Vampire lust…. Part 1With in the deep black night sky, I gaze out and think of her… This woman whom I belong to. I still remember the first night I seen her. She was out looking for prey for feed upon… I was walking home from a late night of work. Stressed and tired… My spirits low and jammin to some music on my CD player… I forget what I had playing that night… Ah, WAR, Slipping into Darkness. A great song. As I was walking into the park I sensed something, stopped walking and beamed to my left! My eyes trying to adjust to the darkness looking for anything out the ordinary. Nothing… There was nothing to be found with my eyes… But my body knew there was something there. But I started to walk again. keeping myself on edge just to be prepared I though. Little did I know, I was not ready for her… As I walked she watched… In the trees she waited… Grinning and licking her lips. Feeling the urge to feed and hunt. She was ready… I was still walking not 100% aware that she was watching me… I knew someone was there… but I didn’t know what… ” Ehe, its just a cat or something… I hope” I thought. But then up ahead, I seen something in a tree… It looked like a person? A little shocked I stopped and removed my headphones. “What the hell? Is that.. A person spying on me in the trees? Ha! No way. This must me a joke…” I whispered to myself. But then it moved! Crawling down the tree like a spider I watched in fright… My body tense! As I seen it’s eyes glow with in the night. The moonlight, kissing most of it’s body through the shadows of the tree’s bursa escort leaves. “Is that a woman…? What the hell…? Ok… This is too much. I’m out of here…” I said to myself. As I turned to walk away *Baaaaaaad Idea… but I was scared soo yeah.. haha!* like a flash she was right in front of my face! ” !!?? ” Still like a boulder I watch her… Fear surging out of my body I couldn’t move… She reached for my faces with both of her hands… So warm they are… Her claws slowly caresses my cheeks… But then! Both of her hands lock around my neck! Feeling her sharp claws dig into the back of my neck and her thumbs close my throat! I panic and grab her wrist, Pulling as hard as I can! I didn’t even notice that she had picked me up! Looking in to her eyes, they where wide and just watching mine.. Seemed so lifeless… But then she started to smile… A grin so evil and hungry! then like and impulse, my legs kicked her chest with everything I had left in me! ” Ugh!” She grunted as she fell backward! At the same time I fell on my side gasping for air! Crawling to my feet I begin to stumble away from her… But it came with little usefullness… as I was limping away, I took a look back to see if she was following me. She was still on the ground… But within a half of a second, like plank of wood simply falling in reverse she levitated to her feet! I looked away to focus on moving faster! But again… With in a flash she was in front of me… *CrACk!!!* I seen her life arm move like a blur and then felt a sharp pain in my right shoulder! Before I could scream bursa escort bayan in pain her left hand was around my throat! Lifting me off my feet! Then like I was a slab of meat* she threw me into a nearby tree! *CrAcK!!!* As I lay at the root of the tree, I would feel my ribs broken… One of them pierced through my skin! blood was running down my chest… I could feel it in my mouth… I was soo weak… But then with my blurred sight I seen her in front of me again… She looked down at me… Her eyes… Still wide and hunger within them… She knelt down on her knees… her long hair covers her face… I had the through of throwing a punch or a kick… But I didn’t care anymore… But then… She seen my broken rib that pierced out. She d**g her finger across the exposed bone… I would feel anything… My body from my chest on feeling cold… But then I seen something I just didn’t expect… She like my blood of of her finger… In that moment her eyes Glowed red! She the looked into my eyes. And I whispered without even noticing ” Wow… Beautiful… I’m so going to die now…” She looked ready to kill… She then reached for my neck again.. sliding me onto the ground laying face up… The moon was so bright… But like an eclipse, her head blocked out the light and in came the Darkness… She was sitting on my thighs.. The she grabbed both of my wrist and held me down… *Kinky… Huh…?* Them I see it… she opened her mouth and I see the shine in the moonlight… Those long… white fangs… She then pressed her chest to mine… paying flat on escort bursa me like I was a dying mattress. “You very… Unlike the other prey that I have hunted… ” She said… I looked at her, she was so close to my face… “Are… Y-You are Vampire…? That… Would be wonderful to die by your hands…” I muttered out. She laughed and moved down to my neck and said in my ear, “I’m going to have fun with you… Alot of pain before your death… Your too beautiful to kill so quickly… I will make you remember me in the afterlife…” As she spoke her last words she tilted my head to expose my neck… I was ready… “Vampires are awesome… Besides… I don’t really have a reason to live anyway…” I whispered. Then I felt her tongue on my neck! She was getting ready to sink her fangs in! Her tongue felt so damn good… Making me moan like crazy! The she did it… My soul shattered… I could feel the life coming back slowly… Biting harder and HARDER! I scream louder and LOUDER! With every suck it was like a void sucking the live out of me! I wanted more! I screamed ” Don’t stop! please keep sucking me dry!” And then… She stopped… I’m breathing heavy… laying under her… My neck bleeding slowly… I’m in such a daze… My body going crazy… “M…more…. more… mor…e…” I moan as I lie there lifeless… “Mmmm… You seem to enjoy this don’t you human…? You body must love it when I feed upon you… I see that you are… Alittle bigger down here… ” She the rubbed her body on me me… I scream into the night howling like a bear! She Kisses my lips… I fall into maddness.. “You really hard… This is a first for me… Come.. I shall take you to your new home… My slave… ” End of part one! let me know what you think! I will post the second part soons!!!!! Thanks for reading xD



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