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While Dad’s Away, Mommy Plays with Their SonOne night, Jim was just falling asleep when he sensed that someone had come into his room. He opened his eyes and in the darkness he saw his mother sitting on the side of his bed. All she wore was a thin, almost transparent nightgown; Jim could see the outlined shape of her huge breasts and her perky little nipples. Jim felt his mother stroke his leg. She sighed. “Is my sweet son awake?” she said softly, her hand rubbing him through the bed covers, reaching toward his crotch. Jim felt his cock harden immediately. “Yes, Mom, I’m awake,” he said quietly. “What’s the matter?” His mother sighed again, deeply, and Jim saw his mom’s tits rise and fall. “Oh, baby,” she said, “you know, with your father out of town on business, I’m awfully lonely.” “Gee, that’s too bad, Mom,” said Jim. “Listen sweetie, can I be honest with you? I think you’re old enough for me to talk to you like a grown-up.” “Sure, Mom,” said Jim.His mother leaned closer to Jim and her hand went under the covers. “Listen, my darling son: Mommy hasn’t had any dick in over a week and I’m going crazy. Do you think you could help Mommy with this problem?” As she spoke, Jim’s mother had grasped his stiffening cock in her hand, and she began to stroke it gently. It felt great, so Jim said, “Um, sure, Mom, but, ah, what do you want me to do?” “Oh, you’re such a sweetheart!” his mom squealed happily. “Just let me show you!” She yanked his blanket down, and then pulled the pants of his pyjamas down. Moving quickly, she scooted down and took Jim’s dick into her mouth and began sucking it enthusiastically. “Mmmm! MMMM!” she said. She pulled the boy’s cock out of her mouth while gripping the base of it in her hand. “Baby, you are getting to be such a big boy! This delicious cock is almost as big as your father’s!” Before Jim could say a word, she resumed her vigorous cock-sucking. bakırköy escort Jim was confused. “Um, Mom, is this really helping you with your loneliness about missing Dad?” His mother pulled her mouth off her son’s cock with a loud POP! and she looked at him—even in the dark, he could see she had a big grin. “Oh, yes, sweetheart! You have no idea how lonely my mouth has been for a nice blowjob. And in a little while, I want you to help Mommy even more, with her lonely pussy!” She started to lower her head to his cock again, but Jim suddenly protested, “But Mom, I’m gonna cum soon, with you sucking on me so good! And after I cum, I don’t think I’ll be able to, er, help you anymore!” Jim’s mom chuckled. “Oh, sweetie, don’t worry. You’re a healthy, growing boy. You’re going to cum in my mouth and then I’m going to get you hard again. Trust me, you’ll see!” And before he could say another word, Jim’s mom started sucking cock again, increasing her intensity and fondling his balls with one hand. “Oh, jeez!” yelped Jim, “I’m gonna cum now, Mom!” And he did, gushing a load of hot cum into his grateful mother’s mouth. Jim heard his mother gulp twice, and then felt her licking his shaft. “Mmmm, my baby!” she murmured. “Such a good boy, giving Mommy all his cum!” Her work done, she sat up and pulled off her nightgown. By the moonlight coming through his window, Jim could see his mother’s outline, the way her big tits wobbled back and forth as she doffed her clothes. Then she straddled his waist, sitting lightly on top of him, leaning over with her arms near his shoulders, her round tits dangling down, brushing the cheeks of his face. “Do you like Mommy’s boobies, baby?” she cooed. She wiggled back and forth, letting her tits hit his cheeks. For Jim, this was like a dream come true. He’d often checked out his mother when she walked around the house. She beşiktaş escort always wore tight clothes, short skirts, and high heels, even when she was just cleaning or cooking. She rarely wore a bra when she was home, and he’d sneak peaks at her tits wobbling freely beneath a blouse, the fabric making her nipples erect. Now he had those tits dangling in his face, and he seized the moment.Jim reached up with both hands and took one big tit and stuck its nipple in his mouth. He sucked it; it tasted great! His mother laughed in delight. “My boy still likes to suck Mommy’s tit, just like when he was a baby! That’s it—suck it, honey, you’re turning me on!” Jim didn’t need to be told twice. He grabbed the other tit and sucked that one a little while, and then he just began fondling both boobs. He realized that his cock, which had wilted after he’d cum a little while ago, was beginning to stir. He was getting hard again already! “Oooh, baby, Mommy’s pussy is getting so wet with you sucking on my titties!” exclaimed his mother. She grabbed one of his hands and guided it down between her legs. “Feel how wet you’re making Mommy!”Sure enough, Jim could feel how sopping wet his mom’s pussy was. He kept his hand down there and rubbed her cunt a little, but his mother yanked his hand away. “Oh, sorry, Mom!” he said, embarrassed at being so aggressive. “No, no, no, baby,” said his mother soothingly. “It’s just that your hand was gonna make me cum and I don’t want to cum that way. I want you to put your cock in there are fuck me!” Upon hearing these exciting words, Jim got terribly excited. He felt his dick harden. Sensing this, his mother reached down and took it in her hand. “Oh my god, I haven’t had any dick in a week! I’m so fucking horny!” She positioned Jim’s cock at the entrance of her pussy. “Push it up there, big boy!” she ordered. “Put that big-boy beylikdüzü escort cock into Mommy’s pussy!”Jim did as he was told. His mother gave a huge groan of pleasure and settled herself down on the hard cock. “Oh, jesus, that feels great, honey!” she said breathily. She started rocking back and forth on his erection. “Oh, Christ, that’s good! That’s what I need! Come on, son, fuck me now! Fuck me!”Acting instinctively, Jim bucked upward with his hips, driving his hard cock deeper into his mother’s pussy. He realized that, although his mother had big tits and a big ass, her pussy was surprisingly tight. He pumped himself into her, grunting with effort. “Oh, shit, I’m gonna cum!” his mother suddenly yelled. Jim felt his mother’s cunt muscles squeezing his dick, bearing down on it as she came in a gush. He became tremendously excited—and fearful. “Mom! I’m cumming too—I gotta pull out!” he yelled. But she was one step ahead of him: She raised her ass and pulled off of her son’s cock just as he was starting to spurt: his cum shot out onto her nice warm tummy. “Good heavens, that was close!” she said, laughing. Jim was panting in a mixture of relief and pleasure as his mother flopped down next to him. She wiped his cum off her stomach and started licking her hand as though she was eating honey. She paused between licks to say in a quiet voice, “Thank you, sweetheart, for giving Mommy the fucking she needed.” After a short silence, Jim said, “Um, Mom, you’re not going to tell Dad about this, are you? I mean, it’ll be our secret, right?” To his surprise, his mother laughed loudly. “Are you k**ding?” she said. “We have no secrets in this house. Of course I’m going to tell your father!” Jim was confused. “He won’t be mad?” he asked. “No, sweetie,” she said, reaching up to ruffle his hair with one hand while reaching down with the other hand to cup his balls. “No—your dad will be delighted that this happened. He’ll be turned on when I tell him.” She leaned over to look at her son. Winking, she said, “Why, the next time I ask you to fuck me, he’ll probably ask to watch us!” She kissed her son’s cheek, and Jim decided he was the happiest boy in the world. END



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