I woke after a restless night. My thoughts were still swimming with confusion. Did I want to be with Reggie, I mean, like, dating him? Was it just sex? Why couldn’t I figure out how I felt? Or at least admit to myself how much I cared for him. I looked over at him sleeping soundly on his back. He was absolutely gorgeous. My eyes trailed his chest and I felt myself begin to get excited. God, he didn’t even have to be awake. The only thing I knew for sure was that I had an insatiable need for Reggie, even after our night together. I wanted him, and I wanted him right then. I slowly sat up and pulled the sheet away from us both. Reggie didn’t stir, but his morning wood was in full force. He had a deliciously hard cock staring right up at me. I quickly resituated myself so that my face hovered over his dick before lightly licking the tip. He stirred slightly but didn’t wake. I parted my lips and slid him slowly into my mouth, sucking hard. I felt him wake, his body stretching for a moment before he pressed himself up on his elbows to survey me. I had taken him about halfway when our eyes locked. “Shit,” he whispered, his head falling back and his hips pressing into me.

I pulled back off slowly, sucking hard. On my way back down his shaft, my tongue swirled around him. He had such a glorious cock- I loved sucking on it. I wanted his cum to shoot deep into my throat. I was hungry for it. I brought one hand to the base of his cock, lightly stroking in the opposite direction of my mouth as the other found his balls, tickling them slightly as his cock hit the back of my mouth. I pulled away again, this time letting him pop out of my mouth and licking all around his shaft and up around the tip before pulling the tip into my mouth, my lips circled around the edge of the head. Reggie groaned and pressed himself further into my mouth. I obliged, sinking down so his cock hit the back of my mouth and my lips met my hand. I moved my hand and took a deep breath through my nose, helping me relax my throat. It opened it up and I was able to get the head of his cock deeper into my throat. “Fuck, yes,” Reggie said, his hands finding my hair. I started nodding up and down on his cock, letting him slide slightly deeper until my lips reached his hilt.

He started really face-fucking me from below, tugging my hair to pull me up and down as his hips bounced and his cock thrust into my throat. I was dripping saliva down his cock. I could hear him getting close; his breathing was ragged he pumped faster, but I needed a break. I put my hand back onto his shaft and pulled off him to catch my breath. I leaned back down to continue blowing him, but Reggie stopped me. “Turn around,” he breathed lustfully at me. Slightly confused, I straddled him with my ass facing his chest before leaning back down and sucking him back into my mouth.

To my surprise, his hands found my hips and pulled me back towards his face. His cock fell from my mouth as I squealed. He positioned me over his face and started licking up and down my slick folds. “Oh yes,” I murmured, pressing my pussy into his face. He slipped one, then a second finger inside me, curling them to press against my spot. I groaned and tried to re-focus on his cock. I wrapped my fingers around the base and lightly licked his head again before plunging back down and stroking him with my mouth and hand. I was desperate for his cum at this point- I wanted to feel his spunk running down my throat. I pumped him hard, my tongue flicking around his head as I came to the tip and sliding flat down his shaft as I brought him deeper.

He continued finger-fucking and sucking on me, trying to match my speed. I moaned against his cock, my pleasure building quickly. I sucked harder as I blew him, and his fingers shifted a bit to allow his tongue to find my clit. He licked more roughly, and my hand squeezed along his member, my legs shaking as he moaned against me. It was so hot having him in my mouth while he ate me out. I loved feeling his moans, elicited from the pleasure I was giving him. I sucked and pumped him harder and he moaned into my snatch again. I felt his legs tense beneath me, and his cock began to throb just as he sucked my clit into his mouth. I came quickly, groaning hard around him before his cock started spurting into my mouth. I felt, more than tasted, the ropes of cum, lost in my own orgasm. It was mouthwatering. When he finished shooting, I pulled him out of my mouth and licked around his cock, gathering the last of his delicious jizz, absolutely desperate to taste it. “Baby, quit, it’s sensitive,” he whined at me.

I stopped licking him and lifted my leg so I could turn onto my back. I propped myself up onto my elbows, looking back at him. He got onto his hands and knees and crawled over to me, grabbing my face and kissing me, his lips tasting of me. His tongue explored my mouth and ours tastes combined delectably. He pulled away for a moment, “What a fantastic way to wake up,” he said against my lips, and I smiled.

“Done already?” I asked him mischievously.

He baulked at me and I stared him down, biting my lower büyükesat escort lip. “You’re serious, aren’t you?” he said, seeming to be genuinely shocked. I nodded and looked at him with hooded eyes. He turned to look at the clock on the bedside table. “Good thing I know how to make you cum quick,” he smiled devilishly, kissing me hard, his hand finding my tit and massaging. I moaned as he trailed kisses down my chest, nibbling on my other nipple less than gently.

My fingers found his hair and ran through it as my body responded to his touches. He trailed lower, his hand never leaving my tit as his tongue flicked across my belly button. He continued playing with my breast as he kissed the top of my slit, then dove in. I moaned and pressed into his face. The way his arm was stretched to reach up to my chest gave me a great view of the muscles he had cultivated, and it felt like he was claiming me as his. I loved it. Then, my eyes met his and his tongue dipped deeply into my snatch, only spurning me on. “Fuck,” I breathed as he licked at me. His other hand found my slit and they dipped into me. I groaned deeply and threw my head back letting myself sink into the pleasure.


I was still trying to figure out what it was I felt-what I wanted from Reggie- as we raced towards the community center on his bike. It was hard to focus with my arms wrapped around his hard body. I wanted to tell him how I couldn’t stop thinking about him, but thus far our relationship had been strictly about sex and I really didn’t want to make a fool of myself. When we arrived in front of the community center, I was lost in thought. As I got off the back, I heard my mobile buzz inside my bag. I rummaged for it and saw Rose was calling. Pulling off my helmet, I answered it, “Hey.”

“Fran, where are you? Do you want to get breakfast?” she said into the phone.

“I’m busy love,” I replied, turning from Reggie.

“With what?” she said, genuinely confused.

“I’m with a friend,” I said, looking over my shoulder at Reggie, “I’ll explain tonight- will you be home?”

“I will be now! Talk to you then; love you!” she said, and abruptly hung up. Typical Rose.

I was shaking my head and rolling my eyes when I turned around and saw Reggie heading into the center. I ran to catch up with him. “Everything alright?” I asked, confused as to why he left me back on the street.

He refused to meet my eyeline and shrugged, “I can’t be late,” he said roughly. I shut up, feeling incredibly insecure. I didn’t know what his issue was, but he was obviously upset and didn’t want to talk about it. We walked in and a young boy ran right up to Reggie, hugging his waist. I smiled instinctively. “Hey Trev! How are you doing my man,” Reggie said, bending down and fist bumping the young boy, a big smile on his face.

He leaned in to whisper into Reggie’s ear, but he spoke quite loudly, “Who is she?”.

“This is Francesca,” Reggie said, looking up at me.

I bent down to match their level, smiling. “Hi, what’s your name?” I said to the boy.

The boy smiled back at me, showing off the gaps in his teeth, but ignored my question. “Is she your girlfriend?” he turned and asked Reggie.

“No, buddy, Francesca is my friend,” he said, accentuating the word friend, almost coldly. Is that why he was upset when we arrived? That I told Rose I was with a friend? Or did I just want him to want to be more than my friend? Reggie interrupted my thoughts, “She’s going to help us at practice today.”

“Practice?” I asked as we stood and Reggie grabbed Trev’s hand.

He winked at me as Trev tugged on his hand. We started walking towards a large group of children who ranged in age and a very pregnant woman, all of whom were gathered in a circle. “Reggie, darling! How are you?” the woman came and kissed him on both cheeks. She noticed me and said, “Oh, hello!” with surprise. “I’m Jamie. “I’m sorry if I seem surprised, I’m just not used to Reggie bringing people by!” she said, smiling and looking at Reggie.

“That’s alright. Hi, I’m Fran,” I said, and she kissed both of my cheeks as well.

“You said your name was Francesca!” Trev cried out in a scared voice as he hid behind Reggie.

“It’s okay Trev, Fran is a nickname for Francesca,” Reggie said, bending down to meet his level again. “Can I tell you a secret?” Trev nodded excitedly and Reggie leaned in and whispered into his ear.

“Reggie darling, what happened to your face?” Jamie asked, gesturing towards the bruise on his check.

“Yeah, what happened??” Trev said, very concerned.

“It was an accident buddy, I’m fine!” Reggie said to calm Trev, but Jamie raised her eyebrows at him. “Later,” he said quietly for her.

I leaned into Reggie as he stood, “What did you say to Trev?” I whispered.

“Don’t worry, all good things,” he smirked at me, and I smacked his arm, “Fine, fine, I’ll tell you,” he leaned into my ear, “I told him Francesca was my special name for you.” I blushed. It was true, he was çankaya escort the only one who called me by my full name, and I loved it.

“Reggie, we want to start!” A young girl yelled from the circle. I looked over and noticed that all the kids had guitars. Shit, I thought. How am I supposed to help with a guitar lesson?

“Okay, sorry guys. We’ll start in just a second. You can blame Francesca, since I have to get another chair!” he said, and all the kids booed me. He grinned at me and I rolled my eyes at him before he walked across the gymnasium to get an extra chair from a rack in the corner.

Jamie walked up to me and put a hand on my back, directing me toward two empty chairs. “Fran, we are so happy you’re here,” she said, and I smiled at her as we sat down.

“Thank you for having me. Reginald said I could come along, but I didn’t realize it was music lessons. I’m not sure what help I will be since I don’t play guitar,” I admitted.

She smiled at me again, “Neither do I. Sometimes it’s just about being there.” I pondered her point for a moment.

Reggie came back and unfolded a new chair, sliding it close to mine. He had a guitar slung on his back and one hand was hiding behind him. He leaned over and put one hand on my shoulder. “For the lady,” he said quietly, smiling and whipping a tambourine from behind his back. I laughed, embarrassed, and took it from him, hiding my face with it. “Francesca is going to accompany us today, alright kids?” Reggie said. The kids clapped and my blush deepened. “She also has a pretty voice, so, if we are nice to her, maybe she will sing for us. What do you say?”

“Yeah!” they all screamed. I glared at Reggie, and a smile started in the corners of his mouth and spread across his face into a devilish grin. That motherfucker!

“Let’s go through our warm-up first, kids,” Reggie said, and they all started working through a sequence of chords on their guitars. Reggie would call to different kids in the circle, things like, “Annabel, watch your index finger on the A.” They worked on some chords they learned at their last practice, then Reggie taught them how to place their fingers correctly for a B and a B minor. The kids worked on it for a while, while Reggie wandered around the circle, helping them place their fingers correctly. “Okay, great job everyone! Those are the last two chords we needed to finish learning the song we were working on. Remember, it’s going to be D, A, E G,” he said, strumming, “then B and B minor come in on the second verse, and then…” I tuned out as he explained the rest of the sequence.

They worked on it for a while together. “Okay, lets show off!” Reggie said. “1, 2, 3, 4!” the kids all started playing together, and Reggie reached over to me and grabbed my arm that had the tambourine, shaking it. I looked up at him and smiled, hitting the tambourine in time with their playing. Reggie started singing and the group performed a passable version of Heal the Pain by George Michael. His voice was velvety and smooth, and his smile was big. He was incredible, but I was really impressed by the kids. Some of them were pretty young, and they all were playing so well and really getting into it. When they finished, Jamie and I clapped excitedly.

“That was lovely! You all played so incredibly” I said, grinning widely.

“Awesome job everyone!” Reggie said. “I want you to practice that quick chord change at home. Practice is almost done for today, but I think we need show Francesca the song we’ve mastered, what do you all think?” The kids cheered and got ready, placing their hands on the right strings. “If we play really well, maybe Francesca will sing for us.”

They all excitedly looked at me, but Trev piped in, “Does she know the words, Reggie?”

I looked at him, wondering the same thing. His eyes met mine and he smiled before turning back to Trev, “Don’t worry Trev- she definitely knows the words. Now, count us down, Francesca.”

Here we go, I thought. “1, 2, 3, 4!” I said. The kids started playing and Reggie, as usual, was right. They played the opening to Oh Dear, by Matt Costa. I took a deep breath, trying to calm my nerves. He really put me in an impossible position, forcing me to fight my natural stage fright in front of notoriously hard critics. “Early in the morning, clouds are dropping on my head,” I started, my blush returning. They played perfectly, and I managed to get into it. I started the chorus and Reggie turned to me, his eyes studying me as he grinned. “Oh dear, oh dear, in spite of all the things I’ve said I always want you near,” I sang to him, and he winked at me.

The song was mercifully short, and the last lines came quickly. It came to an end and we all clapped. “You all did a great job today. Now, I think it’s time for a game of football,” Jamie said as she stood, and the kids all excitedly ran their guitars to the rack and helped put the chairs away. I stood up and folded Jamie’s chair and then mine. Jamie took the tambourine from me. “You have a beautiful voice, Fran,” she said, rubbing my arm. I thanked ankara escort her and grabbed the chairs under my arms to return them to the rack. I saw a few kids carrying goal boxes onto the court.

Reggie came up behind me with his own chair, his guitar already on the rack. His hand found my lower back. “Let’s play some football,” he said in my ear. I smiled and his hand left my back, finding mine and pulling me onto the makeshift field on the court.

A young girl who Reggie called Kristen earlier came up to me and offered me a blue jersey. “Will you be on our team, Francesca?” she said, looking up at me.

“Of course, Kristen, I’d love to,” I smiled down at her, and pulled the jersey over my head.

I looked up and saw Reggie was wearing a red jersey. He was staring at me with a smile. “Good luck getting by me, Francesca.”

I smiled cockily until I remembered I was shite at football. But honestly, how bad could it be? They were just kids, right?

The game was more intense than I imagined. I stayed away from the ball as best as I could, but all the kids kept passing to Reggie, who I was responsible for covering. I tried to block but I had no chance. He was quick and crafty, and scored several goals on me. But I could tell he was getting over-confident after a while, and I was thinking I could use that to my advantage. After a kid on the red team scored again, Kristen kicked the ball to me. I faked left and managed to get past him, then tried to dribble to the goal, but Reggie was back on me fast. I kicked the ball hard toward the goal at the same moment as he kicked in front of me, accidentally tripping me. I fell backwards and Reggie tried to catch me, but our feet got tangled and we both hit the ground, my head cracking against the floor. “Oof!” I said, grabbing the back of my head.

“You did it, Francesca!” Trev said to me, coming over and holding his hands out to help me up. I reached for them and he helped pull me to my feet. Reggie stood as well.

“You scored!” Kristen ran up and hugged me.

I smiled and leaned down to hug her back and started to see stars. “Whoa,” I said, bringing my hand to my head before tipping backward again.

Reggie caught me this time, “Are you okay, Killer?” he said with concern in his voice.

My head was pounding, and my eyesight wasn’t quite right. “Umm, yeah,” I said as he pushed me back up to standing. I took a step and faltered, groaning slightly as I tried to maintain my balance.

“You’re not okay,” he decided. He reached down and swept me up into his arms. “Jamie, I think I should take her to hospital, are you okay here?”

“Of course, dear!” Jamie exclaimed, a little out of breath from quickly waddling over to us.

“No, Reggie, I’m fine,” I insisted. “Stay, I’ll grab a cab home.”

“Absolutely not. We’re going to the hospital,” he said. I opened my mouth to protest, but he stopped me, “Non-negotiable.”

“Is she okay?” a bunch of the kids were asking at Reggie’s feet.

“She’ll be fine, children,” Jamie said, “Now, let Reggie get her to the doctor. Fran, honey, feel better! I hope we see you again soon,” she rubbed my arm lovingly.

Reggie kissed her cheek and headed to the door. He reached down, grabbing our helmets from a bench by the door on his way out. After a very short ride, we arrived at the hospital and he helped me off the bike. “Reggie, please, I’m fine, just take me home.”

As I was speaking, I suddenly felt poorly. I turned back to the bike to stabilize myself, but even as I steadied myself against it, my head kept spinning. I leaned over the bike, putting my hands on the seat. All of the sudden, I was retching over the side of the bike, Reggie holding my hair back. I wiped the back of my mouth and Reggie sighed. “Francesca, I’m not kidding. We’re going inside,” he said, grabbing me and gently picking me up again.

I rolled my eyes, “At least put me down,” I said.

“Nope,” he replied, walking easily up the steps to the front door.

After a short wait, we got in to see a doctor. Reggie insisted I get an MRI to make sure everything was fine. The doctor told me I had a mild concussion and should take it easy for the rest of the day, and tomorrow if I didn’t feel better. “Do you have someone to watch you for the next 12 hours or so? It’s important you don’t go to sleep during that period” he said as my eyes trailed his finger.

“I’ll make sure she stays awake,” Reggie said. He had been sitting in the corner of the exam room with his hands in his hair, his knees bouncing up and down. “Is there anything else I need to know?” he pleaded emotionally.

“She should be fine, sir,” he reassured, smiling at Reggie, “Just make sure she relaxes and takes in plenty of fluids. I would recommend you relax as well,” he said almost teasingly. Reggie glared at him and he backed off.

As we left the hospital, Reggie let me walk, but he had his arm around me the entire time. He helped me climb onto the bike. “Let’s get you home,” he said, kissing me lightly. He drove us back to my flat, but it was a bit of a long drive. I leaned my head against Reggie, watching the cars fly by me. I found myself getting sleepy, and all the sudden we were on the side of the road, I was sitting on the bike with my helmet off, and Reggie was standing in front of me, gently smacking my face. “Francesca! Francesca, wake up!”



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