Unexpected PleasureTrue story … Sitting alone in a coffee shop at a corner table, I patiently waited for my date to arrive. I knew he was already a half-hour late but tried not to think about possibly being stood-up yet again when I felt a firm hand touch my shoulder. When I turned around, there stood Harry, my handsome date. He politely asked if he could join me and even before he sat down, he began to apologize about being late; telling me that a couple friends of his had stopped by his place and that he had some trouble getting them to leave. Again he apologized for his tardiness and asked if he could make it up to me by preparing me a nice, cozy dinner. I quickly agreed. Immediately he stood up and said, “Okay, let’s go!”After arriving at his place, Harry excused himself to the kitchen so that he could start preparing the meal and told me to make myself completely comfortable. As I took off my overcoat, I asked if he wanted me to put it in his bedroom. From the kitchen I heard a dish hit the floor and then he said, “No, no, no! That room is a complete mess! I’ll be there in a second to hang it for you!” As he entered the living room, he tripped and nearly fell to the floor when he saw me standing in the middle of the room holding the coat at my side. Guessing that the schoolgirl outfit I wore in the pictures I had sent him might be a special treat; I wore a white blouse, black sweater and a skimpy plaid skirt over a G-string. Deciding not to miss a beat and wanting that extra touch; I topped off my outfit by wearing a pair of black thigh-high stockings and my black leather Mary Jane platforms. I thought it was pretty cute when he recomposed himself, acting as if nothing had happened so I playfully asked, “What’s the matter?” as I did a little pirouette for him so that he could get the full effect of the outfit I had worn especially for our date.Before I could even ask if he liked what he saw, Harry scooped me up in his arms and gave me a kiss. It was tentative at first but then the two of us were soon hungrily kissing each other with wide-open mouths. He held me tight with one hand on the small of my back and his other on the nape of my neck. I had often imagined being made to feel feminine but didn’t think it would happen so soon. I thought to myself that I might let this man do whatever he wanted as he slowly began to slip his hand under the back of my skirt, gently caressing my cheeks. We were breathing hard and I didn’t know if I’d have the self-restraint to let him continue to take the lead. I just wanted to drop down in front of him and start sucking his cock. As we continued kissing, Harry slowly inched me closer to his sofa chair. I was a bit surprised at just how passionate he really was. We kissed a little more as he gently pushed me back into the chair; I had no idea what was coming next. He then got up and told me to stay right where I was at, to unwind, that he would go and make me a drink. I closed my eyes, snuggled into the chair and began to relax; I could have fallen contently asleep. Hearing the bedroom door creak open, I thought to myself, “How sweet, he’s putting my coat away. Now THAT’S a real gentleman! Maybe I’ll give him an extra special treat when he comes back for making me feel so good and let him have his way with me. Yes, I think that’s exactly what I’ll do!”What I didn’t know was that when I heard the bedroom door creaking, it wasn’t really Harry going in to hang my coat up but his friends, Tom and Dick, the guys who had stopped by earlier, creeping out. As Harry quickly undressed, they quietly moved towards me, each wearing nothing more than a hard-on and cute white socks. They stopped and stood on the sides of the chair I was sitting in as Harry said, “Since I did all the work of getting her here, I got first dibs. Grab her arms and put this little slut on her knees!” Shocked, I opened my eyes wide. But the only thing I could focus on were the three rock-hard, 8-inch cocks before me and I wanted to leap-up off that chair and get the fuck out of there but I was so confused, and for the moment, eskişehir escort frozen in place. This was totally unbelievable. My mind kept racing to register the moment but still I was frozen in place and again I heard Harry say, “What are you guys waiting for? I told you to get her on her knees! I’m about to explode and don’t want to waste another second when I should be face-fucking this little bitch!”At that precise moment when the power to move came back to me, Tom and Dick had already grabbed each of my arms and were now pushing me down to the floor, holding me in that position. Stroking his cock, Harry stepped forward and said, “Nice! Very nice Nikki! Your face looks so good that I’m going to fuck it until I can’t fuck it anymore … along with my friends here, of course!” But instead of forcing his hard prick into my mouth, Harry held his column of muscle; the swollen head now slick with pre-cum in his hand and started teasing my lips with it. The slippery tool on my face was more than I could take and I opened my mouth for him. He just leaned forward and said, “My hot naughty whore, you just wait until I’m ready for you!” I liked the way he said that and it turned me on. By this time I was so horny, I couldn’t wait to feel his cock inside my mouth and for the moment had forgotten that his friends were holding me down. I looked at him with hungry, a****l eyes and whispered, “When?”Harry sneered and said, “Right now, Babe!”Guiding his cock towards my face, I felt him rub it against my cheeks and then my lips before he rammed it into my mouth as far as it would go. Wrapping his hands around my head for support, he began to fuck my face with all the lust and passion he could muster, slamming it in and out, in and out, until I was moaning and gasping at the top of my lungs. The louder I moaned, the harder he fucked. His fat cock was stretching not just the opening of my mouth but my whole damn throat with each of his thrusts. My body quaked each time his pelvis slammed against my nose. I never had this happen to me in all of my life! He grabbed the back of my head, giving him unrestricted access to plow his huge cock in and out of my mouth. After no more than a few minutes, my eyes practically rolled into the back of my head as he started to cum like a freight train. I couldn’t swallow fast enough! “This little cunt is all ours tonight boys, and were gonna do as much fucking as we like with her!” He then let out a long loud moan as his balls continued to exploded, firing a stream of cum deep down into my throat.When Harry finally pulled his cock out of my mouth, his friends released their grip on my arms and shoulders and I slumped down to the floor like a sack of potatoes. Tom leaned forward and politely extended an open hand. I placed mine in his and he helped me to my feet, leading me over to the sofa. Still in a state of disbelief, I never saw what was coming next. Instead of kindly offering me a seat so that I may recompose myself, Tom suddenly pushed me over the side of the couch and held me there with his hand, my toes barely touching the ground. With his other hand, he slid it down my thigh-high nylon legs until he reached my ankle. He removed my shoe, tossed it across the room and then did the same with my other leg and shoe. Next he flipped my skirt up, pulled my G-string to the side, spread my legs and ass cheeks apart and then stuck his finger inside of my ass. At first it was one finger, then two, and finally he forced three inside of my rectum! I was scared because I realized what was on his mind! I had never been fucked in my ass before but I knew that was exactly what he was gonna do. “Tom, please! I’ve never been fucked back there before! Please stop! I’m a virgin!”His response was a terse, “Don’t worry Baby, you’re gonna love it! Now just shut up and take it!”One minute I had Harry’s cock in my mouth, the next was a burning in my rectum as all eight or so inches of Tom’s manhood were crammed into my bowels. At first my screams were of shock and pain but gradually the pain subsided. Tom started escort eskişehir slow but then began to fuck my ass as vigorously as he could. I moaned, I squealed, I whimpered, I even started to cry. And just when I thought I couldn’t take any more, he pulled out his cock, slick with my juices, and then put it back in my ass. I let out another louder scream. Then he let me have it all and started pounding away. I could feel the flared crown of his cock deep within my ass as he moved his hands along my sides, grabbing me by my waists, pulling my arms back and said, “Now take this you little whore!” as he then snapped his hips forward, driving his cock as deeply into my rectum as possible. The force of his thrust made body shake. My moans filled the room. Releasing my hands, he then held me by my hips and slammed hard, thrusting faster than I thought physically possible. The feeling was somewhat marvelous, creating a hot zone from my lower stomach down through my genitalia and ending in my upper thighs.And just when I thought enough was enough, Dick stepped forward, knelt on the couch, grabbed me by the back of my head and forced his cock inside my mouth. I gasped from his boldness but couldn’t move away or scream for help. I just looked up at him in total surprise and then over at Harry, who was standing there watching. With a wide-eyed look in my eyes and a mouthful of cock, I clamped my warm, wet lips around what was one of the largest things I had ever had the chance to touch, let alone have in my mouth and started to stroke up and down on it with my tongue, licking the head and flicking across the tip of its opening. I sucked on him as hard as I could as he moved gracefully in and out of my mouth. From the base to the head and back again, Dick repeatedly moved his cock in and out of my mouth with the most intense movement he had ever received from oral sex. He then yelled out, “I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!” but he wasn’t stopping; he just continued to pump his rigid pole in and out of my mouth. Harry then said, “Make that little slut swallow every drop of yours!” and with a shout of ecstasy Dick held my head tightly and yelled, “Nikki, I’m cumming! I’m cumming now!” and blasted load after load of cum into my mouth, which quickly filled and started to overflow out the corners of my lips, still pressed tightly to his cock. And to their intense surprise, I started swallowing his cum in rhythm to the pulse of his exploding cock.With my hand still wrapped around his prick at the base, I slowly pulled him out, allowing the wet warmth of my mouth and tongue to slide around the head of his cock, cleaning up all the remaining cum that had leaked out from my mouth. After I was sure he was all cleaned up, I look up at him and opened my mouth to show him all the cum that he had blasted into my mouth. I then rolled the huge load of cum around on my tongue, enjoying that my little “porn star vixen” display was making him horny and hard once again. Looking directly into his eyes, I closed my mouth and exaggeratingly swallowed his cum. He smiled as I ran my tongue along my lips trying to collect any stray drops of cum that escaped and exclaimed, “I just love the taste of your cum.”I guess Harry must have felt as if I was messing with him, that he couldn’t fulfill me as well as his friends because he told Tom to finish up, that he was coming back for more! At this point, my confidence was at an all-time high and I knew I could handle anything they threw at me. Any thoughts of fear, guilt or nervousness I had about doing three guys at once had vanished as Harry stood behind me while Tom went and cleaned himself up. With a chuckle in his voice Harry said, “Little Lady, you ain’t felt anything yet!” and that’s when he pushed my head down hard into the cushion of the couch, holding it there firmly as he vigorously slammed into me for all I was worth; his balls slapping my ass with each deep thrust. “Does this feel good, you fucking little whore? You like being fucked by my hard cock? I’m going to cum so much that you’ll feel my eskişehir escort bayan hot juice explode right out your fucking nose! That’s right, I’m fucking you like the whore that you are and you know you like it!” He then clutched my shoulders and continued his assault on my ass.When Tom came back, he picked up Harry’s video camera and began filming everything, moving all around us to capture the show from different angles. Harry told him to forget about the camera and to get in on some of the action. But he continued filming and then stopped in front of me, his cock just centimeters from my lips. It was beautiful, hard and huge. He knew I wanted to feel it, taste it and suck it so he started slapping me across my face with it, to tease me. When he stopped, I began to swirl my tongue around the head of his cock and then pressed the tip of it into the opening on his head, trying to lick up as much of his pre-cum as possible. I groaned with pure lust as the head of his cock slid deep past my lips. Moving nice and slow, I reveled the feel of his cock in my mouth. I could immediately taste his excitement as my tongue explored every inch of his penis. I could barely breathe but still continued to clamp my lips unyielding around his cock upon each of Harry’s penetrations. The feel of his hard cock in my mouth and the cock in my ass made me even more adventurous and I pressed my mouth farther down towards his groin, feeling the head of his cock sliding into the back of my mouth and entering the deep recess of my throat. A delicious smile spread across his face as I repeatedly slid my hot wet mouth up and down the length of his shaft, feeling his legs quiver each time I deep-throated him. I felt it first in his balls as they tightened, and then I felt the wave of cum move up his length. Harry must have wanted to see me swallow all of Tom’s cum because he pushed the back of my head all the way towards Tom who then began to thrust urgently; I couldn’t move. The first spurt of cum nearly choked me but I was ready, willing and eager and managed to swallow most of it while maintaining my suction on his rigid pole. Wave after wave of cum spilled into my mouth and down my throat as he bucked up against my face, fucking me hard in my mouth. As the flow started to subside, he pulled out and shot the remainder of it all over my face. An involuntary moan escaped his lips.Harry must have felt his own ejaculation building because he slowed down just a bit and withdrew; I savored every inch of his glorious cock. He then rammed it back in hard again, burying his head deep inside of my body. I took Tom’s cock out of my mouth, looked back at Harry and begged for more, so he began to fuck my ass hard again, without mercy. With each thrust that I met, I felt his cock go completely inside while his balls slapped against my ass rapidly. In and out he went. “That’s it doll, squeeze my cock! Take it for all it’s worth! You fucking little whore, tell me you love it!” I was lost and cried out with each thrust, speaking to him in tones that were, well, not quite so loving, “Fuck, fuck, fuck! … Fuck, you son of a bitch! Fuck!” My body shook and quivered. I was panting, and nearly hyperventilated. I was practically crying from the intensity. My breaths were coming in deep gasps now. My closed eyes were seeing a burst of sparks. And with one last thrust, Harry buried his cock in my ass and exploded inside of me; I kept pumping him, squeezing all his cum out. When he finally withdrew, I just laid there over the side of the couch, motionless. Every muscle in my body was sore, but in a good way. He caressed my ass as I smiled and wiggled it for him then he shoved my head hard once more into the couch, walked away and said, “She’s all yours.”Lying there in a withering heap of trembling afterglow, I closed my hypnotic eyes and wanted to fall into a deep sleep, my ass throbbing and cum dripping down all over my face and body. When I finally opened them, I looked at each of the guys with a slight smile and asked, “Harry, when you said you didn’t want me to see your bedroom, did that mean you had no intention of fucking me?”“Honey, let me put it to you this way, I never even intended to make you dinner”With that I grabbed my coat, purse and shoes and left. Haven’t heard from them since but deep down I kinda wish they would call me.



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