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They seemed to be enjoying being used as much as I was, it sent me over the edge again seeing their sexy little asses being fucked by these large brown cocks. I wondered if all Muslim men had such big fat cocks as they all seemed to be well over 8 inches and very fat and hard as they abused our little white bodies.The gaffer pulled his cock out of me and pushed me down to my knees, he then forced his cum and blood covered cock into my mouth and shouted clean my superior paki cock you dirty white slut. He then fucked my face with his semi-hard cock. I licked and cleaned it the best I could, but felt most of it start to dribble down my chin.The gaffer then shouted something in his native language to his family who had watched him fuck me, then he walked away from me telling me to get out of his pub, he turned and looked at me and said you better get here early in the morning I want you to clean for me before the pub is ready to open, you need to be here no later than 9 am.I walked through into the bar and found the other two girls collecting their clothes and being slapped and pushed by the men telling them to get their slutty white trash bodies out of here and go home to their slutty white mothers.The girls were crying as they tried to dress before we were pushed out onto the car park. It was cold and dark and luckily no one was around to see me helping them to cover their naked bodies and try to dress as quickly as possible. I explained I lived just over the road and offered to take them home to get fixed up before they went home. They thanked me but informed me they lived together and had their car on the carpark so they would be fine.I looked at them and said I had been told to be there by 9 am in the morning or I would lose my job, the girls said they had been told the same. I asked what they would do, they looked at me and asked what I thought I would do. I looked down at the floor and said you will probably think I am a slut, but I really enjoying being used and abused so I will probably go in tomorrow just to see what happens.The girls looked at me and said you fucking slut you love all that paki cock using your slutty little body. I looked up expecting them to be scowling at me, but they were just smiling and said we loved it too, they have some nice big cocks and now how to fuck a girl real good. We all hugged and said see you in the morning.I went home and ran a bath. bakırköy escort I was still soaking in the bath when my mother got home over an hour later. My mother came into the bathroom and sat on the toilet looked me in the eyes and said we needed to talk, the panic flashed through my body and mind and I looked down into the water wondering if she could see my well-used pussy from where she sat.She said she had been getting on really well with the chef now they had moved out of the pub and into the new one, so she was going to move in with him as a trial period to see how they got on. She explained how I still needed to live in our flat so we didn’t lose it, but that it would be mine to look after and keep clean as she would most likely only be able to pop over once a week to help me keep on top of the housework.I explained I had been offered longer shifts over the pub as they wanted me to help with the cleaning and other duties, so I would be out of the flat for most of the day so there shouldn’t really be much housework needed. I explained I would be allowed to eat all my meals at the pub, so it would only be my washing, but the new gaffer was talking about us wearing a uniform from now on, so that might not even be a problem.My mother seemed too caught up in her own life to notice her daughter’s well-fucked body covered in love bites and bruises from the mauling it had received only a couple of hours ago.The next morning I was up early and made sure to shave my pussy bald before I got dressed and walked over the pub. I put my leggings on with no knickers and left my bra off as I slipped my T-Shirt over my head. I put a coat on so my mother wouldn’t notice my erect nipples as I walked out of the house. As I walked towards the pub I could see Julie and Alison the other two barmaids getting out of their car. As I got closer I waved then lifted my top to show them my naked tits. They smiled at me and said you little slut, as we walked around the side of the pub to go into the back entrance they both felt my ass saying it looks like this little slut didn’t put any knickers on either, at this they both pulled my leggings down and slapped my naked ass, they then held my arms up and said you slut you have shaved your pussy for them, the girls then slipped their fingers into me there and then in broad daylight on the carpark to the pub.Before I knew it they had my tits in their mouths sucking on my nipples whilst they fingered my pussy and flicked my clitoris, then as quickly as they groped me they walked away leaving me stood there with my pants around my knees and my top lifted and stuffed under my coat to allow my tits to be on full view.I pulled my clothes back in place and rushed after them as they went in through the back doors. 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He felt this and held me tight and told me he knew what a dirty little slut I was the first time he walked in the pub and saw me bending over cleaning the tables shaking my ass for everyone to see.I then felt him pushing his fingers into my ass, this made me jump and scream out loud, the girls looked over towards me as the paki men fucked their bodies making them look like jelly moulds. Julie was now being fucked in the mouth and pussy by two old paki men who had very hard very impressive brown cocks covered in the juice pumping out of Julies well-fucked lips.I looked towards Alison whos blond hair was being pulled and tugged by the paki fucking her mouth, while the two young pakis were still fucking her ass and pussy. Her while skin looked so sexy as it bounced and juddered under the constant pounding it was getting from these three horny paki men.I then felt the gaffer pull his cock out of my pussy and start to shove it into my ass. I looked back and begged him not to fuck me there. 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I looked for Alison she had cum all over her blond hair, on her face and over her tits, she was in doggy position with a young Asian boy behind her fucking her with the biggest cock I have ever seen. It was probably as thick and as long as 2 cans of beer. She was in heaven as this young boy slammed his massive cock into her from behind, her tits were bouncing and swinging backwards and forwards with every thrust. It was at this point I noticed just how nice and ripe her big tits looked. God did she have a great pair of boobs.Alison opened her eyes and looked at me and just smiled then closed them again and allowed this young paki to abuse her body with his big cock. She started to whimper then scream as her body trembled under the assault of his magnificent cock as it ploughed deep into her body. Julie and I just looked over wishing it was us he was pounding with that mighty cock.The gaffer stood up shouted something in his language, then all the men just left us and walked out the room. The gaffer said right you dirty sluts, you need to clean this kitchen, bar, lounge and restaurant before we open at 12 noon. If your work is not to my standard you will be dealt with, now stop sitting there making puddles on the floor from your dirty slut pussies and get cleaning.He turned and left the kitchen area. I walked over to the girls and felt my gaping ass allow the cum to drop out in large clumps onto the floor. Julie made me bend over so she could look into my gaping ass, she spat in there and called me a slut. 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We licked and cleaned each other the best we could, then looked for our clothes, the men had removed all of our clothes, we were left naked and covered in cum with nothing to clean or wear on our bodies.just then the door opened and two young Asian boys walked in with small white aprons that would only just cover our tits and nothing else, they stood over us and said put these on sluts and get to work before me beat you with sticks.We looked at each other and thought what the fuck is going on, the first little boy walked over to Alison and slapped her tits with his hand and said didn’t you hear me slut, get cleaning before we beat you for being lazy, the other lad walked over and slapped Julie’s tits then kicked at her ass.We all stood up and walked towards the boys but they turned and ran off out the door. We looked at each other and said what have we got ourselves into, but Alison then said it was worth it to feel that big cock splitting me open. You know what to do if you want more



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