College-age fantasies are so much fun. Everybody’s legal, and exist only in the mind of an old guy with a rich fantasy life.


We called her Rabbit, joking that all she did was eat and breed. We didn’t know this for a fact, it just seemed to fit.

Her actual name was Cindy, however, and instead of a rabbit, she was a fox. Short, voluptuous, long brown hair and big brown eyes, I remember her eyelashes as being spectacular, without makeup. A dazzling smile. Cute freckles.

Lectures were devoted to flirting. She gave at least as well as she took. Two of us, on either side of her, making comments in 1975 that would have gotten us expelled today, she took them with a smile, and gave back in kind.

“So, why do they call you Big Bob?” she would ask, with innocence painted all over her face. My friend would blush and crumple.

My leg crossed, she proceeded to doodle on the knee of my jeans with her Bic pen. A Playboy bunny. Then she just looked at me. Those big eyes.

“Are you for real, Rabbit?” I asked.

“Girls never tell,” she said, and I swear to God, licked her lips. “Maybe you should find out?”

“Saturday night?” I asked, the moment overcoming some inherent shyness.

“Sounds like a date. Pick me up at my sorority at…?”

“Six-thirty,” I said. “We’ll go to Holstein’s. Fred’s playing. Figure on supper, too.”

“Okay!” She smiled, and rubbed my knee. The Bic ink didn’t smear. I definitely felt outclassed. But curious.

Saturday evening came, and my orange VW Beetle arrived at her sorority house. She was ready, and we made the trek to Chicago’s Lincoln Avenue, the home at that time of multiple folk music clubs, none better than Holstein’s. Ed and Fred were the owners, Ed managing and Fred often taking the stage with his huge guitar and deep baritone. Always a good show.

I had invited Ed to come speak to our university class about folk music, and ever since I was always welcomed warmly and given a ringside table. Tonight was no different. We greeted as long-lost friends. He noticed a new lady, and did not fail to impress by his warmth to me.

Ed was impressed, too. Rabbit’s long hair hung loose around her shoulders, bare from the white tube top she wore that hugged her large breasts, and tight jeans that hugged a sweet ass. I thought about hugging her, too. Ed winked as he seated us.

Holstein’s had great burgers, and unobtrusive service to get them to us without disrupting the show. We had a great time, chit-chatting between numbers and during the intermission. It was a good show – Fred was in rare form. Rabbit was smart, engaging, and only a little flirtatious in the crowd. A perfect lady, which I hoped would change radically. Or at least change to perfection in a different sense. As we listened, my hand strayed to her leg under the table, she moved it closer to me, covering my hand with hers, squeezing gently in encouragement. Interrupted by applause, I kept returning my hand after each number. Just on the top of her leg. Nothing fancy. She kept returning her hand to the top of mine.

After the set, I paid the bill (noticing and thanking Ed that the cover charge was absent), and we emerged onto Lincoln Avenue. My bug was two blocks away. Rabbit took my hand as we walked in silence. We were just comfortable, letting the memory of the music fade slowly. When we got to the car, I went to open her door. She turned and backed against it.

“Are you going to take me back to your place and have your way with me?”

If I looked stunned, it was because I was. “Uh.”

She grabbed my jacket and pulled me to her. She was so little, I was tall, but that didn’t stop our first kiss. Sweet, all lips. Soft, but very sexy.

“Do you want me to?” I asked from inches away. She responded by putting a hand around my neck, pulling me close, and planting a fiery, tongue-filled kiss. I was immediately hard as a rock, and ready to roll.

“Enough said?” Her eyes were on fire.

I opened the door for her, then got in and had all I could do to keep to the speed limit going back home. canlı bahis Hand on her leg after each manual shift.

I lived in a room in the basement of a house, where the hot water heating pipes came down to about my ear. A few weeks of practice and head lumps had me to where I could navigate the room with my eyes closed, and duck at the right places. At the foot of the single bed, there was a sitting area with a sofa flanked by my stereo speakers. A cozier place than the sofa was on the floor using the bed’s footboard as a backrest. We settled there to listen to some music. It wasn’t long before we were necking. Lots of sweet kisses and light tongues. Smiles. Arm on her bare shoulder. Soft, warm skin.

Cindy’s lips were delicious and expressive, and her tongue varied from soft and passive to fiery and aggressive. She was a great kisser, and we had a great time just locking lips. That didn’t keep me from the boner of a lifetime, but I was patient. It didn’t seem like she would be leaving soon, and we could take our time.

Leisurely, my hand wandered to her breast, feeling its fullness through the tube top’s fabric. She moved against my hand a little, in encouragement, it seemed. A finger in her cleavage took the top and pulled it down, exposing two large, fleshy mounds to the slightly chilly air. From that, from excitement, or both, her nipples were aroused and taut. I massaged each breast in turn, and took nipples between fingers and squeezed, which elicited moans of approval. Bending my head, I took each breast in my mouth in turn, sucking the nipples, nibbling, kissing. She cradled my head in her arms and pulled me to her.

One hand went to my chest, and slowly she moved down to my belt buckle, and then below to rest on my bulge. Her fingers squeezed and I moaned as I sucked a nipple. With practiced motion, my belt buckle was undone, jeans zipper lowered, and a small, soft hand was digging inside my underwear to take a handful of cock. I helped when she went to pull down my pants enough to allow her easier access, tugging and getting them off my ass to my thighs. Her fingers wrapped around my dick, and standing it straight up, she softly and erotically began stroking. Her soft hands felt so much better than my own. We kissed, with growing passion, and I kneaded her breasts while she jacked me. Her sliding fingers felt so good.

She looked at me. “Should we go to bed?” Her brown eyes were soft and sexy. Long eyelashes. I could only nod.

We got up from the floor. Rabbit was out of her tube top and jeans in a flash, jumping onto the bed on hands and knees with a giggle. I wasn’t far behind, clothes off and tackling her. We wrestled, laughing, and somehow stayed on the narrow single bed. I ended up on top of a pretty, naked girl with a big smile on her face. Her legs wrapped around my back. We resumed kissing. Now with more passion, and urgency. Very exciting.

Slowly, I kissed her chin, her neck, her chest. Moving lower, I spent time kissing both breasts, squeezing them, nibbling, sucking her hard nipples, kissing the space between. She squirmed and held my head to her, clearly aroused, her breathing coming heavily now.

I moved lower, kissing her tummy, tonguing her navel. Dragging my tongue lower, I moved towards her. I pulled back and put her legs over my shoulders. A small, sweet pussy was right in front of my face, close-trimmed. I nibbled each inner thigh, back and forth, moving ever so closer each time I changed legs. Finally, I stuck out my tongue, flattened it, and gave her pussy a huge lick.

“Ohhh! That’s incredible!” With that encouragement, I began to eat her out in earnest, licking and sucking, nibbling her labia, tonguing her slit deep, fucking her with my mouth, moving up and tickling her clit with my tongue. She took my head in her hands and pulled me forward, encouraging me. I ate her, licking and sucking. Her legs clamped my ears and she climaxed, pulling my face into her. She had the sweetest little pussy I had ever tasted. Not that I had tasted that many. But hers was the sweetest.

“You’re driving bahis siteleri me crazy!” she said, lifting my head. Her chest was flushed, and a little sweat beaded on her forehead.

I took the cue and rose up, moving forward to lay on top of her. We kissed, exchanging tongues deeply. My penis was in perfect position, and without help, in one smooth, slow thrust, I buried myself in her, stiff cock sliding into wetness. She wrapped her arms around me, wrapped her legs high around my waist, and held me tight. We kissed. We broke our lip lock for just a moment.

“Do you want my cock inside you like this?”

“Yes,” We kissed.

“I’m going to give you every inch of my dick. I’m going to fuck you until you are weak.”

“Mmm. That’s what I want!”

I pulled back, until just my head was inside, then moved forward, gently. Pulled back, moved forward. Pulled back, moved forward. Her softness massaged me wonderfully. She kissed my cheek, and worked her way to my ear.

She nipped my earlobe, and whispered with mostly breath, “Fuck me!”

Her legs were tight around my back. I moved my knees up, and lifted her off the mattress. With her legs wrapped around me she was suspended. I took the opportunity to start moving with hard strokes while she was in the air. She groaned and tilted her pelvis to counter my thrusts. We fucked away with her holding on tight.

“I love the way your pussy feels.”

“Yes! Yes! YES!” she whispered in my ear. “Oh, yes! Fuck me!” I did.

With a flop I dropped us down on the mattress. She grunted as she took my full weight, but did not complain, and instead just lay still now as I moved, taking my cock deep inside. Less aggressive in her motions, she did not seem to be enjoying it any less, and her legs and arms held on tight. My ass pivoted up and down as I stroked long and hard, entering and leaving, burying and emerging. Sweet slickness stimulating me to the inevitable.

She filled her hands with my ass cheeks, and tried to pull me in deeper with every thrust. In turn, I straightened my arms out and grabbed her butt, pulling cheeks against my thrusts. My weight was fully on her, poor little thing, but she reveled in it. We fucked away merrily.

I knew I wouldn’t last long. A few more times, and with a final hard thrust I let go my load. She thrust her hips against me, matching my spasms as I emptied myself in her. Holding each other’s asses tight. She had such a tight pussy. She squeezed me as I jerked inside.

Spent, I lay upon her, now up on elbows to relieve the weight, kissing her chin and cheeks softly, coming down slowly. She held me more gently now, moving her pelvis just slightly, now and again, just to make sure, it seemed, that I was still there. I held still, trying to stay as deep inside as I could, but quiet now.

“That was soooo nice!” she said into my ear.

“Mmm,” I said in between kisses. “You’re delicious!” We resumed kissing.

After a few minutes, I rolled off and pulled her close. We cuddled tenderly, her snuggled up under my arm, which encircled her and rested on her ass.

She took her hand and gently held my flaccid cock, and just kept it there. After a few minutes (oh, to be that young again!), I started to grow in her hand. As she felt me grow, she very lightly started to stroke me, which helped my stimulation. In what seemed like a flash, I was fully erect.

As soon as she saw I was ready, she climbed on top of me, pressing those lovely breasts against my chest as she did. Fully on top, we kissed as I grabbed her cheeks. She moved back, and in one move took me in deep, never breaking the kiss. A moan while she impaled herself told me it was what she wanted.

She pulled back from our kiss to look at me with those killer eyes. As she moved on my cock, her eyes closed in pleasure. I held on, and helped her move, feeling the muscles in her ass tighten and loosen with her movements.

She sat up, taking my cock vertical. She put arms on either side of me and moved, my now-wet cock sliding in and out. I could feel the chill of the air when bahis şirketleri I was nearly out, the warmth of a woman’s most sacred place when deep inside.

Hands now on my chest, she started to bounce, long hair flopping and breasts jiggling. I reached and held them, squeezing. She sighed, jammed down on me, and came with a moan. I felt juices running down to my balls, soaking them.

“Oh, God! I needed that!” she sighed.

I took her by the waist with both hands and started ramming her up and down on me. Quickly, she came again, almost falling down on top of me, kissing me wildly. Again, I felt a gush of her juices. I held her close. And while I held her close, I kept pumping into her. We were in a stream of multiple orgasms for her, and I wasn’t about to stop now.

She got in the spirit and rose up to put hands on my chest again. We fucked away, and quickly she climaxed yet again, arching her back and crying out.

“No more!” she breathed, “I can’t stand it!”

“Sorry,” I countered, “I know there are more where that came from!” I had her by the waist and moved her up and down on my rock-hard cock. He was having a great time.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” she cried, and once again jammed down on me, cumming hard.

“Yes! More!” I said, and kept bouncing her.

Once more she came, this time even bigger than before.

“I’m so dizzy! I’m going to pass out! Let me get off!” I took her and moved her off to the side, snuggling her in.

“I didn’t say I wanted to be done! Just that I was dizzy on top!” She pulled me on top of her, wrapped her legs up high around my waist, and said “Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

On top, I raised on elbows and started pumping with a fast, hard rhythm, jamming her with cockflesh as hard as I could. She held on tight, pulling herself up to mash tits into my chest as I pummeled her, legs spread wide and taking all I could give. I nuzzled, kissed, and bit her neck while pounding her, balls slapping against her and making that awful, yet beautiful noise of raw sex.

I could feel a load rising, and it was going to be a big one. Raising up on straight arms, I stiffened my back and gave her whole-body fucking strokes. No ass rising up and down, this was full plank screwing. I watched my cock disappear and reappear. She moved her legs to hook ankles in the backs of my knees and pivoted her pelvis so she could watch the glistening shaft stroke her. She raised her legs, spreading them wider, and grabbed her knees, pulling her legs back. That let me move forward and penetrate her deeper, my cock going almost straight down into her. Her legs spread so wide was a really erotic sight – a woman giving herself up completely to a man, the man giving her all of his manhood, just as hard as he could. This was outstanding fucking.

It must have been, because I once again emptied myself in her, a huge orgasm overtaking me, thrusting in as deep as I possibly could and holding there while my cock spurt and spurt, spasming uncontrollably. This time, I was the dizzy one. I barely noticed that she was screaming in a huge, passionate orgasm too. We came together for what felt like an hour. I collapsed on top of her and she lay there, taking my full weight and stroking my back gently. What a woman.

I raised up on elbows, brushed a lock of long, sweaty hair off her face. She smiled.

“You, my lady, are a terrific fuck,” I said, looking deeply into those sexy brown eyes. “I love making love to you.”

“I love how you fill me up,” she said. “And I appreciate it that when I asked you to fuck me hard, that you did exactly that. It was incredible!” We kissed gently.

“Time to go home,” she said.

“You can’t stay?” I almost pleaded.

“I can’t take any more tonight,” she apologized. “And if I stayed, I know I couldn’t keep my hands off you.”


“So we’ll just have to do it again.”


She laughed. “Oh, yes, real soon! But I have to eat before I breed again.” We both laughed.

I took her home, walked her to her door, and lightly kissed her. “Any more than that, and I’d be peeling your clothes off right here,” I said. She just smiled.

“Thank you for a wonderful evening,” she said demurely.

“Thank you, Rabbit.”

Our next date was a picnic. A blanket on a warm Spring day.



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