For me, college was a real ordeal. I was away from home in a strange city for the first time in my life with no family or close friends to rely on. I took a full course load of classes and also waited tables to raise money to pay for my dorm room and car payments.

My name is Carrie. I am your typical cute girl next door type with my shoulder length auburn hair, brown eyes and 35C breasts. I am most proud of my legs although my tits to get a lot of admiring stares.

I had been in the work world for many years but tired of my job. I took a gamble and went back to school to earn a bachelor’s degree so I could become a nurse. Being thirty and going back to school was a major and often times stressful decision. I rarely had time for a social life and only dated a few times, which was just fine by me since I always had the worse luck with guys. Actually, I always admired older, successful men since they had their act together. It helped if they still kept their looks and stayed in shape.

So I dated a few of my professors and I always admired a touch of grey in their hair, such a turn-on! Unfortunately, these men were more worldly than me and it was easy for them to take advantage of me. I got a steady stream of empty promises from them but I always ended up feeling used and alone. Finally, all that emotional anguish, schoolwork and job left me completely burned out.

One day I got a phone call from Angela, a long time family friend. Angela was a department manager at the local phone company back in my hometown. Angie is the bomb! She is in her late thirties, divorced for many years, extremely confident and smart. She has one child, a son, who was about to begin studies at the local junior college. His name is Sam, a slightly gangly, lean kid with an easy smile but not much for conversation. I guess that was pretty typical for most eighteen year old boys but he was basically a good kid who kept out of trouble and always helped out around the house. He is good with cars and Angie said he did the routine maintenance on her car and did lots of repairs around the house. Angie spent a lot to time teaching Sam to be independent and tried to instill a sense of confidence in him.

Angie asked me about my studies and generally wanted to know about my life away at college. At first, I tried to smooth things over but Angie knows me too well and would not let me get away with giving her some superficial BS. Finally, I felt comfortable enough to tell her about my frazzled existence and about my emotional distress dating older men.

“You just come on home and spend some time at my place for summer break,” she said.

I did not want to be a burden but as usual, Angie was insistent and soon enough I was making plans to spend the two- month semester break at her place. It sound like a great way to let off some steam and get back to my hometown to see some old friends and generally relax.

Angie greeted me at the front door of her house with a warm kiss on each cheek and a big firm hug. Gosh, it was so nice to be away from all my stress and my problems, if only for a couple of months. As Angie led me upstairs to the spare bedroom where I would be staying, I heard the front door close. ‘That must be Sam”, Angie explained.

I remember Sam as a gawky thirteen year old with a mop of black hair and big brown eyes on a wiry frame that needed filling out. When I now met Sam, I can see that he had grown several inches but was still on the lean side. He did not like to look directly at someone when he spoke and was a little quiet. He had a lot of friends but I don’t think there was a girlfriend in the picture.

Sam gave an offhanded “Hi” but offered little else. I was not offended but realized he was self -conscious meeting an attractive woman twelve years older than him. I had this effect on other young boys who I met so I was used to it and did not think anything of it.

I put my suitcase in my room and changed from my dress into a pair of comfortable jeans and a pull over sweater. Angie came up to my room and sat by the edge of the bed as I began unpacking the rest of my clothes. She wanted to know more about what was going on at school and I guess just being up and moving around made conversation easier for me. I told her about all the stress I was under and eventually, I broke down and cried from all the frustration I was feeling. Angie reached over and took my hand emek escort and pulled me over to the bed and I sat down next to her and put my head on her shoulder and just let it all out and the tears flowed freely. Angie gently stroked my hair and reassured me all would be ok soon.

I told her I wished that were true but in the fall, I would be back to my crazy schedule and lonely existence at college and back in the whirlwind of studying, exams, work and no social life. I heard Angie say, “HMMMMM….Well, I think I might have an idea to help you.:

She quietly asked, “Why don’t you take a semester off to clear your mind and relax and get rid of all that stress. You look like you are ready to explode of you don’t chill out.”

Angie offered to put me up at her place and I could live in the very room I was in now and it did seem like a good option. She said we could talk more later but it was time for dinner so we went downstairs to the kitchen.

When dinner was ready, Angie called upstairs to Sam to come down for dinner and a few minutes later, he walked into the dining room and sat down. I looked over at him as we ate and he tried hard not to make eye contact with me but I could tell he stole some long glances at me when he thought I wasn’t looking. Of course I was flattered but he was only eighteen so no big deal

Sam took off to meet some friends so he basically ate and ran. That left Angie and I alone for the evening so we could spend more time talking, which was a comfort me, since I desperately needed to unburden myself to someone over the stress I had been under for so long.

We quickly cleared the dinner dishes and I loaded up the dishwasher. We sat in the living room on a really comfortable couch and over a glass of wine, Angie told me that my being there potentially solved not only my problem but one of hers as well.

Angie looked very serious and she slid closer to me and confided. “I know this is going to sound crazy, but hear me out before you jump to any conclusions.”

I agreed and Angie began telling me about Sam’s self esteem problems when it came to girls. He was painfully shy, as I observed over dinner. Also, he had never had a girlfriend or even any friends of the opposite sex.

“I am going to take good care of you, girl. All you need to do is open your mind to my solution. You need stability in your life and you have that here. You also need a love life, a man you can feel safe with, who will appreciate you and adore you.”

Of course, I agreed completely, I needed the warmth and physical intimacy that only a man could bring but I also needed someone I could feel comfortable with.

Angie continued, “Well, here goes…you will live here, I will provide you with a place to live and pay your expenses, you can finish up at the local college. And to address your love life I want you to become Sam’s mistress.”

I gasped, “What? Is this a joke?”

She assured me this was no joke. Sam was still very young but he was a really nice guy and being so young, would make a very energetic and enthusiastic lover.

After my initial shock, I realized I was really hot and in fact, I was beginning to lubricate. Angie told me that of course, I would be under Sam’s complete control at some point but initially I was expected to seduce him. I would then bring him along and instilled a sense of self- confidence in him. Essentially, I was expected to be his concubine and teach him how to control women.

I could not believe that I actually told Angie that I would consider her offer. I needed to be around Sam a little more to see if this was worth doing and we agreed to speak later.

I was so committed to not going back to school that I became desperate because I realized that I had not given myself any options such as job prospects or a way to support myself if I decided to leave school and my part time job.

My emotional state at that point was desperate and I really needed a break. I was happy that Angie was willing to take me in but I was also sad that she exacted such a high price from me in return.

The next day I got up late. Sam was at summer school and Angie was at work. As soon as I got dressed, Angie called my on my cell phone and invited me to have lunch and I agreed. At lunch, she said there was a school summer league basketball game that night and even though Sam was not a starter, he eryaman escort might get a chance to play and it would be great if we could attend and cheer him on.

The game that night was fun. It reminded me of my high school days when I attended pep rallies and basketball games. The gym was full of screaming fans from both sides and even though I was not a fan of basketball, I was anxious to see Sam get in the game so his mom and I could cheer for him.

Sam did get in the game for a few minutes in the first half but did not do much but he did not embarrass himself either. In the second half, Sam actually made a basket and later he was fouled and made one out of two free throws. Angie and I yelled our lungs out and we both shouted Sam! Sam! Go Sam!!!

Sam had a long, lanky build, not overly muscular but not bad, I must admit. He was not the hunkiest guy on the team but I could see that soon enough, he would fill out and lose that baby faced look and turn a few heads.

I was still not exactly happy about Angie’s proposal and truth be told, I was not thrilled with the idea of Sam and I together. We were just so different in age. He looked so much like a little boy and I was a fully formed and mature woman.

Sam got a ride home with some of his team mates so Angie had time to further discuss the situation with me on the drive home. She said that I would actually feel liberated by submitting to a man so completely. Actually, the very mention of that actually made me wet, I guess there is something erotic about a taboo sexual relationship. Watching Sam in the game and seeing how athletic he was made me start seeing him in a different light.

Angie also told me that even before I made my decision, she was going to let Sam start making decisions about me just to give me a preview of what life would be like it I decided to stay. I was told if I wanted to leave the house in the next few days that I would need Sam’s permission. If Sam was not home, I needed to call him on his cell phone. Well, that was easy enough but wow, I now was under minimal control of a teenaged boy.

The next few days went with by uneventfully. I did need to call Sam at school to ask his permission to go to the mall. He just asked what mall and how long I would be gone. He instructed me to call him once while I was at the mall and then call him back once I got home.

The end of the week finally arrived and before Angie left for work, she came into my room to ask if I had made a decision. I said I was still torn but would talk to Sam when he got home from school that day. I wanted to go back to the mall just to walk around and clear my head. I was sure to call Sam and he allowed me to go.

At the mall, I observed people passing by living their hurried lives and pushing and shoving. I was so tired of the rat race and I was getting that old feeling back of frustration and sadness that had waned the past few days I had been at Angie’s

I bought a new sheer blouse that definitely called for a bra underneath to prevent and indecent exposure charge. When I got home, Angie was waiting for me and she pressed me for my decision but I told her I still needed to work through some things but I would talk with Sam as soon as he returned home.

With each passing minute, my heart raced faster and faster because I was so nervous. If I declined the offer, I would have to decide whether to return to school and get back into the daily grind that I so dreaded or to stay here and find a room to rent and get a job fast. The alternative was to give my entire life and my body over to teenaged boy. Believe me, there were plusses and minuses to each alternative.

Forty-five minutes later, I heard the front door close from up in my room. Moments later, I heard Sam bound up the stairs and go directly to his room. I was visibly shaking, I was so nervous. My fingers twitched as pulled on the tank top and put on the short white skirt. Regardless of my decision, I owed it to Sam to look nice when we spoke. I slipped on the white high heel sandals and I must say, I did look smart.

Angie was downstairs so I walked right past Sam’s room and went down to tell Angie that I wanted to have some time alone with Sam to give him my decision and tell him how I felt. Angie understood and said she would hold dinner and not to rush.

As I walked back up the stairs, my heart was pounding ankara escort like a sledgehammer and my legs were noticeably weak. I took a deep breath as I approached Sam’s bedroom door, which was slightly ajar. I knocked and asked if I could come on. Sam stood up and opened the door farther and motioned me in.

I must say I was a vision, with the curvy outline of my firm round breasts accentuated my black tank top. The white mini and high heels showed off my well-toned legs to good effect and the look on Sam’s face confirmed that I was looking good.

Honestly, I was not even sure at that moment what my decision was and as the words came out, it was as if someone else was speaking.

“Sam, I want you to know that I think you are a great guy and I think the world of you. I see the way you help your mom and I really admire your strength and confidence and your sweetness. I really love being here, this is such a nice place and I finally feel like my head is on straight again. I just …want to be here and I know what is expected of me. Sam, if you really want me, then I am yours. You are the boss, OK? You can have complete control of me. I want to be told and controlled. Do you want that, Sam?”

Sam stood up and took me in his arms and kissed me hard on the lips. I felt his moist tongue penetrate my soft lips and I began to lubricate. I was actually submitting to a teenager! I felt his hand grab my firm, round ass cheek as he kissed me even harder. I heard a low, deep moan and suddenly realized that moan came from me. I had my hands around his waist and I pulled him tighter to me. He kissed my neck, which sent me into orbit and my knees went weak. I felt his hands on my upper arms and he want back to kissing my neck. My thong panties were soaked and my breathing was rapid and short.

Without me even realizing it, Sam moved around in back of me and put his arms around my waist and moved them up to cup each breast in his hands. It felt so wonderful to have him grasping my tits in his young hands and I needed him inside of me soon.

He took off my top and exposed my naked breasts. My young master then came around in front and got on his knees so that his mouth at the same level as my nipples, which he took into his mouth and suckled hard. I let out another gasp and started cooing like a dove. He continued sucking my firm, hot titties until I stepped back and quickly unzipped and stepped out of my skirt and got off my thong at the same time. Except for my high heels, I was now completely naked in front of my teenage prince and I pushed back my hair.

Sam was still on his knees and he pulled me closer to him and began kissing my legs. He really loved my knees and the back of my thighs. He then kissed my tummy, which caused my pussy juices to flow freely. I felt so warm inside and almost in a dream state. I had no control over this situation or anything in my life anymore and it was liberating. My young master was taking his pleasure from me and nothing else mattered. I then felt a small kiss on my pussy lips, which made me gasp with pleasure.

I walked over to the bed and pulled back the covers and got in the bed and spread my legs as far apart as I could get them. Sam quickly got his clothes off and as he pulled off his underwear, out popped a big, hard erection. Nice and long with a big helmet just waiting to penetrate me. I knew that cock was in charge of me now. I knew that everything I did was in service of that throbbing cock meat.

I didn’t have long to wait as he climbed into bed and was immediately on top of me. I took his dick and guided it gently between my hot, wet pussy lips. He jammed it in up to the hilt and it hurt a little so I gasped. The pain went away and he began pumping away. I wrapped my legs around his waist and moved my body in rhythm with his pumping. Because of his youth and inexperience, I did not have love to wait until he pumped a load of cum deep into my pussy.

I could feel his body relax and he looked longingly into my eyes just before he kissed me gently on the lips. He was still in me and still hard and I liked feeling his strong manhood deep within me. We kissed passionately on the lips and he slipped his wet tongue deep into my mouth. He massaged my left breast and suckled the nipple, which gave me a start.

After a few minutes, he pulled out and lay next to me. I rolled over and lay my head on his chest. We lay there for about ten minutes before I was allowed to go clean up. Sam told me to put on a bra and panties and high heels and be ready to go downstairs in five minutes. Sam was about to present me to Angie as his new mistress. My new life with my young master had begun.



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