The door wasn’t locked, so I walked into the private room. (It is one of several rooms you can rent by the hour in this combination ABS/adult theater.)

An older man was sitting on a sofa. He appeared to be nude. His chest and legs were bare. A young, petite woman, with long black hair and a light brown complexion, was lying ever so composed on the couch. Her shoulders rested on his lap.

When I entered, they both looked at me as if I was the 100th guy to audition that night. I quickly smiled at them and said something like hello, trying not to stare at her bald pussy.

Since they did not respond, I went right to it. I pulled down my shorts and stepped out of them. My hairless, semi-erect cock was immediately exposed, since I was not wearing any underwear. I noticed that the woman was now staring at my bald crotch.

Speaking for the couple, the man said, “You don’t waste any time.” We snickered as I removed my t-shirt and approached them.

I knelt down on the floor in front of them; knees spread, and began caressing her body. She had soft, smooth, creamy skin. Her belly was trim and concave. Her breasts were small, but firm.

After a few minutes, the man told her to spread her legs because he wanted me to “eat her pussy.” He also told me to go slow and I did.

Then he slowly eased out from under her and gracefully dropped to the floor along side of me. I could not help but notice is flaccid, thick cock.

Using both of my hands, I gently spread her pussy lips and with little licks traversed the entire length of her pussy – several times. As her body began to react to my stimulation, the man reached over and began fisting my cock.

Enjoying my own stimulation, I sank my tongue deeper into her wet, sweet tasting pussy, only to pull back a moment later, flicking my tongue back and forth across her clit. She moaned and rolled her shoulders each time my tongue touched bahçelievler escort her clit. Taking my cue, I began gently lapping her clit.

With his free hand, the man reached the area between my balls and anus and oh-so-lightly stroked back and forth with his fingertips. I instinctively rose up a bit to give him better access.

Taking advantage of my encouragement, he slipped a lubed fingertip into my rectum. Although my body slightly quivered at the invasion, my sphincter locked his fingertip like a vice.

I took a deep breath and exhaled a sound that was half sigh, half moan, and relaxed my sphincter. Encouraged again, the man wiggled his finger all the way in. I squirmed as I adjusted to the finger in my rectum.

Soon my head was bobbing up and down as if I was sucking an erect cock, not a woman’s erect clit. I sucked to the rhythm of the in and out as he fucked my ass – now with two fingers. This drove her wild – and me, too. Her clit and my prostate were getting a great, simultaneous workout.

She began to perspire and shudder more frequently as I began to suck her clit even more intensely. As she arched her back and pressed her pussy into my face, I arched my back and pushed my ass down on his fingers, wanting them to go deeper.

She came several times over the next few minutes. Finally, she could take no more and pulled my head so hard against her pubic mound that I couldn’t move.

The man proudly informed me, as he withdrew his hands, that this was the most he had seen her cum and in record time. I was pleased at being able to make her cum like that…her clit had swelled enormously in my mouth.

As she told us that her orgasms were so intense that she thought she was going to pass out, the man smeared a generous amount of lube onto the head of his throbbing cock and walked behind me on his knees. In a moment, he was against bahçeşehir escort my back, rubbing his lubed cockhead over my heavy balls and puckered anus.

She quieted and watched as he eased me up onto all fours, spread my soft cheeks, and slowly, but determinedly pushed his cockhead into my ass. I grunted and looked up into her eyes. They were expressionless. I looked back down at her bald pussy and tried to relax.

When the man felt my sphincter loosen, he began to push his hard, thick shaft in further. I continued to grunt and grabbed hold of her slim thighs for support. This time she warmly smiled at me, reached down, and held my hands.

It only took a few rhythmic motions before he was ass fucking me in earnest. My moans and groans combined with the squeaking couch and the sound of sweaty skin slapping against sweaty skin must have created quite a sensation outside the door. I heard many voices. I heard the man tell her how tight my ass was…that he wasn’t going to last too long.

I remember thinking that my ass wasn’t that ‘tight’. His cock was just very thick. I had tried to squeeze my sphincter around his hard, swollen cock, but it was hopeless. His cock was too thick. His cock owned my ass. It entered and exited my ass at will.

When the man announced he was going to cum, she quickly jumped up and stood behind him. I glanced back at them.

She was intently watching his big hands push my shoulders to the floor and then firmly grasp my cheeks. I turned around and closed my eyes as he spread my cheeks open and began frantically slamming his pride and joy in and out of my stretched out asshole.

He cried out a minute or two later. A few times, before I felt his warm sperm begin flowing into my battered rectum.

I quickly glanced back, again. She had her hands on his shoulders, as if steadying him, and I swear she was licking her lips. bakırköy anal yapan escort I turned back around when he collapsed on my back, gasping, his cock lodged deep in me.

We rocked back and forth for a minute or two as his orgasm subsided before he eased his still hard cock out. What a sight my asshole must have been – dilated (I felt the AC all the way up my colon!) and dribbling sperm.

When my wet asshole closed back to normal, she eased back onto the couch and motioned for me to join her. As I got up, she patted her lap, indicating I should lay down with my head on her lap.

I did and the man sat on the floor. She then began to tell me her fantasy.

She told me she had never seen two men ‘do it’, except in xxx movies. She said she had always wanted to see her husband to ‘do it’ with another guy. (Over the years, many women would tell me this very same fantasy. Some of them made it come true and some did not.)

After a brief intermission, she gently began to stroke her hubby’s cock with her fingertips. Being seated, he spread his legs, allowing her more access. I began to stroke my cock hard.

When she bent over to suck him, I gripped her by the boobs in the classic doggy position, and inserted my hard cock into her wet pussy. (My cockhead was also sticky wet. In fact, I had oozed so much precum with his cock up my ass, that I had created a small puddle on the floor.)

I had started fucking her slowly, but in no time, she began pushing back – hard. Encouraged, I fucked her harder. The harder I fucked her, the wilder she got. Her poor hubby, not wanting to let his cock slip from her mouth, nearly had it bitten off as she climaxed and thrashed about.

All too soon, I felt the uncontrollable urge to cum in this sexy woman. However, before I did, I grabbed her hubby’s hand, his fingers to be specific, and literally jammed two of them into my swollen asshole.

Almost immediately, I began shooting torrents of sperm into her warm pussy. The look on her hubby’s face was priceless.

That was not the end of it. We had more sex that encounter. Her hubby and I sucked each other’s cock. He fucked her. I ate her out, again. Suffice to say, we were exhausted when we went our separate ways.



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