Faye tucked a curl behind her ear and climbed off the man below her.

“Where’re you going?” The blond guy exclaimed. Faye gathered the things strewn on the dresser and dropped them into her handbag. She took her lipstick from the side pocket and dabbed it on her lips. Pursing them, she looked into the mirror and smoothed a few flyaway curls.

“Oh, it was nice,” she murmured, dropping the lipstick back in and turning to slip her feet into her heels.

The confusion on the man’s face was amusing. She smiled to herself, then leaned in and planted a kiss on his cheek.

“Thanks for a good time,” she whispered, running her hand down his naked torso and grasping his semi-hard cock.

He gasped and spluttered as he watched her turn and leave the room, catching the last glimpse of her face as she flashed a smile at him.


“ was Blondie?” The willowy redhead leaned back in her chair and sipped from her tall glass.

Faye shrugged. “Well you know me, Steph. He was all right, I suppose. A little young, a little eager, but all right.”

Steph’s eyes widened. “Faye! He was my best ever!”

Her friend laughed heartily and swirled her spoon in her mug of coffee.

“You really need to settle down, y’know. You can’t just go around like this forever,” Steph frowned. She plucked the lemon half from her glass and popped it into her mouth.

Faye watched her grimace and shrugged. “I don’t know why you do that. And yes, I know. Someday.” She looked out at the street where people walked by. “Just not right now.”


“So, you like poetry and long walks on the beach?” The dark-haired young man shouted over the din into Faye’s ear. She strained to listen, body moving along with the mass of dancing people in the club. When she realized what he’d said she laughed and clutched at his shirt with one hand.

“No, not really, I prefer to fuck,” she shouted into his ear.

She watched as his face changed, a smug smile at the corner of her lips. If she could hear him over the beat of the music he’d be stammering right now. He recovered quickly, though, and leaned back in.

“That’s an activity that I like, too,” he yelled.

Faye laughed and threw her head back. As she danced, she spotted a tall man at the edge of the crowd. He was watching her. Pursing her lips, she ran her hands down her body as she moved to the music. He was dressed impeccably in a dark dress shirt and immaculate tailored pants. His hair was short and neat, except for the lock that fell in his eyes. It was too far to tell, but his eyes seemed to be a dark greyish blue.

The man in front of her was dancing a lot more enthusiastically now, edging up to her and pressing his body into hers. Smirking Faye let him, but she turned so that mister smart in the corner could watch.

Faye arched her back into her companion’s front, sliding down his torso and feeling the rigid curve in the front of his pants pressing against her. She locked her eyes on the man in the corner, and he sipped his drink as he watched her turn to face the man she was with, moving her hips against his.

Mr. Happy behind her was getting a little too happy. Faye took his hands from her hips and put them away. She turned and walked to the back of the room, where the tall man stood by the bar.

“B-but I thought,”

Faye ignored his protests as she slunk to the back of the room.

“A glass of water please,” She said in a sultry voice.

“Just a glass of water?”

His voice was rich and batıkent escort quiet at the same time. He raised his eyes and looked at her. Yep. They were greyish-blue, flecked with darker tints in the shadows.

“Well. I like water,” Faye took the tall glass handed to her and leaned against the bar top. She cast a glance at him over her shoulder.

“You’re a little dressy for this dump, aren’t you?” She murmured.

A smile hovered at the corner of his lips.

“I like dressy.” He walked slowly around her and stood by her. “My name’s Tristan.”

“Oh, we’re introducing ourselves now?” Faye laughed. “My name is Faye.” She tipped her glass back and tucked a curl behind her ear. It uncurled again and she pushed it back slightly irritably. Tristan watched her.

“You should wear them long. They’d be tamer with the weight,” he said. Faye worked her jaw.

“I like them short. Why should I pander to your notions of femininity.” She answered, tossing her head.

Tristan raised an eyebrow. “Well. You certainly looked like you were exploiting your femininity on the dance floor,” he remarked.

“What?” Faye swung to glare at him. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Just. What it means.”

The dark-haired buffoon stumbled past the moving bodies on the dance floor and reached for Faye’s hand.

“Did I do something wrong? Because I have no problems whatsoever with your preference of.. activity,” he panted, clutching her hand.

Faye cast a glacial look at Tristan.

“No you did nothing wrong. Let’s go,” she snapped.

Tristan watched as Faye left the club, the stumbling youth in tow.


“You’re so beautiful,” the young man stammered. Faye hooked her finger in the back of her bra and undid it. His jaw dropped.

“Oh come on, it’s just breasts. What’s your name, anyway?” She took his shirt off and put a finger in the top of his jeans, pulling him to her.

“A-Alex,” he mumbled, watching her as she undid his belt and unfastened his jeans.

As she tugged Alex’s jeans down, Faye looked up at his face. Was that a blush forming on his cheeks? How old was he, anyway?

Alex stifled a gasp as Faye stripped him to his underwear and stopped to lick the skin on his stomach. He shivered. She pushed him on his bed. The next thing he felt was cool air on his bare cock, bobbing almost-nervously against Faye’s face, and then her mouth slick and tight, sucking on his aching flesh.

He groaned low in his throat and clutched at her arms.

“Oh-that feels good,”

Faye grinned up at him and took more of his length into her throat. Alex made a guttural sound and bucked up involuntarily into her mouth. He didn’t taste half bad, she thought to herself, laving her tongue around the flushed head of his cock. Tightening her lips she moved her head down over his erection and pushed as much of it as she could into the warm channel of her mouth.

Alex was in ecstasy. Nobody had ever deepthroated him before. His eyes rolled up and he shuddered as he savoured the sensations Faye was creating with her mouth and tongue.

When Faye felt the tell-tale trembling and tightening of Alex’s ball sacs she stopped sucking him and looked up. She laughed low in her throat and climbed up his body to kiss him. Alex choked slightly at her fierce kiss and placed his hands awkwardly on her butt.

“Eat me,” she whispered in his ear.

Alex gulped. He eased Faye onto her back and positioned himself between her legs. Tentatively he rubbed his beşevler escort thumb over the center of her panties. He was rewarded with a raw moan from Faye. Gaining confidence Alex pulled the fabric down past her legs and leaned back in.

He slid a finger down the strip of hair leading to her moistness and circled her clit with his thumb. Faye groaned and bucked against him. Leaning in he spread her lips and licked up the length of her labia. The sounds she made urged him on and he suckled her clit with his mouth, laving his tongue over the hard bud and dipping lower in her folds to taste her juices.

Faye closed her eyes and opened them again. Alex wasn’t half bad at eating out a girl. His tongue felt exquisite n her, moving tirelessly against the sensitive flesh at the juncture of her legs. The sensations of his wet tongue sliding slickly over her clit and spearing into her pussy had her arching up into his mouth. She closed her eyes shut and gripped the sheets on her bed as he licked, licked, licked and licked at her. She felt his fingers prodding at her entrance then slipping into her aching passage. Curving his fingers against her he curled his tongue over her clit and she felt herself on the edge.

“Lick me,” she breathed raggedly.

At her words Alex fingerfucked her harder and ate her pussy with abandon. She arched strongly against his mouth and he kept licking at her as she came over and over.

“That was..that was good,” Faye gasped. She pulled Alex up to her and flipped him on his back. He smiled with anticipation as she slid down and up his body, his cock rubbing between her slick folds.

“So, you like fucking too, huh?” Faye purred. She spread her thighs and eased herself onto Alex’s hard cock. His eyes rolled up with pleasure and she uttered hers as she felt him stretching her. “Oh, you feel so g-“

Faye squealed as Alex rolled her over and poised himself over her, angling his hips and sliding heavily into her. “Yes I do,” he breathed, pulling back out and pumping harder into her.

Faye laughed as she moved with the force of his fucking, then quieted and clutched at Alex’s shoulders as his hard thrusts pushed her gradually closer to the edge.


“I had a good time,” Faye said softly, reaching down to plant a kiss on Alex’s cheek. She stood there for a while, watching his chest rise and fall evenly with sleep, before picking up her bag and walking out the door.


“So I heard you met a guy again last night?” Steph enquired, stirring her iced lemon tea slowly.

Faye thought of Tristan.

“Yeah. How’d you know?”

“Rach saw you leave with some young fellow.”

“Oh. That guy. Yeah. He was fun.” Faye cut a piece off her apple pie and popped it in her mouth.

“Fun? So you didn’t give him your number or anything?” Steph asked. Faye gave her a look of mock shock.

“No! Why should I? He’s just some.. guy I picked up at the bar.”

Steph sighed. “I’ve told you countless times. You must find someone to settle down with. Someone good who holds your interest.”

Again, Tristan’s face flashed in Faye’s mind. She shook her head as if to clear it of the image.

“Yes yes. Someday. Maybe.” The tart tang of the apples filled her mouth. “Do you think I should wear my hair long?”

Steph stilled. “Why the sudden question? I always loved your curls. You used to wear them long all the time, remember, back when you were with-“

Faye looked up. Her best friend stopped what she ankara escort was saying and paled. “I mean. Yes. But you look good anyhow.”

Faye tried to stop the memories that filled her mind. Memories of a time when she’d been happy. When she had loved. When she had shared her life with someone. Someone who was cheating on her all the while.

She shut her eyes tightly.

“Wanna come clubbing with me tonight?” She asked, changing the subject.

“I have to work, you know. I don’t have the luxury of time that freelancing affords,” Steph answered. She watched Faye’s face. “Oh all right. Just once. And no crazy antics or anything like that.”

Faye cheered up. “Okay. Promise.”


“Remember no crazy antics!” Steph yelled in Faye’s ear as she was pulled into the mass of lights and throbbing bodies. Faye laughed and started dancing in the middle of the dance floor. Steph giggled and followed her lead.

The strobe lights and the thudding beat had her mindless in no time. Mindlessness was just what she needed. Mindlessness was the best thing you could get when —

“Hello,” a masculine voice sounded in her ear.

Frowning Faye turned to see who it was.

“Tristan? What are you doing here?” she yelled.

“Dancing. What are you doing here?” He answered, dapper as ever in a dark suit.


Steph peered curiously at Tristan. Faye pulled her closer.

“This is Steph! Steph, Tristan!”

Tristan smiled and took Steph’s hand in his, raising it to his lips for a kiss. Steph blushed. Faye felt a strange fluttering in the pit of her stomach.

“Pleased to meet you!”

Steph smiled sweetly and looked at Faye.

They danced through the night. Shot after shot ensured Faye was limber and up for anything. She felt the familiar buzz in her body as she danced with Tristan. He was stark sober and never made any lewd moves toward her. What a shame. Faye leaned into him and giggled into his ear.

“You’re handsome,”

Tristan smiled.

“But sooooo uptight,” she drawled.

He frowned.

“Come on, loosen up a bit,” Faye breathed on his neck, rubbing her body against his. Tristan looked down at her face.

“Faye,” Steph blurted. She stood bent at the waist, her hands on her stomach. “I don’t feel so good,”

“God, Steph, you’re wasted,” Faye muttered. She turned to her and led her outside. Tristan followed behind.

Faye patted Steph’s back as she retched in the street. The stench and the chill air sobered her a bit and she turned to look at Tristan as he stood beside her.

“Will she be all right?”

Faye grimaced. “I think so. But I gotta get her home,”

“Wait here.” Tristan disappeared.

A sleek dark car pulled up a few minutes later. The window rolled down.

“Get in,” Tristan said. Faye opened the door and pulled a semi-unconscious Steph into the car.

“Where to,” Tristan looked in the rear view mirror.

“To my place. Second avenue,” Faye said, looking down at her friend. Tristan checked the mirrors and drove off.


” I guess she’ll be all right.” Faye looked at Steph, who lay sleeping on her guest bed. She looked up at Tristan, who stood beside her. “Thanks.”

He smiled. “No problem. Well, I guess I should be going,”

“Wait,” Faye reached out and touched his arm. He looked back at her. “You’re just leaving like that?”

“Well.. Yes.. It’s late and I have work tomorrow.”

“Oh.” Faye frowned slightly.

Tristan smiled. He tipped her chin up and gazed into her eyes. She felt a tinge of something deep in her bones. When he leaned in she closed her eyes and lifted her lips.

Tristan kissed her on her cheek.

“I’ll see you around,”

A flash of pearly whites, and he was gone.

Faye sank onto the bed next to Steph.



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