X-Ray TechSo I’m at a local hospital getting some radiology tests done, the radiologist tech is a k*d in his mid twenties named Sam, he went to school with my k**s and so I’d know him for many years but not closely. Sam is a small guy, maybe 5’5″ and 130 lbs if that and was a smart and nice k** back then. All thru high school everyone said he was gay and he finally came out after leaving for college. Here is he back in the area and it was a surprise to see him when he called my name in the waiting room. He brought me to a little locker room to put on a johnny before the tests could be done, I knew I could leave my underwear on from past tests but this time decided to see what happens so I stripped down and put the johnny on and opened to door and asked sam if he would come in and tie the back which he did but I could feel his eyes looking down at my ass. We went into the room and I laid on the table, he positioned me and I let the gown creep up my right thigh and I knew he could see my soft cock just enough as he covered me with the lead izmir escort blanket, As I was in getting the scan I listened to his instructions and with just my fingers pulled the johnny over even more under the lead blanket so he could see all of me when he took it off. I had no idea what his reaction would be or what if any interest he may have so I waited patiently till the test was done.I lay still as the machine moved off of me and the table pulled back and Sam came out and said all done! He pulled the lead blanket off and it worked perfectly, removing it made it seem like it pulled my johnny all the way over and my cock was lying there softly on my thigh looking right at him. He stopped for a split second in shock and I made no effort to cover myself leaving my arms at my sides as previously requested for the test. He looked down and reached for the johnny to cover me but my cock moved as it started to get a little hard right then, it was perfect timing. He covered me and looked right at me, I said well that was a surprise! He said he izmir escort bayan was sorry that I became exposed, I said it was ok with me if he didn’t mind. He just smiled and said I’m all set lets go get you dressed.There was a key for the little locker, it was about the size of an airplane bathroom, and I let him go first to unlock it and open it, I was supposed to wait for him to exit but I followed him in and I closed the door. He looked surprised but I said can you get me my shirt and untie the back of my johnny? He stood there after doing so and I put the shirt on and let the johnny drop to the floor and I turned to face him and I was more than half hard. I sat on the little bench and said so are you going to let me leave in this condition. He started to say Mr…. I said none of that if your not interested its ok but I was hoping you would be. He reached down and took my cock and rolled it in his hand, I reached out and touched the bulge in his scrub pants and watched as he got hard very fast, I could see the outline thru the escort izmir cotton and it was very nice, about 5″ long with a mushroom shaped head.He still had my cock in his hand and I pulled his scrub pants down, he let go and I pulled him into me by his ass cheeks and took that big head in my mouth without touching it with my hands and he shuttered a little, his head was getting even bigger, it was smooth and hard and he said please suck fast, I could tell he was nervous he would be caught. I sucked him in and felt that head pounding at the back of my throat, Sam put his hands behind my head and fucked my mouth very fast, it was sloppy but only took a minute, he straightened up and his legs went stiff and he was going to pull out of my mouth but I grabbed his ass and forced him to cum in my mouth. I swallowed every drop with every thrust and he was beat red in the face and as he finished cumming he pulled his scrubs up and said he has to go, I said I’ll finish getting dressed and leave in a couple minutes. He then looked at my swollen cock and said he was sorry to leave me like that, I said it was okay I was heading to work and I had someone there who would love to help me with my load. And back to work we both went. I know it wont be the last I’ve seen of Sam.



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