what have i becomemy name is jessicca jess for short a little about me im 5 ft 5 inches brunette slim build with average size tits a nice arse i would say i was ok looking but a 7/10 everything about me was pretty average id been in a relationship for 7 years with pete and we had just broken up over him saying i was dull in bed and also he was bored in general with lifepete was only my second boyfriend i was 28 years old last birthday so this was fairly depressing i realised most of our friends were actually petes friends and when the relationship was over most of them gave me a bit of a wide berth ,i was looking in the mirror one day about 6 weeks after we had broken up feeling a little depressed with life when i just made a decision that was about to change my life i decided to get a personal trainer and start to work out and also to dye my hair blonde and get a new hairstyle and to treat myself to a new wardrobe i realised that before i met pete i was outgoing and had plenty of friends and that for some reason id just become a stay at home quiet girl whos lost her identity a bit so first things first i hired a female trainer named katie she came round to see me and we decided on 3 sessions a week to start with inbetween these 3 sessions a week i had my hair done and bought a complete new wardrobe consisting of tight jeans crop tops some mini skirts and a variety of new underwear mainly see through i also treated myself to some stockings and some fishnet tights AND SHEER SEE THROUGH PANTYHOSEto wear with the miniskirts 3 months into my training regime i was also hitting the gym 3 times a week as well you could really see the difference in me i was toned and fit and wwith my new wardrobe and hairstyle i was feeling very comfortable with myself however i was still struggling to meet new friends one day after training katie was complimenting me on how id changed and how proud i should be of my new look, i replied well it doesnt matter im still single and explained what had happened with my ex and how i had no friends and was a little lost and this is why i decided to do something about it ,good on you said katie why dont you come out with me and meet some of my friends they are all good time people im sure youll like them i was quite excited WHY NOT i said ,so we arranged to go out for drinks and then on to a club on the friday i got ready i thought black leather miniskirt white sheer pantyhose underneath my new see through white undies and a white crop top i must admit i looked in the mirror and liked what i saw i met up with katie and 2 of her friends beth and dianne and we hit it off immediately the conversation quickly moved on to boys and i found out that all of them were seeing black guys and that they had all had relationships with white guys but that they found them boring and how they could never be with a white guy again as their cocks are too small and they cum too quick lucky id had a few drinks by now so the embarrasment of the conversation was not so obvious i was in the toilets with beth when she asked me if i had ever thought of going out with a black guy i said NO NOT REALLY ,not that im racist though just id never been in the position to go out with one she then showed me a picture of her boyfriend he was very good looking fit she scrolled through a few him in swimshorts and gym gear and then there was a picture of his cock i was shocked i looked away beth said its beautiful isnt it i looked back and nodded your a very lucky girl it was at least 10 inches long and totally hairless i laughed nervously and quickly left the toilets ,beth apologised later saying sorry to embarrass you i said NO PROBLEM ,how about i fix you up with one of his friends she said IM NOT SO SURE i said but she insisted and i kind of agreed to make things easier we made it a double date and she would see if dianne and katie would come too with their guys one thing though you better dress sexy all black guys like their woman dressed sexy and also make sure you have shaved your pussy just in case you get lucky and then she laughed ,we had a great night i got pretty drunk but i really enjoyed the company,the date was arranged for the following friday illegal bahis i was as nervous as hell i suddenly remembered beth saying about dressing sexy and shaving my pussy there was no way i was going to let a black guy id never met before have sex with me on the first night but y curiosity got the better of me and whilst bathing i took my razor out and gently shaved my pussy bald for the first time as i was getting ready i was staring at myself in a long mirror and was admiring how i looked and especially my hairless pussy i dressed in hold up stockings black see through underwear a split knee length skirt and nice high heel shoes i decided this wasnt sexy enough so slipped a white mini skirt on and a black cropped see through blouse this outfit showed a bit of stocking top a bit risque but i thought why not .i met the girls first and they were all dressed far more sexier than me the guys were coming along later beth whispered to me i hope you remembered what i said ,i blushed and said yes when the guys turned up i wa shocked they were all about 6 ft 2 inches tall all very fit and muscular as they were introduced james was beths tony was katies jason was diannes and then i was introduced to prince who was my date for the evening he was gorgeous he kissed me on the cheek said hello and said his mum was a fan of prince the popstar hence the name i was blushing with embarrasment my first rude thoughts came over me glad id shaved my pussy just in case well to say we had a good time was an understatement all four of the guys were proffesional prince was in fact a lawyer very interesting and a great conversationalist as the eveining wore on i noticed how free and easy the guys were with their hands james seemed to have his hand permanantly on her arse raising her very short miniskirt up so we could all see her tiny gstring and katies jason seemed to be stroking her pussy while she was standing at the bar i think she even orgasamed once the look on her face ,prince was very attentive a total gentleman but i did notice the odd brush of the hand against my tits arse and once against my pussy i offered no resistance as i asumed they were just clumsy gestures as the night wore on the other girls left beth winking at me and whispering im off to james so he can fuck my arse , i was taken aback but with the alchohol i never said anything just smiled and kisssed her on the cheek,it was just me and prince left and then things started to happen ,LET ME TELL YOU WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN TONIGHT HE SAID pulling me closer IM GOING TO TAKE YOU BACK TO YOUR FLAT YOUR GOING TO GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES OUTSIDE YOUR FLAT DOOR AND YOUR GOING TO SUCK MY COCK ,THEN IM GOING TO TAKE YOU OUT ON THE BALCONY AND BEND YOU OVER AND SHOVE MY COCK STRAIGHT UP YOUR PUSSY WHICH BY NOW WILL BE SOAKING WET AND GAGGING TO BE FUCKED THEN IM GOING TO LUBE UP YOUR ARSE WITH YOUR JUICE AND STICK MY COCK UP YOUR ARSE AND FUCK YOU UNTIL IM ABOUT TO CUM THEN IM GOING TO SHOOT MY LOAD IN YOUR MOUTH AND YOUR GOING TO SWALLOW IT ALL ,he said it slowly and assured like hed done this sort of thing before i dont know what came over me but i just said when are we leaving ,he put his hand up my skirt grabbed my arse and said NOW SLUT,i was breathing heavy as we arrived back at mine in the cab as we got to he front door of the flat he said get on your knees i just dropped to my kneees if anyone had looked out of their windows they would have seen me he pulled his cock out it was enormous over 10 inches long and thick as my wrist i placed my mouth over his cock and gave him a blow job id only ever sucked petes cock 3 times ever so was very inexperienced i told prince im not used to this he said YOU WILL BE SOON i did my best after about 5 minutes he pulled me off his cock and aid take me into your flat i walked in i was on the top floor we went in the lift he still had his cock out he pushed me down on it again and i continued sucking his cock when we arrived at our floor he turned me around undid my blouse unzipped my mini skirt and then said open the door and then go to your balcony bend over and spread your legs ,i was hypnotised i just did what he said i was half naked i walked to my door illegal bahis siteleri opened it went straight to the balcony opened the doors walked to out and spread spread my legs i was their for about 2 minutes legs open arse pointing out when prince came out he had helped himself to a can of coke from my fridge he then whispered in my ear tell me what you want me to do I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME i said where he said IN MY PUSSY AND ARSE i replied i was like some puppet repeating his words from earlier ,beg for my cock he said PLEASE FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG BLACK COCK with that he pulled my knickers to one side and just slid his cock straight up my pussy i gasped with pleasure the pure size of it stretching my wet pussy lucky i was so wet or im sure i would have been in trouble he started to really fuck me hard until finally it felt like he had his whole cock up me DO YOU LIKE ME FUCKING YOUR PUSSY WHITE SLUT yes i love it i replied FROM NOW ON IF YOU WANT TO BE MY GIRL YOULL DO AS I SAY OK anything i said IM GOING TO PULL MY COCK OUT AND THEN YOUR GOING TO SUCK MY COCK AND CLEAN IT OF ALL YOUR PUSSY JUICE ,with that he pulled out of me i felt empty but turned straight round and got on my knees and licked my pussy juice from his cock id drenched him i must have been so wet down there OK SLUT NOW GET UP ON THAT BALCONY AND PULL YOUR ARSE CHEEKS APART IM GOING TO FUCK YOUR ARSE i did as i was told but said please be careful ive never been fucked up the arse before , he wiped some of my dripping pussy juice all over my back passage and started to stick his finger up my arse lubing me up then i felt the tip of his knob pressing against my anal bud he gently started pushing i was in heaven and hell at the same time eventually after some time i felt the tip of his knob enter my arse stretching the part of me that had never been stretched before the he genttly started fucking my arse i reached behind to grab his cock it felt like there was about 4 inches fucking me i felt my pussy it was dripping i was cumming every 30 seconds i started lubing his cock up with my hands using my own pussy juice FUCK ME HARDER i cried he then started using more force until eventually i could feel his balls slapping against my arse i felt his cock he had actually got tyhe whole of his cock up my arse now he fucked me harder and harder making me orgasm i didnt even know sex could be like this he then pulled out of my arse grabbed my hair and pulled me down on to his cock i started sucking him for my life i could taste my pussy and arse on his cock but i didnt care i was a slave to his cock he could do anything to me eventually i could sense the tensing of his balls in my hand and he shot his load down my throat i swallowed and carried on sucking his cock it never went soft once that alone made me orgasm again id never been fuxxed in the arse before id never had sex with th elights on before and id never swallowed anyones cum and here i was in th eopen air gagging on princes cock like it was the last food on earth , he dragged me in to my flat by my hair straight into my bedroom this time he lay me down my knickers were still pushed to one side FEED MY COCK INTO YOUR SLUT BALD PUSSY he said i grabbed his cock and slowly fed it into my pussy he then started to fuck me wildly i was squirting and screaming at the top of my voice he continually called me a white slut for his black cock this made me even worse eventually he pulled his cock out and spewed his load all over my bald pussy OK SLUT RUB THAT INTO YOUR PUSSY AND REMEMBER WHO OWNS YOUR PUSSY ARSE AND MOUTH i did as i was told i must have cum around 20 times i was in heaven this guy had turned me into his whore ,what next h e never said a word to me after that he got up got dresssed and left i was exhausted exhilarated and also wondering what id done wrong .the following day i was at work and beth text me how did it go i replied i dont kow he came back to my flat and then left without saying a word ,did he fuck you , err yes i replied ,dont worry thats what black guys do they fuck you and treat you like a slut thats their way .a couple of days later i got a TEXT from prince HI BABY HOW ARE YOU I HAD A GREAT canlı bahis siteleri NIGHT THE OTHER NIGHT HOPEFULLY DO IT AGAIN SOON ,i replied yes would love to not knowing what to think ,we arranged to meet the following friday this time on our own i had prepared all week to confront him with my fears of what had happenned when we met he looked stunning light blue suit crisp white shirt tan shoes an adonis id dressed slightly more conservatively mid length dress and high heels no special under wear he looked flustered i asked him whats up he whispered in my ear IF YOU EVER WANT TO BE MY WHITE SLUT AGAIN NEVER DRESS LIKE THAT ITS LIKE GOING OUT WITH MY MUM, i was shocked but apologised why i dont know THERES A SHOP ROUND THE CORNER GO AND BUY YOURSELF ANOTHER OUTFIT ND IF I LIKE IT ILL WAIT FOR YOU ,i got up part of me wanted to walk away and i was going to then i just walked into the shop and decided to buy something slutty i picked up a tight white see through blouse that showed my naval a really tight black lycra mini skirt black see through pantyhose i bought them and changed in the rest room in the restaurant and then went back to the table this time prince smiled and then became the gentleman he had been on that first night then low and behold my ex pete walked in with a new girl id never seen before he never noticed me but i noticed him i told prince my ex was here he seemed to think that was funny i pointed him out he turned round and laughed petes not an impressive guy as the night went on pete noticed me i smiled prince noticed and said why are you smiling at that puny little white boy do you think you could ever go back with a white guy again after having my black cock buried up your arse , ERR NO I DONT TYHINK SO I SAID ,actually meaning every word of it prince then got up and walked over to pete and asked him if he and his girlfriend wanted to join us at the bar for a drink pete looked terrified but agreed so we finisihed up and went to the bar pete and his new girlfriend joined us it was now that i realised how i was dressed here i was with prince dressed in quite slutty miniskirt that barely covered my arse with prince this huge black guy pete and his conservatively dressed girlfriend looked shocked as the introductions went around prince bought us drinks and we had small talk then pete said you look different i like your hair and your clothes very nice ,prince then said so we could all hear ,YOU BET SHES CHANGED PETE SHE IS NOW MY WHITE SLUT THAT TAKES IT UP THE ARSE AND SWALLOWS MY CUM SHE LOVES FEEDING MY 11 INCH COCK UP HER BALD CUNT UNTIL I CUM ALL OVER IT SO SHE CAN RUB IT IN ISNT THAT RIGHT SLUT ,i could have died petes face went red his girlfriend looked shocked all i could do was say YES ,prince then said IN FACT IM GOING TO TAKE HER HOME TO HER FLAT IN A MINUTE AFTER SHES PAID THE BILL AND FUCK ALL HER HOLES ALL NIGHT LONG ISNT THAT RIGHT SLUT , again i said YES pete made an excuse to leave ,i paid the bill and we left literrally the same thing happenned he made me suck him off outside the door this time he made me strip naked apart from my pantyhose outside the flat he thenmade me walk up the stairs while he got the lift this time making me suck him off outside my flat door until he came down my throat again i swallowed again his cock was still hard i was ordered onto the balcony again bent over he ripped a hole in my pantyhose and this time fuxxed my arse all the time calling me a a white slut then he fuxxed my pussy this time filling me with his cum then he went in got dressed and left again whilst i was left alone pussy full of cum and wondering what the hell have i turned into ,this arrangement went on every week for the next month and then twice weekly thursdays and saturdays i knew the drill i shaved my pussy dressed like a slut he was nice at the beginning then treated me like a slut at the end then he started coming to my work place at lunchtimes every day and making me suck him off in the disabled toilets and sometimes fuxxing me cumming up my arse and pussy and then leaving me full of cum dripping out of my holes for the rest of the day saying YOUR A NIGGER WHORE SO NOW YOUR COLLEAGUES AND FRIENDS CAN SMELL YOUR A NIGGER WHORE CUM SLUT, i didnt care i had friends i had a boyfriend of description im not sure he loved me but all i could do was make sure he loved FUCKING MY HOLES and maybe the rest could follow please comment if you like this story



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