Woman warriors wantedSuper spy karina is sent on a mission to take down evil general seductra. Seductra has been causing much mayhem around several different cities with much nano technology theft. No one knows what she intendes to do with the technology. Seductra was humilitated by her fellow scientist peers several times and that is why she turned to crime. Karina zips up her latex spy suit and boots and heads off to karinas lair. The tracking device leads karina to an observatory located on top top of a rocky platform that is surrounded by nothing but the sea. This place seems suspicious to karina because it’s so far from any civilization. She uses her grapple as her speed boat approached the lair. She made it up the rocky platform and she came across to steel doors requiring an access code to open the doors. She used her hacking device to hack the system to open the doors. She entered the the lair gaziosmanpaşa escort and seen a lot of invention lying around. The place had an ominous feel to it. It looked like observatory had been abandoned for a long time. She made her way room by room. Finally there was a room that had the nano technology that had been stolen. As soon as she went to grab it and prepare to escape. A sleeping dart hit her in the neck and she quickly fainted. The evil scientist walks over and stares down at her and says welcome dear I’ve been expecting you. She drags the spy to her lab and lays her down on a table. She tells the sleeping spy you are quite beautiful I can’t wait to get started. She brings to feel the latex suit and says you won’t be needing this old thing anymore. She starts by taking off her boots. She says my what beautiful feet you have zeytinburnu escort and begins to suck on them. She then gently presses her hand on the latex suit again and begins to feel the latex. She flips the spy over and begins to unzip the costume. She slowly takes the latex suit off until everything is exposed. The villain begins to feel her ass and the flips her over and likes what she sees. She feels the boobs and then spreads her legs to feel her meaty vagina. The spy then is injected with a chemical that weakens movement for a period of time. The spy wakes up and can barley speak but notices she is nude. She tells the super Villan what are you doing and why is she naked. The villain tells her that she had stolen the nano technology to build an army of female warriors to do her bidding. The spy can do nothing but listen. The villain continues sultangazi escort to say I’ve build a kind control chip and Your the perfect Candidate to lead my army. The spy says you’ll never get away with this is a struggling voice. The super villain says let’s begin. She tepakes the mind control chip and sticks it to the forehead of the spy. She then activates it with a remote and karinas eyes immediately turn to a glowing red color. The mad scientist says welcome my pet you are going to forget everything about being a spy and become the new leader of my women warrior army. Karina repeats must obey, become leader of women warrior army. The scientist is pleased to here. She commands karina to get up and show her some of her fighting skills. The scientist is enjoying the show as the naked karinas boobs move up and down with every punch and kick thrown. She tells karina the fighters of her army will wear nothing because a free naked body will allow them to do move better during combat. Karina says yes master I agree in a brainwashed state. The scene concludes with the naked karina standing next to her new master and the master telling her we will capture all the most powerful females and conquer together side by side as they look outside the observatory.



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