Melissa opened her eyes and looked down. “Oh my god, Tracy was right,” she whispered. Chris smiled as he watched Melissa come to the realization that, after taking the biggest load of her life all over her tits, his huge cock was standing rock hard in front of him. Melissa scooted forward in the seat and then lay down flat. She reached to both sides of her large, pillowy mounds and squeezed them together, forming an incredible, deep cleavage topped by two rock hard, cum covered nipples. “Come over here and fuck my titties, Chris. Fuck them with that incredible rod. “

Chris almost came at the sight. This was one of his biggest fantasies, and it was about to come true. Just a week ago, he was a virgin with no experience with a girl, now he was getting blow-jobs in storage closets at school and having one of the hottest girls in school beg him to titty-fuck her. He did not hesitate for long. He crawled over and straddled her flat stomach, then moved forward. Her tits were still very slick, covered in his enormous load. She moved her hands apart slightly, opening her cleavage. His thick, long cock stood out straight in front of him, and he lowered it into that soft, warm, wet valley. Melissa closed her tits around him, and sighed, looking down to see a couple of inches of his long cock escaping out the top of her cleavage, and his swollen cockhead staring her in the face. She held him there for a minute, leaning forward, and letting her tongue snake out between those beautiful full lips and swirl around his cockhead, lapping at the pre-cum which was already forming at the end of Chris’s dick.

Chris pulled his dick back away from her mouth and into her cleavage, then pushed forward farther, letting his cockhead slide through those incredible lips and into her warm mouth. He began sliding back and forth, settling into a smooth rhythm, as Melissa moaned and cooed around his cock. “Yeah, fuck them. Fuck my tits, Chris. Do you like them? Do you like my big titties?”

“Oh, yeah,” Chris moaned. Then he got an idea. As he continued to piston his cock between her soft mounds, he reached back and let his hand slide under Melissa’s skirt. He quickly moved his hand to her cunt, and found a lace panties covering a sopping wet, incredibly hot cunt. Melissa’s eyes squeezed shut and she moaned loudly around his cock as she pushed her quivering cunt up against his hand. Chris slipped her panties to the side, and began running his fingers up and down her wet pussy lips. He continued pumping his dick through her cleavage. Melissa leaned her head back.

“OH, YEAH, CHRIS!! FINGER ME!! FINGER MY CUNT, YEAH, YEAH, OH, FINGER ME PLEASE!!” Melissa screamed, leaning her head back, pushing her chest up, squeezing her tits harder around his cock, and bucking her cunt against Chris’s hand and middle finger, illegal bahis which he had now slid deep into her hot snatch. He began fingering her in earnest, slipping another finger into her cut, and rubbing his thumb all over her swollen clit. “Oh, yeah. Oh, god. Oh, yeah. I’m gonna cum, Chris. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. OHHHHHH!!” Melissa shuttered, screamed and moaned under him.

This put Chris over the edge. He pushed his cock through her tits and watched as cum began to gush from his cock, spraying all over Melissa’s neck, chin, and tits. He kept cumming and cumming. Melissa reached over and grabbed his cock and aimed it right at her tits and watched along with him as he continued to pump his load over her breasts. Finally, his load subsided and they both held still, Chris hovering above Melissa, who continued to hold his meat in her hands, and lay there trying to catch her breath, her breasts heaving, completely covered in Chris’s warm semen. After a while, Chris managed to climb into the front seat and drive Melissa home as she napped, topless in the back seat, still covered in cum.


Thursday passed with a blowjob each from Tracy and Melissa, and an invitation from Brandi, the head cheerleader and, in Chris’s mind, the hottest girl in the school. Blonde, blue-eyed, full-lips, about 5’5, with incredible, toned, tanned legs, a tight, heart-shaped ass, and the biggest, most perfect tits in the school. She had barely said a word to Chris during three years of high school, but she approached him in the hall Thursday and asked if he would come to her party at her house Friday night. “Sure,” he said. “I’ll definitely come. “

“I sure hope so,” she said, with a wink and a smile. “Come by around 7:30,” she cooed, before turning and shaking her ass as she walked away. Chris couldn’t believe it. Had Brandi just come on to him? Brandi?

Friday night, Chris showed up at Brandi’s large house just after 7:30. Brandi answered in a pink satin robe, tied loosely around her waist and showing off a tremendous amount of leg and cleavage. “Hey there. Come on in,” she smiled. Chris looked down at his watch. Brandi smiled. “You’re on time. I told everyone else 8:30. I wanted to make sure I was the first to get some time alone with you. Want to help me get ready?” She asked as she walked up the stairs. Chris watched as she walked up in front of him. The robe barely covered her ass, and, in fact, he cought glimpses of the bottom of those tanned cheeks. He followed her into her bedroom. “Why don’t you sit on the bed and you can help me pick out what I should wear,” she said. Chris did and watched as she headed for her walk-in closet. Just as she entered, she opened her robe and let it fall to the floor, giving him a look at her perfect body from behind, her bare ass swaying as she disappeared illegal bahis siteleri into the closet.

Chris couldn’t believe this was happening. “I’m having a hard time picking anything out tonight,” Brandi called. “I don’t even no where to begin. ” Chris sat there, wondering what to do. “What do you think of this for a start,” she said. He looked up to see her standing at the door to her closet wearing only a bright red lace bra and panties. The bra looked a size to small for her huge, tanned tits, which were squeezed together and practically overflowing. She spun around, giving Chris a chance to see that the panties were g-strings. “Well?” she asked as she walked toward him. Chris just gulped. “I, uh. I think that’s a pretty good start,” he managed to get out. She was now standing directly in front of him. “You do? Are you sure you like it? Let me see,” Brandi said, as she reached down and placed her hand directly on his cock, which was now rock hard and straining under his slacks. Brandi’s eyes lit up. “Oh, my. I see you do like it. You like my outfit a lot, don’t you?” she said as she continued to fondle his package. Her face was right in front of his and she leaned in and began kissing him, their tongues swirling around each other.

As they kissed, Brandi reached down and took Chris’s shirt off, breaking the kiss just long enough to pull the shirt over his head. She rubbed her hands down his chest and then began working on his belt and undoing his pants. Chris’s hands had been rubbing all over her legs and bare ass cheeks. He pulled down her panties and she stepped out of them. He then reached behind her and unclasped her bra. It fell from her shoulders, she broke the kiss and leaned up slightly, and his face was now smothered in her huge tits. He sucked on her hard nipples as she reached into his pants and wrapped her hands around his steel shaft. She moved away from him and dropped to her knees.

She pulled his pants and boxers off and immediately covered his cock in her warm, talented mouth. She began giving him a wet, sloppy blow-job, sucking his cock and bobbing her head up and down his long shaft, taking most of his cock into her mouth. She reached up and massaged his huge balls, rolling them in her fingers. Just as he thought he would come, she pulled away, stood up and pushed him back on the bed. She crawled up over him and looked him in the face, reaching down to grab his dick. “I want you to fuck my brains out with this fantastic cock,” she said. And with that, she rubbed Chris’s cockhead briefly over her pussy lips and then took Chris’s virginity, lowering her hot wet cunt down his shaft.

As Chris moaned loudly in the greatest ecstasy he had ever experienced, Brandi briefly lost her breath, overcome by the size of his cock and the way it completely canlı bahis siteleri stretched and filled her dripping pussy. Both barely moved, savoring the feel. Then, slowly, Brandi began moving her pussy up and down his shaft, leaning her head back and sticking her tits in Chris’s face. He began sucking them greedily as he began fucking his first pussy in earnest. He reached down and grabbed her ass and began lifting her off and then pushing her down on his dick as he pushed his hips up and his cock as deep into her pussy as it would go. Brandi was moaning and screaming now. “OH, OH, OH. YEAH. FUCK ME, FUCK ME, CHRIS. HARDER. THAT’S IT, HARDER. FUCK MEEEE!!”

Chris did just that, slamming his cock into her pussy and sucking her tits for all he was worth. Chris rolled Brandi off of him and she crawled further onto her bed and stayed on her hands and knees and waved her ass at him. He quickly moved into position and slammed his long, thick cock deep into her cunt, pistoning in and out, reaching below her to grab her huge tits which were swaying beneath her. Brandi reached up and began fingering her clit. “I’M CUMMMMMMING!!” she screamed. Chris did not let up, continuing to fuck her cunt as he felt it tighten and spasm around his cock, becoming even wetter still. He looked down, watching his cock disappear into her cunt and her ass cheeks bounce into his crotch. Chris was in heaven. He leaned his head back, grabbed her sweet ass and fucked his cock into her pussy, which was now clamping down on him again as Brandi seemed to be overcome by orgasm after orgasm. She was moaning uncontrollably. Chris knew he was close. “I’m gonna cum,” he moaned.

Brandi fell forward off of him and spun around. She crawled quickly toward him, her face level with his cock which was standing straight out toward her, slick and dripping with her pussy juices. She opened her mouth wide and took him deep into her throat. Without letting Chris go from her mouth, she repositioned them so that she was lying under him and he was straddling her face, fucking his cock into her mouth. She pulled him out and began stroking his cock with both hands. “Cum on my face, Chris. Shoot your big load all over my face,” she moaned.

And Chris did. His first blast landed on her left cheek, and then the flood gates opened. Both moaned constantly as he unloaded. This was one of the few days of his life in which he had not jerked off, and he hadn’t had a run-in with Tracy that day, so his balls were fully charged and loaded. Not anymore. His cock continued to gush as Brandi jerked him with both hands, moving his cock so that it sprayed her entire face, as if it were a portable shower head. As Chris’s cum subsided, he looked down. He could barely see Brandi’s face, as there was not a speck of skin which was not completely covered in his semen. Her tongue had already begun lapping the cum on her lips and she then started using his cock to wipe up the cum on her face and then clean his dick off with her tongue.

Chris just sighed. And the party hadn’t even started yet…



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