Watching submarine races with NikkiAfter Nikki had let me fondle her on our first “date” which she had planned, I knew I wanted to see her more! I dropped her off at her mother’s house and she thanked me for the ride to Emporia “and everything else… I had a wonderful time!” she smiled. “Me, too,” I grinned. “How about doing it another time?” “Oh, I’d love to see you again,” Nikki said, as her face fell. “But I don’t know if I can,” she admitted.“Wait, you want to but you can’t?” I asked, puzzled.”It’s my mom, Bertha,” she sad, crestfallen. “She would go bonkers if I told her we were going out together.”Stunned, I could only sit there with my jaw open. “What’s her problem with me?” I asked.”It’s not you, it’s that you’re… Catholic,” she finally admitted, looking down at her lap.Now small Kansas towns are mostly Methodist or Baptist, but maybe a fifth of our little town were Catholic and to be honest, I’d never really encountered religious prejudice before. I had a really limited choice of Catholic girls my age, so I’d never particularly paid any attention to religion when I dated (though I had discovered that Baptist girls were the horniest once you got them warmed up.)”So do you want to see me again or….?” I asked, confused.”Oh yes, Bob” Nikki purred. “We’ll just have to be discreet about it.”Thus began my lifelong connection with forbidden fruit. I suppose one’s early sexual experiences set the pattern for what turns one on, and to this day I love small tits (like Nikki’s), redheads and most of all the thrill of sneaking with another man’s wife (Nikki was ostensibly in a relationship with Tom Forbes, a college boy, Methodist and Eagle Scout who her mom Bertha wholeheartedly approved of.)So the next Saturday night, Nikki told Bertha she was going out with girl friends and we met at a local burger joint, where she left her girlfriends and got into my car. “What would you like to do?” urfa escort Nikki grinned at me.”I thought we might go out to the lake and watch the submarine races,” I answered, hoisting a six pack of Coors.Her forehead wrinkled as she thought that over. “But how could we see anything…” she began, then got it. “Oh…OH!” she laughed. I drove out to Eagle Cove, which had a secluded campsite where we would be able to see anyone coming for quite a ways off, and we played the radio while drinking a few beers. Nikki cuddled up to me and I wrapped my arm around her, smelling her Taboo perfume (it still gives me a boner!) and nuzzling her red hair. I nibbled her ear and was rewarded by her sighs as she wrapped her arm around me and pulled me closer, than we kissed. Our tongues entwined and she relaxed in my embrace, thrusting her little boobs toward me. Tentatively I put my hand on her mound and she didn’t resist, pushing her tongue deeper into my lips. Soon I was kneading her girl flesh, and she was panting. “You feel so good,” I murmured, “I can’t believe how pretty you are!” lNikki’s response was to drop her hand to my lap and rub my growing bulge. “Ooh, that’s nice” she breathed as I fondled her breast. “If I had one of these, I’d play with it all the time,” she giggled.”Well honey, you’re welcome to play with mine all you want,” I responded. Nikki began fumbling with my belt, so I helped her unbuckle it and then she unbuttoned my slacks and began unzipping them. The sound of a zipper going down is such sweet music when it’s a girl’s hand playing the melody!i pushed her sweater up and to my delight she wasn’t wearing a bra (not that her little 32A tits needed one anyway!) I moved my lips down from her neck and kissed her nipple, eliciting a moan and shudder as she felt pleasure.My zipper lowered, she slipped her little hand into my BVDs and felt my now-rigid penis. It rose to her escort urfa touch, already dripping precum. Gently she wrapped her fingers around the tumescent shaft and squeezed, feeling it’s girth expand to her touch. I groaned with pleasure as she stroked it, and said “Just hold it, dear, or I’m liable to explode!”Giggling, Nikki reached further down and slipped her hand around my balls. “Careful, be gentle!” I panted.She rubbed first one testicle then the other. My tip was drooling fluid all over her hand, and I needed to give her attention so I pushed her down on the seat and began licking my way down her chest, the shallow valley between her boobies and down her stomach, my head up under her sweater. “Just a minute” she said, sitting up to pull off her sweater which I rolled up and put beneath her head. Now I had a great view of those little tits with her nipples standing proud. I fondled her nipples and kneaded her breasts to lots of moaning as I resumed licking and kissing down to her navel.”Don’t stop…” Nikki groaned as I started below her bellybutton. I soon hit the barrier of her skirt, and finally decided to ignore it and pulled it up over her hips. Now the only thing between me and her pussy was her underwear. She solved that by pulling them down to her knees, and I yanked them on down to her ankles. Now I was presented with the glorious sight of her pussy, covered in silky ginger hair!I gazed in astonishment at the sight – a feast for all my senses, taste, smell, sight, touch, and as I began touching it, hearing the sticky sounds and moans of her pleasure. I didn’t really know what to do – my only previous sex had been a hurried jumping of my buddy’s girlfriend when he was passed out drunk and I had just humped her, never stopping to enjoy the sights and smells. But here was a woman’s sex exposed in all its mystery and glory. “What’s wrong?” Nikki asked as a gazed urfa escort bayan in silence. “Nothings wrong,” I said. “I’ve never seen anything so beautiful!””You can touch me,” Nikki begged. “I won’t bite..”I tentatively ran my fingers through her pubes, tracing the shape of her swollen labia, and a clear liquid trickled out. I gazed in wonder at it, then touched it right where it was dripping out and she shuddered like I had given her an electric shock! I touched her lips gently and slid my finger up and down her slit, feeling the juice coat my finger. “Up higher – rub me up higher!” Nikki moaned, so I ran my fingers up to the top of her slit where I felt a bump like a little pea underneath the folds of her vulva. “Right there, oh, right there!” she groaned as I felt the bump harden and swell up. “Keep doing that – oh, keep doing that!” she moaned as her hips began to rock in time to my rubbing. I felt the incredible heat coming from her groin, and her musk filled the air. I bent down to sniff her pussy odor, and with my nose right up against her vagina, I had a sudden urge to taste her so I licked my tongue out and touched her heaving cunt and she screamed, grabbed my head, pulled it into her crotch and shook, grunted and slammed my face up and down violently for what seemed an endless orgasm. Finally she fell back, still twitching, her chest heaving and still flushed (redheads turn so red in the face and chest when they cum!) and said over and over “Oh my GOD! Oh my GOD! Oh my GODDD! I’ve never felt like that before!”I was pleased and amazed at what I had just made happen even though I was kneeling over Nikki with my slacks around my knees and my prick hanging out of my underwear, dangling stiff and dripping precum on her knees. I kissed her as she caught her breath and rubbed her breasts a bit, then felt her hand grasp my turgid member and pull on it. “Come here,” she said, urging me forward. I desperately wanted to plunge my dick into that red-rimmed vagina, but hadn’t planned ahead and had no condom with me. Besides, I thought she might still be a virgin….”That was wonderful,” she said “now it’s my turn….”



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