WINTER CABIN”Look Dad, isn’t that the cabin over there?” Mary said as she pointed straight ahead at the window of the Snow Cat that was carrying her and her 42 year -old father up the snow-covered trail at the edge of the woods. The Snow Cat’s treads churned up a dusting of snow as the cabin came in sight.”Yes, Mary, I think we have arrived,” Mary’s dad James replied.James rented the luxury cabin for the weekend as a treat for his 18 year- old daughter who was in the middle of her senior year of high school. More than just being pretty, Mary was a good student and had already been accepted to several universities. Mary was 5’4″ with a slender build and curly red hair that hung down slightly below her shoulders. Over the past couple of years, her breasts had steadily developed into well-shaped 34C size. Even though her breasts nicely filled out her dresses, she thought her best feature was her legs.James was a successful businessman who had devoted far too much time to his career to the detriment to his relationship with his only c***d, Mary. Mary’s mom Patricia was completely out of the picture and had been ever since Mary was in junior high school. The divorce and custody battle were long and contentious but James was awarded full custody because of his wife’s well-documented d**g and alcohol problems. After the divorce was final, Patricia never contacted James or Mary and basically disappeared.Needless to say, Mary felt abandoned not only by her mother but by her dad as well. He spent long hours at work, even on the weekends sometimes. On the rare occasions when the two of them were together, James was reserved and undemonstrative of his love for his daughter. James finally realized the error of his ways and this weekend was a first attempt to redress the balance and reconnect with his darling daughter. The Snow Cat pulled up to the cabin and the driver helped them out. Once inside the cabin, the driver turned to James, “Here is the key, Mr. Hoover. The refrigerator is fully stocked. Here is the radio. Just hit SEND to call us. We come out once a day to do the custodial work and bring in any food or drink requests. If you need to have us out more than once a day, it’s an additional charge. Enjoy your weekend folks.”Mary looked out the big picture window in the livingroom and watched the Snow Cat retreat up the same path they just traveled. The cabin was up in the mountains well into snow country near a small ski resort. The cabin interior was amazing. The most prominent feature was the large living room with gas fireplace. James ignited the fireplace and heard the characteristic ‘whoosh’ as the match found the gas vapor.The next few hours passed quietly. Mary found the stereo and put on some nice holiday music to create a relaxing mood. “Thank you so much for this, Daddy, this place is so beautiful.””Honey, I’m glad you like it. I have been looking forward to spending some time with you before you go off to college. I wish I had thought of this years ago,” he replied. Mary walked over to her dad and gave his a warm hug. A tear swelled up in the corner of her eye.”Dad, I love you so much. I just wish we had been closer over the past few years.””There now, Mary. No need for tears. Let’s enjoy the time we have together this weekend,” he answered.He kissed Mary on the forehead and she cooed. “Oh, thank you daddy,” as she pulled his face down to meet hers. She kissed him on the cheek.Darkness came early on that winter day and they both sat on the sofa to enjoy the fireplace. The lights were off in the cabin and the light from the flames illuminated the huge livingroom. “Mary, those bedrooms are really disappointing, I just might throw a blanket down and sleep out here in the livingroom tonight.””Good idea, Dad, let’s do it. I think we can do better than a blanket, though. I saw a couple of down comforters in the hall closet. We can put one on the floor as a cushion and use the other one to cover us. We can pull the sheets off the beds to line the comforters,” she offered.”Excellent idea, my dear. I’ll help you,” James agreed.The sheets and comforters were arranged right in front of the fireplace and Mary imagined this place must be a very romantic setting for the usual married couples who stayed here.As night fell, James pulled a bottle of champagne from the refrigerator and poured two glasses. “Mary, my darling daughter, here is to you.”They clinked glasses as Mary added, “Here’s to us, Dad.” She took a small sip of champagne and felt the bubbles nip at her nose. She had champagne before canlı bahis and even though she was not a drinker, she enjoyed the glass.James reached over to give her a kiss on the cheek but Mary didn’t see him and turned back to him to say something and their lips accidently locked in a mouth-to-mouth kiss. Both held the kiss two seconds longer than one would expect from a father and daughter but each managed to pull away. “Whoops, sorry hon, my aim must be bad, I guess it’s the champagne,” James joked, trying to smooth over an awkward situation.”Oh Dad, you’re so silly,” Mary teased.”Shall we go back to the livingroom?” James suggested.They sat down on the comforter and pulled up a couple of pillows. “Ah, this is the life,” James reflected as he put his head back on the pillow. The room was dark and very atmospheric from the light of the fireplace. He thought this would be the perfect place to seduce a woman. Since this was his daughter was with him, he quickly banished the thought. Mary lay right next to him and as James readjusted himself and got fully onto his back, she rolled over and laid her head on his chest. James reflexively put an arm around his daughter and they held each other close without saying a word.”Daddy, I wish we could stay like this forever. I love you so much. Thank you for bringing me here.””Oh honey, you are such a sweet girl. You make me so proud. I’m happy we get to spend some time together,” he added.”But Dad, what about when I go away to college? I’m afraid you’ll just forget about me again. Promise you’ll come visit me at college all the time, ok?” She pleaded.”Honey, I’ll do the best I can, I promise.”A little agitated now as she lifted her head off his chest, “That means you won’t come. I know you. You are going to send me away to college and forget all about me, aren’t you?” Mary accused.James tried to calm her down and eventually she relaxed and put her head back on his chest. They stayed on the comforter for hours, just reminiscing about Mary’s school days, trying to avoid any mention of Mary’s wayward mom.Eventually they both decided it was time for sleep. They went into their respective bedrooms to change into their sleep outfits and returned to the livingroom. James had on a pair of pajama bottoms and a new, navy blue T-shirt. He expected to see Mary sporting some sort of flannel pajama affair. Instead, his eyes were greeted by the vision of his pretty daughter kneeling on the comforters wearing a pink nightie that came down to her waist. Underneath, he clearly saw a matching pink bikini bottom. Her legs were taught and smooth. She was a vision, all right. The firelight illuminated everything brightly but he hoped Mary could not see the stiffness that poked through his pajamas. He sat down beside her hoping to hide the erection her nightie induced in him. “You look wonderful, honey, but aren’t you cold,” he inquired.”Yes, Dad, I was about to get under the covers.” She pulled back the top comforter to reveal two sheets. She slid between them and pulled the pillow tightly under her head. James soon followed. They hugged each other and he sat up a little to offer his chest to his daughter as a pillow. She complied without saying a word and James began gently stroking her hair.”Dad, you feel warm in that T-shirt. Why don’t you take it off before you get all sweaty? This fire is giving off a lot of heat.”He patted her on the head and sat up. He began to pull off the shirt when he felt his daughter’s hand tugging at his shirt as well..”Just trying to help, Daddy.”James was getting a little aroused at the thought of his daughter touching his naked chest as they lay under the covers in a deserted cabin. Mary buried her head on his chest and gently began stroking him. She playfully traced a finger around one of his nipples and giggled. James began to wonder if she had any idea what effect she was having on him. His mild erection now was a full- blown hard on. Mary felt the stiffness as her leg d****d over his crotch. He tried to suppress his feelings. After all, this was his 18 year old daughter who was still in high school.”Daddy, do you think I’m pretty?” Mary asked coyly.”What made you ask that, hon? Of course I think you’re pretty and so does everyone else!” He assured her.”I don’t care about anyone else’s opinion, I only care about yours, Daddy.”She kissed his chest with small nibbles. James didn’t want her to stop but thought the better of letting her continue. He rolled her over on her back, kissed her on the cheek and told her it was time for bahis siteleri sleep. She let out a sigh of resignation and closed her eyes.The fireplace continued to pump out heat and the comforters were too good at insulating the two reclining bodies. At about the same instant, both pushed back the covers and complained of the heat.”I could turn down the fireplace but I like seeing the fire.” James told her. He got up to go to the kitchen for a glass of water. When he returned to the livingroom, Mary was back under the covers, her shoulders were bare. He then saw the nightie top and bottom that Mary had discarded while he was in the kitchen “My god,” he thought. “I am going to lay next to my naked daughter.””Just take everything off, Daddy, I won’t look,” she said.”Ok, close your eyes,” he demanded. He dropped his pajama bottoms and briefs and got under the covers as naked as the beautiful teenager laying next to him.Mary rolled over onto her tummy and propped herself up on her forearms. “Daddy, please promise me you will come visit me often when I’m at college. Please promise it and please mean it,” she pleaded.The covers were pulled back far enough now that he could clearly see the outline of her shapely breast, her nipple resting on the comforter below her.”Honey, really, please don’t worry. I will always be there for you, you know that,” he answered reassuringly.”Thank you, Daddy. You make me so happy now. I feel so much better knowing my daddy loves me and is going to spend time with me,” she beamed.”Good night, honey, sweet dreams,” I replied.Mary moved closer to James and put her head on his bare chest. James suddenly realized her naked tits were rubbing up against his side now and he could not suppress his hard on. Mary felt it against her elbow and she let out an embarrassed giggle.”Daddy, do I make you do that,” she teased.”Yes, dear, I am hard because I am laying naked next to my beautiful daughter,” he freely admitted.”Wow. That’s nice, Daddy,” she said as she reached down to grasp it. “It feels so hard, Daddy. I like it.””Mary, come here,” he commanded. He pulled her closer to his face and kissed her madly. Their tongues met and circled each other. She was laying on top of him and her body pressed down on his erection.He rolled her over on her back and pressed her weight down on her, completely covering her.”Daddy, I like this. I like having you on top of me. It makes me feel so safe and protected,” she cooed. “Daddy, when we get back home, can I sleep in the same bed with you? Please?””Yes, Mary, from now on, you sleep with me, honey.””Oh, thank you Daddy. Thank you so much!”He kissed her again and his hand grabbed her leg and wrapped it around his waist. She let out a moan of pleasure. He started rocking his body back and forth from all the stimulation.He put his lips on her nipple and sucked hard and he felt her back arch and squirm. He alternated sucking first one nipple then the other. “I love your beautiful titties, darling Mary.”He was up on his knees again and he moved back a little to kiss her slender, toned legs. First the outer thigh then he moved inside, where she was much more sensitive. The closer his mouth got to her labia, the warmer she felt and the more she squirmed. Finally, he reached her swollen outer lips. She had a thin patch of hair covering her slit in the landing strip fashion. He made a mental note to demand she always be clean-shaven for him. His tongue licked her lips and she gasped and her hips ground her pussy hard against his mouth.His tongue flicked furiously at the entrance to his daughter’s pussy. He slurped her juices and he liked the sweet, musky taste. He rubbed a thumb over her clit and she moved her hips in rhythm. He slid a finger inside and felt her hot pussy lips clench it. “My little girl is ready,” he thought to himself.He took his erection and rubbed it against her hot pussy up and down, up and down. He poked it just inside her slit and she moaned louder now. “Daddy, are you going to put it all the way in?” She said in a panicked voice.”Yes, baby, Daddy needs to get all the way in his little girl.””But Daddy, you can’t! I’ll get pregnant. I’m not on the pill and I’m fertile now,” she protested.”Don’t worry, darling Mary. I just want to take your virginity. After I take your cherry, Daddy will pull out so stop worrying.””Yes, Daddy. I want you to be the man who breaks me. Go ahead, Daddy, I want to lose my virginity to you.”James thrust his hips forward in one violent motion that sent his cock blasting through the thin membrane güvenilir bahis of her hymen.”OWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!,” she screamed in pain.James felt his cock split her maidenhead and rush to the back wall of her vagina. He enjoyed his daughter’s scream of pain. He wanted her deflowering to be memorable and he thought the sharp pain would help her have a more vivid recollection of this special event in her life.He began to thrust now. He pulled his cock out so only the head was still inside. He slammed his rod all the way back in and repeated that motion until he began to shudder.”Daddy, we have to stop now. Please.”James thrust a few more times then paused. He looked down at his beautiful young daughter and knew what was right for her.”Baby, I am going to make you feel good. Don’t worry because Daddy has lots of experience with women and he knows when to pull out. Just relax and enjoy what’s going to happen to you, darling Mary.”He humped and humped his darling daughter. Mary’s squeals just turned him on even more and he kept going.”Stop Daddy, I can feel you’re going to come,” she demanded.There was no way he was going to stop until he had fertilized his daughter’s womb with his potent seed. “Honey, its ok. I’m going to get you pregnant. We’re going to live together as man and wife and have lots of babies.”:”Oh Daddy, please pull out!” She begged.James licked his thumb and mashed it into his daughter’s button and pressed in circular motions. He was rewarded by feeling Mary’s hips bucking harder and harder. “You like that, baby? You like Daddy touching you like that?””OHHHHHH YESSSS Daddy, don’t stop. Don’t stop!” She screamed. A powerful feeling of pleasure gripped her tightly. Her legs and hips were bucking wildly now and all fears of pregnancy were replaced by a maniacal sexual cravingSuddenly, she was blindsided by an orgasm that rocked her entire body. She screamed in delight, over and over again. At last, it was over and the tenseness in her body was gone. She could feel her father’s penis as it continued to thrust inside her.James kept thrusting until the point of no return. He felt the cum welling up at the base of his dick and he knew in a matter of moments his seed would burst into his sweet daughter’s unprotected womb and there was nothing she could do about it but surrender to the inevitable. “Almost there baby. AAAAAAAGGGGGGG” His seed jetted out of his engorged cock and into his daughters fertile womb. Jet after jet hit the back of her vagina in search of a fertile egg. Mary felt the hot jets of cum flooding her loins and she was completely helpless. She knew her daddy would make good on his promise to keep her with him and get her knocked up several times. She would return pregnant for her spring semester of high school.”I love you Daddy,” was all she could muster.James pulled out and grabbed a nearby pillow and slid it under her ass.”Keep this pillow underneath you, honey. It elevates your hips to keep Daddy’s seed inside you.””Daddy, did we just make a baby?” Mary wondered aloud.”I hope so, darling Mary. I hope so,” James whispered as he kissed her gently on the lips.The rest of the evening was spent in near silence. Mary lay completely naked on top of the comforter, her lovely form silhouetted by firelight. She lay on her stomach, forearms perched beneath her. James gently stroked his fingers up and down her smooth back and down the crevice of her cute little butt. They leaned in to steal a quick kiss from each other from time to time but words were not necessary. This was their night, the night that defined the rest of their lives.Neither of them got any sleep that night. A few hours after their first encounter, Mary initiated the second round. Now that she had her father inside her, she craved the feeling of having his cock stuffing her womb. She loved feeling his strength and she wanted to please him in every way a woman could please a man.Back home, she slept in his bed every night. The next month, she missed her period and a pregnancy test removed all doubt. Mary was pregnant with her father’s c***d. She liked being in school and being with her friends. She liked keeping a profound secret from them all, that she was carrying her father’s baby. She knew graduation day would arrive before she started showing. She loved her father very much and she was grateful to him that he was man enough to take what he wanted from her.”Father, do I still get to attend college?” She asked.”No honey, but our c***dren will attend college. I promise.”She wasn’t so eager to get her schoolwork done anymore because, really, what was the point? She would be denied the opportunity to attend college but she got to share her father’s bed and bear his c***dren. In her mind, it was a fair trade.



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