It was the deep winter of 1979 – and winters in Cleveland can be abysmal. And yet, there was a ray of hope, even though the spring flowers were weeks away.

Backgammon was the game of the time, and I was playing by the fireplace against Brenda. Laura, my girlfriend, was a few feet away, moving the stones on the board against Brenda’s husband, Jeff. The stakes weren’t just a dollar or two, they were much more significant – we were playing strip backgammon.

It wasn’t the first time we’d placed such a bet. Just a few weeks before Laura had lost her panties and she’d taken them off briskly, displaying her engaging body not only to me, but to Jeff as well. That was the first time he’d ever seen it, and I remember him licking his lips in the glory. At the same time to keep my attention, Brenda, perhaps eight years older than my thirty years, deftly removed her bra and then her briefs. Of course, Jeff and I were chivalrous and threw off the rest of our clothing. Brenda watched me closely, I didn’t notice if Laura inspected Jeff’s body for I was distracted.

It was a revelation to me, I was a greenhorn in the area of group sexual sports. I’d met Laura the spring before, a few months after both of our divorces. Other than my wife, I’d had just a few encounters with women. I was the only man Laura had had, save only her husband, and I’d brought her to her first orgasm. We were close, just short of being in love, and although I played the field when I was out of her sight, she told me she was being ‘faithful’ to me by her own set of morals.

And here, in the glow of the fireplace, was a naked woman I’d never thought was available to me. That first night of strip backgammon, back in the depths of January, the sexual awareness of the foursome was at its peak. Laura cuddled to me, Brenda stroked her husband, facing us. I watched her take her husband’s penis into her mouth, a few moments later I laid Laura on her back, pressed my tongue to her clit, she came brusquely. By common assent, the two couples moved a few feet from each other to continue our foreplay. As Laura’s tongue tickled my manhood Brenda was on her side, facing us, her husband was toying with her lady parts from behind. I watched her as Laura gave me a blow job, Brenda gazed into my eyes.

A few moments later the two women pushed their lovers onto their backs, climbed over them and the four of us were making love, Laura with me, Brenda with her husband. After a few position changes, and quite a few climaxes from both of the girls, I let loose into Laura’s depths, to be followed a few moments later by Jeff erupting into his woman.

Then Laura and I were treated to one of the little-known pleasures of life, the post-coital mingling of spirits. Without clothing themselves, Brenda and Laura fetched coffee and dessert, the four of us sat on the floor, chatting not of sex but just friendly topics. Yet we gazed on the luscious bodies of our partners in crime, pondering ribald reflections.

Lazily the evening came to closure, Laura and I dressed for our escape into the snowy night, Jeff shook my hand, Brenda kissed me intimately on the cheek, and pressed her lingerie clad body into mine. I can’t remember who’s apartment we went to that night, Laura’s or mine, but I have no doubt we hungrily made love again, thinking about the naked couple in our memories.

The next day, Laura and I shyly recalled the evening before, I found Laura was as surprised by the curiosity as I, yet wasn’t shocked or dismayed by the episode. She asked me if Brenda’s body was more attractive then hers – I denied it honestly – and she admitted she’d enjoyed the sight of Jeff’s raging prick, only the third she’d ever seen in action. With that, the incident slipped into the past.

Or so I thought. A few weeks later, Laura informed me Brenda and Jeff had invited us on a long weekend jaunt to Niagara Falls, just three hours distant. I agreed readily, We made plans to meet the Thursday evening before, head to a restaurant, then spend the night at their house before making the drive Friday morning.

We met them, I’m sure, at a café not far from their house for dinner. I thought nothing of it, we’d dined with them a few times before, our palate was enticed with aperitifs and wine. Afterwards we drove to their house, Jeff poured us liqueurs and the two backgammon boards were set up. The fireplace was lit, candles illuminated the scene. I’m sure it was Jeff who suggested, “Usual stakes?” and the bargain was agreed to.

We would play rotating games, first I’d play Brenda, then Laura and Jeff, we’d then repeat. Conversation was light, buoyant, and the rolling of the dice, the clacking of the stones added a sensuous touch. Brenda was the inferior player of the group, her clothing dwindled before the rest of us. She was sitting to my right, playing her husband I believe, when her upper lingerie was forfeit. I remember she turned her back and pleaded for me to unclasp the stays. I looked to Laura for a clue, she smiled bakırköy türbanlı escort permission to me, for the first time I was touching Brenda’s unclad skin. She turned to me, kissed me on the cheek, her unclothed breast touched my arm.

We continued to play, somehow Brenda kept her panties on, eventually Jeff lost his underwear. When his erect prick was exposed, by consensus the game came to a halt. Each couple formed, Brenda with Jeff, Laura at my side, foreplay began. Once again I was treated to the sight of lovemaking beginning between the married couple while I was entwined with my girlfriend. Slow moments went by, the sounds of sex filled the room, groans and whines from both women, and by-and-by Laura pulled me on top of her. I’m ashamed to say I was so wound up that I had little control, within a few moments I felt my orgasm force it’s way to the acme, I filled Laura’s womb with my fluid.

My girlfriend and I rolled into a more comfortable position, my back to the other couple, I coddled her. Moments later I was taken aback to feel a hand on my shoulder. Laura pushed me onto my back, she was in the crook of my right arm, Brenda was to my left. Brenda placed her face to mine, for the first time we kissed passionately. I sensed a hand on my groin, one of the women was filling her palm with my testicles, I wasn’t sure which. I turned to Laura, kissed her, then back to Brenda.

Suddenly, Brenda was lying on top of me, her breasts were wedged to my chest, one leg was on each side of me, had I been hard I might have easily penetrated her. Jeff was perhaps ten feet away, observing raptly. Laura was still beside me, I looked to her, she smiled her consent.

I became involved with the wife of my friend, we rolled over, I kissed Brenda’s nipples, touched between her legs. There seemed no limits to what Brenda was willing to let me do to her, no curb on her lustful desires for my body. I paid complete attention to her, for a few moments I felt the hands of my girlfriend on my shoulder, my butt. I remember as I had a finger deep inside Brenda, Laura kissed me fervidly.

I went down on Brenda, tasting her juices, arousing her clit, she pressed her hand to my head, pulling my tongue deep into her. She moaned loudly, announcing her first orgasm with me to the witnesses. I concentrated on Brenda, drawing her pleasure out, extending it, and finally she pushed my forehead away. I looked to my right, was flabbergasted to see Laura’s rump facing me, it was obvious Jeff’s prick was surrounded by her lips. I was a bit shocked; it hadn’t hit me that if I was making out with Brenda, Jeff had every right to be sensuous with Laura. I’m sure I pondered the situation for a moment or two – did I want my girlfriend to be intimate with another man?

But just a moment. My hands were full of a willing damsel who was not my girlfriend, and I wished to do despicable things to her. At the same time, I realized Laura was not my wife, might never be, and she had every right to her own desires. I went back to playing with Brenda, completely unconcerned with what adventures were being enacted on the other side of the room. (Well, perhaps I was a bit interested, but only in a lurid way. I wanted Laura to have just as good a time as I had.)

Brenda and I continued our erotic behavior. My prick was swallowed by her, it easily returned to attention as I was still a young man. Eventually, it was agreed between us the time had come for coitus, I believe our first position was a variation of doggy. I felt good, I felt strong, my penis was hard and straight, I gave Brenda every thing she wanted. For a good half hour we rolled in various positions, Brenda roared in appreciation. At the same time I was treated to Laura’s groans as Jeff hammered into her, I admit I slowed my own efforts from time to time to observe my girlfriend at work.

Eventually, Brenda had her fill of me, and I was yet to culminate with her. She asked me what I wanted, I suggested missionary, she complied, a throw-pillow beneath her rump. She held me as I thrusted, cooed to me, encouraged me to plant my seed deep inside her, and yet my willie was reluctant to burst. Certainly my orgasm with Laura before was a factor, the various alcoholic drinks I’d imbibed through the evening dulled me, the unique situation I was in seemed a deterrent. I came close, oh so close, but I simply wouldn’t get there. Brenda understood my situation, when I slowed she asked, “Are you okay?” I grumbled I was fine, we disconnected.

Laura and Jeff had been finished for some time, while Brenda and I were continuing our exercises they cuddled, chatted and watched the floor show. The four of us arose, Laura came to me, kissed me, we assured ourselves silently that no harm had been done to our relationship. Without dressing, just gathering our clothes, Laura and I walked to the guest room, performed our pre-bed rituals in the bathroom, then fell into a deep sleep in each other’s bakırköy ucuz escort arms.

It was after eight the next morning when I rose, Laura was still in a deep trance, and I smelled the coffee. I dressed in slacks and a tee shirt and waddled into the kitchen to find Brenda, dressed in an opaque negligee, preparing the breakfast foods. She came to me, hugged me, I was skittish about it.

“Are you okay?” she asked. I nodded. “It’s usual, I think, to be a little shy the next morning. I just want you to know you were fantastic last night.”

Not too long after that, we were joined by Jeff, then Laura, and the muffins and eggs and coffee were dined on with cheer, but the lewdness of the night seemed to have dissipated with the morning sun. We piled into their large car, a 1970’s era gas guzzler, with Jeff driving, Brenda in the front with him, and Laura and I sprawling in the comfortable back seat. On the ride, at least three hours, I’m sure we chatted, played games, listened to music and perhaps even sang. But no overt sexual topics were raised, nothing that seemed lustful. Crossing into Canada, we were questioned about our purpose, I thought there was, perhaps, just a hint of whimsy in Jeff’s reply, “Pleasure.”

We checked into the Old Stone Inn in the mid-afternoon, a historical hotel just a few blocks from the escarpment, found that Jeff and Brenda had rented two rooms, one an apartment with a large jacuzzi tub, the other adjacent with a connecting door.

I remember the first evening we went to a gourmet dinner in the hotel’s dining room with many a beverage, then retired to our rooms – it was simply too cold, too snowy for strolling or heading for another venue. Someone suggested we take a bath in the jacuzzi, we all stripped and squeezed ourselves into the hot water. Nature took its course, as expected, Jeff and Brenda headed for the mattress, Laura and I made love in the tub. I’m sure everyone watched each other, the concept of multiple people making love in one room encouraged passion, but to my disappointment there was no suggestion of interchanging playmates.

I wanted to, badly. Although I’d capered with Brenda’s bewitching body the night before, there was some ridiculous notion within my brain that I hadn’t really ‘made love’ to her because I hadn’t orgasmed with her, inside of her. Oh, she’d invited me to, but I knew I hadn’t. Perhaps I thought I was less of a man because of my ‘failure.’

In addition, Laura and I hadn’t discussed the atrocity. In my naive state, I simply wasn’t sure if Laura had enjoyed herself, had desired the other man; I wondered if she hadn’t gone along with it just to be ‘part of the crowd.’

So, as the foursome was engaged in the passionate arts, I neglected to suggest another form of coupling, and no one else expressed the motivation. After awhile, when the troupe calmed after fulfillment, Laura and I retired to our own room, to the bed.

We slept in the next morning, Laura and I rising sometime near eleven, and we checked on the couple next door; they were still sound asleep, we chose not to disturb them. After dressing, we headed for the dining room and a lingering brunch.

It was well on the way to one o’clock when we returned to the suite, through the door we heard Brenda’s groans, it was obvious what they were up to. Laura and I climbed into our heavy winter coats, the boots, hats and gloves and trekked to the cataract. The temperature was well below zero, celsius, the falls were half encased in ice, we stood for only a few seconds in the wind admiring the phenomena, we ran to a nearby shelter for coffee. We tried to travel the tourist zone, hopping from gift shop to cafe in an attempt to wave off the freeze.

Sitting over hot toddies, I’m not sure who first raised the subject, we shyly compared notes of the shuffle with our friends.

“Did you enjoy it?” I asked Laura.

“Yes, it was . . . interesting. You know, Jeff’s only the third man to have me.”

“I thought I heard you come.”

“I did, almost as hard as the ones you give me,” she declared. I thought she held back a bit, considerate of my male pride. “Did you like it when you screwed Brenda?”

“I cannot tell a lie . . . Of course I did. She’s sexy. Not as sexy as you, not by a long shot, but yeah, I had a good time.”

“It didn’t bother me that you were making love to her,” Laura continued. “Did it bother you that I was with Jeff?”

“No, not really. I didn’t get jealous, much.” We paused, thinking our own thoughts of the conflagration. “Can I ask a question? Did Jeff finish inside you?”

A wistful gaze came to Laura’s face. “It seemed pretty big to me when he did. Did you like coming inside Brenda?”

Apparently Laura hadn’t realized my dilemma, my failing. “Yes,” I lied, not wanting to seem like less of a man. “If we got the chance, would you want to do it again?”

“Only if it was okay with you,” Laura conceded. It was clear she başakşehir escort was leaving the matter up to me. And her question about me being jealous led me to think that, just perhaps, I was supposed to be a little more circumspect. Once outside, the cold snapped us again, we decided to give up our journey, returned to the Inn.

Walking into Jeff and Brenda’s room – the connecting door hadn’t been closed since we arrived – we found the other couple napping. The clothes on the chairs alerted us they’d been out of the room, they’d had lunch. They were both naked, I had a good view of Brenda’s alluring nipples, had they made love yet again?

Laura and I crept back to the room, she kissed me, I started stripping her down to her sexy underwear. We stood next to each other, our breaths gushing, our juices flowing, and suddenly I knew what I wanted. “You want to go into the other room, be with them?” I posited.

She looked to me for a moment, brazenly responded, “I’d like to, would you?”


We raced into the other bedroom, Laura unhooked her bra as she ran, exposing her generous breasts. Brenda, I remember, was stirring, she looked at my state of dress, opened her arms to me. I laid beside her, within a moment I had my lips on her nipple, she had a hand on my prick. For her part, I noticed Laura’s panties fly across the room, in a moment she bent and was giving Jeff a blow job.

I couldn’t wait, nor did Brenda want me to. Sensing my need, she placed her rump to the bed, extended her thighs, proffered her body to me. I climbed aboard, with a hand she guided my missile into her silo, I thrusted hard, she pressed back. I was so excited I lasted less than two minutes, I pumped into her, she realized what was happening, she joyfully surrounded my hips with her legs, let me have my trophy.

For his part, Jeff was gleefully cavorting with my girlfriend, he had her in some sideways position, I heard Laura’s song.

Brenda and I didn’t stop simply because I’d orgasmed, I was hot for her, and I was young and horny. I recollect placing her on her hands and knees, punctured her and thrusted hard towards her, she crooned in pleasure. The lovemaking continued. I found later that Jeff hadn’t been able to fill Laura’s crevice, he’d had too much sex lately, but that didn’t stop them from copulating. At some point, we returned to our original configuration. This was so exciting to me, screwing one girl after I’d just had another, that I managed to let go again with a bit of spunk.

“Well,” Brenda laughed, “I guess this means we won’t be playing strip backgammon tonight.” We all laughed riotously.

For the moment, our sex was over, yet we were in a playful mood. I’m sure the jacuzzi was filled with squealing bodies again, I wouldn’t doubt that backgammon or trivial pursuit was played. We dressed for our eight o’clock dinner reservations, once again ate in the Inn as no one particularly desired to head out into the bitter cold. When the meal was over, Jeff and Brenda disappeared into the gift shop, Laura cuddled to me.

“Are you all right?” I asked.

“Just fine. Sex is so much fun, isn’t it?”

“Just for it’s own sake, yes. You’re right.” I was wondering if the swapping with Jeff and Brenda was over, or if something else was on the menu.

Laura spoke up again. “Brenda wants to know if you might want to be alone with her for awhile.”


“Well, she sees you’ve got this romantic streak, she wonders what it would be like if you were all by yourself with her.”

“And you’d be with Jeff?”

“Brenda says he’d like to, yes.”

I didn’t speak my agreement, didn’t dismiss the idea. As we walked back to the rooms, I thought about it. Were we going too far, too fast? But what was the problem? Was I worried Laura wouldn’t be my girlfriend anymore, that she’d want to become a slut? There was certainly a dash of tart in her, when she met me she’d been somewhat cautious in bed, along the way she’d wanted to try everything, from sex in places we might get caught to anal to, now, swapping. But what was the problem? It wasn’t as if I had any plans to marry the woman. We were, I knew, just marking time.

Back in the suite, Jeff poured some liquor, we sat and enjoyed the fire, decided to play backgammon. When I lost the first game, I took off my shoes and socks. Over the next forty-five minutes, the heat rose in the room as clothing was discarded, erotic skin was uncovered. When Laura lost her panties, she let Jeff take them off, he promptly placed her on her back, crawled between her legs, licked her clitoris.

I stood, pulled Brenda to her feet. Her bosom was bare, her nipples taut to my fingers. “Why don’t we go into the other bed, let them have a little space?”

“Oh, I’d like that,” she blessed.

I took my time with Brenda this time, making sure she was pleasured by fingers and mouth and rubs of the skin. She complimented me on my love-making skills, wondered where I’d come by them. And when she was ready she climbed above me, I was able to watch her in her glory as she surrounded my willing prick with her warmth. I was in no hurry, nor was she, and we played together for a lengthy time before I felt inclined to release, I placed her on her back, she rose on her legs, provided me the perfect target, I poured into her.



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