Went to Pick up Rpbbie my Boss’s Son but SomeSaturday Evening I got an Email from Robbie My Boss’s son and he asked me to come and pick him up a few miles inro the country where his Uncle lived and I sent him a reply that I would and asked why me and his reply was his Parnts were not at home and were visiting His Grandmother so I told him I had to get fressed and he said wear something light and airy like a dress so I said I would cause of how warm it was and he said good and he would show me around his Uncles farm and asked if I had ever been on a farm and I said yes once or twice and he said you will like it out here so I cleaned up and dressed in a white Blouse that was sheer and almost see through and a short mini skirt and Fip flops and got into my car and started out to the country with the directions he had given me after about an Hour of driving I arrived at what I thought was the Right Place but didnt see any one around so I got out and started walking around the house and knocked on the door but no answer so I decided to head on out towards the barn and when I gotten there there was no one in or around the barn either so I walked alittle more andcame to a kennel and I seen all kinds of dogs all of them were Hunting dogs except the two on the end they were Huge dogs Danes I think and as I looked at them I heard noises outside so I went to see if it was Robbie Boy was I shocked when I seen them and they seen me it was a group of guys in masks and they were dragging Robbie by his feet and when they saw me the chased me and as I ran I thought if I get caught I was dead so I ran but tuzla escort a couple of the guys were slightly faster than me and I was tripped and passed out as I awoke I saw Robbie tied to a tree and my clothes were lying beside him on the ground and these guys that had tripped me standing around me all wearing maks laughing at me and Robbie.Then I heard one of them say she will do nicely to pay us what you owe and then I realized that they intended to use me to get even with Robbie I had gotten here to early now Im gonna be used as payment to these thugs then I saw a hand grab my hair and turned me around to see his cock sticking out of his pants and he spoke if you do what we tell you when we tell you you will walk away from this used like a whore but if you or Robbie Resist we will put you in the kennel with the danes and let them fuck you so I nodded in understanding and the guy holding my hair sruck his cock in my mouth and said suck it bitch suck it really good as I did as he asked two of the other guys came over and started rubbing my nipples and pinching my tits as they did this I felt a tingling in my clit like a had with My friend Sam when he and I had sex in his barn while his milker was attached to my nipples I couldnt believe it this was turning me on and they notice as well cause one of the said I think she likes this so the started working my titts over more and my nipples harder as I sucked the first guy and They and I heard a moan come out of me I was supprised and they laughed and said Robbie we should have had you pay us with her sooneras I moaned sancaktepe escort I was getting wet between my legs and felt it run down my thigh so he pulled his cock out of my mouth and thurned me around and bent me over as I tried to figfht back I was slapped on the face and ass hard and then he stuck his cock inside me and said she is tight and started ramming his cock in me like a piston before I could say anything one of the other guys stuck his cock in my mouth and I was bieng fucked from both sides and away they went fucking my mouth and pussy with no regard for me and the other guy said let me have some of her and he slid his cock in my mouth beside his buddy forcing my mouth open wider to take them both and I was gagging the whole timethen I felt the guy in my pussy pump his load into me and one of the guys pulled out and laid down on the ground and had me straddle him and he pushed his cock into my cum dripping pussy and had me ride him while I sucked the other guy still in my mouth these guys wear huge and werereally pounding away at me the guy in my mouth pulled out and slid behind me I thought he was gonna stick his cock in my ass but instead he slipped it in my pussy where his friend was and after he got it in they both started pounding and I was moaning like never before the first guy was ready to go again and he slipped his cock in my mouth while I wasnt looking and he grabbed my head and forced ny head all the way down to his balls and started humping my face like a mad man.When the two guys were done they blew there loads into me as well and üsküdar escort pushed me off of them and the guy who was humping my face pulled out and had me climb on all fours and he stuck his cock into my ass and began pumping in and out faster and faster I kept on moaning so the other two guys got back in front of me and offered me there cocks and I took them willingly and after a little while the guy in my ass blew his load all over my ass and after he moved the other guy took his place and I took yet another cock in my willing mouth I was in heaven from the pounding these guys were giving me after the second guy came behind me he stuck his cock in my soaking wett pussy and started humping me really hard after about ten minutes he pulled out and stuck it in my ass and started ramming it home till I heard him say Im gonna cum and he blew his load in my ass and the guy I was sucking started to build and could tell he was about to blow his load and he pulled out of my mouth and orderd me to finish jacking him off but not to move my face and I did as I was told as I jacked him I could see he was ready and about that time he blew his load all over my face and lipps and mouth with that they got fressed and told me to count to a hundred then I could get up so I started counting and when I got to a hundred they were gone and I got up and went over to robbie and he said did you like that I told him yes and he said he was glad it took him awhile to set it up but it was worth it to watch me have sex like I was bieng ****d I dressed and we left for home on the way I sucked hime a couple of times and he blew his load on my face as well and I dropped him off and went home and showered thinking about what had just happened and said next time Robbie would have to be one of them with me lol but thats how my weekend was Hope you Enjoyed it as much as I did living it lol.



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