WHILE YOU sleepThis story was gifted to me by me 53 yr girlfriend. I sit here and think of you as you sleep. I imagine myself there sitting quietly and watching you as you dream. I listen to you breathe softly and deeply, totally unaware that you are being watched. Every so often you stir and I catch my breath in fear that you might open your eyes and see me there in the dark.The minutes on the alarm clock tick on by and one hour melts into the next. The time for you to rise and go to work is getting nearer. You stir in your sleep and turn to your side. I rise from the chair and quietly walk over to the bed. I slowly lift the bed covers and slide into bed next to your warm body. I kiss your shoulder and run my hand along your thigh, gently waking you from your slumber. I don’t feel bad because you have to get up in a few minutes.You turn over onto your back and stretch your arms. One arm comes around me and draws me closer to you. My hand continues to caress your thigh and makes its way to your erect penis. I caress it gently. I smile at you for I know only too well the pleasure that it will provide me.I stroke your cock, now hard as steel in my hand and I feel it throbbing as the desire mounts in your loins. I look at your face, your eyes are closed, but you are very much awake. I hear gentle moans escaping your lips telling me that you are enjoying the feel of my soft hand on your hard cock.I place soft kisses on your eyes, on the tip of your nose, your chin and your cheeks. My hand is still gently stroking your cock. I kiss your earlobe and tug on it with my teeth, ever so gently. I blow in your ear; you take a deep breath and moan. I love to hear your moan. Your pleasure only makes mine more intense and I want you more.My lips travel to your neck then down your chest. I suck and lick your nipples. Mine are pendik escort hard little pink pebbles anxious to be touched, licked and sucked by you, but no. I will have my way with you first.I release my hand from your cock and get up on my knees; my body over yours now, my legs on either side of you. I bend over and continue to kiss and lick you as I make my way down your abs and to your pubis. My mouth very close to your cock, you can feel my breath on it. I see a drop of pre-cum and look up at you. You look back at me urging me not to stop; your eyes are filled with lust. First, I lick the pre-cum from your cock with my tongue and, then, I wrap my lips around your knob and suck on it while my hand strokes its shaft.My pussy is wet and my clit is hard. My desire is rising, I can hardly contain it, but I must. You run your fingers through my hair with your hands and push my mouth gently forcing me to take the entire length of your rod in my mouth. I can feel your cock at my throat. It is throbbing in my mouth and I suck on it. My head comes up and you gently bring it back down over your cock. My movements get stronger; I suck harder, fucking your cock with my mouth. I can feel your cock throbbing in my mouth and I know that if I continue you will cum and so I stop.I crawl up to your face to kiss you deeply all the while letting your hard cock enter my soft, warm and very wet pussy. You take a deep breath and I moan as my pussy envelops your cock, squeezing it. Taking it in as far as it will go. I grind my pussy on your cock, rubbing my engorged clit against your pubis. I hold your hands tightly in mine; all the while I continue my grinding as you urge me to cum. You thrust your cock deeper into my pussy; I cry from the pleasure and beg you not to stop.The passion mounts. kartal escort Hearts are racing. Not a word is spoken. Deeper you thrust and then deeper still, harder and faster. This is the point of no return. There is no stopping now as you ram your cock in my cunt.OHHHHHHH YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!¸Faster and harder, you thrust your cock deeper, deeper and deeper still. One more deep thrust and you pause. You moan. Another thrust deeper than the last. Pause. Moan. You shove your cock in my pussy with slow, deep thrusts.My cunt milks your cock and then clamps tight on your cock as I cum. I shout as AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! YEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!! as an orgasm takes possession of my mind and body.My pussy if full of your silky, smooth, warm like custard cum mixed with my sweet pussy juice. I keep your cock inside until I feel it go limp and exit my body. I will keep your cum as long as I can and enjoy the feel as it slowly leaks out of my pussy and into its folds.i get off you and lay down on my back, spent from the passion. You then speak the first words of the day, “Good morning, babe.” As you get out of bed and walk to the shower to ready yourself for a day at work.I watch you as you walk away from the bed to the bathroom. I admire your beautiful body; the muscles of your back and your firm buttocks. I stare at your strong legs, the sinuous muscles of your hard thighs. I slide over to your side of the bed, the musky man scent that your body left behind fills my nostrils and makes my head reel. My nipples become erect as I think back to just a few moments ago and the passion we shared. I can’t control the muscles in my pussy as it contracts expelling what is left of your cum as it trickles out and flows between my legs. I close my eyes as I savour the sensation. I can see maltepe escort us in my mind as I relive the moments of our union and the intensity of my orgasm.I hear the water as it sprays upon your body. I am envious of every drop that touches your skin. I am so jealous of the silky sweet smelling soap that you rub over your body with your hands as you make yourself clean. I can’t help but wonder if your skin remembers my kisses, my tongue licking your body and my sucking. Does your cock still feel my pussy as my pussy feels your cock?You turn off the water, I hear you stirring about in the bathroom, only imagining what you are doing to get ready for work. You emerge into the bedroom with a towel snugly wrapped around your hips. As you go about getting your underclothes and uniform for work, you walking and bending loosen the towel from your hips and it falls to the floor. Your splendid nude male body exposed to me. You look in my eyes and you can see the desire I hold there for you. There is no time, you have to go.I broke into your house uninvited and yet you don’t say a word. You quickly get your clothes on and run off to meet the day. I am still aroused from the memory of you. I caress my breasts and run my hands down my body. I spread my legs, my pussy wet from your cum and my pussy juices. My fingers spread cum all over my pussy. My clit is engorged and I rub it frantically with my finger. I feel its hardness. I bend my knees and spread my legs as I continue to give myself pleasure. I imagine your mouth on my pussy licking and sucking on my clit as you insert one finger in my pussy and then another. I am alone now and I don’t hold back my screams of pleasure. My pussy muscles contracting against each other squeezing out what is left of your cum as I climax My hand is covered with cum and I spread it on my tits. I circle my nipple with a wet finger. It immediately becomes erect. I slide my hand between my legs and bring it to my mouth. I can taste our juices as I lick and suck my fingers.I close my eyes and fall asleep, my head on your pillow drifting away dreaming of being with you once again.



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