“I don’t want to go back to work,” were the words uttered by my wife that added excitement to our lives that I never fully expected. Our youngest child was getting ready to enter into first grade and for the first time in 8 years, my wife would not have to be dealing with children at home. She would be free to go back to work and take some of the financial burden off of me.

Just to give you a little background, my wife Lacey was a Vice President of a local bank before our kids came, but most who saw here would have called her a trophy wife. She is about 5’3″ with large 36J breasts (yes J!) and a curvy waist that flares out into an ass that makes your mouth water. Over the years at home she has added a muffin top belly but nothing that a regular workout wouldn’t control.

Our sex life has been great and in recent years we have been working in some bondage and role playing. Lacey prefers to be dominated and really gets aroused by scenarios where she is forced to, in her mind, be dirty or slutty. A good yank of her hair and forced face fuck makes her orgasm at a quick pace.

I kind of knew this was coming but had been waiting for her to say it. My guess is that she thought she could sleep in, do some chores, hang out with her girlfriends, hit the pool, and just in general have a leisurely day without considering that I still had to go to work every day. So I had formulated a plan to take advantage of this and try to push her sexual boundaries.

“That’s not really a fair scenario,” I replied.

“I realize that,” Lacey said, “but we are fine financially and I can still take care of all the things around the house, and still be available for the kids when they come home.”

“That is pretty much 6 free hours a day for you, we already have a maid that comes in and cleans and does the laundry so I don’t see what else you will be doing that will take that much time?” I said.

“Well I can start going to the gym every day to get in better shape and you can come home on your lunch hour, since you work so close, that will give us more alone time together,” was Lacey’s opening negotiation.

This was the break I was looking for. I knew she really wanted this and I was going to make her pay for it or at least test the boundary of how far she would go.

“I love you Lacey so I’ll give you my terms, this is a onetime offer, take it or start looking for a job tomorrow,” I said. “During the hours of 9AM to 3PM you are mine to do with as I please. I will use your body anytime and anyway I wish. If I text you and tell you to come suck my cock, you will do it. In addition, I will give you a weekly task that you must complete. Fail to obey my commands or fail to finish your task and you will be disciplined.”

Lacey nervously laughed, but I could tell by her hardening nipples that these terms were turning her on. I’m not sure what went through her head but she only asked one question. “What is my punishment if I breach these terms and don’t obey?”

“I çankaya escort would say that your punishment would be a spanking or whipping, but knowing how much you enjoy that I have to raise the stakes here. Remember that sex tape I made of you? Let’s see I think you were tied to the hotel bed and had your nightgown ripped off. Breasts and Pussy open to plain view. I believe it is a half hour of you getting your nipples tortured, the lips of your pussy clamped and pulled, followed by anal balls and a large dildo shoved inside you.”

“I remember that well,” Lacey replied with a smirk. “I think I orgasmed 4 times during that session. If you want to do that again, it is pretty much not going to be much of a punishment.”

“You didn’t let me finish,” I said.

“What I intend to do if you break this deal is to release this video. Not just on the internet either. I still have the email for you childhood Pastor. When he married us, it was like he was giving away his own daughter. How do you think he would react to getting this video by email? Oh, and I would copy his wife on it as well. Knowing you and how you were brought up, I can’t think of any punishment that would embarrass you more than this. What do you say? Need to think about it?”

“You shit!” My wife yelled.

I knew I had hit it right on the head. This was probably the worst embarrassment she could imagine (which made me quite pleased with myself).

“Tell you what,” I said. “I’ll give you till I get home from work to think about it and I’ll have a contract with me when I get home. Sign the contract to my terms and you will never have to go back to work again. Don’t and I’ll help you get your resume updated and ready to submit for applications. Who knows you might enjoy my terms more than you think, I know I will!”

With that I left for work, not looking back to see her expression. In my mind I figured I went too far and she would probably try to negotiate my terms down when I got home. No way she was actually going to let me control her to this extent.

I came home that Friday and left the contract on the kitchen table. While I changed, Lacey must have read the terms because when I came out of our bedroom, the contract was signed and waiting for me. No further discussion was needed but our sex that night was the hottest it had been in years.

First Morning:

I left for work as usual, but with ideas floating through my head of what I would want Lacey to do this week. I texted her from my work parking lot the following message:

Me-Darling, you only have some general rules to follow this week, and will continue to follow them until I tell you to stop.

The first rule is you will go to the gym every morning. I will be surprising you with some things that will require you to look your best so work out hard.

Two, I expect you to be ready to fuck me or suck me off whenever and wherever I say.

Third, any time that you are at home çayyolu escort during your work time, you will either be naked or wearing lingerie only. If you are leaving the house, then you may get dressed at the front door, and undress as soon as you enter. No exceptions.

Fourth and final rule, if you have the need to masturbate during your work time, you must video it on your phone, and send to me as soon as you are finished. Remember I only work 10 minutes away so I may come home at any time to verify your compliance. Love you!

Lacey-Yes Boss!

I knew she would be prepared and anticipating me coming home today so I did nothing more that day. The next day, I finished up a project at 11AM and immediately headed home.

I rang the doorbell rather than going straight in, and when Lacey opened the door I was treated to full frontal nudity. Her large dark nipples were standing straight out and I could see her hairy bush. I purposely held the door open, and her cheeks turned red.

“I think you can close the door now,” Lacey growled.

Not wanting to lose control of the moment, I knew how I wanted to set the tone.

“Move to the stairs and bend over,” I said. Lacey gave me a look but turned to our staircase and bent forward. I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. I made a loud spitting noise and wet the tip of my cock. In one quick thrust I entered her from behind.

Lacey took a big intake of breath and gasped as I fully filled her. I proceeded to thrust into her as fast and as hard as possible, driving her face down into the carpeted stair. Her pussy was already wet so I know I was not hurting her with the pounding, but this was all about my pleasure. I kept this up for as long as I could and then came as I pulled out covering her bouncing ass in cum.

“Turn around and clean me up,” I grunted.

Lacey dutifully turned around and took my cock in her mouth. She licked up and down and made sure that she got all of her fluids from around my cock base. When I thought she had done a good job, I stepped back, zipped up my pants, and turned to leave.

“Nice job Lacey, I’m meeting someone for lunch so I’ll let you know if I require anything else.”

A look of shock crossed her face, as I know she expected more interaction then just a quick fuck, more so by leaving her before she had a chance to orgasm.

Within 20 minutes of me leaving, Lacey sent me a text containing a video of her on the same stairs using her fingers to masturbate. She was flicking her clit so hard, I could see it only as a blur between her two fingers. At the end she placed both fingers in her mouth and sucked off her own pussy juice. After the video came a second text.

Lacey-What do I do if someone comes the door while I’m working?

Me-Not difficult dear, answer it or pretend no one is home. I don’t care either way.

The next day, I knew that Lacey would be finished at the gym around 10AM and would be driving ankara escort back passed my office right after. I texted her and instructed her to come straight to my office from her workout, and to not change clothes or shower. She was to walk into my office, close the door behind her, and then give me a blow job at my desk. I eagerly waited for her to arrive and see how this would go down.

Lacey arrived, walking into my office in her black stretch pants and work out top, still sweaty and hair disheveled. Her stretch pants were my favorite as they hugged the curves of her hips and accentuated the size of her ass compared to her waist. One of my favorite views is walking behind her when she wears these. Her workout top was tight to constrict her large breasts and keep them from bouncing. But their size was hard to hide and it was still clear that she had a magnificent set under there.

Lacey closed the door behind her and walked straight to my desk. I stood up as she kneeled down in front of me, and I dropped my pants and my underwear, springing my cock free. She pushed me lightly backwards so I would sit back down in my chair. I took out my phone so I record this hot moment of surrender.

For the next fifteen minutes I was treated to a cock sucking like none I had received before. I always joke with Lacey that she is the best at blow jobs and could make a lot of money if she wanted to sell the use of her mouth on Craigslist. But today was one notch higher.

She first worked the head of my penis by gently wrapping her lips around it and lightly circling the head with her tongue. Beads of sweat dripped down her face and I ran my hands through her wet hair.

She then licked up and down the shaft, stopping to circle the base and make sure her teeth slightly scraped it. She stroked my shaft with her hand as she took each one of my balls into her mouth in turn. Finally she took me deep into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down in a quick rhythm.

I took control at this point and grabbed a handful of hair to force her up and down on my tempo. I pulled her down to where the head of my cock enter her throat, and then held her down until she gagged on it. I noticed her hand at this point had dipped into the front of her stretch pants and she was about to cum. I pulled out and sprayed her face with my cum, as she also orgasmed from her fingers on her clit. When I finished, she went to grab a tissue from my desk to cleanup.

“Sorry darling but that is not what I want,” I ordered. “You will spread my cum on your face and work it in, or you can walk out with it on you. Your choice, but I need to get back to work. That was the best blow job you have ever given so keep up the good work and you will be rewarded.”

With that I zipped up my pants and sat back down at my computer. Lacey made a show of rubbing my cum in like it was moisturizer, and when she finished headed off to the front door.

“Thanks boss,” she said. “See you home for dinner.”

The rest of the week proceeded the same, me surprising Lacey at home and using her body any way I choose. I had never been more turned on, and I could tell Lacey was enjoying herself as well. It was the most times we had sex in a week since our honeymoon, and this was only week one.



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