Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 1Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 1I lived in a small town with my parents, i was 17My father was a business man and my mother worked with him, i was a rich spoilt c***d and always got what i wanted, even the hottest guys in school..My parents had to go out of town for 2weeks and they didnt want to leave me home alone, i was to old to have a nanny so they decided to leave me at my Uncle Charlie’s house for those 2 weeks,Uncle Charlie was a Hot bachelor, Rich.. He was my mother’s cousin brother.. he was 28 years old, A horny guy..Muscular built, blonde hair, hazel eyes, a total stud.. His house was huge like a bachelor pad, he had girls over every single night, a Huge kitchen.. Huge Bathroom, 3 rooms, a living room with a huge TV to watch his porn on, a garden with a swimming pool and a quite and posh neighborhood..This was going to be my house for the next two weeks, i didnt mind it at all.. i’d get my own room and i could get my boys over and have a great time for the next two weeks..He stayed 10 blocks away from my house.. my parents dropped my off at Uncle Charlie’s house on their way to the airport.I rang his door bell.. a suitcase i strolled wearing boots, a tight white tee and shorts.”Hii Uncle Charlie, How are you?” I said walking into the door, He spread out his arms and gave me a warm and tight hug “Heyy there cutie, Seeing you after a long time.””Let me show you your room?” He said, taking bakırköy escort my bag and guiding me into a huge room..Keeping my bag on the bed “Like the room?” I nodded, “Its pretty””Lets go down for dinner? we’ll order in.. i dont like cooking much” He said, “Sure.. Pizza? you place the order? :)”He goes down and places the order for the pizzai follow him down.. looking around the house..”Well, your mother must have told you i like my rules to be followed? Didnt she?” he asked.. “Yes, she did.. she said i should listent and obey all your rules””Well here are my rules, What happens here for the next two weeks stays here, doesnt reach anyone else..” i nodded my head, “Yes, Cool..””If you dont listen to me, well i’ve done research on you and i know who all you’ve fucked, and i know your parents dont know about this so if you dont want the information to reach them, you better obey all my rules”charmed by my uncles attitude, “Woah, research on me, Nice.. ” I giggle “We have a deal, i’ll listen to all your rules 😉 uncle charlie””So what do your rules go like?””I know what a slut you are! 😉 So here are how my rules go…””You have to never have panties on shorts on, only a short or long tee.. No bra! You must always be wet.. Very Wet ;)I fuck you when i may, you will be my little fuck toy slave slut…” he said, with a smile on his face”you see… these arnt any new special rules for you, beşiktaş escort all the girls in my house obey them, and you are a girl so you too have to obey them.., your here for 2 weeks .. so no girls over for me.. it will be me and you and our lovely fuck time.. 24×7″”Woah, these actually sound fun, i’m game.. and this wil be out secret, about us and the guys i’ve fucked.. 😉 Deal?””Deal.., now lets get to your room, hand me all your clothes and btw, thats my room, we’ll share it sexy”we walk up.. into the room.. i open my suite case, hand all my clothes to him, only keep my tees with me.. thinking ‘this is scary’the bell rings, it will be the pizza guy i guess i think.. i walk to open the door,”wait, the rules apply from now.. strip down my fucktoy” he tells me..wondering.. this is pretty weird, but then again.. i was an angle for my parents and i’d like to stay that way.. “Ok” i say.. removing my boots, shorts, panties, and my tee and bra.. “Woah, your a HOTtie” uncle charlie winks.. “now, let the tee be off for a while, let the boobs breath” he giggles”Open the door, and the cash is on the coffee table..”i’ve never really done this.. flashing a pizza guy randomly.. opening the door naked for a guy to see me..”Your pizza ma’am” he was a young guy, a college student.. must be 20 shocked to see whats opened the door for him.. ‘woah’ he gasped, “your a keeper ;)”handing out the pizza beylikdüzü escort he brushes his hand against my firm boobs, sending a current down my body.. “Thats 18$, but.. you pay me 5$ if…..” he looks at my boobsUncle Charlie comes from behind.. “If?” he winks at the delivery boy “Go ahead buddy 😉 have a suck”He leans ahead and sucks my right boob, woah.. this is random! i think and weird…the guy is done sucking my boobs “Thanx man” he say.. my uncle handing him a 20.. “Keep the change 😉 ” closing the door..”So how did you like that my little niece?” he winks.. “you are going to go through worse in the next 14 days or More ;)””That was weird.. very weird..” i say, covering my boobs with the pizza box”Well you know that the rules have started to apply, and what i say must be done, so are you wet as yet down there?” he askes looking down at my shave pussy… “Thats a cute little bald pussy you got there, i love.. and woah..” moving the pizza boxes from my hand.. “check out the nipples, hard already, just with a suck.. i like that… so raw and pink are those hard nipples on the firm boobs..” licking his lips..”Let Fuck… err.. i mean, lets Eat..”Sitting on the dining table, “well.. i’m not geting a proper vier of the scenery i own, sit here.. on table.. let your pussy face me” he said patting the table.. i get up from my chair and go and sit on the table, “woah an amazing view i must say”we finished our food, “lets hit the couch” he saidstill naked i walk and sit on the couch, he starts to remove his clothes, his pj’s then his tee.. only in his boxers he was standing.. “So what shall we do? ;)” he thinks.. getting on to his knees.. as i was sitting on the couch.. he come closer and spreads my legs wide open.. “Someone is getting wet” he winks..



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