“Room 233, see you then.” I replied, turning the phone off and making my way to the mirror. The client was downstairs in the lobby, on his way up. I surveyed myself one last time. Twenty eight, light curly brown hair, cascading down shoulders that were barely tan. Body athletic, toned but not beefy, stomach sporting a flat muscular look, legs smooth, thighs strong. 32C breasts perking upwards, seemingly larger then normal on her small 5’4 frame, nipples known for their sensitivity. Her breasts were covered by a black bra, her trimmed pussy by a matching pair of bootie shorts. Ass cheeks stopping just deliciously shy of her legs. Most men turned their heads when she came in and when she went out. Yes, her client should be happy.

He had made no special requests, didn’t elaborate on himself. Merely mentioned business and a way to relieve some stress before his final meeting. That was fine. That was all a professional girl like her needed. I called my security across the hall, told him everything was fine as I went to answer the client’s knock on the door.

“Hello, please come in.” I said, opening the door wide enough for him to just slip in. He was a bit tall, probably 6 feet. Dark hair, toned body from the looks of it, bit of a tan but not too much. 5 O’ clock shadow. Bit of a James Bond type. Well, he was certainly more preferable then many of the old fat CEO’s she got.

Quickly closing and locking it. I felt his eyes travel over my body as I came up to him and took his coat and briefcase. Sitting them down I turned back towards him, his eyes moving back up from my ass to my pussy to my chest, finally to my face. I could tell from the look he was pleased.

“Hello, Kara, I presume?”

“You presume correctly.” I reply, head tilted to one side, sheepish smile on the lips, a bit of teeth biting the lower one. Be sexy, be innocent at the same time. Whatever turns the client on. Pause for 30 seconds, let him look you over then slowly walk towards him. One hand on his chest, mouth close to his, eyes into his eyes, just as your mistress taught you long ago.

“Shall we get started then baby?” I whisper to him, voice deeper then normal. Make him think your already aroused. His hand slips out an envelope from his pocket, depositing it on a nearby nightstand. No need to count the money, business men of his caliber and women of her reputation don’t cheat. Reputation is everything in this business.

“Very well.” He replies, a small smile on his lips. Yes, he already feels in control, already feels the power he is supposed to hold over her. Good. I wrap my arms around his neck, pushing my chest into his body, one leg wrapping around him as I slide my lips over his. I moan into his mouth as his hands explore my body, running up my side as the other goes down to cup my ass, pulling me into him. My breasts flatten against him, my stomach pushing into his crotch. Tongues slowly stroking each other, my hands go through his hair as he pulls me hard against him. “Mmmm” I moan into his mouth, most men couldn’t kiss. He wasn’t too bad.

I feel the first stirring of his loins down below. Already his mind has let him be intoxicated with the power he thinks he has over me. I slide my tongue over the row of his teeth, feeling their smooth ivory as his hands squeeze my ass roughly, one hand already inside my underwear squeezing my soft flesh. His lips move off my lips, going towards my ear I tilt my head, allowing his mouth to suck on my earlobe. “Yes baby…” I sigh, his tongue gently rubbing my inner ear. His hands travel up the small of my back and along my spine, despite my best efforts my body tingles a little as his hands glide along my rib cage.

“Mmmm…” I lean my head back, his teeth sink into the soft flesh of my neck as his hands move to my chest, gripping my breasts through my bra. Squeezing them roughly. Typical man, I thought, always too rough there. Doesn’t matter, my body is here for the client.

Slowly I unbotton his shirt, kissing his neck as his hands continue to grope my breasts, squeezing them together. Finally he is forced to stop as I bend down and suck on one of his nipples for a moment, looking up at him as my teeth gently nip it. I continue moving down, trailing my finger nails along his sides.

“God, your one hot slut.” He breathes, looking down at me with lust filled eyes as I slowly descend to my knees, pulling his pants down with me. His boxer covered crotch is staring directly in front of me, chained only by a pair of blue boxers.

“You haven’t seen anything yet.” I smile at him mischievously before sliding my hand over his hard on, rubbing his cock through his shorts for a moment while my other hand tickles his balls through the fabric. I pull his boxers down and off, revealing a nice large cock staring at me, visibly getting harder by the moment. “Mmmm.” I moan appreciatively, always getting turned on by a beautiful specimen I feel my pussy getting hotter. Well, even prostitutes enjoy their job sometimes.

I push him back towards the bed, wrapping my small fingers maltepe escort around his cock I pull down a bit, forcing him to sit on the edge where I begin to stroke him. As he looks down he sees my fingers slowly spreading his precum around the tip of his cock, my breasts framed sexily by my bra just under him, ready to catch any falling cum as my lips lightly kiss his balls. I take one of them in my mouth, gently sucking on it as my hand lazily goes up and down his cock. I feel my pussy getting the first tinglings of wetness as my mouth switches to his other testicle. His hands go through my hair as he tells me to suck his balls. Slowly my mouth works its way up from his ball sack to the base of his cock, I lick my way up, tonguing it like a lollipop.

I look up into his eyes as my tongue presses under the head of his cock, he moans a little before grabbing my head. “Suck on my cock slut.” He grabs my head and pushes my lips down around his cock. Used to rough treatment I merely moan, pretending to enjoy it as my lips touch his pubic bone. His cock head squeezed by the contracting muscles in my throat. His hands lessen a little and I come up for air. Stopping with his head still in my mouth, I open in a wicked smile, laughing at him as my tongue flicks his piss hole. His body shudders a little as I take him back into my mouth. Moving up and down, sucking out the precum of this man as my body slowly builds to a state of arousal. While the job was for the most part disgusting, the power you had over men could be exhilarating.

Sliding my tongue underneath the shaft of his cock I move my head up and down. Giving him a blowjob to remember, I moan around his cock in my mouth, sending vibrations through his shaft. Half enjoying it up also half intending to make him feel like a million bucks. Sounds of sucking and slurping fill the room, his head is leaning back as my lips suck him off.

His cock head slowly pops out of my mouth, I continue to stroke him with my hand for a moment, looking up at him before I reach around and undo my bra. I feel my pale breasts bounce lightly as the bra releases it’s support. My hard nipples point up as I look up at him, his mouth slightly open, staring at my chest. I grin for a moment, staring up at him while my hands cup my breasts. I pinch my nipples gently, moaning as I feel the tingles in my pussy. I squeeze them together, letting his mind wander for a moment while I pleasure my tits. Still holding my breasts I lean forward and take his cock back in my mouth. I steadily blow him, my mouth moving up and down, saliva coating his cock as I play with my breasts. I squeeze them gently, enjoying the sensations as I taste some of his precum on my tongue. Finally I move up with only his head in my mouth, my tongue gently probing into his piss hole as I wrap my breasts around his cock. I feel a mixture of warm saliva and precum between my breasts as I slowly move them up and down on his cock. Most men have not had breasts wrapped around their pricks, I knew this was a real winner for most of my clients.

“God baby,” he panted, his mouth hanging open as he watched his cock disappear between my tits.

“You like this honey? You like fucking my tits?” He simply moaned in response as I sucked on his head, flexing my sexy back so that my breasts continued their milking of his cock while my tongue reaped the rewards of their efforts. Up and down my breasts went. I knew the sight was more important then the feeling so I paused. “Men don’t go to prostitutes for love sessions baby, they want a nasty woman.” Memories of my mentor’s advice always traveled through my mind, especially at times like this. Taking my lips off his cock I looked him in the eye and opened my mouth, allowing my saliva to slowly dribble out of it onto his cock and my breasts, lubricating the canyon between my tits.

I pushed my breasts firmly back around his cock as I moved them up and down. “Your cock feels so good between my tits baby. I bet you want to cum on my tits don’t you?” I tease him, momentarily rubbing his cockhead against my nipple in slow circles. I move it to the other one, enjoying the sensation for a moment before I wrap my breasts around him again. “I love cum on my tits, and I love it when my girlfriend sucks them clean afterwards.” I see his eyes glaze over as he imagines another girl sucking cum off my tits. I grin inwardly as I move my breasts up and down his cock.

Years of experience eventually made it very obvious when a man was about to cum. The shorter and quickening breathes, the tightening of the ball sack, her breasts wrapped around a cock. All of it were signs of an impending climax. So when he grabbed her head and pushed, holding it with her lips wrapped his shaft she knew what was happening. His legs twitched and his stomach spasmed as I felt his cock spurt hot cum in my mouth. I could taste the overwhelming liquid everywhere as he came. I continued to suck, my tongue feeling his sperm swirl around it as I pushed it against his piss hole. I mamak escort felt his body release its control, surrendering to me as it continued to spasm in my hot, wet mouth. Streams of hot sticky cum spurted into my mouth, warming my throat as it flowed down. Some of his cum escaped my mouth and dribbled down onto my tits. I felt my booties start to get damp as I exercised the control a woman had over a man. He started moaning and whimpering at the same time, enjoying the sensations as her sucking mouth didn’t stop, making the orgasm almost painful. I knew his cock was empty, but the longer you suck the longer his orgasm lasts and the more painful it becomes. “Baby stop!….oh…ah…!” His legs bucked as my mouth finally relented to mercy and stopped its sucking.

I smiled evily, his cockhead suspended in my mouth by my teeth. I winked at him before giving his cock one more hard suck, enjoying his pained expression for a moment before I slide my mouth off. Taking my fingers I gently scoop up the cum on my tits and bring my fingers to my mouth I suck the cum off for a moment. I open my mouth, letting him see his cum as it slides down my throat. I saw his cock twitch in the corner of my eye as I felt the hot liquid go down. Chuckling inwardly I stood up, wow but men were easy… and predictable.

I moved past him onto the bed. My breasts jiggling gently as I slowly lowered by body down onto the bed. I laid on my back, my breasts moving up and down on my chest as I breathed, I stared at him, my fingers tracing the outline of my pussy between my legs. A small damp patch could be seen on them. I slid my fingers under the elastic band and found my folds. I dipped a finger into my pussy, yes I was wet, I thought. I suppose the client wasn’t bad looking. I could do for another fuck today. The first two clients had not lasted long. I dipped another finger into my hole, arching my back, allowing him to see my perfect breasts jut upwards as my fingers were slowly coated by my juices. I brought them back out and up to my lips. I loved the taste of my own nectar, sliding the fingers in and out, suggesting numerous things to his slowly recovering cock.

“Are you just going to sit there big boy? Does this cowgirl need to please herself?” I ask saucily, moving my lithe body along the sheets, my curves inviting his lips and hands to numerous places.

“Haha,” he chuckled. “Darling, by the end of this I am going to have you screaming, begging me to stop fucking that little body of yours.”

I glanced at the clock for a moment. Plenty of time. He had paid for an extra hour. Apparently confident in his abilities. “Well then, why don’t you come use this body? I feel like screaming today.”

He moved above me, I felt his weight descend bear down on me as his lips found mine. I was a bit surprised, most men didn’t like to kiss after they had cum in my mouth. He didn’t linger at my lips long. He found my neck again and he ran his teeth along it. I slid my feet up along his legs as I ran my hands through his hair. Gently pulling his head down, leading him to my chest I sighed happily. Arching my back to encourage him I felt his tongue flick my nipple, sending little waves through my body. I pressed his head against my chest, moaning happily as his mouth sucked my nipple inside. “Thats it baby, suck on my tits. Mmmm…” I grabbed his other hand and roughly pushed it into my other breast. Immediately his hand gripped it hard, “thats it, squeeze my tits!” I barked loudly, encouraging him to take my body. He needed none. “Uh!” I gasped loudly as his teeth bit down, squeezing my nipple hard between his teeth. Apparently he liked to be rough. Well, I aim to please.

“Yes! Hurt my tits! Bite them! Mmm, yes! Like that….harder baby.” His other hand was busy, one moment gripping my breast roughly, white finger marks left behind, getting red as the blood rushed to them. I gasped loudly as his finger pinched my nipple hard, pulling on the nub, raising my breast off my chest for a moment before he grabbed the whole thing again. Squeezing it like a tube of toothpaste. I watched as my breast was constricted in his hand, my nipple and the top part of it bulging above his hand. I whimpered a little, never one to really like it rough. Clients needs always came first though.

I felt his other hand grab the breast in his mouth, he squeezed my tits together now, watching them rub against each other between his hands. I moaned loudly, wrapping my feet around his legs and stroking the hair on his head as he pinched my nipples hard. Banging my tits against each other roughly. A small whimper escaped my mouth. I felt his wet cock twitch against my thigh as he his eyes looked into me, enjoying the pain he saw in them. Knowing my job was to encourage him to do as he wished.

I cupped my breasts, pushing them together. Offering them to him. He stared into my eyes as his mouth went down. Maneuvering one into his mouth, I winced as his teeth bit down, moaning from the pain and pleasure.

Mercifully he finally ankara escort let go of my breasts. I sighed with relief, lowering my back down to the bed again as his tongue explored my belly button. In one quick stroke he pulled my bootie shorts off me and I spread my legs wide. It was after all my job.

Despite everything about this job and despite the ugly men and bad treatment, there where times when I still got aroused. And unfortunately this was one of those times. He could smell it, and I did nothing but moan as his lips kissed mine. I tilted my head back as his lips slowly sucked on my left pussy lip, his tongue running up and down it.

“Oh, thats it honey. Eat me out…” I sighed, giving out little sighs of relief as his tongue explored my folds. Spreading them apart, licking slowly from the top of my asshole to my clit, then going back down. “Yes…baby, stick your tongue in there. Yes, just like that.” I arched my back, my fingers going to my nipples as I felt his tongue slowly spread my lips and glide into my wetness. My pussy got wetter and wetter as his tongue probed inside me. I felt the hot slick member swirl around my hole, tracing its’ outline as he pleasured me. He found my piss hole and gently sucked on it as well, I felt my juices slowly slide down to my ass cack as his tongue made me whimper. I stroked his head, holding it there as slowly he pulled his tongue in and out of my fuckhole.

Ever so slowly he moved his tongue up to my swollen bulb. I gasped loudly and my fingers squeeze my breasts hard as I felt his tongue contact my clit. “Yes… finger me hun!” I gasped, feeling two of his digits slide smoothly into my pussy. They curled around, tickling my tunnel, finding the spots that made legs spasm involuntarily around him. I pushed his head hard into my pussy, forcing his tongue harder against my clit. “Don’t stop baby, please don’t stop!” I whimper as I feel an orgasm approaching. His fingers slide out of my hole quickly and shove back in. He is fingering my pussy hard, going in and out roughly. “Oh god!” I screeched as his finger slammed home in my wet cunt, curling upwards and roughly pushing my pussy membrane against my G-spot. My hands grip the bedsheets as his teeth bite my clit. “Oh god oh god oh god! Ahhhhh!” My body racks and I scream loudly, feeling my pussy spasm, my pelvic muscles grip his fingers hard as my body jerks back and forth. I feel my breasts bounce freely on my chest as I hold my eyes tightly shut, they roll into the back of my head as his mouth sucks hard on my clit. His fingers busy frigging my fuck hole.

I still feel his tongue down there, licking up my escaping juices as my body comes back from Cloud 9. I am panting from the orgasm, my breasts moving up and down on my chest as my fingernails scratch his head. He says nothing as he moves back up my body. Pausing to suck on my nipple a moment before kissing me again. I taste my juices on his lips as we kiss, tongues intertwining, his cock pushing against my folds.

“I take it you want to fuck now eh?” I ask, my mouth hanging open, still breathing hard as I look up at him. His hand is caressing my face, I look into his eyes, seeing my face reflected in them. I open my legs, reaching my hand down to grab his cock when suddenly my eyes open wide and I gasp. “Ughh!” Without so much as a warning he had shoved all of his cock into my hole. My body arches and I open my mouth in a silent scream.

“Fuck your tight.” He gasps, straining a little as he begins to withdraw from my hole. I feel my pussy lips suck around him, moving out of my hole with his cock for a moment before it is all forced back in. His shaft burying itself deep inside me. “Mmmm… fuck baby.” His face is concentrated, sweat beading on his forehead as I feel his cock shoving in and out of me, roughly he fucks me. Shoving his cock in and out of my pussy with apathetic force. I arch my back unconsciously, my hard nipples sticking into his chest as my body reacts to his fucking. My thighs close around his, trying to shut him out as my pussy hole sucks him in.

“God… thats it babe. Fuck me. Ugh, harder! Fuck me faster. Yes! Like that, ohhh…fuck…” I pant as he fucks me hard, his strokes beginning to go quicker. He buries his face in my neck as he fucks me. My body moving up and down on the bed as his cock gouges my cunt. I thrust my hips up to meet his pole, our pelvic bones smashing as his hard cock punches into my stomach. I feel my breasts shake with each pounding, my fingernails digging into his back as I whimper into his ear.

I let go of his shoulders and lay my arms above my head. My body stretched out, breasts bouncing, legs open. I am the incarnation of every man’s lust as he buries himself inside me. I wrap my legs tightly around him, pulling him down to fuck my hole with his cock.

“Thats it baby….yes….fuck me like that. Oh, ugh. Harder. Grab my breasts. Squeeze, hurt me you bastard! Oh, oh, yes. Ugh ugh, right there, harder. Ugh! Fuuuck!” My chest bares his weight as his fingers are buried in my titflesh. He grips them hard, making me scream as his cock stabs into me. One of his hands closes around my neck and he holds me down. I am utterly submissive to him, one of my breasts bouncing wildly on my chest, the other protesting his grip as his hands control me and his cock subdues me.



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