I had gone to the beach with my camera to get pictures and maybe hook up with women. I got more than I bargained for. I found Sandy and offered to take nude pictures of her. At first I thought she blew me off but then she showed up with her entire volleyball team and they offered to let me take pictures of them at their home.

The picture taking turned into a full blown reverse 10 on 1 gang bang and I was the “1”. After I shot my wad I expected to leave but they invited me to spend the night, sleeping with one of them, in the nude since I had not brought any sleep wear.

I picked the names of five of them from a basket and was told that I was to sleep with them in order and needed to change beds every time I came. The first was “Jennifer”, an outgoing, well proportioned blond. She told me about the house rules that all guys were shared and gave me a good time in the shower and in her bed. The next was “Sandy” the one I had first seen at the beach with a spectacular figure.

Night with Sandy

After I came inside Jennifer I stayed on top of her but she said, “You need to go now. Sandy is in the room on the other side of the bedroom so you can go through to her. I caught your glance at her, you’re sweet on her aren’t you.”

“Well, she was the first of you girls I approached,” I told her “I had this irrational desire for her from the first time I saw her. It’s more of an animal thing, I think.”

“Well, go satisfy your animal lusts,” she said.

I went into the bathroom and cleaned off my penis then proceeded through the door into the darkened bedroom on the opposite side. “Sandy,” I whispered.

“Over here,” came a voice from the right. “I heard Jennifer climax so I expected you.”

I felt my way to the bed and felt her nude body lying on top of the covers. “I have been anxious to be with you since I saw you on the beach,” I whispered to her.

“Well, you’ve felt pretty much all of me already,” she whispered back, referring to the gang bang. “I’ve certainly had a chance to feel all of you.”

“I couldn’t tell whose tits and pussy were whose,” I admitted, “with all of you there feeling and being felt at once.”

Then I told her, “I want to spend the night cuddling with you. I’m dead tired now. Can we wait for the morning to have sex?”

“Only if you guarantee we will fuck in the morning,” she said.

“Yes, definitely, I really want to get inside you. But it’s been a long night.”

She moved over and I squeezed in behind her with my partially erect cock in her butt crack, one arm under her neck with a hand on her breast and the other arm over her hip with my hand in her crotch. I stroked her nipple and caressed her pubic lips.

“Anytime you want, you can get inside me,” she whispered. Then she moved her hips and pulled my penis between her thighs. Moving my hand out of the way she put her hand on my penis, pushed it against her slit and slowly and gently stroked the underside. I put my free hand on her tummy and rubbed softly.

“All of you girls seem quite eager for sex,” I said. “And you know how to please a guy.”

“It was part of the interview to get a room here,” she told me. “Not only was I asked about my attitudes, I had to have sex with four guys they brought in and then they evaluated my performance. We also talk to each other about techniques.”

I relaxed as I stroked her breast and felt her finger moving over the most sensitive part of my cock and felt the soft pillow of her cunt against the other side. My cock hardened as I fell asleep.

Sex in the Morning

I awoke to her touch on my cock. I was on my back and she was stroking me from cock to neck and back again. It was daylight and I could see her roommate was not in the room. “Welcome back to the world,” she said. “You have a promise to keep.”

“That I do,” I said and rolled over on top of her, kissing her lips and inserting my tongue in her mouth. She responded as I put my leg between hers and massaged her cunt with my knee. She pushed back with her crotch and massaged my back with both hands. Then she grabbed my butt and pulled me close to her. My cock hardened against her belly.

She reached down and grabbed my cock, wrapping her hand around it and stroking slowly. I moved one hand to her crotch and began stroking everything I found there without pushing inside. She responded by moving her hips back and forth.

I rose, turned around, and positioned my legs at her head with my cock hanging down in her face. I lowered my head between her legs. I stroked her outer labia with my fingers and licked them with my tongue. I felt her inner labia swelling and emerging from inside. I pushed the outer lips aside and began stroking her inner lips. At the same time I pushed my tongue in against the hardened bead of her clit and licked it firmly but slowly. She continued stroking my cock and also licked at the tip.

As I became more aroused I pushed two fingers into her inviting, warm and canlı bahis şirketleri wet vagina. I felt the rough patch of her G-spot and began stoking it lightly. Her hips rotated in synch with my stroking. I timed my licks of her clit to the same rhythm. I lowered my hips so my cock pushed against her lips. She opened them and admitted the tip. She rotated her tongue around the tip to the rhythm I was setting.

I pushed my fingers all the way to her cervix. It was nice and round with only a slight hint of a dimple to mark the entry to her uterus. I began stroking my fingers all the way in and out, paying special attention to her G-spot as they passed over it. She took in as much of my cock as would fit into her mouth and, as best as she was able with a mouth full of cock, began moaning in time with the rotation of her hips, the thrusts of my fingers and the tonguing of her clit. She increased the speed of her hip rotation and I responded by increasing the speed of my fingers and tongue. Her cock-muffled moans increased in loudness.

I decided to try to push her over the top and began stroking in and out very rapidly, inserting all four fingers and pushing hard against her G-spot as I passed over it. I pushed my hips down so my cock pushed hard into her mouth. I could tell that made her uncomfortable so I pulled it out and began stroking it in and out of her mouth, timing it with her moans which now became gasps as my cock was out of her mouth: out, “gasp,” in, “moan,” out, “gasp,” in, “moan,” …

Her vagina began a slight quiver and her moan became a constant whine and turned into a gasp as my cock came out of her mouth. I pushed my tongue harder against her clit and stroked her vagina and G-spot as vigorously as possible. Sandy stopped rotating her hips and thrust them up in an orgasmic spasm. I continued my thrusting and licking as her vagina throbbed wildly and she tightened her muscles, arching her back and pushing her cunt against my mouth.

As her spasms turned to twitching I moved around and thrust my cock deep into her cunt in one sudden motion. She gasped in surprise and pleasure as I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her body close to mine. She put her mouth to mine and kissed, inserting her tongue deep into my throat. I began thrusting my cock in and out of her soft, warm, wet hole and she moved her hips in unison.

I lost myself in her kiss and the sensation of her vaginal walls sliding past my cock. I felt the tickle of the building orgasm in the tip of my cock, then a tingle as the tickle spread through my cock and into my balls. I kept thrusting harder and harder and she kissed harder too. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close. Then she wrapped her legs around my butt and with her feet increased the force and depth of my thrusts into her cavity of pleasure.

The tingle in my cock and balls turned into an unbearable thrill and I felt the cum rising inside. I squeezed my crotch muscles to hold it back and prolong the pleasure. I was unsuccessful. I moaned in delight as the thrill filled my body and overwhelmed me. Cum squeezed through my attempts to hold it in and filled her cavity in ecstatic spasms. I allowed my whole body to jerk with each ejaculation and thrust into her hard each time. She helped by tightening the grip of her arms and legs every time a burst of cum spewed into her. Then she squealed in delight and grabbed me even tighter. Her vagina started pumping all the remaining cum from me and her hips jerked uncontrollably. The waves of pressure pushed my ecstasy to the point of pain. My cock, sensitized by my orgasm could barely stand the additional stimulation. I cried out in a scream of combined pain and pleasure.

Her involuntary jerking reduced to small twitches but she continued with a voluntary thrusting of her hips against me. With each thrust the intense combination of pain and pleasure radiated from the tip through my entire cock and I cried out. Was she oblivious to what this was doing to me? I looked at her face and saw the opposite was true. She was enjoying every second of it and getting some kind of perverse pleasure from my screams as she also prolonged her own ecstatic feelings. I couldn’t hear her over my screams of intermixed pain and pleasure but I could see she was laughing every time I yelled out.

I kissed her in an attempt to stifle my screams and her laughs. She kept doing her hip thrusts and instead of screaming out, I felt like I was giving her mouth-to-mouth. Every time she thrust up I involuntarily exhaled, filling her lungs. Then she exhaled right back as she moved down. Later I realized that I could have just withdrawn my cock but the exquisite pleasure that accompanied the pain kept me from doing so. Thinking about it, I realized it wasn’t so much pain as an unbearably extreme pleasure. How could I pass that up.

Eventually, her thrusting stopped and I moved my mouth from hers to say, “God! that was incredible. Do you canlı kaçak iddaa do that to all the guys?”

“Itwas incredible,” she agreed. “I’ve never done exactly that before, it just kind of happened. I couldn’t resist and your screams made it all the more wonderful.” She pulled my lips back to hers and we kissed and fondled each others bodies as my cock slowly relaxed inside her.


“I think it’s time we get up,” Sandy said pulling away so my limp cock popped out. “Do you want to shower?”

I thought for a moment. A shower with her would be fun but would I ever get out of the continual rounds of sex that seemed to be the rule here. Did I want to? “What time is it?” I asked.

She pointed to an alarm clock next to her bed. “9:30,” she said, echoing the digital display.

I decided more sex was better than any other alternative, “sure, let’s shower.”

We went in the bathroom and she turned the shower on and adjusted it. We got in and I handed her the soap. “You first,” I said.

She took the soap and scrubbed me thoroughly, not wasting any time excepting that she spent considerable time making sure my once again fully erect penis and my balls were clean. Then she soaped her breasts and abdomen and began moving up and down with her slippery body over my slippery cock. I moaned in the grip of pleasure and shot a small wad of semen. She kept sliding over my jerking cock as small amounts of semen oozed out.

“Oh,” she said. “I guess I need to wash you again.” And she did, in the same manner as before but then, instead of rubbing me with her body, she handed me the soap saying, “Your turn,” with a smile and a lilting laugh. My body was still covered with soap.

I washed her slowly and gently. I spent extra time soaping her breasts, fondling and feeling them and her erect nipples. I also spent time working on her crotch. Rubbing her external lips over and over and then pushing a finger in between to scrub her clit and inner labia. I then pushed all the way up her vagina and rubbed in and out repeatedly as she arched her back and made sighs of pleasure. I finished by soaping her legs rapidly, rose and hugged her, rubbing my body against hers, feeling her breasts against my chest and pushing my cock between her thighs. She rubbed back and gave me a big kiss. She broke off the kiss and said we needed to rinse and dry.

After rinsing and getting out of the shower she dried me off and offered me a towel which I used to dry her. We went back into her bedroom and she put on a terry cloth bathrobe and a pair of slippers.

“Where are my clothes?” I asked.

“Safe and sound,” she told me. “You’re dressed perfectly. We seldom let guys wear anything here.”

“Oh,” was my only response. I was not the least surprised.

We went downstairs. It seemed most of the girls were up and about. Through sliding glass doors I saw several of them at the pool, a couple in bikinis, a couple topless and at least one nude. Darlene and one other girl were at a large table in a dining room. “Hello, stranger,” Darlene said. “I had hoped to have you in my bed last night.”

“I was really tired,” I told her, “and slept with Sandy, and now she has pretty much drained me again.”

“Oh, so now itis my turn,” she said softly.

I decided not to mention that Tara was actually supposed to be next and just said, “I guess so.” “I thought that was only for last night.”

“Trying to get out of it?” she asked in a playful tone.

“No, just trying to understand the rules.” I replied.

“Well, until you leave, I’m next.” she said.

“I am happy to hear that,” I said, not sure I could take another round of sex with anyone, even as great looking and as sexually skilled as these girls were.

“Have you had a good time?” Darlene asked.

“Absolutely,” I replied with conviction. “All you girls are fabulous in both body and ability.”

“Not by accident,” she responded.

“Jennifer told me some of it,” I told her. “Why is sexual ability and apparently sexual desire so important here.”

“Well, I like sex myself and I think the only way to keep guys interested is to be attractive and to be good at it. I didn’t want any girls in my house who would be jealous because I wanted some guy they brought in and I wanted a chance at all the guys I liked. I thought it only fair that the other girls have the same attitude. Otherwise we definitely wouldn’t get along.”

“I see,” I said and changed the subject. “Do you know where my clothes are?”

“Of course, we have washed and dried and folded them neatly for you. You can have them when you leave. We prefer our men naked here.”

“Youare a randy bunch,” I said.

“Indeed we are,” she said with a hint of pride. “Do you want breakfast?”


“Yes, I would like something,” I said. “What are the rules about that?”

“Normally the woman who invites the man is responsible for his breakfast. Since you weren’t exactly canlı kaçak bahis invited by a specific one of us, I will get your breakfast.”

“Oh. Thank you. Is there a reason for that?” I asked.

“I am next on the list for you to fuck me.” she said.

“Makes sense,” I said but decided to mention what I had thought before. “But isn’t Tara next?”

“Well, maybe officially,” she said, “but Tara got you off when we gang banged you. I think I’ll just invite you for tonight.”

“Doesn’t that mean someone else has first chance at me?” I said.

“Has Jennifer or Sandy been explaining the rules to you? Probably! Well I’m next! That’s That!”

I decided it had been a mistake to even bring the subject up and returned to the subject of breakfast “What are you providing this morning?”

“Besides me? You can have cold cereal, oatmeal, toast, toaster waffles, or fruit with juice and coffee,” She replied. “Sorry, but I’m not going to provide, bacon, eggs, ham, or pancakes this late in the morning.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said. “Fruit will be fine. Do I get a choice of type?”

“Melon, grapefruit or oranges,” she replied.

“Melon will be good, any kind,” I said. “What about juice choices?”

“Orange, apple, and grape.” she said. “I think we also have V-8 or tomato but I’m not sure.”

“Orange and coffee,” I said, adding, “black.”

“I always serve it black,” she replied. “Cream and sugar are on the table.”

She disappeared into the kitchen area. I looked around. The room was furnished very simply with a table for 12 and a small table against the wall. I thought it looked like a table for a buffet. Then I watched the women at the pool sunbathing, diving and swimming around.

Darlene returned and I remarked, “You run a tight ship here.”

“Thank you for noticing,” she said. “I take responsibility for all the finances, including getting each woman’s rent. I also assign work duties and take care of pantry content. Anyone can buy food of their own but it’s available to anyone else to use. It’s too much trouble to keep track of individual ownership and I don’t want to be resolving disputes over stolen food. Instead one of them can ask me to include something on the pantry list and I usually do unless it’s outrageously expensive or likely to spoil before it’s used.”

We sat quietly as I ate and then she asked, “Do you want to fuck after breakfast or later today?”

I was surprised, at first, by her boldness but realized that I should have expected it. Darlene wasn’t one for sexual subtlety. I doubt any of these women were. “I think I’m pretty sexed out,” I told her. “I doubt that you could get me up and you certainly won’t get much out of me after last night and this morning. I lost count of the number of orgasms.”

“I have ways,” she claimed.

“I have no doubt you do,” I said, thinking, “don’t they all?” “But later, please. I will enjoy it a lot more if I have a chance to recover.”

“I think you’d be surprised,” she claimed. “Guys often enjoy it more when they can’t really ejaculate anything. It prolongs their orgasm. Oh, if you want, I’m sure we can get an accurate count of how many times you have cum by asking the ladies you were with.”

“No, thank you,” I told her. “I’m satisfied with the experiences without knowing the count.”

“But if you know you had two orgasms with Sandy and one with Jennifer it makes it easier to reflect on your experience,” she claimed.

“Maybe so,” I admitted. “But I’m happy with my less numeric and less exact reminiscences. besides, I would like to do some photography by the pool, It looks great out there.”

“By the way,” she said, “the rule at the pool is that any woman can touch you anywhere and that you can touch any of them anywhere. Just nothing that causes pain. We have called the police for assault when one of us has been hurt. Go on out.”

“Thanks for telling me the rule,” I said. “Where are my cameras?”

“Out in the party room where you left them,” she said. “No one should have touched them.”

“Thanks,” I replied. Then I made a comment, “I am surprised that with as much sex as you have around here no-one uses condoms. I would think it would be required.”

“What?” she exclaimed loudly. “None of the women you were with used a condom?”

“No,” I told her, “neither Jennifer nor Sandy stopped and asked me to put on a condom.”

“Neither one stopped and asked you to put on a condom?” she asked to confirm, “nor stopped to put one on you?”

“No,” I said.

“I see,” she replied somewhat calmly given her earlier intense reaction. “I need to speak to them both.”


She left the room and returned with Jennifer. She was totally naked and gave me a kiss and fondled my hardened cock briefly. Then she sat and Darlene said, “Kyle says you did not use a condom last night.”

Jennifer answered, calmly, “His cock was as naked as it is now.”

I looked at her, she was surprisingly calm.

Darlene turned to me, “Do you agree that your cock was as naked as it is now?”

“Yes,” I replied feeling bad for Jennifer.

“Then why did you tell me you didn’t have a condom?” she asked.

“Because I didn’t,” I replied.



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