Xx photoshoot xXWell this was an unusual one for me, i was quite randomly contacted contacted by a woman called bella, who had got hold of my profile info from one of my friends on the site, she wrote saying she was very fascinated by my profile and that she’d never seen or heard of a disabled submissive who dressed up and wanted to ask me a big favour.After the reading of her very sincere email i was actually intrigued by her whole idea, she wanted to have me for the day at her studio to do a full shoot of pictures dressed up in various outfits, bondage etc, i said ok sounds like a laugh, but i don’t have that much outfit wise so she said she’d be supplying everything and we discussed ideas i gave her my sizes and i left her to organise a date etc.About ten days later she rang me for maraş escort a chat and came up with a few dates and times and we set a date and time for the following week, so time came to go do this exciting shoot day, i arrived about 10am and she was ready for me, i was introduced to two ladies who were my helpers, they’d be dressing me up etc for the shots.We went into the big changing room and i was helped to undress, then i had to wear a red latex vest, black spandex hotpants and a pair of knee high suede boots, then i had a latex hood put on me, and i was ready, i went out to where she wanted me and i was placed on a black furry bedsheet lovely and soft, and i soon got into the mood of posing.After about 30 minutes i was joined by a female model in hotpants and heels and we escort maraş did a load of poses together it was very enjoyable, bella was directing everything, she told the model to pull my cock out and hold it in her mouth for shots, then the model put a condom on me and posed with my cock all the way in her mouth.Next we took about 20 mins to go get changed again and i was put in a wetlook catsuit and gloves, and thigh boots, then it was back to the furry bed, this time 2 female models in full lingerie and knee high boots took it in turns dr****g themselves over me, again great fun and i had a noticeable hard on by then, the 2nd model uzipped the crutch of the catsuit and straddled me while shots were being taken, she slid me inside her.Lots of photos later and i did cum inside maraş escort bayan her, it was like a treat, i was then tied up on the bed for more pics, it was like a fantasy but even better, now the other model got on top and slid me in her anally and rode me while bella took shots, i was so enjoying this whole thing, i came inside her and she smiled at me.After a brief rest it was time to change again, this time i was dressed up as a sexy secretary and tied up in my wheelchair, gagged ad blindfolded, lots more shots and being played with, such a turn on again, after about 15 mins i was unblindfolded and the female models stepped in wearing sexy tops and wetlook leggings with heels, they posed with me, holding, touching me, and then bella told the model to pull up my skirt and masturbate me.I ended up cumming all over myself, all over the stockings, it was a great wank, bella said well thats a perk of the job and she thanked me for being such a great model and now it was time to wrap things up until another time.



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