wife fucks 3 teenagers on holidaMy wife and I went to Turkey on holiday, at the time I was 32 and my wife was 29 I knew that the heat and relaxing atmosphere would make her so horny. We had been swinging for about 3 years in our local clubs, but this was the first time we had been holiday since we started swinging. On about the 2nd day Jane ( my wife), and I were lying round the pool, she was wearing a very skimpy blue bikini, and was lying on the sunbeds just chilling, . After a while I noticed 3 young lads who were about 19 or 20, obviously on a lads holiday, looking at Jane. I leaned over and whispered to Jane that she was being watched, so she had a quick look and said a bit young dont you think. I told her it was up to her, to which she replied she would thinkbabout it. Anyway after about 20 mins of being watched Jane started to spread her legs slightly, and moved her bikini bottoms to one side exposing her pussy izmir escort to the 3 lads. They couldn’t keep their eyes of her. This went on for about an hour and Jane teased the lads for the next couple of days around the pool. Anyway on about the 5th night Jane and I had been for a meal and had come back to the hotel for a couple of drinks before bed. She was wearing a black short dress, no bra skimpy white knickers and sandals. At the bar were the 3 lads drinking and laughing and being a bit loud. Jane sat down and I went to the bar, where I exchanged pleasantries with the lads. I got back to the table and said to Jane, do you want it and she just said sort it. I went to the bar and asked the lads if they wanted to join us for a drink, to withbthe jumpedcatvthe chance. So the 5 of us spent the next hour getting slowly pissed. Jane and the lads flirted with one of the lads putting his hands on janes lovely tanned izmir escort bayan legs. At about 12-30 in the morning I asked the lads if they wanted to come back to our room for a few drinks, as we had some brandy in. Of course they jumped the chance, 5 mins later the 5 of us were back in our room drinking brandy and coke. Jane by now was quite pissed and ready for cock, she put her arms round one of the lads and started to snog him. He looked at me for approval and I just nodded. He shoved her on the bed and they started kissing passionately. The other 2 lads looked at me and I just said, she is all yours boys. They then joined her on the bed.the first lad had now slid his hands inside her knickers and was fingering her now soaking pussy. Jane then took the cocks of the other lads out of their shorts and was wanking them furiously. By now the first lad had pulled Jane’s knickers off and was licking her saturated escort izmir pussy. Jane then started sucking the other 2 cocks alternating between each one. The first lad Han now removed his shorts and t shirt and had moved on top of Jane, thrusting his cock deep inside her pussy. Jane was squirming with delight as she was getting rammed hard by this young cock and sucking and wanking the other 2 cocks . The first lad then started thrusting harder and with a deep groan shot his load deep inside Jane’s pussy. He got of and the second lad climbed on top of Jane and started banging her soaking pussy, Jane squealed as the second lad shot his load deep inside her, he climbed off and lad number 3 got nonstop of Jane. He didn’t last more than a few seconds before emptying his Load mixing it with his mate’s. The whole episode didn’t last more than 15 mins. After they had finished I said thanks lads you can go now. After they had left I fucked my wife and added my load to the other 3. We then fell into the best nights sleep of the holiday. We saw the lads a few more times during the holiday but we ignored them, they had fulfilled there purpose.



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