What Did the Black Woman Find?What Did the Black Woman Find?(Part deux of Beautiful BBW Black Woman In Need of a Powerful Well-Endowed Lover!)10-06-2012She posted and she waited. She waited for them to come and show her what they could offer her. It didn’t take long. The requests flew in at double digit numbers. All kinds of men were looking for any woman to easily give up a piece of ass to satisfy their lust. She began reviewing the requests. She only considered those guys who had no problem displaying their dick. The ones who appealed to her are ones where the dick looked long, thick and poised in powerful, straining looking erections where the veins look like they are going to pop. Of course that wasn’t going to be sufficient. She could salivate over the pictures but they were only part of the initial selection process.She selected the top twenty guys she wanted to make contact with. They were a variety of cultures, colors and appearance however they all had three main things in common. They were all tall, all good looking complete with power tools that looked like they could jack hammer cement. She didn’t want to waste time with her pussy leaking juices to the floor as she walked bakırköy escort through her apartment. She contacted each one of them and immediately established a web cam chat. Some grew apprehensive as they thought “here we go another snatch trying to make a buck from web camming.” As they made the connection she quickly assured them she was genuine. On the cam, she didn’t waste any time. She always began with “Hello, I’m Rhonda. You?”They would reply with their name.“Strip and stand up,” she would say.They all looked quizzical but obliged.If they were soft, she would say “make it hard.”They would often oblige.“Take your time now. Stroke it. “They begin to talk and she would then say “Don’t speak yet.”She patiently waited as they masturbated. If they seemed rush she would urge them to slow down. She watched and she waited seeing how long they last before they popped. Any one that popped within the first five minutes she immediately disconnected. She didn’t need any jumpin jack flashes. The top 6 guys who lasted the longest, she continued the conversation. She tried to get a good feel of them. Surprisingly all six guys seemed like decent guys who beşiktaş escort just wanted some ass. So we concluded, “look, I don’t wish to waste time. Let’s meet for a drink at a dance club.” She set a time and place. She met them one at a time. She wanted to have fun and check them out to see how they move before making her final decision. Actually, it turned out to be a fun way to meet, relax and get a comfort level and they all had moves.Each one of the guys, she followed them home. Each one of them delivered what she needed. Long hard, satisfying cock they made her happy. However, only one of them, my God, made her hair stand up and belt out the opera, Ava Maria. His name was Sasha.Sasha was a tremendously good looking man from Serbia. Tall with eight pack abs, and that sex v-cut in under the belly she loves so much. He was a big guy, muscular but not too muscular. Jet black short hair and grey eyes completed his sexiness. The cock? It was a long, thick beautiful tool of manliness without a stop button. Dude knocked the bottom out of her ass for three long hours. It was the kind of sex that left a woman slightly bruised and limping the next day.She beylikdüzü escort loved satisfying that beautiful cock. She loved breathing warm air onto it, sucking it as deep as she good, stroking it between her tits, and feeling that massive hardness on her clit. She took full enjoyment of him beating her pussy hard. He was strong. No man before him could lift her like those skinny, small women and fuck her standing up. She was amazed she had the flexibility to open up and allow him. She felt dizzy when he twirled her to eat her pussy while face fucking her. The only thing she loved doing that they didn’t do was ass fucking. That was only because she knew she wouldn’t shit right for a while if she let him. He was fun too. They talk and fuck. Smoke a joint and fuck. Drank a bottle of wine and fuck. That dick was so good to her she decided no no I have to have a repeat performance when I heal, she thought. She drifted off after their last fuck. The next morning she woke up and limped to the bathroom. She showered and made herself hot and sexy while he slept. She came to the bed and spanked him on his ass with a whip. He woke up shocked but loved what he saw. She stood before him, tall herself dressed in leather leggings, a jade encrusted bra, a jade stone in her navel, makeup light yet sensual with red lips and hair blown out wild with platform black heels. He smiled and she said “not now but I want it again. You got a problem with that?” His sexy smile was answer enough.



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