11/84 –Introducing Jon Grunfeld he had popped in several days earlier while in town for a business meeting.

He had watched and enjoyed the performance of a girl named Star, and struck up a monetary deal with her. He handed her a hundred dollar bill and made a kind of reservation for Saturday afternoon. The reservation entailed her giving his friend a special lap dance in the VIP room, and earning another two hundred.

Star accepted because Saturday afternoons were usually slow, and money was money; and if things went well, usually followed by more of the same.


Jon definitely enjoyed Star’s performance on the pole, and was pleasantly surprised when she headed directly to the table he shared with Vic.

Vic got the first lap dance, and then suggested that they might be more comfortable in the VIP room. The room was empty of customers and strippers. They made themselves comfortable and Star settled over Jon’s lap and gave him a very good working over during their lap dance.

She sat down afterward between the two men, turned to Jon and asked if he would like a butterscotch candy.

“Yeah, sure, it’s one of my favorites, but do you have one with you?” He was looking at her nearly nude body and wondering where she might have stored the candy.

She popped a yellow oval candy from her mouth and held it up for him to see. “Oo wan dis one?” she teased, holding it between her teeth.

“Oh, no thank you. That’s yours… although I wouldn’t mind swapping it back and forth.”

Vic laughed and slapped Jon on the shoulder.

Star gave the butterscotch candy a loud, slurpy suck, sent it back into her mouth so that when she spoke she would be understood. “Um, well, I have another one. You can have that you want it.”

“Okay, fine… I just didn’t want to take your candy away. Um, where is it?”

Star raised her right leg and placed it on Jon’s shoulder. Vic’s eyes went wide, he had an inkling of what was coming, but wasn’t sure.

Jon was clueless, but his eyes were riveted to Star’s crotch and the g-string covering her obviously shaven pussy.

“There’s another one in there,” she said running a long fingernail the length of her slit and leaving a visible indentation for both men to see.

“Now I offered you a butterscotch… it’s there for the taking… only you can’t use your hands. Now, am I a tease or what?”

No one laughed. In fact, neither man could even speak. Vic recovered first and pushed Jon toward Star’s crotch.

“Go get it, man!”

Jon was already in heat, the bulge in his slacks obvious to anyone taking the time to look.

Star flicked her candy coated tongue at him and said, “What’s the matter, cat got your tongue?”

Before he could formulate a response, she put a hand behind his neck and pulled him into her crotch. “It’s right behind the stringy thingy, baby.”

Jon moved his right hand, intent on pulling the g-string to one side, but she stopped him. “No hands, baby. Use your teeth on Star’s pussy, baby, but no biting the goods. Suck it out and enjoy it, sweetie.”

But Jon was frozen, couldn’t move. Star looked to Vic who was also transfixed by her performance and took things into her own hands, literally and figuratively. She moaned more to get their attention than anything else, and then slipped two fingers into her honeyed cunt whose juices already coated the outer lips with a nice sheen.

“See,” she said to both men, “It gets me nice and slippery. Mmmm, and it is really quite sweet,” she whispered, and sucked the fingers clean. She repeated the process, this time offering the fingers to Jon, who eagerly accepted them.

“See, you did that with no hands. Now, go for the candy, baby!”

Jon went for it. Using his teeth, he pulled the g-string to the side and before it fell back in place, mashed his mouth and nose against her quim.

He couldn’t believe what was happening. She did taste like butterscotch; she had as wet a pussy as he’d ever encountered, but truth be told, Jon’s sexual experiences didn’t go much beyond his wife, Bernice.

With each pass of his tongue around the opening of Star’s love hole, he felt the young girl’s clit starting to swell, eliciting moans whose volume began to crescendo.

Star now used Vic’s shoulder to help keep her balance. He also had a hand on her ass, supposedly to help from that point, but both she and he knew there was more than balance involved. Besides, to Star, Vic was the money man, and he could do what ever he wanted, within reason, of course.

“Get to the candy, baby?” she croaked, and heard him grunt a muffled response.

“I’ll take that as a yes. So having reached your objective, you can now feel free to use your hands.”

Jon’s hands shot to her ass, one covered Vic’s, but he paid no attention to it, pulling her cunt tighter and sticking kızılay escort his tongue into her juicy nest.

“How about that?” Star called out happily, “I’m gonna cum. The sonofabitch is making me cum!”

She shuddered to a climax, then proceeded to jerk Vic off while blowing her thrill man, Jon and spitting his residue on the already well-stained carpet of the VIP room.


“Bernie will kill me,” Jon told Vic as they drove down I-40 to Wilmington some twenty minutes later.

“That went better than expected,” Vic said, smiling at Jon sitting next to him.

“You really think she wants to see me again?” Jon asked, ignoring Vic’s statement.

“She wants to see some green first. But, yeah, she’ll be glad to see you again, you want too.”

“Well, that’s the problem; I don’t have extra dough to shower on her. I would if I did, but Bernie sorta runs the finances with her background in accounting.”

“You’re a banker for Christ sakes!” Vic countered, who wears the fucking pants in your house?”

Jon’s silence answered the question. They didn’t say much until Vic parked in Jon’s driveway and said, “Not a word to Bernie.”

“Mum’s the word. Hey, State’s away next week. Want to play a round of golf?”

“You’re on,” Vic said, already trying to decide whether to drive up to see Star, or stay locally and visit Laura. Laura won before he’d even left Jon’s driveway.

Katy’s Inheritance

During her period of alleged disability, Katy’s aunt, a woman she’d hardly known, died and left her a small cottage on Wrightsville Beach.

Small it might have been, but if location means everything in the world of real estate, Katy had inherited a small fortune. The cottage was located one block from the ocean and one block from the Intercoastal Waterway.

Her view of each was negligible, for the cottage had no basement, and was ground level. The surrounding houses were raised so that the owners could park their cars and boats under the home, but Katy’s lacked that importance convenience.

But Katy was overjoyed, and moved in; fixed the place up, and was soon enjoying life among the hoi-polloi of the beach set, volunteering for committees and neighborhood projects such as the annual turtle watch; and still spending one or two nights a week with her dear friends Jessica and Walter.

She was still collecting disability in September, 1984, when Hurricane Diana wiped out Katy’s Wrightsville Beach home. Stunned by the catastrophe, she was pleasantly surprised when Jessica invited her to live with her and Walter until she got back on her feet. During her stay with them, she found herself joining their Episcopalian Church; and because of that she benefited from the collection for parishioners hurt by the hurricane. Jessica and Walter were as astonished as Katy to find that Katy was the only member of the parish to be effected by the hurricane. And so, received the entire amount – $11,500.

She used that money along with that of her insurance, to raise her 60 year old house up on pilings, add a surround the house deck, new wood flooring, and new appliances throughout the house. The restoration was completed at just about the same time beach properties began to skyrocket, and its value soared from the previous $192,000 to $540,000 the day she moved back in because of the new ocean and Intercoastal views the added height provided. Katy was now a wealthy woman, property-wise anyway.



Ignoring the fact that the airline might have her under surveillance to end her long run on disability, Katy took up tennis to kill the time when Jessica and Walter were working. It was there that she met Valerie and Janet, with whom she became good friends. Her aggressive nature soon had her playing at a higher level than most of the women in the club except for Val, who was undoubtedly the best woman player around having been ranked number 1 or 2 on the Wilmington Tennis Ladder in both singles and doubles the past two years.

Katy fit right in, amusing Val and Janet with her superstitions and quirks, like having her water bottle placed precisely in the same spot every time; and the obsessive compulsive behavior like not stepping on the lines between points, and how many times she bounced the ball before serving. Despite these oddities, Katy had their respect as a player, especially as a doubles player.

It was after Katy’s fine play in a doubles match that brought her to the attention of Miles Donovan, the tennis pro at the club. Donovan, a known Lothario locally, had been tried and found highly desirable by Janet prior to her meeting and falling in love with Nick Fitzgerald. And when asked, told Katy that she should bed him, if only for the great experience he was known to provide his lovers.

So, when Katy found herself alone with Donovan in kolej escort the stands overlooking the tennis court, she went along with his early overtures toward seducing her. She saw him openly admiring her well shaped thigh, and a slightly amused expression crossed her face. Actually she was wondering how he would compare with to her way of thinking, the incomparable Walter as a lover.

“You’ve great legs,” Miles said, reaching out and giving her sweat dappled quadriceps and giving it a gentle squeeze.

Katy responded by bring her leg closer and providing Miles with an unobstructed view of her tennis panty-covered crotch.

He gave her another gentle squeeze.

“Mmmm,” Katy murmured appreciatively.

Miles leaned over and licked her thigh under her hip bone.

“You’re very oral this morning, Miles.”

“You’re too delicious for words.”

“Do you want to go down on me? I mean as sweaty as I am after playing?”

“That’s an offer I can’t refuse. But we can’t … at least not here. My cottage is just outside the Clubhouse. Care to join me there?”

“You have a certain way with words, Miles. And, yes, I’d love to … “Join” you there.”

“So as not to attract too much attention, I’ll leave first. Give it five minutes then follow. It’s the light blue cottage near the traffic light. You can’t miss it, and I’ll be looking for you too.”

He was naked and casually stroking his erection when Katy strode up the walkway to his cottage.

“Giving the neighbors a show, Miles?”

“”Hardly, but I wanted to impress you, Katy.”

“You already have. Can I suck your cock?” She flicked it with the back of her fingers. “I want to feel it get really hard in my mouth.”

Her tone was so casual that Miles was momentarily distracted, but he quickly recovered, saying, “Wonderful, um, want to sit on my face while you do?”

“Actually, no, I prefer concentrating on you; after that you can do me. Is that all right?”

“Your wish is my command, my lady.”

Katy laughed delightedly at his chivalry as they strolled inside and Miles sat on the edge of a rattan chair. Katy knelt in front of him, leaned in and licked his naval lasciviously.

“Want me to make this a blowjob with a prostate massage?” she asked, a small, lewd gleam in her dancing eyes.

“Sure. Want a condom for your finger?”

“Ah, yes.” Katy seemed pleased with the suggestion.

Miles dug around in a small box on the coffee table next to his chair for a minute, chuckled and said, “My stash of rubbers and Viagra. Ah, here you are,” he said, handing it to her. She ripped the purple foil with her teeth, spearing the juicy rubber with her rude finger.

“Ever had this before?” She asked her eyes sparkling.

“Yes and no.”

“Don’t clench up on me now. Let me get in first. You’re going to love how this feels.”

“Hmm,” he laughed. “My cock’s gonna get hard before you get your mouth on it.”

“What is it about me that turns you on? I’ve watched you fuck half the women that set foot on the courts.

“I like the way you carry yourself. Your posture makes me want to bend you over and pound your ass.”

That image stopped Katy for a moment.

“And I like the way you talk, how you say things. So artless, no games, no defenses, very innocent, almost.”

“Never thought my posture would be a turn on.”

“Well, you know, I love women.” He paused for a moment to study her face. “I’m sort of weird that way, perhaps too much sometimes.”

“That’s okay. No points off in my book, especially in this town. Ready?”


“Roll over and stick your butt up. I’m going to grease you up first.”

Miles turned his ass to her, dropped his head to the cushion on the rattan chair. Katy watched the shadows frittering over the dark pebbly sand outside the window a few yards away.

“You know, I never thought I’d give you a tumble, Katy laughed as she fondled his balls.

“These are pretty big balls,” she said thoughtfully. “Maybe you can deliver.”

“So, Katy, why did you give me a tumble? I never expected to get it on with you.”

She worked some KY-Jelly into the crack of his ass. “Janet gave you a very good reference; said you were an artful fuck.”

“Mmmm,” he moaned appreciatively.

“Speaking of Janet … did she let you fuck her ass?”

“Ask her yourself.”

“I’d rather you tell me.”

“I don’t tell.”

“Does she go both ways?”

“You mean AC-DC?”

“Yeah,” Katy said as she smeared some jelly into the pucker of his asshole.

“I’m not sure. I think she tried it, but for some reason couldn’t really get into it. Why?”

“I’d like to go down on her. I’ve never done it,” she lied, “and she’s very nice.”

“She is,” he said, then drew in his breath as her finger slithered into his rusty spider.

“And ankara escort discreet, I had to twist her arm a bit to find out about you.”

Miles grimaced as the steady pressure continued.


“Yeah, I am. Stick it in me, girl.” He couldn’t help laughing. “It feels like a skinny turd going in the wrong direction.”

Katy’s finger slid deeper into his anus.

“Ooh,” Miles chirped.

“Feel good?” she laughed.

“You know it does.” He gave her an appreciative moan.

“Roll over.”

“Woof-woof,” Miles said, grinning like an oaf as he obediently rolled to his side. Her finger slid out of his rear and he rolled again, this time raising his leg over her head. Katy knelt as if in devout prayer between his legs.

“She said you were the only guy she’d ever known that could be silly while fucking.”

“Who said that?”

“Janet for Christ’s sake, who else were we talking about?”

But Katy wasn’t letting him get to her… at least not that way. She cupped and weighed his heavy balls in her hands; they were without a doubt the heaviest pair she had ever held. She laughed, curled her finger and pressured his prostate.

“Like that, silly boy?”

She felt him tense up as she added additional pressure.

“Guess you do,” she chuckled.

“You gonna suck my dick sometime soon?”

She tilted her head enough to look at him, eye to eye.

“Eager, are we?” She gave him a bright toothy smile, grabbed his tingling dick in her fist and squeezed. Miles thought his swollen cock-head a purple golf ball perched on her fist.

“Okay, here comes your BJ.” She locked her lips together and put her free hand on his hip bone as she applied suction, slowly drawing his rigid cock into her mouth like she was sucking up a strand of spaghetti. Miles couldn’t help groaning and shuddering when he felt his cock against the back of her palette. Her tongue was a major pleasure as she tickled and teased with a rigid tongue tip, the finger in his ass busy tickling his prostate.

“Mmmm-Hmmmm,” she hummed, nodding her head.

“Come in my mouth, if you want.” Katy said her voice soft and inviting.

“I’m not close at all.” Miles smiled at her. “Come lay on top of me for a bit.”

Somewhat surprised, but very pleased at his staying power, Katy pulled her rubber clad finger out of his asshole and backhanded the condom into a trash bag. She sat back on her haunches, giving him a short thoughtful look before crawling over his body on hands and knees. She gently lowered her weight onto him, sort of snuggling in.

“Let me put it in,” Miles whispered.

“Mmmm,” Katy murmured in quiet assent.

He felt her arch her hips up so he could slide a hand between them and aim his stiff cock into her warm nest. She came down slowly as if savoring the feel of being penetrated. She tilted her head back and made a small tight smile.

“I could get used to this, Miles. You fill me quite nicely.”

“I wish I could keep up with you.”

“Ummm, me too.”

Miles smiled as his tongue probed that hollow between the top of her shoulder and her collarbone, traced its way up her neck to where he gently nibbled her earlobe. His tongue, on the move again, began licking the outside rim of her ear. Her breathing turned from sighs to pants and back to sighs.

He rolled her on her back and reversed position, lifting himself on elbows and knees above her. His tongue glided between her pussy lips in long, slow slurps before seeking out her clit as it emerged from its fleshy hood.

Katy braced her forearms around his thighs. Her eyes closed, she savored every sensation. Her stomach muscles contracted and sent ripples up her torso into her tits. Her ears and cheeks were simmering.

She opened her eyes and saw his cock dangling just above her face. She lifted her head and took the tip in her mouth sucking it between her lips like a ripe strawberry. His tongue wrapped around her clit like a python around its prey. She sucked him more urgently, releasing him only when her body began to convulse with her first orgasm.

Miles switched positions again, sitting her up and kneeling behind her. Keeping his thighs together he lifted her onto his lap as she reached for his cock and guided it into her cunt. Now, like a piston, she moved up and down his shaft in front of the mirror. She watched his hands work their way up her ribs and take hold of her tits as she fucked him. She wanted desperately to make him come and rode his cock harder and faster. Her own orgasm was building again. When he cried out she let herself go, rocking and twisting in the mirror.

His softening cock slowly emerged from her pussy trailing tendrils of creamy seed.


Naked in the shower, Miles stood behind Katy, arms around her waist, kissing from her shoulder to her neck, savoring her warm slick skin. He cupped her firm breast in one hand, her belly in the other. She twisted her head around and raised her mouth to his. Miles slid his fingers down her belly to find her slick crease. Katy’s long, drawn out sigh made her laugh softly against his lips.



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