Wendy’s POV ( Wendy part 1)If you’ve read Wendy part 1 you saw things from Doug’s POV. So I thought you might want to see things from MY POV.I was disappointed that I was unable to seduce NAN but she is just not into girls. But the consolation prize wasn’t too bad since it lead to my best ever sex partners!It was quite a let down when I started my first “real” job since I had several girl friends and boy friends sharing my bed in school. You see I don’t care if you’ve got an outy or an inny, if you’ll help me cum, welcome to my pussy.Nan set me up with Doug. He is a sexy 27, 5 ft 9in regular guy with a very sex ass. I’m into buts, breasts too, but I really like a well shaped ass. I’m into anal too, surprise!I enjoyed my first brief conversation with Doug and we had a good talk at lunch. I got a good look at his but then and knew I wanted to caress that!So after a day or so, Doug finally asks me out. I had the shuffle my appointments a bit. Pam was able to “fill” my Friday afternoon with her very lovely tongue in my pussy. She really got me warmed up for my date with Doug.I tried to dress as sexy as I could and still be seen in public. It had the desired effect on Doug as he complimented me and he gave me a teensy kiss.Dinner was nice, but I was a little nervous. Doug had asked me to pick out a movie. I had a safe choice, and the choice that would tell Doug in no uncertain terms that I wanted him.Doug asked me about the movie, but I wanted to see how he’d kiss me, so instead of answering him, I kissed him. Doug responded with a very sexy kiss. His tongue peeked between my lips at first but then ran deeper into my mouth. I responded in kind and with enthusiasm as our passion built. I took a break and we chatted a bit, but I wanted more kissing so I pulled him back close, so my nipples would be pressed into his chest as I kissed him. Then I told him the first x-rated movie that I wanted to watch. He seemed a little surprised but not shocked, bakırköy escort so I launched my next bomb,”What would you like for breakfast?” He didn’t bat and eye with his cute response.”Pancakes with your honey all over them!” Good it was going to be an interesting night. I’d been wet since he first gave me that little kiss and hug in my condo. By now my panties were soaked and my nipples were testing the fabric of my bra cups!There was lots of sex of all kinds at the drive in that night. The cat behind ours had three ladies sucking each other’s nipples.I told Doug about my sexual history. I didn’t tell him about seducing my sister Ann when she was 16. Jane was my first intense orgasm and the first time that I’d been seduced by a woman. She taught me a lot about myself and how to get what I want and need sexually from men and women. I had visited a sorority for a lesbian orgy earlier. while there I spotted a very cute girl kind of holding back. I found out her name was Cindy and I decided that she would be my first seduction. I asked her to help with my studies using another sorority member as a reference. We got to know each other. She’d come to my room and I might be bra-less and just in my panties. She didn’t seem uncomfortable around me so one night when she helped me complete a tough problem I gave her cheek a quick kiss. She blushed a little but it didn’t seem to bother her. after studying Cindy got up to leave when I hugged her. She responded and we held each other close. I could feel her erect nipples rubbing into my breasts and her breathing indicated she was aroused. I was soaking wet from my pussy juices! She pushed me away but I pushed back and slide my tongue between her lips. She started to turn away when I put my arms around her head and held her to my lips. Our passions continued to build as her body softened in my arms and she finaly responded to my kiss by kissing me. I introduced beşiktaş escort Cindy to the soft touches of another woman that night! I feel that Cindy was the first woman that I really gave an orgasm too.When the movie started Doug and I really started to make out. It got very intense, but we kept our attentions (for now anyway!) above the waist. I showed Doug how I wanted to hold him like a baby to suck my tit. I knew it would be interesting, it was not only very sexy but also seemed to stir something very deep within me, motherhood? I was near cumming from all of Doug’s attention to my breasts when the first movie ended.The second movie would have to wait because the longing for Doug’s cock in my vagina was much more urgent!Once we got back to my place, Doug said he wanted to concentrate on me, but I wanted his cock! But I also know that the more Doug knew about what made my pussy cum, the better for both of us.I prepped first my self, a dry set of panties, the juices were dripping off the fabric of the other one! and I pulled back the covers on the bed. I quickly laid out several of my favorite toys, just in case, then went into the living room to seduce Doug. Well ok, he was already well seduced! But we were going to start over, right, rrrrighttt!We kissed, and Doug took off my blouse and bra. I don’t know why I put on dry panties cause these were damp already! Doug had me lay on the couch so he could explore my body. As he focused on my pussy and clit, I stroked my breasts. He completes my undressing, spreads my trembling legs and starts to finger my pussy. It doesn’t take long before it had suddenly become verrrrry hotttt! Doug finger fucks me deeper rubbing my G spot on each stroke His tongue touches my clit and pressure in my hips rapidly grows as I peak. I came very intensly. Doug is a good fuck partner as he knows that after my first orgasm I’ll want more! He keeps going and beylikdüzü escort I cum several times before I ask him to stop. I want to save something so I’ll be good when we bed. Doug had something else in mind. He brought me to the edge of exploding again and he slides his finger into my bunghole! I had no idea he had that in mind, of course, I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life. My head was spinning after that and I had a hard time focusing my eyes.After a short rest, I lead Doug into the bedroom where I intend to richly reward my lover for the great fuck so far. I pull down his pants and let his cock springs out of his pants. Surprise! Doug is not too long, just six inches or so, but he is very thick, at least 2 to 3 inches. God I want that in my pussy even more, but first, let’s lick the ice cream to keep the cone from melting! After a few strokes Doug says he wants my pussy first, boy can he be demanding, giggle! I lay back on the bed and I roll my legs back so that I’m fully exposed to him. Doug starts with a nice oral session as he tehn works hiss lips up my bod. I’m close again as I ask Doug to fuck me! I feel my pussy lips spread with the first penetration. His hard shaft slowly slides into me as my pussy envelops him. I cum, god it’s sooo wonderful to have that cock in me. Then Doug starts to thrust into me, all to soon I see his face clench and feel his warm spurts deep in my cunt.He came out of me way to soon, so I grab his cock to bring him back to full size! His cum and my juices make for a tasty recipe as I stroke his cock with my lips and fingers. I play with his tight balls when I decide to return the anal action by sliding a finger into Doug’s hot ass. He shoots down my throat with the anal massage! After we both rest a bit, I pull Doug close and tell him he is not the only lover I have. I really enjoyed the way he fucked me and I want to basically add him to my rotation of several women and a guy or two. We should have an “open” relationship for now. In fact I want him fucking other women too cause I know that he wander less in the future if he has a wide set of experiences.I hugged him and we drifted off to sleep, but the weekend was just begining and I had a new very hot lover! I already need his cock in my pussy again!



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