Watching my wifeAfter finding out that my wife Andrea had been fucking Keith , one of my best friends I decided to enjoy it rather than end our marriage. After all it’s my fault she did it, I’ve been insisting that she dress sexy ever since we got married. Things weren’t all that smooth at first but in time Andrea became more relaxed about me knowing when she and Keith had sex. She would have him over while I was at work, he ran heavy equipment and on rainy days he didn’t work. Later when I came home she would tell me about it. I knew if it was raining when I got up to go to work that Andrea would be well fucked when I got home. She was always freshly showered and she never let me have sex with her that same day. After some serious begging on my part she didn’t shower after he had left. She just put on a pair of panties and when I got home I got to see her creamy pie. She must have still been horny because she allowed me to stick my dick in her. I pushed it in all the way to my balls in a single stroke. Once fully buried in her I remained completely still and as I looked into her pretty blue eyes I said tell me about today. She said when she got up it was raining so she jumped in the shower to freshen up and touch up her shaved pussy. Then she put on her black garter belt and some black stockings in hopes the phone would ring. She said at nine o clock Keith called and asked if he could come over. She told him yes then waited in the den. When she heard his truck she met him at the door wearing nothing but the garter belt and stockings. She said they kissed and went to our bedroom and fucked for almost three hours. She said at noon he was give out so he got dressed and left , but she was still worked up so she got out her favorite vibrator and worked her clit over for a while. She said she remembered istanbul escort that I wanted to see her used so she got up and took off the garter and stockings and put on a pair of panties. I asked if his dick is bigger than mine. She said yes it’s a lot bigger. I asked like how. She said it’s at least two or three inches longer and twice as fat. I said does it feel good when he fucks you. Her hips began rocking slowly and she said yes, that she feels like a different woman when she has her pussy tightly stretched around him. I started shooting my load without the first stroke. The next few weeks I started asking if I could watch her fuck him but she always said Keith would never go for that. Then one day I was home from work using a day off and it happened to start raining. I asked Andrea if she thought Keith would call. She said probably since they haven’t fucked in over a week. I said what are you going to do since I’m home. She said go but your truck in the garage and close the door and I will let you hid and watch if you sware you’ll be quite. I agreed and hurried up to put my truck away. When I came back in the house Andrea said I’ve got to shower quickly, he just called and he is on his way. My heart about jumped out of my chest. What can I do I asked her. She said get in our closet and make yourself a comfortable place to watch. I said but the closet is beside the bed I can’t see from there. She said I’ll lay across the bed so you can see. I ran to our room to move stuff around in the closet. When Andrea finished her shower she came in our room and put on a white garter belt and a pair of sun tan colored stockings. She told me Keith loves my legs in stockings . I said I do too. She told me to be absolutely quiet and not to fuck avcılar escort up her side cock thing. I promise to be quite I said. I sat down in the closet and she closed the door partway. Then she laid on the bed and asked if I could see. I said yes. She began fingering her smoothly shaved pussy and said can you see this. I said I can. She said I always get started before he gets here so I’m wet, his cock just makes me crazy. The door bell Rand and she jumped up to let him in. I was setting there about to have a heart attack. My feet felt ice cold and so did my hands. I began to doubt I could do this but there’s no turning back now. I only a minute they came in the room. Andrea sat on the bed and Keith had his back to me as she unfastened his pants. He stepped out of them and I caught a glimpse of his semi hard cock as it swing to one side. Andrea gave him a blow job for well over five minutes. I’d already shot my load from that much head. She slid back on the bed and spread her legs wide open for my buddy. He leaned down and started eating her beautiful pussy. I couldn’t see anything but his ass untill he crawled up between her legs and worked his cock between her pussy lips. I heard her moan as he pushed it in. I know she did that for my benefit because she then said Keith your cock stretches me do much. Her legs wrapped around his waist and he started fucking her with long slow strokes. After a few minutes she said I want on top. He laid on his back and his dick was totally hard. It leaned to one side before Andrea took it in her hand and guided it to her hungry hole. I had a perfect view of his hairy dick as she rode up and down on him. She leaned down once to kiss him and this gave me a good view of how tightly her pussy was wrapped around his dick. When she şirinevler escort sat up she wiggled her hips and pushed his entire cock up into her. She leaned backwards and placed her hands on the bed to support her then she asked Keith if he liked seeing her pussy on his meat. He reached up and pinched her little nipples and asked why are you so horny today. She acted confused and said what do you mean. She said your pussy was soaking wet when I got here and you have never sat on my cock like this. She leaned down to kiss his neck then said your big dick makes me hot. He grabbed her ass cheeks and began fucking her like a mad man . She was letting out little cries of lust as he hammered her pussy with all he had. He fucked her at full speed for well over fifteen minutes before his straightened and I knew he was cumming in my wife. She laid on his chest and his soft cock fell out of her abused pussy. When his dick slid to one side I could look straight up my wife’s pussy. Her once tight vagina now hung open. There was a black hole the size of a quarter between her pussy lips. She fell over to her right side and Keith day up. He said damn honey you sucked the cum right out of my dick with your pussy. He said I need to go and he put on his pants whole Andrea laid on the bed. He leaned down and kissed her then said I’ll call you later then he left. Once I heard his truck leave I jumped from my hiding place and joined Andrea on the bed. I rolled her on her back and pushed her legs apart. Before she could protest I placed my lips over her freshly fuck pussy and went to work on her swollen clit. Her thighs squeezed my head and she grabbed two hands full of my hair pulling me in tightest. After I had sucked her pussy for a while and made her orgasm twice she let go of me. My face was covered in a mixture of her and Keith juices. I pushed my pants down and stabbed my throbbing dick into her extremely loose hole I said baby your pussy is so loose. She wiggled her hips and said do you like it. I said I love it then I started pumping my balls into her. Me hiding has become my favorite thing and I’ve already used all my days off.



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