaned into her mouth and impatiently tugged at her hips. Piggidigi caught on quickly and she turned her pelvis, positioning herself over him before allowing herself to sink down onto his cock. She leaned close to his ear and moaned softly as he drew in a shaky gasp at the sudden warmth.

“Dammit.” He grunted, digging his fingers into her subtly rolling hips.

“Good?” Piggidigi asked softly, pushing her hands back through Yelka’s hair again.

Yelka grumbled in response and leaned forward to graze his teeth against her generous breast. He pulled some of the skin into his mouth as Piggidigi gasped and began to roll her hips with a bit more enthusiasm.

Yelka pulled his mouth away to groan at the new friction that made his stomach muscles tighten. But Piggidigi quickly caught his lips, slick with saliva, with hers.

They carried on this ankara escort way, kissing and grabbing roughly at each other as Piggidigi’s movements increased in speed and sloppy desperation until her body was pounding against him in a raw need for satisfaction. The powerful sensation sent a throbbing throughout his body that sent his head back and made his mouth hang open, gasping for air.

He sat there near motionless, just enjoying the feeling until she roughly grabbed his shoulders and he pulled his head back up to look at her.

The wild woman was leaning over him, eyelids fluttering and teeth grinding, her entire face distorted. Her breasts tossing up and down along with the soft, subtle curve of her belly. Her thighs were flexed and slick with sweat from the effort that kept himself repeatedly disappearing inside of her.

‘Fucking my slave’. He thought to himself in the only words his mind could come up with. ‘…My discarded… wild-woman slave.’

His vision started to haze and he could feel more and more sweat begin to pour down his back, soaking his clothing no doubt.

Yelka released a carnal growl and he strained his muscles to lift both himself and Piggidigi out of the chair. But just as quickly as she was up in his arms, she was down on the table, the breeze from her movement extinguishing the flame of the lamp and leaving nothing of her for him to see but the blue outline left by the moonlight from the window.

He didn’t care. He was immediately on top of her, thrusting hard into her wet warmth, their damp stomachs sliding together as his legs strained to keep him upright. A burning heat was pooling in his lower abdomen that took all sense of rhythm from him and forced him to pound into the wild-woman without thought, let alone method. Piggidigi’s moans mixed in with animalistic snarling as Yelka’s burning sensation grew and grew until it finally released in a powerful pulsation. He slammed both hands down on the table on either side of Piggidigi’s head and moaned his way through his climax. The wild-woman leaned up and gently pressed her teeth into the meat of his shoulder which oddly helped him along.

After his climax subsided, Yelka hovered over her for a while, waiting for his breath and any strength in his legs to return. He then slowly pulled himself off of her, a slow, slightly sickening noise sounded as their skin separated and Piggidigi seemed to find it amusing, giggling weakly at it.

Yelka backed a few steps away, putting his flacid member back under his beltline before he brought his hands up to smooth back his hair, thick with sweat.

Piggidigi straightened herself on the table, Yelka watched her shadow staring back at him and then cocked his head to the side when her low, rumbling laughter sounded.

“…Savage knows nothing, hm?”



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