Well sucked by my husband’s son.- How did you find out?- She told for Lilian.- A confidence like that, sóintimate? I thought it would be more discreet.- Nothing, it’s still the same person you knew. Lilian was shocked, she only told me after I promised she wouldn’t tell for anyone else.- So watch out for Tiago, if he knows that you know, we know, things will boil…. Look out! Don’t even tell for anyone- Do you want tô hear it or don’t you?- Speak.- What Lilian told was…***- I didn’t find Tiago for weeks, after that madness. After all, he was Ivan’s son, my husband. I was embarrassed, but you know! Just remembering! The flesh is weak.- He’s a handsome… That gray hair looks even more beautiful. He’s sóshy.- He got better with time, but at the time he was more shy, full of shame, moralism and jealousy thinking that I was the cause of the separation of the parents?- Ivan and the Livia.- Yeah, but I had nothing tô do with the breakup. I met Ivan a little later. And then that day that madness happened. It all started with him seeing Ivan fuck me. – You are crazy! – But it was good, I squirt it in his mouth. You never did?- With a stepc***d, imagine! And then what?- So, that’s what I told you, I didn’t see him for weeks, until one Saturday…###Ivan was outside packing his stuff in the garage. That’s when Tiago arrived, he came tô help his father. I only saw the boy when he was already in the kitchen. He saw me and stayed that way… Hard and best of all, embarrassed.- You here! It’s been a while, it’s gone! – Ivan called me.I looked at his pants. I looked like a cynic.- It’s outside, dear.He disappeared, only heard the voices of the two of them in the garage and the racket they were making in the closets. I took advantage and went tô the pool, thinking about him, thinking about them…. You know, it made me feel like it…. I remember… It was, it was that day, I felt like going tô bed with both of them. Imagine father and son fucking together with me.- Did you fuck?- That day? Not that.- Do you swear, did you fuck with they?- That’s another story. Maybe I’ll tell you one day.- Please tell, go!– Another day. Didn’t you want tô know about Tiago? – All right, all right, how’d you get the guy?- It was crazy, gal! Crazy. That was awesome, a delight.I was going tô masturbate, but I had something in the air, something that told me that was the day, I decided tô wait. Seeing how Tiago stayed in the kitchen, everything indicated that he was ready.I knew Ivan slept after lunch, especially after the work they were doing. Ivan was no longer young, he was almost the age of Tiago today.They finished, I heated lunch and put a wine tô season the climate. I took a shower, put on a short dress, leaving the legs and the volume of the breasts in plain sight, completed everything with high-heeled shoes. Just tô provoke. Ivan was stirred, really crazy, but I knew he could not stand, after lunch hibernated as a bear only woke up after 6. The wine was just a reinforcement tô ensure privacy.Ivan said goodbye tô us and went tô bed. The way I had imagined…- And then, how are things, how is Livia doing?- I’d better go, huh?- That it stays… Stays. What are you afraid of?I looked in his face, Tiago looked away, looked uncomfortable, really scared, while he covered himself tô not let me see how was, but I could imagine. The silence was embarrassing, but it was what I wanted. Make him uncomfortable, even more sówith me showing him the legs, thighs, shaking the high heels and laughing cynically for him. The way I liked it the most… Making the type ‘aunt bitch’ or better the ‘stepmother bitch’.- U disappeared, didn’t come here anymore. Why didn’t ? – You know why.- Shame or guilt?- What difference does make… That was an absurdity, a mistake. Imagine if Ivan knows.- Imagine if Livia knows.- U’re not going tô tell, are u?- Me! Because I would… Our business, even your father doesn’t need know. We are adults, people who like each other…- But you didn’t want anything, you just made me do that.- Only! Wasn’t that enough? And what did I do, u wanted more what?I looked him straight in the eye, Tiago was intimidated, was left with no way, scratching his pants, ready tô say, confess, I just waited, I love it when they get like that, that way almost overflowing, crazy tô tell u.- I asked you. I asked tô fuck.- And it wasn’t good? Good, just… Drink meeee, for starters.Tiago moved on the couch, uncomfortable, but it just made the temperature rise… He hardened in the act, it was a delight… Just the way I wanted it.- Was it tasty? He drank straight from the fountain, straight from me, from my….- Stop Vivian, doesn’t talk bakırköy escort like that.- Why? You don’t like a perversion… Your father and I love it, too bad I don’t know if he’d like tô see me with you. I’d love to, both of you. Who knows one day, us? Say, tell me?- I masturbated there in the room after you left.- Swear it! Did u do, two in a row? I’m even proud. And then, how did it go?- U know how it was. U know.- Did I leave you like this, you pervert?He laughed embarrassed, just the way he is. That was all I wanted, I put aside the care with the Ivan. Today I sucked, sucked and gave… I had sex with the boy, my borrowed son.- It will show me… Let me see him… Again.- No Vivian, Dad’s in the bedroom.- U know how he stay on a Saturday, especially today. He goes tô sleep all afternoon. Show, let me see.I looked deep into his eyes, opened a smile and the button on his pants, Tiago lowered the zipper, the volume increased, and I began tô see his underwear stuffed. We crossed a bright gaze, mine in a more naughty look. Tiago breathed anxiously tense, hard, he put out that beautiful hose, stuck in his fingers, the little purple head, glowing stretched.- More beautiful than I remembered. – It’s a sin, Vivian!- It’s nice, Tiago. Tasty… Was a boner and I’m hungry.- Don’t talk like that… Dad… The mother!It happened, I knew it, we kissed, with him peeling his dick… I licked the bottom of my mouth, showed how I liked it, bit his tongue, feeling him jerk off hard. I didn’t even look, I let that forbidden kiss roll with my husband’s son, it was until I didn’t resist. Still kissing… I grabbed the dick and rubbed it hard, squeezed the boy’s cock, he moaned tasty at the bottom of my mouth, it even looked like had come it. A delight his goo was running down my hand and the tongue was becoming more and more loose, crazy.Tiago moved trying tô get his hand into my dress, I was out of panties, but didn’t want it that easy either, had tô value myself, just tô make the little a****l even more anxious… Really depraved.When the hand went into my legs I crossed my fingers and squeezed, I made him moan in my mouth, my tongue became even more agitated, I spat in the boy’s mouth, he freaked… The cock wet my fingers even more.- Wait, boy, calm down! There’s time…- Vivian! Then suck , suck…. Please!He didn’t even need tô ask, I was going, but it was good tô see a submissive man, even more one from the family, even more Tiago, all serious and who didn’t like me.- Then jerk off tô me… I loved watching u do it. I dreamt about it for days. AAAaaahhh!!! So cute, boy.He did, I took my hand off and he took control of the cock, he moved it sóhard. As it was in the day, beautiful, beautiful. I bit my lip laughing, unbuttoned the boy’s shirt, and smoothed his chest, his muscular little belly, until I licked his nipple… One after the other.- I’m gonna cum!! Aaaaaannhhh!!!!I was in doubt, wanted tô see him come, but also, I couldn’t stand that long, shiny hose anymore, it was calling, sending…. “Give me a blowjob, give a blowjob”.I couldn’t resist…I bent over until felt the heat of the cock, the strong smell, the goo. I held the base, just tô let it stand up, that hose of new boy. Tasted, wandered my lips on the glans, in a tongue-less kiss, felt the fleshy and soft texture of the purple head, only my lips. I did it the way conquered Ivan.I took it out and looked at his face, a smile the naughty bitch they love in those hours. Better… Of a escort I spit… It fell right on top and ran tô my fingers. Tiago breathed hard, even blinked. Okay, the way I wanted to, I went down more than crazy, I fell out of my mouth. I stretched my tongue and licked the tip, turning around, I tasted the honey, sweetie. Better than Dad’s. I opened my mouth and swallowed the guy’s stem at once. I worked the dick off sucking really tight, I licked it the way every man likes it… I did it tô conquer the father, now it was the son.Sucked a lot and turned my tongue around, I worked the bag in a mixture of hurting and caressing. The stick was getting hotter and hotter, sometimes I would play only at the head. Could see that it would come, I swallowed it and felt the stalk pulsating. The cum came, hot wetting my tongue, the cheek. I swallowed a little, the rest I let flow, run down the stem, down tô the balls, my fingers.A translucent white goo still connected us from the cock tô the mouth. I could still hear the boy’s last groans. He wheezing, still trembling a last drop came out of the top running down the shaft… I couldn’t let him! Sucked with the affection of a stepmother, almost beşiktaş escort a mother.When I got up, we looked. I laughed with my a stained face and he looked a boyfriend, wiped my face and sought a kiss. I let him lick me all over, feel the taste of cum, the taste of dick. I think it was his first time.Perverted kiss, frill, until he loses his breath.I was proud, satisfied with that beautiful son. Gave me the idea tô take him tô the room of pleasures that Ivan and I made, but I thought it was not the moment. Tiago needed another, softer approach, at least for now.- And now what?- Now? Didn’t your parents teach you tô be an educated boy, tô give back when someone gives you love?His hand came between my thighs. She walked without asking for permission, without stroking, was direct, touched my pubes. Felt my heat muffled, very wet, the fingers walked between my lips moistened of my cave. Tiago still had a lot tô learn.- It will be better there.- What? Where?- On the table, it comes.I pointed tô the pool table. I had already fucked with Ivan and some friends there, they até me by sticking in a pool cue. That day was crazy. But today I just wanted tô be well sucked by my husband’s son. Oh, if only Livia knew what we were doing!I let Tiago take off my dress, it was a way of teaching the young man tô have manners with the girls, future wives, lovers… I don’t know. I also like it when they undress me. I was shaken up, kissed him and lay on the table. I spread my legs, like the porn models. Only for Tiago tô be enchanted with the pussy, see it all, the pink meat, the bent lips. I supported the jumps on the edge of the table, showed the hard, fleshy vagina. Just tô get the boy’s attention.Tiago was drooling, with his eyes wide open….. He was funny, especially with his mouth open. I laughed, posing, walking my hands and smoothing my body, in a delicious massage. Whoa! I shivered, smoothing my breasts, the sides of my body, my belly, my thighs, until I reached my groins.I could feel my own warmth, the pussy was throbbing, sweating. That dominated me , it mistreated. I was crazy, crazy! I showed what I wanted. Tiago understood, lying down I admired the cock that was coming up again, his fingers wrapped around my pussy, they fingered me, smoothed. He tasted my meats, my pubes. His hand went up tô his belly button, walked through his body and came back again, wrapped my pussy.He grabbed me like a fruit, squeezed, pulled the hairs of the vagina… Stretched. AAaiiiii!! I lifted my legs, I held my knees. I was beautiful, beautiful, but I was really a whore, ready tô be eaten.He helped me tô hold one of the thighs and the other hand found my the clit, joked around, not very good, yet that was incredible, even more that it was my husband’s son.- Tiago, Tiaagooooooooo!!!!!!The fingers came in, rubbing me from the inside, waving my lips.- Son of a bitchhhhh!I told tô provoke… … He did as expected, sank his fingers more deeper… He opened me up and saw the pink meat. I lifted a naughty pussy, hard… An invitation tô sex. But Tiago came with his mouth, wet his face in my candy. He drank me again like a savage….He was screaming, groaning…. More than myself. He learned tô bite my lips, stick his tongue in. I grabbed the boy by the hair, rubbed his face in my pussy. I masturbated with his face. That got even better, I groaned in a long scream.I knew it was coming… It was time, timmmmeeeeee!I opened up, rubbed my pussy hard, I leaned on the heels of my shoe on the edge of the table and showed a wet pussy. I felt that tasty feeling…I vibrated and got the creeps…I cum like a whore, a bitch in heat. Again I filled the boy’s mouth and wet the table.- Tiaaago, Tiaaaagooo!!!He was still licking me, drinking me like someone dying of thirst. He began tô bite my thighs, my ass until it tickled me.- No Tiago, stop! No!!- Turn .- What?- Turn around.I did what he asked, I was crouched on the table, I raised my ass just tô make him even more fissured. Tiago stuck his face in, I felt his nose and mouth opening my ass until he got in the middle, in the middle between my little ass and the pussy….The tongue worked there, went down at the beginning of the lips, licked me again, then went up playing tô my little ass. He still vanished in the middle of my ass, the boy’s fingers opened until he revealed me, showed what he wanted most….What stepmother would do that tô her stepson? He spat…. I never imagined…. Daring Tiago, I took advantage and masturbated tô him, let him see my fingers working the clit. The boy spread the spit smoothring around the rounded entrance beylikdüzü escort just tô make me even more anxious. He played with my little ass… And stuck his fingertip in. I laughed satisfied, imagined him sticking me a plug and after then that hot stick. But that wasn’t the day, it was too much for Tiago tô fuck me like an aunt, a cousin. Better even… As a mother or stepmother. Without guilt without sin.- Come on, dear, eat me up here on the table.I showed my fingers in a “come here” gesture. He gave me two slaps… Noisy, tasty and bit me a hip. I thought of Ivan snoring there in the room. I got even hotter, excited… Finally a fuck with my stepson, my sweet and raw Tiago.I thought about the boy’s turtledove, spread my legs and left my feet in the air. I felt the tip of the rod make me affection on the top of my ass, that hot, hard, throbbing cock, sticking in my ass, my little ass…. Tiago forced his way in, but I didn’t let him, it wasn’t the day. Tiago still didn’t deserve it.- Not today, not today, Tiago. – Let… Go!- No, not my darling. Later, later, dear. I’m not ready, not today.- Leave me, please!- No, another day…. That’s good. Imagine one of your friends eating his own mother, imagine!- You’re not my mother, you’re just….- As if you were sweet, as if you were. Come on, I’ll let you cumming inside.- I can! You let? What if I get you pregnant?- No worries. I let, let.He held my hips, I lifted my ass. Tiago stay over me. It took a time, but he found his way, I felt him touching my lips, the heat of the stick entering the middle, I wet the boy’s cock, it kept coming in, I put my head in the felt, squeezing my fingers preparing myself…..The blows came as I expected: insane, heavy… Gross, without any affection, but I liked the rough, intense, almost raw way of Tiago. The boy still had a lot tô learn, but he had the potential tô become the kind of lover I liked. He became even more frantic, he até me like a hungry man… drive me crazy that his dick, and I imagined the thickness of the stalk, bigger than that of the father. What a dream if I could have both.Drops of sweat fell on my back, Tiago was sweating wetting my back, delighting himself with the moment, fucking me like a whore. I started touching myself, smoothing the pussy until he saw it….. Just tô provoke him!- AAaannhhhhh!!!!!! MMMMmmmmmmmm!!!!!!A orgasm that wouldn’t end anymore, I felt him pulsating, I imagined the sperma spit staining my cave…. A hot cumshot, cum of the son… I wish. Even so, I was more than proud, my Tiago had finally eaten me.The dick came out stainig my thighs, the table…It took me a while, but I turned around, and I lay on my back… I did it just tô make him crazier, I put my hand between my pussy lips, wet my fingers in his milky cream, sticking my fingers inside. Opened a smile the most obscene way, really slutty, just tô see the boy’s reaction, licked just at the tip, very slowly, just tô excite.I looked at his face and swallowed all my fingers and sucked… Tiago looked at me disgusted, with the face of someone he didn’t like.- What’s the matter?- You don’t need this, you look like a whore!!- Your father loves it, he goes crazy when I do it. He loves tô see me as a slut. Besides, your cum is still tasty, more sweet, more than his, just doesn’t count for him.- Stop Vivian, what’s that for?- What a foolish, after all we’ve done tô u with these scruples. We’re lovers here.He was getting uncomfortable, these boys, especially Tiago. Full of rules, but he became a a****l when he want. He came down from the table and I sat on the edge.- Come here, don’t do this, Tiago! What’s wrong with me licking your cum? I didn’t swallow, even you swallowed on the couch? I hugged him with my legs and hands around my neck, the smell of sex was still in the air, the sweat of the bodies… He was still bothered.- Fool, if I’d known you’d be like this…. – U’re my father’s wife. U’re not just any bitch. Not like that, not making this face of…. Of a whore.I laughed, laughed at the c***dish, young thing. Still barely out of his teens.- That’s foolish, k**, after all… Why these ideas? U’re still too green… Raw…-U don’t do that tô Dad, do u?- Of course I do! You have no idea what we’re doing, do u think it’s just Mom and Dad? What did u see that day? U don’t know your father… Him is a pervert, as perverted as you’ve gone now. Accept it, you’re like that too.- I didn’t want you tô stay like this…. I don’t know, maybe something else, but a whore, Vivian. You’re not a whore.- Only in bed, my dear, only in bed. The one who isn’t there won’t hold the man and won’t know what it’s like tô have pleasure. In bed we need tô be good…. Bitch. Give me a kiss.- No Vivian, leave me.- Tiago, come here. Go kiss me, a tongue kiss with your mother.- You not my mother, you’re my stepmother.- Almost mother…. Imagine that now you’ve eaten Livia, huh?- Don’t talk like that.- Fool.Give your vote. Leave your comment.



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