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Where did summer go?Where did the summer go? It was an unusual summer here in Ohio, not so blistering hot most of the time this year and here we are already labor day weekend. What a holiday weekend it has turned out to be, never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined the experience and the sheer raw sexuality the has happened right here at my house!To start the story off right though none of this would have happened if we hadn’t put in our pool this year. I had a previous first time experience with our daughter Amy that did not include penetration, how I, we ever had the self control not to go all the way is still beyond me, but any way Amy my wife Lisa and I spent some of the summer visiting her new home away from home college. She is moving for the very first time and although she is excited and nervous she is a little sad to leave. It’s not that far to Ohio state but it’s not down the hall eitherThere must be a school somewhere that women even at such a young age learn how to be conniving I mean it was no time age at all it seems that these were just girls we would take to the lake or Kings Island. Now they’re grown up too quickly and I have played an unforeseen role in that that did and does still as I write this blow my mind. Let me describe these devious young beauties Amy is 5’5″ red hair brown eyes with a pretty face athletic body and a smile that will melt you, of course as her dad I know. Char is shorter 5’3″ with dark hair and green eyes also pretty and in good shape. These two have been close for years.Anyway she is home this weekend and wanted to invite her very good friend Char over for a bbq and pool party of sorts. I say that because Char’s dad is a minister and they don’t drink, we aren’t big drinkers but see nothing wrong in a beer on a hot day or a couple to get a buzz. Amy and Char arranged for a sleepover they know Lisa works second shift and would be home over night, so there would be two parents here. But Lisa doesn’t get home until 11:30 sometimes 11:45, and that is where things got interesting.Lisa has Monday, labor day off and that was the day of the official party also our son would be here for that, but this is about Sunday night. We ordered pizza had a salad and were enjoying a swim it was still pretty warm and yes as a dad the feelings of just having fun with the girls vs. looking at these beautiful young tight bodies in bikini’s is a mental war. The trick is to be in the water if you begin to be aroused, Amy already knew that was probable from not too long ago, I was hoping and trusting that, that was something Char knew nothing about.The girls left me for a short time to go to the rest room together, something guys of course cannot relate to, so I swam a few laps and dove to the bottom trying to create a little workout time while in the water. I am in my early 40’s 6’2″ 195 still a pretty physical guy. Anyway this happened a couple of times within an hour and I noticed that canlı bahis they were giggling even more than usual and these two are always laughing it’s fun and contagious. I became suspicious and decided to go to the “restroom” myself I went to the kitchen and found that they had been into the stash we’d bought for the labor day party, not only that but it was more than one girl could drink it was both of them and I though Char’s dad will kill me. I wanted to confront and scold them right away but I did have to take a leak so it gave me a minute to calm down.This was Amy’s last weekend I wasn’t going to be too strict and ruin it, Lisa has always been the tougher on her and she wasn’t here so no harm no foul but I would keep my eye on them. As I went back out I could see them whispering to each other and just for fun I said hey no secrets. They laughed and Amy said okay dad Char say’s you’re pretty hot in your swim trunks, Char said Amy! shhh I down played it and said well coming from such a beautiful young lady that is a compliment. Amy walked right up to me emboldened by what she had drank I guess and pulled me in in tight as if she was going to kiss me and said “dad you know I know you’re hot”.Char was wide eyed watching this from her poolside chair and I pulled back telling Amy to get hold of herself. I had no idea Amy told Char everything. I was had, and I knew it. What did Char think of me? I was like an uncle figure to her it was embarrassing and arousing what a set of emotions. I wanted to get away because what happened with Amy was coming back to haunt me. She never talked about it since that night, there had been glances, smiles but we hadn’t brought it up. I was thinking maybe it will just be a memory.At the same time my beautiful sexy seductive and devious daughter not only exposed me, us to her friend but is so close and holding onto me now and I was definitely getting hard, Amy knew it and moved in like a lioness for the kill. She pressed herself against me and kissed me as Char cheered, her cheering faded although pretty loud from her drinking because my focus was on this sensual kiss and hard little body of my lovely daughter. My hands slipped right down to her ass like I owned it, and she responded kissing me even deeper. She said “daddy tonight I become a woman”.Amy was unbelievably bold she reached into my trunks and grabbed hold of my cock leading me over to where Char was sitting. She said take those off dad, I said not in front of Char. She said dad we both know everything and she wants to watch, I looked at her and she nodded her head. I complied and dropped my trunks with my dick springing up and down as I slid them off this made both of them whoop with joy and laugh. Char said this is impressive Mr. G I said Char you’re seeing me naked you can call me Keith another laugh from all of us this time.I sat on the long chair more of a bench and said so am I going to be the only one? Amy bahis siteleri was quick to peel off her top, a very nice sight but teased as she slid out of her bottoms revealing a soft wisp of red hair, she almost looked younger and now if there were any doubt that I wasn’t fully hard before it was removed. Wow you’re so beautiful and sexy Amy, Char sat wide eyed and mouthed taking in the scene, I was n’t going to pressure her. We began feeling each other Amy was so wet I knew she was ready and not just doing this some how for Char.She kneeled down over the bench I was sitting on placing her her elbows on it and her lovely breasts dangling down hating to lose that view this was my signal to get behind her. She was in no mood for foreplay she said daddy start with just the tip okay? I positioned myself just at her entrance and Char was now standing in front of her looking at me and removing her bikini to play with herself.As exciting as our experience was when Amy did her body slide on me this was different heightened. I was being seduced, maybe black mailed by my daughter with a witness no less wow that messes with your head. On the other hand as a man and her dad, she was so damn sexy I wanted to fuck her and then make love to her, to use her and let her use me. So I pushed a little in. Amy was so wet my head slid in easily it was mind blowing as if I were a virgin as well as her I wanted to give her an orgasm rubbing her G spot so I pushed in a bit more and she tensed up. Daddy be careful go slow, I make no porn star claims I’m 6 1/2″ kind of thick big enough but not huge.After a little while of pure enjoyment holding onto Amy’s hips watching her tits sway from above listening to her moans of pleasure and feeling her hot tight little pussy I had to push in a little more, now I felt a little resistance, in truth I’d never had a virgin I assumed every virgin bled but this was more of a stretching of her hymen. I held there and then slowly pushed in Amy groaned in pleasure and Char said her eyes rolled back, finally I was all in and held right there soaking in how it feels to fuck your daughter while another lovely naked girl was watching. If someone had told me this would happen I would have said yeah whatever.Char was not being ignored by me by any means she has the puffiest pointies, just outstanding. She was taking in the whole scene and sometimes looking me straight in the eye with a hungry look and a snarled lip, very sexy and very un-Char like, but a serious turn on. Not that my mind wasn’t still focused on my baby and pleasing her in a way I hoped she would never forget. I wanted her first time to be special, I always hoped as a dad that she wouldn’t give it up to some uncaring asshole, and now that was no longer a concern.Amy was tight like a vice hot like an oven and so wet, now she started to shove back against me she wanted it deep and hard she must be getting close. I had been working her G spot güvenilir bahis and as she exploded in her first orgasm from fucking I gave her full hard thrusts, I had to kiss her to muffle her. We live in a nice neighbor hood but why take a chance? When I knew she was almost through I stayed fully inserted and held there holding her kissing her looking deeply into her eyes it was pure passion and love making. Just the beauty of the moment and Amy thanking me for fucking her with my cock still inside her gave me a sweet release into her, she smiled wide and kissed me again, made some kind of a cooing sound, she was a woman fulfilled.I didn’t know it but I was in for my final surprise. I was just mulling over in my head how to get the girls especially Char to swear an oath of secrecy when Amy told me that they had a plan all along that Char was next, and she was smiling wide as Amy broke the news. I was very uncomfortable with this even after all that happened and Amy being naked n front of me even at that moment. But they held all the cards, obviously I wasn’t going to tell but would they? Only one way forward for me and that was whatever they said and they knew it, I knew I could expect a trip to the freaking mall next.Amy now stood and Char moved toward me and said Mr. G, I mean Keith I’ve always wanted a boy to lick me down there. I patted the bench for her to lay down and said well young lady you’re in luck and gave her sweet little trimmed pussy a great licking she responded so quickly and came so fast I did it twice, but now this little pastors daughter said to me “I want cock, I want cock”. what a turn on so innocent to slut in 60 seconds! I positioned myself to enter her and just to be sure I asked Char have you ever? She said no be gentle like with Amy. I was just a little at a time, but hers felt different on the head of my cock Amy’s kind of stretched and gave way, but Chars only gave a little and even though I went slow there was blood, not a lot but I could tell it hurt.I stopped right there and held her she pulled me right down onto her and I had to get those pretty little tits in my mouth she liked that it made her even more wet and horny, she was ready now. When I got fully inserted I held there to let her adjust and she looked at Amy saying your dad is huge well this only boosted my ego and I was ready to give this girl a fucking. All of the sudden Amy squats on Chars face while I was fucking her, never saw that coming, but Char lapped Amy up. As for Char she came twice waiting for me to cum and I soaked that little pussy down I came so hard it shot right back out of her and coated the base of my cock.What a feeling I couldn’t believe my luck two virgins and one was my daughter. I had the feeling I had opened a can of worms but right then I was on heaven. I looked at the clock it was 10:15 I said Amy, she knew mom would be home soon if she saw they had been drinking or obviously ever found out about this all hell would break loose so off we went to shower and sleep. I waited for Lisa after showering only to have her come home horny, I just looked up and said thanks some one was looking out for me that night.



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