Wife Under the control of another man – Part 58 months onAnother Fantasy I am a fantasist regarding my wife. This is the continuation of the parts 1-4 of the fantasyI had noticed that Dianne had only visited Dave once since the Christmas Party. It was therefore a surprise when Dave said he was organising a reunion of the Christmas Party. He was going to invite the three couples back and 20 of the men. Me and my wife arrived first and Dave led us to our bedroom, and then we heard Brian and Margaret arrive. Over the next hour or so we heard the front door being opened and closed and then Dave came to the room and told us to be downstairs in 2 minutes, naked. As we entered the lounge there were 20 men naked and Brian and Margaret, who was already getting the attention of a couple of the naked men. Dave then told us that Robert and Dianne would be entering and he called them. Diane entered – she was naked and she was very pregnant. Dave asked Robert to explain. Even though Dave had given all three women the morning after pill following the Christmas extravaganza when they got home they had a discussion. Dianne had wanted a baby for ages and they had been trying for a long time with no luck so had given up. She had said to Robert that this might be a good time to see what happened. Robert wasn’t happy as if anything did happen then it almost certainly wasn’t his c***d. They decided to have illegal bahis a gamble and played a series of games. If at the end of the evening Dianne won then she would not take the pill, but if Robert won she would take the pill after giving him a blow job. Dave explained that over the weekend 41 men had cum in her pussy during the big event and then a few more at other events. He had invited 20 of the guys and the three husbands as well as him to make 24 guys. Therefore there was about a 50% chance that one of the guys in the room was the father. Dianne had wanted one last gangbang before she gave birth and Dave had organised this event for her.Dianne had very large breasts now and as Dave squeezed them she said they were quite tender, and a little dribble of milk escaped. Dave told her to lie down and open her legs and her pussy was quite puffy now, with larger pussy lips. Dave looked at Robert and told him that he could only watch. We were told to be gentle with her and the guys gathered round her. I started to suck on a nipple and tasted her milk. The other 2 wives were left alone and watched as the guys all played with Dianne, but then realised Robert wasn’t allowed to fuck Dianne so they were soon entertaining him. . Dianne soon stopped the guy saying it was uncomfortable with her lying on her back. She told one guy to lie on the floor, and she got into the doggy position illegal bahis siteleri and mounted his cock. Other guys knelt at her head and she sucked them whilst a guy positioned himself at her ass and then started to fuck her ass, Double penetrating her … all her holes were full and soon filling with cum. There were eager guys willing to take their turn at all of her holes. Within an hour she was coated in cum, whilst Robert had filled the other wives pussies with his cum. When it was clear Dianne was exhausted Dave suggested that the guys left Dianne alone. The other two wives went over to her and took turns in cleaning her up, licking the cum from her pussy and off her body. Whilst doing so their asses were pointed up and their pussies were easy targets. The guys who get hard ons went over to them and were soon fucking them. Dianne was soon forgotten about so she went over to a chair and sat down, unconcerned about her appearance or that her large pussy was gaping and open for all to see. The other two women were soon taking cum in every hole. When all the guys were drained the evening ended and the guys got dressed and left. Dave then told Robert it was time for bed, but Dianne was to spend the night with Dave. Robert wouldn’t be left alone as Margaret and my wife would spend the night with him. From my room I could hear Dave and Dianne fucking and hear as Robert shot canlı bahis siteleri his load into my wife. In the morning I was awoken by Dianne sucking my cock. I was soon hard and she then mounted me, cum oozing from her pussy as she did so. She rode me until I shot my load into her. She rose up and I then heard her enter Brian’s room and do the same for him. I got dressed and went downstairs and soon all of us were in the kitchen dressed. I asked if Dianne had any idea of who the father was, or if she had a preference. She said they were a little concerned if the baby came out Black or half caste as it would be hard to explain as you couldn’t really say to people you had 100 guys fuck you at a party, apart from that they had no concerns. We sat around the house for a few hours and then Dianne and Dave disappeared. After about 15 minutes Dave called out and we went to join him in one of the bedrooms. On the bed Dianne laid naked, legs open. Dave said that Dianne had to go soon but wanted one last session. We all stripped and joined her. The other two wives suggested that the guys play with Dianne, whilst they played with each other. It was great watching as they got into the 69 position to give each other orgasms through oral. On the bed we took turns in fucking and being sucked by Dianne. The only rule was that we had to cum in her pussy. Her lips were massive by now and her pussy easily opened to take all of our cocks in turn. We all eventually emptied our balls into her and the two other women then licked her clean. Robert and Dianne soon dressed and left, but before anyone else left there were several more hours of fucking.



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