Vikki – My New LodgerWe were both feeling drained so decided to get some sleep and being the gentleman I am I allowed Vikki to go up the stairs first just in case she lost her footing and of course the bonus to that was I got a lovely view of her denim clad arse.As we got into the bedroom it soon became apparent that Vikki had nothing to sleep in and looked a little concerned, “Shall I sleep in my knickers daddy?” she asked as her shorts dropped to the floor and as nice as she looked in her black lace panties I wanted to go a step further, “I sleep naked babygirl” I said with a smile as I slipped my tatty old shorts off and knew I had Vikki’s eyes looking down at my hanging cock.“Can I sleep naked daddy; would you mind if I did daddy?” she asked as she pulled the tie on her top exposing her perky 36c’s clearly showing her nipples were still stiff and she smiled as she slowly peeled off her panties and handed them to me, it was pure instinct as I immediately held them up to my face and took a deep sniff giving me an immediate head rush, “OMG daddy, what are you doing?” Vikki said abruptly and when I told her I was just testing if they needed washing, “Oh cool” she replied as we both climbed into bed pulling the thin sheet over us.Vikki turned on her side facing away from me as we lay in the moonlight and I was laying on my back thinking how nice it was going to be having Vikki around for a little while, “Daddy, I’m scared, will you cuddle me?” she asked softly so I rolled over behind her putting my arm around her which just happened to cup her boob and I also felt my soft cock pushing up against the fleshy cheeks of her arse, “Mmm that’s nice daddy, I feel safe now” she sighed as I felt her pushing her arse back into me, “Goodnight daddy” she sighed, “Goodnight babygirl” I replied feeling her stiff nipple in the palm of my hand but I think we were both so devoid of energies that we just snuggled and drifted off to sleep, tomorrow was going to be a long day too.The morning came far too quickly and I was still drowsy when Vikki walked in wearing one of my old tee shirts which hung down just above her knees carrying a cup of coffee which she put on the nightstand and the caffeine aroma forcing my bleary eyes to half open, “Morning daddy” she said in a soft voice as she sat on the edge of the bed, I tried to focus on her, “Morning baby” I said waking up knowing my morning wood was only just covered by the thin sheet.If anything happened in the night then I had absolutely no recollection of it as after cuddling up I was out like a light, “How did you sleep?” I asked her and as her smile warmed the room she told me she slept like a baby which was a good thing.I don’t think she had been awake long as her hair was sticking up in every direction but somehow she still looked damn hot and I could see her nipples poking through the material of my tee short as she sat quietly looking down at me like she had never seen her ‘daddy’ naked in bed before which in reality was true. “I need a hair cut daddy” she sighed running her fingers through her unkempt locks and I thought maybe that would be a good idea to have a new look to go with her new start in life, “Tell you what babygirl, after we get your stuff from your mums how about I drop you at the hairdressers” I said shuffling about in the bed trying hard not to expose myself, “Really daddy?” she said in an excited voice… “You’re the best” and she bent down giving me a gentle kiss on the forehead.Vikki was about to get dressed while I drank my coffee and I told her to look through Lisa’s clothes and find a better fitting tee shirt, “Shall I put my panties on daddy? you said they were dirty” she asked which made me smile, “No babygirl, just put your shorts on for now” I replied and as I finished my drink. Vikki then pulled on her shorts and pulled my tee shirt up over her head and I must say she did have a perky pair of titties, Amsterdam Escort Shemale her dark nipples stood nicely out the front.She walked out and into the guest room and I thought I had better make a move and I was sitting on the edge of the bed totally naked when she walked in all excited, “How do I look daddy?… Oh sorry daddy” she said freezing to the spot seeing me in a total state of undress.“It’s ok babygirl” I said reassuringly turning my head to see her in a nice tight tee shirt, (Lisa is slightly smaller build than Vikki,) “But daddy, you are um… naked daddy” she said softly with a giggle diverting her eyes as I stood up and slipped on a pair of sports shorts and grabbed the tee shirt that Vikki had just taken off pulling it on and getting turned on by her smell.We went downstairs to grab some breakfast and with Vikki not being a big eater I just did some toast and a fresh pot of coffee and it was nice to see Vikki more relaxed and definitely happier although a little apprehensive of getting her stuff from her mother. Vikki called her friend who was a hairdresser and she was happy to do her hair and then came the bombshell as she got a text from her mother saying she had packed her stuff and would be there when she arrived, she wanted her key back too and I could see in Vikki’s face that she wasn’t happy about the situation, I came up with a plan..“Tell you what Baby, Tell your mother that your friends dad will drop in to pick your stuff up, she doesn’t know your not friends with Lisa” I said with a smile, “I can drop you off at your friends to get your hair done on the way” I continued and Vikki’s mood changed immediately, “Really daddy? would you do that daddy?” she sighed and it was the least I could do judging by how scared she seemed at seeing her mum, maybe she hadn’t told me the whole story but that’s ok as my main priority was completing the task and getting her stuff.Vikki stood by the sink doing the washing up in her little denim shorts and knew I was sitting behind her, the bottom of her cheeks were visible under the frayed edges and with her legs slightly apart I could just see a few dark pubic hairs mingling with the frayed denim, she did have a lovely rounded arse and seeing the denim tight in her crack was a very arousing sight however I needed to control myself although it was a great start to the day.Her phone went ding with a reply from her mum, “OK fine” was all she said but at least Vikki didn’t have to go through the trauma and I was happy to help, she gave me her key as we got ready to leave.Vikki had managed to get a personal day off from work and was in good spirits as we drove across town to her friend’s house and I told her to text me to come pick her up and pay her friend, she gave me a peck on the cheek, “Thanks daddy” she said smiling as she got out the car.I drove off apprehensive as I had never met her mother before but decided to keep an open mind and not get involved in any family disputes, my goal was to collect her clothes and move on.I was able to park outside the house and as I was walking up the path I realized I was probably wearing the wrong shorts as without underwear my cock was visibly flopping around inside and as I rang the bell I nervously waited not knowing the kind of reception I was going to get. Her mother opened the door and straight away I knew why Vikki wanted to get away, her mother was certainly a bit rough around the edges and came to the door dressed in a short silk robe making it perfectly obvious that she was naked underneath it because as she dropped a black sack on the floor in front of me I could see her droopy tits down the front, not the most pleasurable sight I must say. “Is this all there is?” I stuttered to her worried she might pounce on me and she looked at me without as much as a smile, “It’s all I could get right now mate” she said grumpily and I acknowledged as rotterdam Escort Shemale I picked up the bag turning on my heels and walking away, I even tried to walk fast as my first impression was that Vikki’s mum was not the nicest person which made me more determined to help her daughter.I got back in my car and drove home and put the black sack on the guest room bed so that Vikki could sort it all out when she got home and decided to get a beer out the fridge happy that I had at least completed the task without any further distress to Vikki, one thig was for sure is I would do my utmost to avoid Vikki having to go home again.I decided to make a fresh batch of juice for when Vikki comes home and sent her a text to let her know I had got a bag of clothes and would wait for her to let me know she was ready and within a minute I got a text back, “Thanks daddy, come whenever and Kim will do you a trim x” and I thought ‘why not’ as I could do with a trim up.I text back to say I was on my way and was excited to see how her hair had turned out but all the excitement in the world could not have prepared me for what I was about to witness.Vikki’s friend Kim opened the door before I could ring the bell and OMG she was a doll, short black hair with striking green eyes and I can only describe as very pretty, “Hi” she said stopping me in my tracks, “Um.. she does look a bit different sir” she said with a smile warning me to be prepared.I followed her inside and couldn’t take my eyes of her rounded arse clad in a small pair of white sports shorts which were turned down onto her hips and pretty near transparent as the whale tail of her thong was clearly visible. As we got to the lounge door she turned to me and a quick glance down at her matching sports bra which clearly showed her dark nipples through the thin white cotton material, “Are you ready sir?” she asked as she opened the door and standing there was Vikki with a blank expression on her face waiting for my reaction.. OMG!!!I was stunned, I truly didn’t recognise Vikki standing there, she hair was now blonde and even shorter than before especially on the sides and spiky on top.. I could even feel my cock twitch as I looked at her new look, “Do you like it daddy?” she asked and I couldn’t hold my excitement, “Oh babygirl, YES.. YES.. YES!!” I replied which was a big relief for both Vikki and Kim, “Really daddy?” she questioned and I honestly did love it.. “OH YES!!” I cried out putting her mind at ease and finally she smiled walking over to give me a hug, “Thank you daddy” she sighed softly.As Vikki pulled away I had to sit down in the chair to avoid my pending boner to show as I knew Vikki felt it when we hugged and as Kim came over with a towel to wrap around me Vikki sat opposite so we could all chat while Kim was doing my hair. “Best we take your shirt off sir” Kim said and got so close to me that her small boobs were almost in my face as she pulled my shirt off over my head and now sitting topless there was no hiding the bulge that was beginning to appear inside my shorts. As she stood behind me and fastened the towel she then ran her hands down my chest to smooth out the towel and OMG my boner was getting bigger so I put my hands on my lap to try and hide it.We were all chatting about nothing in particular and I noticed Vikki was glancing down between my legs which like a typical man were parted and as I wiggled my fingers I realised she could probably see my balls and the position of my hands I think she realised I had a boner too so without making it too obvious she parted her legs slightly allowing me a quick peek up the legs of her shorts, I wasn’t sure if Kim knew what was going on as she just carried on trimming my hair.I did notice however that there was a fair amount of bodily contact which may have been accidental as the room wasn’t that big and Kim did need to walk all around me and I Amsterdam Escort certainly wasn’t complaining.Kim was just about to realise my arousal because as she was cutting the top of my head she pushed her knee gently into my groin and I had to move my hands away to avoid groping her leg and could definitely feel her bare leg pushing against my boner and although she didn’t mention it she couldn’t fail to realise my cock was hard and the very fact that she kept it there for a while told me she liked it and when she finally did move around the side I definitely saw her looking down at my bulging shorts, “It’s looking good sir” she said softly and I was hoping her comment was about my hair however I wasn’t totally sure as now my bulging shorts were exposed I saw no reason to cover it up, Vikki definitely noticed my arousal but kept the conversation going to try and divert the attention.Kim was nearly done and stepped back to admire her handywork and I saw her glancing down at my bulge, she turned to Vikki, “What do you think babes?” she asked and Vikki took a long hard look and also glanced down at my bulging shorts before returning her gaze to Kim, “Oh yes Kim, he looks hot” she said with a giggle and having both of them staring at me made my cock even harder and I could feel it pushing against the waistband of my shorts which inadvertently widened the gap between my legs and now both girls could see my balls.I had my hands on my knees as Kim stepped back up between my legs as she saw something on the top of my head that needed adjusting and again I felt her leg pushing against my boner, “Did you miss a bit Kim?” Vikki said with a giggle as my face was so close to Kim’s belly I was sure she could feel my breath and I must say her skin did smell nice, again not helping my arousal. I looked across at Vikki who had widened her legs a bit more and also the gap between her frayed shorts and thing had increased and now her stray pubic hairs clearly visible and she knew I was looking but I think more importantly she was looking at her friends arse too, damn… what a tease.Kim finally stepped back and walked around me, “All done sir” she said as she unclipped the towel and I noticed a few hairs fall down onto my shorts and could also feel some on my back and chest, “Don’t worry sir, I will clean you up” she said picking up a mirror and holding it in front of my face, “How does it look sir, You like it?” she asked and to be honest she had done a good job. She went back around me and stood behind me and I felt her soft fingers running down my back removing the stray cut hairs and then along my shoulders before reaching forward to run her hands down my chest, I was sure she wasn’t JUST removing the hairs as she took her time and I felt her fingers linger around my stiffening nipples.She then came around the front and continued running her fingers down my chest and belly and then noticed some on my shorts and hesitated, “If you stand up sir most of the hair will drop to the floor” she said so I obeyed her instruction however the bulge in the front of my shorts became more visible and Kim giggled as I tried to brush my shorts only for my boner to bounce around, “Here, let me help” she said with a girlish giggle and started to rub the front of my shorts which although wasn’t helping did feel nice, “OMG daddy, what happened?” Vikki said with a giggle as she saw her friend brushing my erection with her fingers, I tried to laugh it off but Kim insisted on cleaning me up properly.Kim tried to remain professional as she brushed the stray hairs off of my shorts even though rubbing my erection was unavoidable even though at one point I was sure she squeezed the shaft, “Hopefully sir you will become a regular customer, I work from home or I can visit you in your home sir” she sighed as she handed me back my tee shirt.I paid the girl a bit more than what she asked for as I firmly believe giving a good tip for a job well done and the transformation in Vikki was well worth the money and just as we were leaving Vikki turned to me, “Daddy, can Kim come over for a sleepover someday?” she asked and the answer to that question was a total no brainer….To Be Continued….



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