Lying in bed still mostly asleep, I feel your body wrapped protectively around mine, warming me. Eyes closed, I take in the sensations slowly. Your breath warm and moist on my neck. Our legs tangled together. Your arm loose around my waist. I slowly slide my hand up to cover yours where it lightly cups my breast. I snuggle deeper into you, breathing in your masculine scent, and feel you beginning to harden against me. I feel your chest expand against my back as you breathe deeply, tickling my ear as you exhale. I slowly move my hips back against you as I feel myself getting wet, hearing your soft moan vibrate against my ear. Your hand begins to lightly squeeze my breast, my nipple hardening against your palm. Your tongue slides out along my neck, tasting, teeth nibbling. The hair on your leg is rough between the smoothness of my thighs as you slide it slowly forward to rub against my wetness. I feel a spreading of my juices along my thighs as you slide your leg out from between mine allowing your hardness to slip down between my now moist thighs. Your hand is rough against my skin as it glides down to splay across my stomach, holding me still, as you slowly slide into me. My head pushes back against your neck, my face turning toward yours to look into your eyes, as I feel every inch of you slowly entering my tight channel. Tongues reach out to mate as you fill me, stretching me. My muscles flex tight around your thickness as you bury yourself deep inside me, my moans vibrating inside your mouth.

Your bets10 eyes find mine as you lift your head to watch me while you begin slowly pulling back out, gliding smoothly inside me. My eyes close again as I feel your tongue wet along my neck, moving upward to suck my earlobe into your mouth, your teeth nibbling around my ear. Your hand slides down my belly to my swollen lips, your fingers against my clit matching the slow, smooth rhythm of your cock sliding in and out of me. My hand runs back over your thigh, your hair tickling my palm, to rest there holding you tight against me. We lie still for long minutes, breathing deeply, the only movement your hips sliding your hardness slowly in and out of my tight, wet hole with long, slow thrusts. Your lips move against my shoulder and neck, kissing, biting, tasting my skin. My hand rubs against the back of your thigh, feeling your hair against my palm. Our soft moans the only sound.

You lick down my neck, biting me gently along the way to my shoulder, moving your hips a little faster, a little harder, thrusting faster, harder inside me, as you feel me grip you tighter, getting wetter. Your fingers against my clit match the rhythm of our hips. My hand grips your thigh tighter, hips push back against you, to feel you thrusting deeper. My face again turns back toward you, kissing along your jaw, eyes looking into yours. Your hand is rough against my skin as you slide it down my thigh and along the inside, lifting it back over your hip, bets10 giriş turning my body slightly as you thrust deeper, harder. Our breathing matches the quickening rhythm of our hips. Your lips against mine, tongues meet, hot and wet. I gently suck your tongue into my mouth, teeth scraping against it. Your lips glide against the front of my throat as you shift your body above mine.

Your hand caresses along the inside of my thigh, lifting, as you turn me onto my back. Your cock slowly slides almost out of me as you raise my leg above you to lay it gently on your shoulder. You lift my other leg to your other shoulder so that my knees are pressed into my breasts. My hands reach up to cup your cheeks, your beard rough against my palms. I watch your face as you hold yourself still above me, your body warm as it lowers to mine. I pull you down into me as my mouth opens over yours, tongue sliding inside to taste, my fingers running through your hair. Your hands slide under my arms to wrap around the tops of my shoulders, tightly holding me in place, as you begin to thrust harder, deeper inside me. My muscles squeeze around you, getting wetter as my orgasm builds, clenching you tightly inside me. My nails bite into your back, my tongue slides over your shoulder to the curve of your neck where I nibble, biting and sucking gently. I slide my tongue up your neck to your ear, around your ear, sucking and nibbling, while my moans vibrate inside your ear. My hips rise up to meet you thrust for bets10 güvenilir mi thrust, my muscles flex around your cock as the first wave hits me. Crying out, my body arches up into you, hips bucking, as you thrust hard and deep inside me. You seem to stretch me even further as my muscles clench tightly around you.

As I come down, you gently kiss me, nibbling my lips. My hands run through your hair, holding your head, as I deepen the kiss, tongues thrusting, our muffled moans filling each others mouth. I feel you inside me, stretching me, filling me, getting harder, thicker, as your orgasm builds. Your hips slam into mine with long hard thrusts, pushing me deep into the mattress. Eyes locked on each other, my nails biting into your upper arms, I cry out. My legs shake against your shoulders as my second orgasm begins. My muscles squeeze tightly around you, clenching, milking you, until I feel you start to cum, shooting stream after stream inside me. I feel you filling me as you thrust hard and deep, emptying inside me. Your moans fill the air.

Still inside me, softening a little but not completely, you lower my legs, kissing me softly, nibbling around my lips and jaw. Your hands slide out from under my shoulders to reach up and cup my face, my hands circling your wrists. Your eyes on mine as your head lowers toward my face. Lips meet in a gentle, light kiss. Tongues meet, tasting, savoring. You lower your body over mine careful to shift most of your weight off of me, our breathing slower, hands move slowly over each other, touching, soothing. Mouths nibble and kiss necks and shoulders, your weight comforting as it pushes me deeper into the mattress. Arms around each other, mouths against skin, we both slowly drift back to sleep.



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