Unforgettable ChristmasThis story begins last December at my home in the Colorado Mountains, where I was just finishing testing the new security and surveillance system. We had a mare about to foal, and I had installed extra surveillance cameras so that I could check on her condition frequently without having to bundle-up and drudge through the snow several times nightly. It was just before dark, and I was about to go feed the horses when I heard the doorbell ring. I opened the door, and to my amazement and delight, Nikki, my adopted daughter, and a strawberry-blonde female friend stood huddled closely together as they tried to hide from the biting cold air. I quickly ushered them inside.“What are you two doing up here?” I asked as I took their suitcases.Nikki giggled as she took her jacket off. “We’re on Christmas break, Jack”. She had always called me “Jack”. All of my friends always have. Nikki knew she was adopted. She had always called me Jack, and I never had a problem with it. To me it was her way of keeping her individuality intact.Realizing my impoliteness, I turned to take her friend’s jacket. “What were you working on?” Nikki asked. “We rang the doorbell twice”.“Sorry about that” I said, as I turned and placed her coat into the closet, “I was testing some additions I made to the surveillance system”.“Again?” she asked. “You’re always adding more to that thing. What now?”“Come and see” I said.Nikki and Lydia followed me into my bedroom where the glow of the computer screen showed areas of every room in the house, the entry, and the sides and back of the home exterior, and of the views from the new cameras in the stables.“They’re all easily controlled by a joystick, plus they’re all color, and I can zoom in and out.” I said.“Why the stables?” Nikki queried.“Because we have a mare that will be giving birth soon”. I answered.“Baby horses? That is so cool!” Lydia said. “It also keeps me from having to freeze myself at night to check on them” I said.“Speaking of cool…” Nikki smiled as she turned and walked out of my room towards the fireplace to warm up. I couldn’t help but stare at her as she walked. Nikki is a petite and curvaceous young lady of oriental-american birth.She stands about 5’1” and weighs in at about 110lbs soaking wet. We had adopted Nikki through an overseas agency after learning that we wouldn’t be able to have k**s on our own. Nikki was everything we had ever dreamed of. She was very intelligent, with straight, raven-black hair that fell to just above her tiny waist. Her face was angelic, with steely blue eyes that could pierce your heart. As she turned around to warm her shapely derriere by the fireside, I noticed her tiny nipples standing out firmly against her blouse, making her perfectly-shaped 36-C’s look enormous.I turned away. She was a knock-out, but she was also my adopted daughter.Humpy stood up and wagged his tail as Nikki patted him on the head.“Did you forget what today is, Jack?” Nikki asked in a teasing tone.I looked at my watch. It was December 24th…Christmas Eve. Obviously embarrassed, I stammered, “uhh…yeah.”I’d completely lost track of time since my wife was killed in an automobile accident several months ago when she had gone down the mountain to pick up our dogs from the local vet. Tricia (my wife), and Tasha (our female dog) had both been killed instantly. The only survivor of the accident was Humpy; Nikki’s 5 year old “puppy”. Humpy is actually a big, loveable mixed breed. He looks like a Golden Retriever, except that he’s about 130 lbs. He survived the accident with little more than bruises and sc****s; funny how that happens sometimes. When we let Nikki pick out the pup she wanted from a neighboring farm Nikki didn’t name Humpy at first. She couldn’t decide on a name until she found one that fit. She finally decided that “Humpy” fit him perfectly because ever since he was old enough to walk he’d hump anything- the table, your leg, whatever. I don’t think our cat will ever be the same. Animate or inanimate, Humpy would wrap his paws tightly around it and give it heck. When Nikki told us the name she’d decided on she didn’t need to tell us why… all my wife and I could do was laugh. We picked up our female- Tasha, from the local a****l shelter just a few months earlier to breed with Humpy. She was another beautiful golden lab, and we’d hoped to have some pups when Nikki returned home from college for Christmas break. Tasha was pregnant, and Trish had been getting her checked out at the vet. When Trish left the Veterinarian’s, to return home, the police speculated that she never even saw the semi that slammed into the SUV. The workload since then had overwhelmed me so much that I’d completely spaced everything. Humpy is mainly an indoor pet, and he had dealt with the loss of his mate in his own way. These days he stayed by my side faithfully everywhere I went. We each somehow knew what the other was going through. Nikki spoke and brought me out of my thoughts and back to the present, “I didn’t think you’d mind me bringing a friend by to help cook you some dinner for Christmas Eve”. Humpy didn’t want to be ignored. He lifted his head, nudging Nikki in the crotch so hard that she lost her balance and almost fell down. Nikki laughed, bent over, and stroked Humpy’s long, silky fur.”Hey, us old bachelors…Humpy and I…we’d love to have both of you beauties here” I said. Nikki and Lydia both smiled.”Where’s your boyfriend?” I asked Nikki.”He’s history” Nikki said. “He wanted what I wouldn’t give him”.She didn’t offer any further explanations, so I didn’t pursue it. Nikki changed the subject quickly, “Jack, meet Lydia” she said. Lydia, the pale-skinned strawberry blonde had removed her coat and was waiting politely for me to take it from her. At 5’-4” Lydia was a little bigger than Nikki…in many aspects, but she was still probably only about 135lbs at the most. I tried to lock my eyes onto Lydia’s eyes, but it was extremely difficult. Lydia was stacked with a set of large D-cups barely hidden inside a tight-clinging, low v-neck sweater. It had been months since I’d even looked at a woman sexually. Since my wife’s death, I had immersed myself in work to forget everything, especially the pain and the loss.I caught myself staring, looked up, and gazed deeply into Lydia’s eyes. They glowed a sparkling green that was stunning. She smiled an impish grin that not only implied that she knew exactly what I’d been looking at, but there was also a hint of approval and appreciation. Lydia’s gaze reminded me of the sultry look in Trish’s eyes when she was very horny. As I hung Lydia’s coat in the closet, I forced the thought away, remembering that this young lady was half my age… but my cock couldn’t forget. It’d been months and my cock was hungry for sex. Hot sex. Wild sex. Any sex. Feeling my cock stir, and knowing that I was about to develop a growing lump in my pants, I quickly excused myself and exited the scene before I embarrassed my daughter.”Make yourselves at home” I said, “…and don’t worry about food…I’ve already got enough cooking for all of us in the slow cooker”. Because of all of the work I’d buried my feelings in I often made meals that would last me a day or so. Once outside, the snowy ground slid and crunched beneath my work boots, but the winter chill did little to cool down the firey-hot poker that kept growing and begging to be released from its cotton confinements. Inside the heated shed, I fed and watered the horses, and did my best not to think about the two hot little hard-bodies relaxing inside my home. That didn’t work very well, so I decided to take more extreme measures. When I walked back into the house the guest shower was steamed up, and I heard the girls talking and giggling in front of the fireplace. I surmised that the girls had taken some relaxing, hot showers. I slipped unnoticed into the Master bedroom and showered with icy cold water. My aching cock ran and hid in fear of the freezing fluid. Convinced that I had quieted him down for a while, I donned some briefs, my loungers, a soft cotton shirt, and my favorite robe which Nikki had sent me through the mail as a birthday gift while she was away at college. The robe was made from red silk with black trim, and had a gold oriental dragon design embroidered into it.When I entered the Dining room, I was quite surprised to see the table set with our best china, some of our finest wine, and candles. Nikki and Lydia were adorned in their own silky oriental robes. From the lacy top under Nikki’s robe, I knew she was wearing a nightie underneath.I also immediately saw what the girls had been giggling about. Humpy was licking and kissing Nikki all over, and nipping and pulling at her long hair as Nikki rolled, laughing on the large, plush floor spread. “Same old playful dog” Nikki laughed. She rolled over and onto her knees, and as she went to get up off the floor, suddenly Humpy jumped up and mounted her, quickly wrapping his paws around her waist. It was then that I noticed the red tip of Humpy’s doggie meat quickly inching its way out of its furry covering. I had to act quickly. Humpy is not only horny, he’s also strong and pretty darn fast at finding the mark. I leapt to Nikki’s aid and quickly grabbed Humpy’s collar, one of his forelegs, and pulled him off of her.”Humpy sit!” I commanded him. He obeyed, but his demeanor showed his pent-up sexual frustration. Nikki stood up quickly; a look of shocked surprise on her face. I turned to apologize to Lydia for the horny dog’s actions, expecting to see a look of embarrassment or shock. To my surprise, what I saw on Lydia’s face was a look that revealed raw sexual hunger. I followed her gaze to see what she was looking at; it was Humpy’s semi-erect slick cock. Humpy was hung with a thick bone that was now hanging at half-mast, and about five inches long. Lydia came out of her erotic trance and started laughing, then Nikki began laughing…and for the first time in months I laughed too. Once again, there was laughter and love in our home. It was good.Chapter TwoHumpy lay on the floor in front of the fireplace, enjoying its warmth, as we finished our evening meal. We were finishing up when Nikki poured us all another glass of wine from the decanter and said, “A toast- To a future of love, laughter, and excitement!”.We tipped our wineglasses together; the crystal making a beautiful ring that seemed to resonate forever, then we downed the wine. Sensing an end to the evening, we all left the table, loaded our dishes in the dishwasher, and turned it on. It hummed away, making a lullaby of watery sounds. Lydia politely excused herself, “It’s been a fun day, but it’s late and I’m going to turn in for the night”.”There are plenty of blankets in the hall closet”, I said. “Make sure you bundle up. It’s supposed to get really cold tonight, and even with the fireplace going, it’ll still get cold in here”.”Oh, I’m sure I won’t get too cold” she smiled back. She walked between Nikki and me and kissed Nikki on the cheek, and then to my pleasant surprise, she also kissed me softly on the cheek.For a moment I wondered about her kissing Nikki. Was is just a “girl thing”, or…? And what about the kiss on my cheek? We were relative strangers, but suddenly I felt very close to her. My cock twitched impatiently in my robe.As Lydia turned and departed, I couldn’t help but notice that the slit in her robe ran all the way up to her nice, round ass. Her white skin glowed as she disappeared into the darkness; her shapely legs sliding sexily in and out of the robe as she walked.My cock was beginning to move, and I was powerless to stop it. I felt a bulge growing quickly in my boxers. Realizing what I was doing, I turned and caught Nikki’s eyes. She’d seen me eyeing her friend. She knew me. She knew where my thoughts had been. I didn’t say a word, but rather put my head down, embarrassed. Nikki spoke softly, “It’s okay Jack”. She walked over to me and wrapped her arms around me. She wanted to comfort me. Here I was, a big, strong man weighing twice what little Nikki did, and yet as my emotions overwhelmed me I found myself sobbing gently in her arms. Tears ran down my face onto the top of her head, and Nikki pulled me tighter. She was warm, she was sexy, and she felt good. It was at that moment that I noticed that even though my cock was now facing downwards, it was also almost fully elongated. It was becoming hard, and very noticeable. As I turned to move away instinctively, my movements seemed slow. I didn’t want to move away. As I backed away, Nikki let her arms drop away from my body; her fingers gently ran over my cock. Did she do that intentionally, or was I just ultra-sensitive because I was so horny?I turned and walked to the fridge hurriedly, opening the door, hoping that the cold air would make my erection subside quickly.”I’m going to have some ice cream before turning in” I said. Nikki bit on the tip of her long painted fingernail and gave me a sensual grin. “Ice cream? On a cold night like this Jack?” Her voice implied that she knew something was “up”. Nikki knew exactly what was up. She had felt it.”Ummm…yeah.” I stammered, as I felt my cock receding from the cold.”You might not want to have that on top of the wine” Nikki scolded.”You’re probably right” I said.Nikki walked over and shut the fridge door. She reached out and took both of my big hands, looked deep into my eyes and said, “Jack, you are an exceptional man”. She looked down, and I leaned over to kiss her on the cheek. It was at that moment that I thought I saw her staring down, not at the floor but rather at the still swollen lump in my boxers.”Good-night Baby” I said. I had to exit this scene quickly.”Good-night Jack” Nikki returned softly; her voice a deep whisper. She looked into my eyes and gave me a cute, alluringly sexual pout, and then she kissed me on the cheek. She turned and walked toward her room. I watched her walk down the hall and into her doorway, and then she turned and blew me a kiss. I was momentarily stunned. The “kiss” was what Trish had always given me when she turned in for the night…and was horny. Did Nikki know that? I went to bed and fell asleep surprisingly easily. I was extremely tired, and the wine had warmed and relaxed me. I dreamt about making love to Trish. It was beautiful. I wanted it to last forever.I was awakened at around a quarter til midnight when I tried to roll over with a raging hard-on. I couldn’t go back to sleep, so I decided to put another log on the fire. As I walked towards the fireplace, the lights were out in the girl’s rooms, but for a moment I thought I heard sounds. I listened intently, and heard nothing else, so I passed it off as the wind.I washed my hands, and went back to bed. My hard-on had subsided, and I gently fell back into a peaceful slumber. I faintly remembered hearing the sound of snow gently falling against the window pane, and the old Grandfather clock tolling at the stroke of midnight. My dreams returned to my lovely Trish. I slumbered deeply as she told me how much she loved me, and how badly she wanted to pleasure me. Instinctively, in my slumber, I reached in and pulled out my fully erect shaft. I slowly stroked it. I heard something click in the background of my dream, as if far away…and then another, softer click. The dream seemed more vividly colored now. Trish told me how beautiful my cock was. I felt her tongue lovingly tease the underside of my shaft. Then she went down on me, gently sucking my cock into her mouth. It all felt so wonderful, and so real. I canlı bahis felt like Trish had returned to my bedroom to make sweet love to me again. It was at that moment that I heard Nikki gently calling my name, “Jack…” she said softly.sleepily, I opened my eyes and saw Nikki’s gentle eyes gazing into mine, smoldering with sexual desire. The sounds I’d heard in my dream were really in my bedroom.Slowly returning to reality, I suddenly realized that I was still gripping my hard-on, and automatically tried to cover it up. It was also at that moment that I felt the cool air chill Nikki’s saliva on my cock. It had been Nikki talking to me, and loving my cock gently, not Trish, and the sensations I’d felt were real, not a dream.Dazed and stunned, I gave Nikki a confused, questioning look, but before I could say anything Nikki moved up, kissed me on the lips and said “It’s okay Jack”, and gently moved my hands away from my cock. Before I could object she put her finger to my lips to silence me, climbed onto the bed and straddled me in a sixty-nine. Within moments her warm lips engulfed my prick and her warm mouth began slowly and very purposefully bobbing up and down my shaft.I hadn’t had sex in months, and I gave up all restraint. It simply just felt too wonderful to resist. I melted into the bed as she did her best to swallow my whole cock into her tiny mouth.After several wonderful minutes of wonderfully delicious oral sex, Nikki stood and disrobed. God, she was beautiful!I drank in the view of her shapely ass, and the scent of her tempting honey box that glistened with erotic dampness. I then pulled her forward by the waist and buried my tongue hungrily inside her. She instantly began quivering delightfully, moaned softly, and brought her sex to meet my probing tongue. For the next few minutes she gently rocked back and forth, as I concentrated on her clit, swirling my tongue and flicking it across the tiny bud. Finally she could stand no more. She ground her crotch hard and fast against my face as her body shuddered violently with every wave of her orgasm, and to my pleasant surprise, tiny jets of Nikki’s cream squirted into my mouth. I’d never experienced a woman who squirted when she was cumming, and I was fascinated. The taste was like pure, sweet honey to my sex-starved mouth. Nikki quickly changed positions, pulled her panties off in a flash, and unbuttoned her nightie to let her breasts swing freely. My eyes absorbed the ravishing beauty before me. From the neatly trimmed jet black bush, to her tiny nipples, Nikki was incredible! I sat up, gently cupped her breasts and kissed her nipples as Nikki positioned herself above my throbbing shaft. As she slowly came down on my cock, she slid the slick lips of her sex back and forth over the head of my shaft. I could feel her hot moisture. Maybe it was the “taboo” of the whole thing, but she was totally turned on by the fact that she was about to fuck the man who had adopted her…and so was I! Nikki rotated her hips in a circular motion very quickly, and the head of my cock disappeared into her body.“Ohhhh…God, yesssss!!!!” Nikki moaned in unbridled passion.“That feels so incredible, Jack…you’re…so…thick!!!”She was so tight inside that I moaned with her in a unison of pleasure. Slowly she rocked and rotated on my dick until she had taken his entire length inside her body. I let her fuck me in this position slowly for the next half hour. She would bring me to the very edge of cumming, and then stop until she felt my cock stop twitching completely, then she’d smile at me and start the delicious torture again.I held her tiny waist, which now had beads of sweat rolling from it. Her long hair was wet from the ride.I gently pinched Nikki’s tight nipples, and she responded by moaning softly and stopping for a moment. It was at that point that I felt her pussy twitching and clamping tighter around my rock-hard cock. I sucked on her nipples for a few moments as she slowly rotated her hips and ground her clit hard into my pubes. I couldn’t take any more.Nikki felt my body tense up, and saw the contorted look of passion on my face.”Oh yes Jack!!! Nikki moaned loudly as she started fucking my cock hard. She’d lean up quickly, pulling several inches out, and then slam all the way down to my pubes as hard as she could. I thrust upwards with my hips and felt my cock swell as it shot the first load of cream deep inside Nikki. Nikki gasped in response to the sudden swelling of my shaft, and the shot of cum. I quickly rolled her onto her back and mercilessly pummeled her tiny pussy. She bit her lower lip and shuddered violently as my cock continued to swell and jerk back and forth inside her. Nikki’s sex clamped tightly around mine as she rode into the waves of her own orgasm.When both of our waves of joy had subsided, I kissed her gently on the nape of the neck for several minutes. Tears of joy streamed down my face. Holding my shoulders, Nikki rolled me onto my back without dislodging my shaft, and then she lay on top of me. Nikki looked deeply into my eyes, “Merry Christmas, Jack” she said softly.The burning fire within her eyes had been satisfied…for now. Nikki laid her head down and kissed my chest softly. We breathed together as one for several minutes. The last thing I remembered hearing was the soft sound of Nikki breathing slowly in gentle slumber, and then I too fell asleep. Chapter 3When I awoke at my normal 3 a.m. to check on the horses, Nikki had rolled over and snuggled up beneath the blankets. I felt a little awkward about what had happened last night.Instead of having to brave the cold, I walked over and turned on the monitor on my computer. The barn temperature was good. I panned the camera and saw that the mare was doing fine. She was probably still a week or so away from giving birth. Seeing nothing unusual in the stables, I strolled to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of milk. I noticed that the light was still on in the guest room where Lydia was staying. The door was slightly open, and I thought I heard sounds. I was tempted to go peek in, but decided it would be wisest for me not to. When I returned to my room, Nikki had awakened, wrapped a blanket around her body, and was sitting at my computer.”Jack…come here” she giggled excitedly. I noticed that Nikki had changed cameras and clicked the button to record. The screen said “File Saved. Saving New File”.”What did you record?” I asked.”I’ll show you later” Nikki said, “Sit down and just watch what I’m recording now!”I sat down, and Nikki removed the blanket and sat on my lap. My cock stirred to life as she wrapped the blanket over us both.The camera was recording the scene from the guest room where Lydia was lying on a blanket on the floor, legs spread wide, and eyes shut. Her panties were off and she had her nightie pulled up to her waist. I turned the sound on low. The eight inch vibrator hummed rhythmically as she worked it in and out at an ever-increasing pace. From the look on her face, she was nearing orgasm. The scene was erotic. Feeling my hardening shaft, Nikki leaned forward and guided my prick into her hot box. She eased herself down slowly onto my cock until I was in to the hilt, then she leaned back and kissed me deeply.There was a sound from the hallway outside Lydia’s room, and Nikki and I looked back at the screen just in time to see Lydia quickly jerk the vibrator from inside her pussy and hide it beneath the blanket. She held perfectly still, eyes shut. Obviously hoping that whoever entered would think she was asleep.The door to the guest room opened slightly. Nikki slowly began humping my shaft. What happened next was wildly unexpected.Humpy quickly entered the guest room and went straight for Lydia’s crotch, lapping her crotch with his long tongue. Lydia opened her eyes, surprised at the sensation, muffled a squeal of shock, and looked as if she was going to kick at him or slap him as she raised her legs and arms quickly.Suddenly she stopped, and looked around the room. No one else was there.She gently pushed Humpy aside, then stood and walked to the doorway. She peeked out, and seeing nothing and no one else near the room, she stood for a few moments, obviously thinking about something very seriously.Next, she slid the door shut slowly, and carefully, quietly locked the door from the inside. Then she quickly scurried back over and laid down on the blanket. You couldn’t help but see her flushed color, and the wild, sexual grin on her face. Lydia laid back on the blanket on her side and said, “Here Humpy…c’mere boy!”Humpy stood.”Come here boy!” Lydia urged.Humpy was only too obliged to return. He walked over and licked Lydia’s face. She kissed him on his snout and said, “Here boy, let’s see if you like this…”, then she offered him one of her swollen nipples. Humpy licked on her breasts and Lydia moaned, “That’s it boy…good boy!”After a few moments of this, Lydia lay back on the blanket. Humpy licked on one nipple while Lydia closed her eyes and pinched the other. Lydia moaned softly. This was fun, but not exactly what Humpy wanted. He left her side and walked between her legs. Seeing what Humpy wanted, Lydia quickly placed all of the pillows and blankets she could find on the floor and lay down with her ass and pussy lifted high to make it easier for Humpy to lick her. Lydia bent her legs upwards as she felt Humpy’s probing tongue begin lapping at her wetness. She spread her legs wider and said, “Oh yes Humpy…lick me!”Humpy did exactly that. Lydia had been close to orgasm before, and within a minute or so, she gasped loudly as her first orgasm started.Nikki humped me a little faster. Her juices flowed down my cock. She was obviously turned on as she watched her friend engaging in this forbidden taboo.Lydia arched her back, grabbed the back of Humpy’s head and pulled him hard into her pussy. For a moment I thought she might suffocate Humpy, as his snout disappeared completely, sinking deep into Lydia’s sopping box. She moaned loudly, her head thrashing from side-to-side as she pulled on his head, thrusting his snout in and out of her body like a cock. She held his head and humped her hips wildly. After what seemed like a minute, Humpy finally pulled free and panted for air. Lydia lay limp, twitching and shaking in the afterglow of a monster orgasm. Lydia’s cum glistened on Humpy’s snout, and he licked the sweet juices until they were gone. Humpy then returned to licking Lydia. She seemed drained of energy as she rolled over onto her stomach.”Lick all you want baby…” she said softly.Humpy wasn’t thinking of licking for long though. His bright red eight inch prick was stiff and he wanted pussy. He stepped over her ass and wrapped his paws around her waist quickly. Lydia started to get up, not sure if she was ready for this. Humpy had already made the decision for her though. He wanted pussy. Her pussy. Now. Lydia thought of escaping and rose up on her arms and knees. Humpy firmly grabbed her by the back of her neck. His powerful jaws clamped down, and he growled low to let the bitch know who was in control now.Without warning her further, Humpy made several fast, short jabs. Perhaps she feared that he might hurt her, or jab his cock into her asshole…or maybe she just wanted it more than she thought, Lydia reached down and guided the long red cock into her pussy. After she helped him find his mark, Humpy relaxed his grip on her neck slightly and thrust his cock in to the hilt all at once. Lydia let out a yelp. Feeling her sex tighten around his cock, Humpy fucked hard and fast into Lydia’s slippery pussy. Within moments, Lydia was trying to meet his thrusts. She was enjoying being doggie-fucked! Humpy had been banging her hard and fast for about five minutes when the next monster orgasm began wreaking her body. Humpy pounded her as she arched her back and muttered loudly, “Oh fuck…oh fuck yeah baby…that’s it! Give it all to me…and give it to me good…pound my pussy!”She collapsed in a heap on the pillows as Humpy kept pounding at a furious pace. For several minutes, the large knot full of cum slammed hard against her pussy lips, then he pulled her tight against the knot, and the swollen knot slowly sank inside Lydia, locking his body to hers on the inside. The knot was bigger in diameter than the largest cock Lydia had ever taken, and she writhed in pleasure, humping furiously at the cum-filled intruder. Nikki slammed her pussy onto my cock, her eyes glued to the on-screen erotica. Humpy let out a howl, and Lydia’s face contorted in waves of new orgasmic pleasure as the flood of Humpy’s cum filled her pussy, then began trickling down her inner thighs.The scene was just too hot. I held Nikki tightly as she and I exploded together. We lay in the chair, sweating and satisfied for the next few minutes.When Humpy stepped off of Lydia and walked out of the room, Nikki hit the “Save” button, and I carried her back to bed. Chapter 4- Christmas MorningI awoke today at 5a.m. as usual. I’ve been performing my daily routine so long that I naturally wake up at the same time every day without the use of an alarm. Nikki was sleeping peacefully as I crept out of the bedroom. The fireplace was alive with a warm glow, and the snow was falling steadily outside the window. Humpy raised his head and wagged his tail. I smiled back at him. As usual he was sleeping in front of the fireplace; it’s always there or in my room.Walking to the back door, I donned my slush boots and checked the outdoor temperature on the indoor thermometer. It was definitely a cold day and would probably remain below freezing, but at least it wasn’t below zero. I listened for a moment to the wind howling outside, and then I heard the clicking of Humpy’s nails on the tile floor as he came to join me in our morning routine. I leaned down, stroked his thick, soft fur and then lovingly shook his head in my hands. “You have a good night, old boy?” I asked in a teasing voice. “Yeah, you old stud…I know you did!” Humpy wagged his tail happily as if in total agreement, thumping his tail against the freezer we use for extra food storage during the long winter months. “Shhhh!!!” I hushed him as I opened the door so we could exit without waking the girls.I closed the door behind Humpy, who rushed past me into the cold and headed for the warm stables. I turned around a little too fast, and found a large patch of slippery ice that had formed overnight. After performing a rather unsightly pirhouette, I whacked my head on something hard and the next thing I knew I was lying on my back in a snowdrift and Humpy’s warm tongue was licking my face. I slowly got back on my feet and rubbed the lump on my aching skull.”Thanks for the help Humpy…maybe I can repay the debt one day.” I said as I petted his head and started walking towards the barn. Humpy was a good, faithful friend. Without his coming to my rescue I might have easily died in the bitter cold. First I walked to the open stables where the cows were all gathered, huddled together and chewing peacefully on some hay. Humpy gave them a few barking commands, as if to say, “Get on your feet! The boss is here!” The cows gathered at the troughs and I fed them grain and made sure that their water supply was clean and warm enough for drinking. I should mention that we live on a sort of futuristic solar farm- much of our heating and cooling is all done with “green” power. It keeps all of us relatively comfortable in all seasons, plus it reduces the fees I have to pay the utility companies.Next, I went to our small henhouse. bahis siteleri I fed them some cracked corn, checked their water, and collected the eggs. We don’t keep a great deal of chickens- just enough to supply what we need, plus a little extra to keep food in the fridge and freezer at all times. Living high in the mountains, for about 6 months of the year we can get snowed in at any time for weeks on end. I looked at my watch. Time was really passing quickly- I’d already been outside for a couple of hours. Stepping outside, the smell of cooking bacon and eggs entrained in the cold air hit my nostrils. I looked towards the house at the smoke swirling from the chimney. A soft glowing light emanated from the Kitchen and Dining rooms.One, or maybe both of the girls were up and making breakfast. I smiled. It felt really great to have the girls here… and then there was last night. If it weren’t for the soreness I felt in my stomach muscles I might have convinced myself that it was all just a dream, but it wasn’t a dream. It wasn’t a fantasy. For a brief moment I pondered what had happened. I started to feel guilty, but then I thought, “No. She wanted me too”. The thought of having such a beautiful, sexy little hot body wanting me sent a surge to my cock, arousing him- even against the bitter cold. “Maybe it was just a one-time thing; a Christmas gift I wouldn’t forget”. I stood outside in the cold air curiously pondering why last night had happened. Suddenly I wanted to get the chores done faster. I wanted to be inside my home. I wanted to understand…and I wanted to feel the love that was inside, waiting for me.Humpy and I entered the barn, and I examined the horses first. They were all healthy and happy, giving snorts and whinnies of approval at my on-time arrival. I bowed gracefully and said, “Thank you one and all for welcoming me into your home”. One of the horses whinnied loudly. I swear it seemed he was laughing at my comment. I chuckled, climbed into the hay loft, and then entered the small control where all of the video system equipment is located. Everything appeared to be working fine. The system might be extravagant to some, but I raise horses for professional racing, so to me it was a wise investment. I looked at all of the camera views, and tested the zoom function on several camera’s, paying special attention to make sure that the mare’s camera would perform all of it’s functions. These cameras were great. I’d paid for good equipment and really got my money’s worth. I could pan and zoom easily- heck I could have counted the number of hairs on her backside if I’d wanted to. Next I checked the temperature in the shed. It was a comfortable 60 degrees. Not exactly warm, but proper design of the stables had been another wise investment. The walls and ceiling were well insulated, and solar panels tied to radiant concrete flooring ensured that the horses were all safe during the cold winters, even if we suffered a power failure. I’d lost two horses in extreme cold due to an ice storm just a few years earlier and vowed to make sure that it never happened again. Satisfed that everything was working fine, I walked out of the little room and climbed back down the ladder.The mare was doing very well and was still several days from foaling, but she had to be kept in a stall separate from the other horses. Over the years she had given birth to several young race horses who were already showing signs of being ‘big leagues’ material. Her mate, ‘Thor’s Hammer’, was a well-bred former champion. He has several nicknames now- all derivatives of his racing name, but I call him Thor mostly. I saved him from destruction after he broke his right front leg by purchasing him from his owner for what was then a rather large sum, but I considered it a worthwhile investment, and my kindness had paid me benefits exponentially.I opened the door to his stall and let him walk around freely. Humpy lay down in a corner of the stables so as not to provoke the stallion. I fed and watered all of the horses, making sure they had plenty of feed, hay, and water. I placed a new bale in the Hammer Man’s stall and led him back to his home. He didn’t eat, but turned to me for some attention. I petted his snout and spoke with him for a few minutes. With the stallion back in his stall, Humpy walked over and stood by my side.”So, how’s it going big guy?”, I asked the big chestnut colored stallion as I scratched him behind his ears. There was a sudden repeated thumping sound. At first I thought the stallion was answering by pawing the ground.Humpy started barking at the horse as he peered through the wooden slats. As I leaned down to pet Humpy I saw what he was barking at, and what had made the thumping noises. Thor had a hard-on the length of my arm, and was slapping it against his belly. The cockhead was relatively small- for a horse- only about 2-1/2 inches across; small in comparison with the massive shaft that grew in thickess the farther you looked towards his gigantic balls. From the tip of his head to his balls he had to be 18 inches long at the least, maybe more. I started laughing so hard that I fell to my knees and lay on my back in the soft hay. Thor laid his ears back and pawer the ground as if to say, “Look guy, it’s been a loooong time since I’ve had any!”.My laughing was interrupted by the sound of the barn door swinging open. I turned to see Nikki as she walked inside the stables yelling, “Breakfast time Jack!”. I was still laughing and Nikki smiled and asked, “What’s so funny, Jack?”. Thor pawed the ground and made the thumping noise again.Still laughing, I pointed through the slats into the stallion’s stall.Nikki leaned over and said, “Oh my god!”, then she knelt down beside the stall and stared intently. “I’ve never…never seen a cock that big!” she said- a hint of primal lust filled her voice. “…And it looks like a man’s dick too!”. My own cock was coming to attention. I sat down behind Nikki and straddled her ass with my legs around her. When I wrapped my arms around her, she sat down, pulled my legs in front of her, and bending her knees, placed her feet on the ground outside my legs. I leaned close, wrapped my arms around her and cuddled her from behind. Nikki was mesmerized- almost as if she was hypnotized by watching the massive prick bob up and down. She cuddled back into my arms and stared hungrily at the giant hunk of horsemeat that was just inches away.I cupped one of Nikki’s breasts, and slowly and gently began rubbing Nikki’s warm crotch. I kissed her gently and slowly on the nape of her neck. Nikki sighed in approval, and I could feel the heat and moisture through her pants as I gently caressed her hot little pussy.”Would you like to touch it?”, I asked.”Oh Jack…should I?…Could I?” she asked.She tore her stare away from Thor’s powerful love muscle and gazed at me through lust-glazed eyes. “You wouldn’t think I was strange would you? Would you still…want me?” she asked. Her question was honest. There were no pretentions with Nikki.”I watched your Mom do it many times” I said.There was a look of shock on Nikki’s face. “Mom?” she said.”Yes, Nikki…Mom.” I answered.Nikki had an expression of deep thought on her face for a moment, then she giggled, “So that’s why Mom spent so much time doing the chores out in the stables while you were away on business trips! I thought she was slow! She was just spending time with the stallions!”Again Nikki thought for a long second…”Did she…do anything else with them?”Yes, she did more…much more. Nikki bit her lip as she thought again for a long moment. She started trembling this time, and had a much more serious look on her face. She pulled away slightly as she turned to look deeply into my eyes. Tears rimmed her beautiful, soft eyes.”What’s wrong sweetheart?” I asked.Somewhat relieved at the concern and tenderness in my voice, Nikki stopped shaking and softly answered,”Jack, I love you” she said. “…not as my adopted Dad, but not just as you’ve always known it. I love you as my best friend…and lover. You saved me from what might have been a horrible life in a foreign orphanage. Oriental girls are treated very poorly…especially if they’re half-breeds. You both saved me, and for that I am forever grateful to you and Mom. I only wish that I could have told Mom” Nikki confided as she softly wept.Wiping the tears from her eyes, I pulled her back to me and held her in my arms until she had gently sobbed away all of her concerns.”We knew you were the one from the moment we saw you” I whispered to her softly, “…and no matter who your birth mother and father were, they had a gorgeous baby girl, not a half-breed”.Nikki gave me a broad smile and said, “I love you Jack”.”I love you too baby” I said as I gently rocked her back and forth.”Next secret Jack…you would have found out eventually, but I’m bi”.She watched my eyes cautiously as I answered, “I already knew” I told her.A look of amazement shone on her face. “You knew?” she asked, obviously surprised.”Of course.” I said.”But how…?” she queried.”There’s a certain way that a person watches someone when they’re sexually attracted. I saw that in you many times as a sexually curious little girl when you were playing with your friends. Sometimes when you looked that way you were playing with a little boy, and sometimes it was with another little girl.”Nikki smiled an impish grin and said, “Jack, a girl has to have some secrets!””Lydia is one of my lovers” she giggled. “She’s bi too”.I chuckled and said, “I’m not surprised. You’re both young, attractive, and sexy as any women I’ve laid eyes on!””Why Jack” Nikki scolded me as she giggled, “Do you think Lydia is hot?”I smiled back at her, and giving my best game show voice said, “Survey says… Yes!”Nikki smiled at me. “…then I’ll bring her to bed with us tonight…if you’re still okay with having me fuck you?””Okay?” I asked, “Last night was one of the most memorable sexual experiences of my life! Of course I want you again…and again and again!””I already know that she thinks you’re handsome Jack” Nikki confided.”Oh? You two were having some girl talk?” I asked.”While we were cooking breakfast” Nikki said.”Oh my gosh Jack, I forgot. We’ve got to go eat breakfast!”About that time, Lydia stepped through the stable door and yelled, “Hey you two…Breakfast!”.It wasn’t until after she had yelled that she saw us cuddled together sitting on the stable floor.I stood and helped Nikki to her feet.”My apologies Lydia” I answered. “We just got busy enjoying each other”.Lydia smiled, “It’s okay, I was just getting worried about you two” she said.Lydia turned and walked ahead of us out of the stables, and as we exited I turned to lock the door Nikki whispered in my ear, “I’ve got another secret Jack…guess how I decided on a name for Humpy?” she teased.”You didn’t?” I chuckled.”Oh yes I did!” Nikki laughed. “…and more than once! He’s the one who got my cherry!”Laughing together happily we turned and walked towards the house with our arms around each other as the snow began falling harder.Lydia had stopped to wait on us about halfway up the path and was putting on an act as she mockingly patted her foot in the snow.”C’mon slowpokes” she said.When we reached her Nikki told her, “Lydia put your arm around Dad”.Lydia wrapped her arm around my waist as commanded and smiled curiously at Nikki.Nikki answered her puzzled look and said, “I want you to meet my Dad…my lover.”Lydia’s mouth dropped open as Nikki continued, “…and tonight, your lover too if you’d like.”Lydia was stunned speechless for a moment, then she looked up at me and smiled.”Oh yes” she purred. “I’d like that alot!”Both girls giggled a sexy little laugh.I thought to myself, “It might be cold outside, but not in my home”, and then I realized…I had called my house a “Home”.It hadn’t seemed like home since my wife died, but now that love had returned to my house it became “home” again.Silently I began wishing for a blizzard to snow us all in.As we walked towards the house all holding each other the snow began falling harder.I smiled. Two days ago, little did I know the Christmas gifts I’d soon be getting.It was going to be one hot winter here…and hopefully a long one!Final Chapter- The Return to the StablesLydia opened the door and Humpy quickly dashed inside, but just as we were about to enter the house, I remembered the eggs.“Girls, I’ll be right back” I said, “I left this morning’s eggs in the barn”.“Don’t worry about it Jack” said Lydia, “We’ve already got eggs cooked for breakfast…and they’re getting cold. You two go inside, and I’ll go back for the eggs”.As Nikki and I stepped into the house and out of our snow clothes, the wonderful smell of bacon and eggs filled my senses with past memories of my beautiful wife preparing breakfast for me. Smiling, I followed Nikki to the Dining Area where the table was set beautifully. The girls had gotten into the Christmas decorations and worked a little magic inside the house. Once seated at the table I noticed that it had been given a wonderful arrangement of mistletoe, cinnamon scented candles, and warm apple cider. The home was alive with life that seemed to sparkle everywhere, reflecting in the candlelight, on the crystal glasses, and through the snow-lined windows. Nikki and I took turns filling our plates and passing food to each other as we laughed and talked about old memories. After several minutes of reminiscing Nikki said, “Don’t you think Lydia should be back by now?”.“Yes…I do” I answered.“You don’t think…hmmm…you don’t think Thor caught her attention do you?” Nikki asked as her smile turned into an impish grin.“I hadn’t even thought about it” I said, “But let’s find out!”We both raced into my bedroom and clicked the stable view for Thor’s domain.You could hear the sound of Thor’s cock slapping his belly.Sure enough, there was Lydia, leaning down, looking through the stall slats, and rubbing her clit slowly through the fabric.“Bingo!” said Nikki. “She’s such a horny little bitch”.“Oh, don’t blame her too much” I said. “Thor is quite the lady’s man. He’s a real stud!”Nikki gave me the look of, “That’s a lame joke, but I’ll smile anyways”.I put my hand to my chin and rubbed it slowly, silently pondering the situation.Nikki got a big grin on her face and said, “Jack, what are you scheming up in that horny mind of yours?”.We both laughed. “Well, do you think she could handle it…Thor’s cock I mean.”Nikki giggled sensually and said, “Well, she has got a pretty big pussy…I can fist her once she’s really hot, and I know one of her old male lovers was freakishly hung, you know? Like well over 10 inches, and she took all of his cock rather easily.”“And exactly how do you know that my dear?” I asked teasingly.“Never mind, Jack” Nikki taunted. “That’s a story for another time.”We looked at the screen again. Lydia was now reaching through the stall slats trying to touch Thor’s massive prick, but it was just out of reach.“Here’s what I want you to do” I said. “Go to the back door and call Lydia in. Later this afternoon we’ll all make a trip to the stables.”Nikki did as I had suggested.“Lydia!” Nikki called. “Lydia!!” Nikki called again louder.I watched on-screen as Lydia had to pry herself away from the tantalizing sex weapon that was dangling just beyond her reach.“Damn.” Lydia murmured in a tone that was loud enough for the camera audio to pick up.Nikki yelled for Lydia once again.Lydia stood and yelled back, “I’m coming!”, picked up the basket of eggs, and walked towards the barn door, but she güvenilir bahis kept glancing back towards Thor…and his beautiful cock.Outside the barn, Lydia yelled again, “I’m coming, I’m coming!” As she was walking towards the house, Lydia murmured to herself, “I wish I was cumming all right…all over that incredible cock!”By the time Lydia walked in the house Nikki and I were both seated at the table.Lydia smiled as she joined us and asked, “Okay, what’s up? Why are you both grinning like a couple of Cheshire cats?”“Oh, it’s nothing” Nikki giggled.“Yeah, right” Lydia countered. “I know you better than that”.I interrupted Lydia’s interrogation and asked her, “What took you so long?”Nikki was taking a sip of juice as Lydia answered, “Umm, something just came up… and it kind of distracted me”.Nikki put her hand over her mouth, turned away from Lydia and swallowed hard, trying not to spew a mouthful of juice across the table.“You got that right” Nikki giggled under her breath.I laughed. I had heard Nikki’s comment, but it was too soft for Lydia to hear.“What??” Lydia asked. “It’s a secret” I said. “We’ll talk about it later, right now let’s eat before breakfast gets any colder. By the way, the place looks terrific girls”.“Thanks Jack” both of the girls answered in unison, followed by their beautiful feminine giggles at having answered the same thing at the same time. They acted like little girls together. It was both cute and unbelievable sexy at the same time.“We took the biggest turkey from the freezer and it’ll be ready for a real Christmas dinner tonight, so eat all you want because there’s not going to be a lunch today.There was plenty on the table, and we all ate until we were stuffed.After breakfast with the chores all done for the morning, I took a nice hot shower, donned my robe and kicked back in my lounger in front of the fireplace. In front of the crackling fire, Humpy lay sleeping quietly on his rug. It was warm and cozy, and my stomach was full, so it wasn’t very long before I was fast asleep.By the time I awoke it was early afternoon and time to do the chores again.When Nikki heard me putting my boots, she walked in and said, “Jack, I’ve been talking with Lydia, don’t you think you would enjoy some help with the chores?”Hearing her name, Lydia appeared behind Nikki in the doorway. I looked up and smiled. Nikki had that horny grin on her face.She was dressed in a long black duster and was wearing the old black cowboy hat she used to wear when we went to horse shows. Man, did she ever look hot!“I figured while you’re taking care of the a****ls outside the barn I could get Lydia to help me feed and curry the horses.”I looked into Lydia’s eyes, which were sparkling at the prospect of being near Thor again.“What do you think, Lydia?” I asked, already anticipating her answer.“I’d love to!” she beamed, but when she realized that she wasn’t doing a good job of suppressing her enthusiasm she added, “….Um, that is if you need the help Nikki.”Nikki turned towards Lydia and said, “I’m sure I could use an extra hand”, then Nikki turned back towards me and winked.I smiled.Humpy walked into the room and sat beside me, ready to go outside.I petted the old boy as Nikki said, “Jack, I’ll need some of that ‘medicine’ for Thor, you know?”I knew what Nikki had in mind. She wanted lubricant.“I don’t have any more of the stuff from the vet, but you’ll find something that’ll work inside my medicine cabinet”.Nikki turned and walked towards my bedroom.“Make sure you bring plenty for Thor, and take Humpy to the barn with you. It’s getting too cold out here for him.” Nikki yelled, “Okay Jack”.I smiled at Lydia and then turned and walked out the door to conceal my quickly growing erection from Lydia. If that’s the way Nikki wanted to play this it was fine with me.While doing the chores, I watched the girls enter the barn with Humpy leading the way. The wind was howling outside, and I finished the chores quickly, then walked back up to the house, yanked off my boots and ran to my room. I started recording the action inside the barn. Humpy was laying in the corner. Nikki and Lydia were talking over by Thor’s stall, as Nikki was leading Thor into the open arena.She placed a bridle on Thor and tied him to one of the columns.Next, Nikki pulled up a bale of hay and sat on it, close to Thor’s sheath.“This is how you’ve got to do this” Nikki said.“It’s really cold outside, and his sensitive areas with get chapped if you don’t lubricate him daily” she said. Lydia looked puzzled as she sat down beside Nikki.Nikki took a curry comb and began combing the sleek coat of his side as she simultaneously scratched his belly. As if one cue, Thor pawed the ground and snorted as the head of his cock poked out of the sheath.Lydia caught her own gasp before it escaped her lips.Nikki pulled the large tube of lubricant from her duster, squeezed a huge amount in her hand, leaned forward and began rubbing it on Thor’s shaft, about four inches behind the huge head. Thor responded instantly by dropping several inches of huge dong from it’s furry sheath. Nikki was visibly running into trouble turning the task over to Lydia, as she too was mesmerized by the ever-growing horse meat. When she was stroking about 12 inches of Thor’s member, she pulled herself away and said, “Do you think you can finish this for me, Lydia?”“Oh yes!” Lydia purred with a thick tone of arousal in her voice.“Just make sure you don’t get it any closer to the head, but get it all the rest of the way down his cock. You’ve got to get him all the way hard, okay?” Lydia, with monster cock quickly in her hand, barely murmured an audible, weak “Okay”. She was totally engrossed in the size and weight of this monster cock. Her hot box was on fire with desire, and the juices between her legs were churning in anticipation. Lydia squeezed a glob of lubricant in her hand and began lovingly caressing the still growing monster cock. She could feel her own heart beat throbbing to the same beat as the blood-engorged veins on Thor’s thick prick.Nikki walked over and sat on a hay bale near Humpy so that she could watch Lydia.Humpy instantly smelled the scent of Nikki’s arousal, stood and began licking Nikki all over. By the time Nikki reached underneath Humpy’s belly his red prick was already fully erect. She began jerking his dick as he tried to fuck her hand.“No, that won’t do Humpy.” Nikki said. Nikki stood up and yelled to Lydia, “Hey, love!” she said.Lydia tore her gaze from Thor’s cock momentarily.Nikki dropped the duster from her shoulders, revealing her beautiful, totally naked body. She picked up the duster and walked seductively towards Lydia. When she was in front of her, she laid the duster on top of another hay bale and lay back. She looked deeply into Lydia’s eyes and stroked her clit. “Like what you’re seeing?” Nikki cooed. “Oh yes! You know I do! I love your pussy!” Lydia purred.“Oh, I don’t mean me” Nikki countered. “I mean Thor’s big, beautiful cock.”Lydia stammered for a second, “I…umm…”“It’s okay” Nikki said. “Just watch this!”.Nikki whistled for Humpy, and he responded by walking straight to her pussy, which he began licking like he was starved. Nikki moaned and opened her legs wider to allow Humpy’s probing tongue to work its magic. Nikki had been planning this all day, and came almost immediately, screaming “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” as her juices flowed from her body. By this time, Lydia was back at Thor’s shaft, pumping it vigorously. She turned and looked at the huge cockhead for only a moment before hungrily forcing her mouth over the cockhead. Nikki watched as Lydia lost all sense of restraint. She sucked voraciously on the cock as she jerked it hard with both hands.It was time for me to go to the stables.By the time I arrived on the scene, Lydia had completely disrobed. I quickly shed my clothes too.“Hi Lydia” I said as I walked over and bent down beside her. She was so intent on trying to give Thor a blowjob that she only paused long enough to give me a big wet kiss. Her tongue probed my mouth hungrily, but she never let go of Thor’s tool.“Lube me up Jack!” she implored, turning her ass towards me. I positioned my cock at her already sopping love box and sank it to the hilt all at once. She was so wet and her pussy was so excited that there wasn’t any noticeable resistance.I held her hips and worked my cock in and out of her body slowly, teasing her.Lydia was building up a rythym to my fucking, as she worked over Thor’s cock. She was clearly enjoying what she was doing and what was happening to her. Thor’s cock listened with Lydia’s saliva all the way back to where the lubricant had been applied.I observed Lydia’s body. She was very pale-skinned with natural red hair, a round ass, and large, full breasts that swung back and forth like a pair of pendulums.“You can take him at any time” I said.Lydia pulled Thor’s cock out of her mouth and looked back at me through lust-filled eyes, “I want this monster in my pussy!” she exclaimed.“I think that can be arranged” I laughed as I pulled out my stiff member, glistening with Lydia’s juices.I tied a hoisting strap with a heavy rope around Thor’s waist and anchored it securely behind his to one of the concrete stable columns, leaving just enough slack for him to get a little thrusting motion.“Doggy-style or Missionary?” I asked Lydia.“Doggy-style” said Lydia, “…for now anyways!”I then spread some clean hay out beneath Thor.“Have fun!” I told Lydia, then I walked over beside Nikki, proudly displaying my hard-on to her. “Mmmm…that’s what I want to suck!” she said.I instructed Nikki to get on her knees, and Humpy moved away momentarily. I laid my jacket over her back, kissed her, and said, “An old friend of mine saved my life this morning after I fell and hit my head. I snapped my fingers for Humpy and he came to my side, his long doggy cock fully erect.I showed Nikki his bright red prick and said, “I told him I’d return the favor, and well…I wonder if you’d consider returning the favor for me by giving him the best fuck of his life”.“Of course, Jack” Nikki teased, “Anything for a friend of yours!”I was so hard now that my cock was aching.I motioned for Humpy to come around to Nikki’s backside, then held the folds of her precious sex open for him. He obliged by licking her fast.Nikki moaned like a bitch in heat, “Oh yesss Humpy, yesssss!!!”Nikki leaned forward and gripped the sides of the hay bale.I patted Nikki’s sweet little ass and said, “Here boy!”Humpy didn’t need to be encouraged twice. It was easy to tell that getting pussy off of a beautiful human female was quickly becoming something Humpy really enjoyed.He jabbed a few times, missing the mark and almost penetrating her asshole. Nikki let out a “Youch!”, so I decided to help him along. I patted his head and told him, “Stay!” in a stern voice. Humpy obediently complied, and I reached below him and put the tip of his cock at the opening of Nikki’s splayed pussy lips.“Go get her boy!” I commanded Humpy.Humpy leaned forward, wrapped his paws tightly around Nikki’s waist, and simultaneously slid a couple of inches into her tight little hole.“God he’s hot!” Nikki moaned. I stepped in front of Nikki and fed her my throbbing shaft. She had just began sucking me when Humpy slid his whole package in all at once. She slid my cock out of her mouth momentarily and looked up at me through smoldering eyes, “Oh my God, yessss….yessss!” Nikki murmured. Nikki pulled my cock back into her hungry mouth as Humpy began fucking her harder and faster than I would have ever though possible.Nikki gurgled and sucked through muffled squeals and moans. She fucked back hard and fast against hi, but there was just no way she could keep up with his pace. Nikki swung her sweat-soaked hair over her face, and quit fucking Humpy. I could tell she was nearing a big orgasm. She pulled my cock out momentarily and said, “Shit…Jack…Oh, fuck…he’s good!” Nikki moaned and continued to suck my shaft.After about 5 minutes of being slammed violently by Humpy’s huge knot, Nikki’s pummeled pussy could take no more and began contracting in an absolutely incredible orgasm.Nikki moaned loud and hard, sending vibrations through my cock. That was all I could take and I came in Nikki’s sweet mouth. I walked behind her to watch the action as Nikki- in a world of her own- arched her back and clamped her pussy down on Humpy’s shaft. She then moaned loudly again as the flood of woman cum coated Humpy’s cock. Humpy, sensing the moment was right, thrust his large knot between her swollen lips while pulling her back against his body.Nikki fucked and bucked like a wild a****l and urged Humpy saying, “Oh yeah baby, put it in me…give it to me! Fuck this tight little pussy! Oh, you sweet dog! I love your cock! Make me your bitch! I want it…I want it all! Fuck me Humpy, Fuck meeeee!!” I watched in awe as the thick knot slowly squeezed into her tightness.Nikki lay in a sweaty heap over the hay bale. Humpy lay against her back, slowly licking her sweat.Nikki looked up at me. She didn’t say a word. She didn’t need to- her smile said it all.Behind me I heard Thor chortle and a “plop” sound quickly followed closely by Lydia screaming, “It’s…so…big…so fucking big!”Lydia was gyrating her hips slowly. I walked over, knelt down, brushed aside Lydia’s soft hair and we kissed.“I’ve got..him…in me, Jack!” Lydia half-spoke, half moaned.I chuckled and said, “I guess you do.” Lydia humped in slow circles. You could tell she was no stranger to working with a big cock.“Have you ever had a cock this big?” I asked Lydia.“Mmmmm…no.” Lydia answered, “Not even…oh fuck….not even half this big!”.“OHHHHH!!!!” came the moan from behind me. Humpy was releasing his hot dog cum deep inside Nikki’s body, and she responded to the sensation by rolling into another orgasm. Humpy moved away, and a steady stream of cum dripped from her swollen lips.Suddenly the whole building shook with a loud “thud!” as Thor made it known who was going to fuck who in his stable.“Oh yeah!!” Lydia moaned loudly and I turned and watched, absolutely awe-struck as Thor slammed his huge shaft several inches deeper into Lydia. His steely member was so rigid and strong that the force lifted Lydia’s lower body completely off the floor. When Thor pulled back, his shaft was so tightly wedged within her recesses that it dragged her backwards.Lydia clawed at the floor for grip. She was now oblivious to the rest of the world. All that mattered to her was the mass of meat that was bringing her so much pleasure.I sat and watched the show, and Nikki crawled to my side and lay on my lap to watch.I have to say that the show didn’t last too long.Lydia moaned loudly and fucked wildly on Thor’s shaft in what turned out to be one big series of almost constant orgasms. Inbetween it having been so long since Thor had cum, and his having his throbbing shaft squeezed into what was to him such a tiny pussy, his cock suddenly began jerking upwards, swelling inside the already full woman pussy and lifting her legs off the ground. When the first shot of hot horse cum shot into her pussy, Lydia shook violently as a huge orgasm overtook her. The building shook as Thor slammed forward and Lydia’s super lubricated body slid from his shaft and onto the hay floor.Unable to reposition his cumming cock inside Lydia, Thor’s cock fell inbetween Lydia’s ass cheeks and he continued thrusting. The building shook as if it were in a viloent storm as Thor’s cock continued blowing long, thick streams of cum across Lydia’s back and hair. When his cock finally stopped jerking and shooting cum Lydia looked like someone has squirted her down with a bottle of white glue.Thor pawed the ground and snorted.We all laughed.This was one great Christmas!



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