Warm Water, Hot Sun, and Mutual Masturbation withWe crossed the wooden bridge as we made our way towards the beach, well if you could call it that, as there were too many stones and rocks, but there was sand also, it was just a case of getting in there first.We were out for the day in a nature reserve called ‘Stendörren’, full of great little alcoves for privacy, small stretches of sandy beach, great for pick-nicks, and the odd nude or so, well we all knew men liked to show girls, providing they were not caught.I first came here on a class outing for the day, and I was flashed twice, by different men, hiding in the undergrowth, so those memories came back as I walked the long distance towards the coastline from the car park.I felt my face turn crimson as I eagerly looked around, I was back here and I was determined to see another one, as the previous visit had left an impression on me, especially in my dreams, trouble was, even though the two men was naked, I really never saw enough, so my imagination filled in the other parts, besides two of my closest friends had been flashed also, the place was notorious for it and I was here for the day, so I was excited and looking, fully intent on filling the gaps in my dreams.We came off the bridge and walked down a narrow path, which went through a thick canopy of low trees and slightly ahead, we came to a clearing which showed the Baltic for the first time, and as we continued walking, some of our party ran ahead looking for a spot to down our bags and start swimming and sunbathing.The nice thing about Stendörren, is it’s vastness, it can be packed full of people but you can be isolated and do your own thing, secure in the knowledge your not seen, well, unless someone wants to watch you, then you are also with others so your never really in danger, unless you venture too far from help.I swam out further then the others and the nice thing about it was you could still touch the sandy bottom, I had been sunbathing for over an hour and I was hot, so I went for a dip too cool off, and me reason for going out further than the rest, was to relieve another heat in me, the sun always made me horny, so when sufficiently away from both the shoreline and people, with water up to my bare breasts, I stood face the group, and slipped my hand down the front of my bikini bottoms and started to touch myself.It was blissful, surrounded by warm water up to your breasts, well my bakırköy escort nipples on two small mounds of fatty tissue, but they felt nice and sensitive as I drew my fingers across them, time slowed sufficiently, allowing for the build-up to increase my desires, and I stepped out of my bikini bottoms and started to masturbate, out of sight, but in full view of the others, there was something incredibly naughty about being naked in water and masturbating in front of family and friends, I wondered what they would have thought if they could see me as I stood there brazenly feeling my breasts and vagina, seeking sexual release.Well I stood in the comfort zone hidden from view under the water, from those on the shoreline, but not from the snorkeller, coming in from behind me.I dont know how long he was there watching my antics under the water, which is very clear, that far off shore, but I was focussing intently on the shoreline I failed to notice him swim in behind me and observe a fifteen year-old girl, have a session with her fingers.When he broke surface and say, ‘Hello there’, I let out a short scream, more that he caught me unaware’s, but after turning to face him, my nudity and the fact I was masturbating, suddenly dawned and I felt very overwhelmed. I was naked so I could not swim off without giving myself away to the beach party, so that coupled by the fact he stood distant enough, as not to be a threat, made me stay rooted to the spot.’It’s OK love’, he said softly, ‘I want tell anyone what you were doing’.He sat low in the water, just his head and snorkel showing, and as I instinctively turned my head around to look back at the beach, I noted he had positioned himself behind me, thereby blocking those on the beach from seeing him.’What do you want’, I asked him defensibly, ‘Nothing sweetheart, I was watching you and doing the same’, he replied softly and reassuringly.I was now embarrassed and started to put my bikini bottoms back on, ‘Dont do that on my account’, and started to laugh softly, ‘It’s Ok’, adding as he floated on his back, exposing a full erection as it broke surface, like a sunken yacht surfacing, ‘I was doing the same’, and he returned to the upright position.He was still about 3 meters away from me, but his manner and calmness and now what he did, made me stop, except for stealing another look at the beach, but even as I did this he reassuringly beşiktaş escort said, ‘It’s OK they cant see us’, and as I turned back to him, he was stroking himself under the water, and I inwardly cursed the ripples as they obscured my vision to what he was doing.’I am Peter’, he said casually, ‘What’s your name’, ‘Mariel’, I blurted out, not meaning too, but I said it just the same, ‘Very pretty name, suits you’, he said flatteringly, ‘How old are you babe’, I hesitated, ’14’, I lied, but strangely I knew he would be more excited by that, than if I had said 16.I was standing in deep water with a nude man jacking off 3 meters from me, having a conversation, also naked and just caught doing what he was more openly doing, as I relaxed and confronted him.’You know Mariel, when I cum my sperm will float to the surface’, something I never thought about, and his sudden matter of factness, made my smile then laugh.This was crazy but I was hooked, and becoming more accustomed to him and more relaxed, ‘Would you like me to cum for you’, he asked, ‘OK’, I replied nervously, after all my whole day was based around my fantasy of seeing a man, only this was more exciting, ‘Good girl’, he said, his eyes glazed and his voice thicker, as sexual excitement in him built up, he had a young girl to watch him and I noted his jerking had become more vigorous.On my left was a rocky outlay that ran out about one kilometre from the beach, and I became aware of it when he suggested we move towards it and sexually play, ‘Is that where you were when I came out’, I asked him, ‘Yes he said, ‘I was sunbathing nude, when you swam out here’, he replied.By now we were at the end of the rocky outlay and he climbed onto the rocks as I stood off him admiring his naked buttocks and his balls swinging between his legs.I could still see my party on the beach, but he was on the point and out of view, we were isolated and he sat down in full view of me and started to masturbate, opening his legs wide and I watched fascinated as his balls smacked onto the hot stone where he sat.’Does that not hurt you’, I asked him, genuinely inquisitive, as I knew a mans balls were his weak point if slapped or squeezed. ‘No Mariel, your watching me and its feels great’, he replied, laying his head back and looking up at the sky, which I found to be surprisingly annoying, I dont know why, but I just did.Of course beylikdüzü escort his ignoring me and my sudden urge to join-in, resulted in a momentary silence as we both masturbated, him looking skywards and myself looking at his cock and balls, drinking in their untold beauty to a girls eyes, but more importantly, waiting to see the sperm shoot out.’You cumming Mariel’, he asked me breaking the silence, ‘Almost’ I replied, admitting I was well into it, ‘I bet your tight cunt is wet Mariel, gagging for a fat cock to stretch it’, he burst out, his dirty mouthing a sure trait he was close to cumming, but my immaturity made me laugh, ‘Of course it is, I am standing in water’, I replied and we both laughed, making him stop stroking, ‘Lick my balls babe, make me shoot’.His request made me jump, I had been mulling the prospect of doing just that in my build-up to my own orgasm, and a smile broke across his face as I moved towards him, without answering, and put my wet hand on his cock.He groaned, ‘Oh God’, or something like that, as I put his cock into my mouth, and feverishly sucked on him, flicking my tongue around his cock head and along the back of his shaft, lapping his balls and forcing it into his upturned anus, while jerking the foreskin over the glans violently, I had heard enough in school from the older girls on giving good head, and pushing my index finger up his asshole for good measure, prostate glands are a wonderful topic in Biology.He held my head firmly between his hands as I chewed aggressively on his ball sack, suddenly and without warning he pulled out of my mouth, slipped off the rock and was in behind me. My hands were in front of me and I was so wet that he slipped all the way into my pussy and started fucking me with a new found aggression, I was helpless, it had been building to this and I was sucked-in, pardon the pun, but his intention was fucking a teenage girl, and here was I on he end of his old cock, being opened up and submissively submitting without question or objection, as he fucked me and got his own way, even when he went anal on me, I accepted and accommodated him. Well I had been gone for a few hours before I rejoined my group on the beach, a little girl used as a woman to a lurking pervert, now happily own his way home, another teenage pussy violated, and other teenage vagina full of sperm, wanting her eggs to fertilize.I never mentioned the violation mainly because I orgasmed during sex, but mainly because I often admire his technique and bravado, his success rate, mainly due to us girls wanting men to violate us, either way I still drift back to our illicit fuck that day, especially when I need inspiration during my quiet moments in bed, lusting to be taken again.



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