Wife Loses At Strip PokerMy wife who is really sexy but quite shy was caught out on our second holiday together, we had become friends with an older couple and their friends who were in the room next to ours. We had spent a night out with them and were invited to a party in their flat on the last night of our holiday.On the night we took with us a couple of bottles of wine and decided to let our hair down and really have a good time, James and Louise were the host’s and one other couple Justin and Sharon who they had only met that week were also there, the night was great fun and we were having a good time and l noticed for the first time Lisa was getting very merry.It was about midnight when James and Justin said to the other ladies we should do something to remember the holiday, we took photos and exchanged addresses buca escort when out of the blue Louise said why don’t we play strip poker as that would be a brilliant memory.The room went quiet but then Justin and Sharon both said we are game then they all looked at both Lisa and myself…..l looked at Lisa and she was looking a little unsure, l turned to the other couples and agreed.It was decided only 4 would play and we were to put our names in two bowls, one for the girls and one for the guys,the guys were drawn first…..Justin was the first name out and quickly followed by James……wow l was relieved, now it was the girls turn and they looked nervous, first out was Sharon…. one more to go both Lisa and Louise were really quiet. ….James pulled out the name then looked at his wife with a big smile escort buca on his face and called out…….Lisa…..my wife went white as a sheet! Lisa had no time to complain as Louise had found a deck of cards and the dealing had started, the first four hands were boring with James losing two and both Justin and Sharon one each…..James then lost two more hands already he was down to just his pants! Lisa looked at me and laughed she was ok….then…..Lisa had the smile wiped off her face as we lost her first hand…. off came her shoes….next hand was dealt and Lisa lost again ……and this time off came her blouse….Justin lost again and then Sharon…… it was getting interesting. ….Lisa lost again and off came her skirt…..she was now standing in just bra and panties.Louise then said this game is going buca escort bayan too quickly and so the loser should have to complete forfeits. ..the guys quickly agreed and before the girls had a say the next hand was played. …James lost….the room went silent, Sharon then said quietly come on off with those pants…James slowly took his pants off, he was now naked and we were just staring at his cock…his cock hung low and was the same length as mine, even when l was hard ! But what stood out was the girth, his cock was so fat…it was just unreal…he was circumcised and the head of his cock was so bulbous! Lisa was stunned, she then looked across at me and mouthed omg !Lisa now looked really nervous…..she lost the next hand…she said oh no….James said come on lets see those lovely tits. ..she unclipped her bra and it dropped to the floor ! Lisa has pert C cup tits, but what really stands out is she has really large areolas. …Justin pipped up oh wow they are perfect !The next hand floored Lisa….she lost again



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