Unexpected analMy wife and I had been going to a swingers house party for a few months. The house is set up for sex upstairs and mostly just socializing downstairs. As most swingers parties, they are not bi or gay friendly for guys, so I just role with it. At one point I had mentioned it to the owner and suggested that he consider expanding his parties, but never really pushed the issue.One night, we had been playing with different people. There were more men than women, which is normal. I was having fun but had not cum yet and noticed a few others had not either. There was one room with porn playing and a few guys were sitting around stroking their cocks hoping one of the women would come upstairs for another round. After about 20 minutes everyone got up to leave. I stood in the room, enjoying the porn and stroking my cock when one kurtköy escort of the guys came back in the room. He came over behind me and reached around to stroke my cock. I let out a moan and took my hand away. I could feel his hard cock in the crack of my ass as he stroked my cock. I reached back and grabbed his ass and pulled him tight against me. He kept grinding his cock between my ass cheeks. I was looking forward to feeling his cum shoot in my crack. I let out a moan and told him how good that felt. He was getting more excited as he was grinding on me.After a couple of minutes, he grabbed my shoulders and bent me over. I reached back and pulled my ass cheeks apart. I had no idea what he wanted, but I really wanted his cock in my ass. He slowly began to work his cock in my ass. He would push in a little and maltepe escort then back out. After a few more pushes, I could feel him bottom out in me. He held it there and let out a moan. He said my ass felt amazing. He said he was not gay but was crazy horny and decided and ass is an ass. I told him that I was the one with a big hard cock in my ass so I guess I was the gay one here. He held my hips and began taking long strokes. He pulled almost all the way out and then slowly pushed back in. He began picking up the pace as he began to fuck me harder. After a few more strokes, he was holding my hips and pounding my ass hard. I was squeezing my ass tight to give him the most pleasure possible. He began to let out little grunts.I could tell he was getting close, so I began to beg. “Oh god yes, fuck my ass, kartal escort fuck me hard, let me feel your big cock stretch my ass. Your cock feels so good in my ass, pound me harder. Shoot your cum deep in my ass, let me feel you squirt in me, fill me with your cum,” I begged him to cum in my ass. He let out a grunt as I felt him erupt in me. He kept grunting with each thrust as he shot his cum deep in my ass. He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me back into him and held me there as he emptied his cum in me.While we were standing there, with his cock still in my ass, we heard someone coming up the stairs. He pulled and began pulling his clothes on. I did the same. Just then the owner came in to let us know they were about to close. I pulled my clothes on and we followed him downstairs. I had cum leaking out of my ass but tried to hold it in. When we got downstairs, I sat next to my wife and joined in the conversations as if nothing had happened. After we got in the car, I told her what happened. She laughed and said that I now knew how she felt every time we left there and she leaked the whole way home.



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