what the fuckWhat the F..Every year, about this time I start going nuts, being inside the house more than being outside due to the weather, and not being able to do the outdoors things that I enjoy. I am a mature 55 year old Hispanic women who enjoys life, sex and everything about sex. I have really gotten into exploring my wilder side, and have not really found anything I would not do or try. I have nice breasts (36D) and am not skinny, but also not fat – just right for some hardcore pushing. While the weather had been much warmer the past couple of days and I was feeling like I needed to get out and relax in the sun. I put on one of my older 2 piece bathing suits that I enjoy sunning in and headed out to the backyard to relax. I had been warming the swimming pool and sauna the past day or so and it felt good when I put my foot in. I set up my sun chair and was getting ready to relax when I decided I needed something to drink. I went into the kitchen and got myself a nice bottle of red wine and a glass and after opening the bottle I headed back out to my sun chair. The weather felt so good on my body, and drinking the wine really made me relax. In my house I usually am naked, so after about 30 minutes bahis siteleri and 2 glasses of wine I decided to rid myself of my bathing suit and get my all over tan. It being the middle of the day, and mid week I didn’t have to worry about any of my neighbors seeing me, so I just relaxed and dosed off. After about an hour, I had finished the wine, and decided to get another bottle, I got up and came back with my second bottle, and was now really relaxed and enjoying life. After having this much wine, I was feeling pretty horny, and started rubbing my hairy pussy with my hand, it felt so good, but I needed something more deep inside. Should I get up and go inside and get one of my dildos to play with. No… to much work, plus I was pretty drunk by this time and didn’t really want to move much, I looked around the yard, but didn’t see anything that could fulfill my need. As I reached down to refill my wine glass I could not help but notice the shape and feel of the wine bottle. I put the empty wine bottle up to my mouth and sucked it in, down my throat as far as I could. It felt pretty good, and would probably feel even better deep in my aching pussy. I took it and worked it deep into my pussy canlı bahis and started to really fuck myself with it. Now, when I get worked up I can’t be quiet, and being drunk didn’t help. I was moaning and whimpering and going nuts on this bottle, when I look up and there standing at my gate where the neighbors gardening crew staring at me. The three guys didn’t say a word, but were standing there watching this crazy women pound her own pussy with a wine bottle and just going nuts on it. When they saw me stop, and look at them they didn’t move, but waited for me to act. I pulled the bottle out of my sloppy pussy and put the end up to my mouth and sucked it into my mouth, licking and sucking all my juices off of it. I was so horny and needed more. I told the guys if they wanted some of what I just gave to the wine bottle they had better get there asses over here this second. It was like a blurr, cloths were everywhere, I had a cock in my mouth before I could even think about it, sucking a strangers cock is so nasty, and than having a guy putting his head between your legs and his tongue deep into my cunt is wonderful. But after only a couple of minutes I needed more, I turned over and kneeled güvenilir bahis on the ground and over the leg portion of my chair and offered up my pussy and ass for my new friends to fuck. And fuck they did.. they took turns screwing my pussy and than my ass, one after the other used my mouth, taking turns moving from one hole to the next. They got bolder when I didn’t object and started to really pound my poor old holes. Than they started to slap my breasts as they swung back and forth as they pumped into me. I don’t know how long they ravaged my body, but it was so good. When they were worn out they even fucked me with my wine bottle again, this time using the big end, I was so sloppy and there was so much cum in me that it slipped in with very little pain, and felt good as they pushed it in and out until I came all over. One of the guys even got his whole hand into my pussy hole and was able to slide it in and out. I felt so used and abuse, it was wonderful. The guys left me laying on my chair with cum running down my legs, my boobs were smeared in cum and my face and hair had cum everywhere. I just feel asleep like that for I don’t know how long. When I woke up I was crusty with cum, and it was getting dark. My cunt was still gaping open with dried cum sticking to my pussy hair and it looked to be completely full. I got up and dove into the pool, swam around a bit and head into the house to dream about the days events.



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