Unisex toiletI was at a recent sporting event being held in London, I was feeling extremely horny as I had been away from home for a while and had not satisfied my needs. The woman players tight shorts were not helping. I made my excuses during a game an made my way to a toilet, I was looking for a loo when bursa escort I was confronted by a load of temporary toilets, cubicles not portaloos. They were unisex so I thought I’d find the quietest block. I got in got on my phone and started to wank over the porn on my screen, as I heard the toilet next too bursa escort bayan me shut. There was a load knock and an ”ow” from the cubicle next door it came from a female who sounded mid twenties. She sat down wiping the seat first, her foot coming slightly under my cubicle, I stared at it, her red toe escort bursa nails sent me wild. She began to p**s an I came hard over the sound of it, it shot hard over her foot an she jumped sending her off the seat slightly causing her to p**s over the floor. “is that cum?” she asked knowing the answer “pretty kinky” she chuckled, I heard her her wipe up the pi**s off the floor and giggle as she passed the wet paper under the cubicle. I came hard again an wiped my cock with the paper an returned to my friends very happy.



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