Wanting love and kinkHey guys, I’m Denny, a masculine soft-hearted Outed Gay,with a Homoflexable twist looking for my Soul-Mate. Am a retired professional looking to find a REAL LifeTime romantic love n friendship with a Versatile Outed Gay man, LadyBoy or T-Gurl. I’m a loyal, calm, very horny ole boy n enjoy guys whose sexuality radiates from within n are comfortable with who they are. It’s important to talk, get to know one another n share our stories as I do enjoy hearing about your life’s n your sexual experiences. I’m hygienic, DD free, Vers [you be also], 8 1/2 inch part-cut, on PrEP n will not ware a condom. I feel very strongly that the more sex we enjoy n share the longer we will live. I am 420 friendly, as Medical Marijuana does help my Asthma.Desire a guy who put’s love n friendship ahead of money n worldly rize escort things. A good sense of humor, sass n self worth are important. A man who lives life fully, wants to share that n that wants to create warm tender memories n share wild sexual adventures together. A good sense of humor, sass n self worth are important. A guy who lives life fully, wants to share that n that wants to create warm tender memories. Someone to cuddle and watch TV together. I find Flirtatiousness, Oddities, Passion, Sensitivity, Quirkiness, Spontaneity, Thoughtfulness, Intellect, Power, and a Kinks n Fetish’s of most kinds sexy as hell 🙂 It is FUN to tease n banter but please no negative humor or teasing, it can cause hurt. The little boy in me is alive n quite well. Love n respect all n enjoy talking sakarya escort with strangers n leaving them with a giggle n smile.I’m a happy fun guy, who chooses to live in continuous sunshine regardless of what may be going on. Happiness is choice that I make everyday n when made it multiplies itself with others all around. You’ll find me a sincere n playful guy who LOVES living on the edge, as that is where the Love, Magick n Music of life comes fully awake. I am as real as a California earthquake, have a loving determination, stay on purpose n in the moment. I’m a forever romantic and very unapologetic about it. Have an infectious n sometimes twisted sense of HUMOUR n WILL make you laugh. Enjoy stimulating fun n philosophical conversations. Not into games, drama or struggle, not worth escort bayan the effort. I listen with both ears n do CHOOSE to hear.I have been told I am a big tease, dependable, very much a gentleman n a pretty good lay 🙂 The kinds of Humor you will find in me are: Inane, Clever, Friendly, SlapStick, Laugh-At-Life, Class Clown/Self-Deprecating, Dry/Deadpan, Highbrow/Witty, Risqué n Screwball.Love all a****ls, although PLEASE NO CATS, quite allergic to kitties and I do feel VERY strongly that all a****ls have the same spirit as humans do.I make no judgments of ANY KIND, and am very supportive. I do believe in continued personal growth and have done my best to make life work for myself and those around me. I am very aware of our universal God Spirit. I have worked quite hard on myself and have been on a Spiritual & Sexual quest for over 40 years. Seriously studying much about God, Love, Relationships, Spiritually, Meta-Physics, New Age Thinking, Theosophy, Zen, Buddhism, The Tao, Hindu and every self improvement class I could find anywhere in the Country. DO NOT do religion.



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