UK Hotwife HayleyUK Hot-wife Hayley – full of surprisesFor quite some time after the night with Gary, Mick and Karen (see: UK shared wife Hayley – the groups fuck slut)) I often whored out my sexy little wife and she became the slut for our group of friends; there wasn’t a pussy she hadn’t eaten, a cock she hadn’t sucked and fucked, and all of her holes had been used by both cocks and dildos alike.But as life goes on the times I shared my wife with our friends became less and less frequent. It was then we started to visit, what could be called, typical business men’s hotels, full of business men, both single and married, who might be looking for a bit of no strings fun. I knew the type of hotel, as my job now had changed and sometimes I would be away from home, and had started to recognise the guys who noticed and flirted with any attractive female who came into the bar.We started to visit hotels in the surrounding towns and cities, Hayley, dressed to please, but still looking elegant, would go into the bar on her own and wait for some guy to hit on her, most of the time it didn’t take too long. After a couple of drinks she’d make it pretty clear that she was available, but that she was married, reassuring the guy that it was okay to fuck her and that I wouldn’t mind. At this point Hayley would introduce me; all I had to do was quietly reassure the chap that I didn’t mind and that he could fuck my wife, but whilst he could use her, he had to wear a condom. On occasions I would be invited to join them and, with our new acquaintance fuck my wife, otherwise I would retire to the room we had booked for the night and wait for my cute little wife to join me after they’d finished, her record was leaving the bar at about 9.30 and finally making back to our room at 4.00a.m. Her mouth was slightly bruised and her lips a bit puffy and her arse was wrecked, apparently the guy was hung like a horse, but had made the most of my wife while he had her. All she did when she returned to our room was collapse exhausted on the bed and sleep until 11.00am. We both enjoyed the nights we spent in these hotels but it all came to an abrupt end when Hayley became pregnant with our first c***d. Having c***dren certainly has a dramatic effect on your sex life! Sex life became a bit dull and infrequent after our second son was born, not surprising really, we had more important things to think of, so I assumed that our old sex life was a thing of the past…….how wrong of me.My career had taken off, not a bad thing financially, but I started to notice a change in Hayley’s behaviour on the occasions when work took me away for three nights. After I’d been away for three nights Hayley would be very reluctant to have sex, it would be four of five days before we had sex, sometimes this meant the weekend had passed and I was away with work again! I noticed other changes too, whenever Hayley was in the bathroom she would always close the door firmly and when she was dressing, similarly she would close the bedroom door, but only on the days after I’d been away for three nights. I started to get suspicious, thinking she was having an affair, something that would have hurt me as we’d always been so open with each other, particularly when it came to our sex life……I hatched a plan.I told Hayley I’d be away for three nights, but had booked a small hotel in Kenilworth, not too far from home, but far enough that no-one we knew would see me. On my first night away, I made my usual phone-call home at about 6.00p.m.discussed the events of the day before reassuring my wife I’d call her the following night and saying good bye. My plan was simple, there was a small quiet little pub opposite and just down the road from our house, I drove there and parked my car at the local supermarket, well away from the house and went to the pub. I knew none of our neighbours frequented the pub, but armed with a hoodie and a book I sat in a corner with a pint and settled in to wait to see what would happen. At about kurtköy escort my surprise a blue Ford Focus pulled up outside our house and out stepped my mother and father in-law. Hugs, kisses and greetings were exchanged before they went into the house, not unusual, but a bit strange, even more so when 20 minutes later they put the boy’s car seats into their car, strapped the boys in and loaded, what were obviously their overnight bags into the car before driving away. My stomach was churning, was my worst fear about to come true, was she having an affair? At about 8.15 a black Range Rover pulled up outside our house, I looked at it with a sense of relief, the personal registration plate was one I recognised – Melissa, Hayley’s closest friend was visiting her I assumed for a girly night. So I was a bit surprised to see Melissa, her husband Trevor, Melissa’s sister Deborah and her husband Phil, all get out of the car and make their way into the house, what really piqued my interest were the two large cases Trevor and Phil were carrying. I waited for about 15 minutes before pulling my hoodie up and slouching, head down, made my way towards our house, as I passed I noticed all the curtains were drawn but there were lights on. Fortunately there is an access road at the back of our house, so I could get into the back garden with out too much difficulty; I’d left the gates to the back garden unlocked, so in I went. I froze as the security light picked up my movement and came on, flooding the garden in light, which I knew could be seen from the house, shit, shit, shit. I had to abandon my attempt to see what it was my wife was up to, but was even more intrigued, and determined to find out.About 12 weeks later I replayed my ruse again, this time disabling the security light at the back of the house. Exactly the same events played out, my mother and father in law arrived and took our boys to their house for the night and shortly afterwards Melissa, Deborah, Trevor and Phil arrived again carrying their cases. I stealthily made my way to the back of the house shrouded in darkness and crept down to the back of the house where we had a French door opening from the dining room to our garden. Although the blind was pulled down, the windows either side of the door are shorter than the glass panels in the door, so there was a 6” gap from the bottom of the blind I could see through. Again, with careful planning I had left the patio chairs outside so I carefully settled down to see what was happening. The first thing I noticed was that the doors between our dining room and living room were wide open, both Trevor and Phil were sitting on our sofa just wearing boxer shorts and that Deborah was sitting in an armchair wearing fishnet stockings, small stiletto ankle boots and a bondage style bra, the type that just has leather straps that around her tits – what the fuck is going on.I didn’t have to wait for much longer to find out, Melissa walked into the dining room from the hall; she looked stunning, I’d often fantasised about this 5’ 10” tall slim willowy blonde and I wasn’t disappointed, she was wearing fishnet hold ups, thigh length black boots, a black basque that pushed her tits up and she wasn’t wearing panties, as I’d imagined there was a neat little toffee blonde patch of fur around her pussy. I was even more amazed, when crawling behind her on all fours Hayley came in on a leash that Melissa held, she was naked apart from some wrists and ankle straps, and as she crawled into the lounge I saw she had a butt-plug in her arse with a tail hanging down between her legs. Melissa then paraded Hayley, walking her around our lounge twice, my slutty wife crawling behind her, her tits swinging and the little tail hanging between her thighs. Melissa stopped in-front of Deborah, handing her the leash my wife was on. Deborah pulled on the leash and Hayley obediently knelt in-front of her and put her hands behind her back looking extremely submissive. maltepe escort Deborah leaned forward taking my wife’s head on her hands and started to kiss her, for a quite a while they snogged each other and then as Deborah pulled away, she suddenly slapped Hayley across her face. Melissa immediately said something to Deborah I couldn’t hear, but Deborah then stoked Hayley’s face where she’d slapped her and gave her a kiss on the cheek, almost like a contrite apology, as she did so her hands slipped down to the milky white globes of my wife’s tits starting to caress them. Melissa then stood behind Hayley holding out a ball gag, my wife obligingly opened her mouth wide as Melissa popped the gag into her mouth and fastened it at the back of her neck. Deborah continued to fondle my wife’s breasts and started to squeeze them harder, pinching her nipples, I could see a pained look on Hayley’s face but she didn’t move as Deborah played with her, then suddenly Deborah slapped her tits, I saw Hayley wince in pain, but Deborah didn’t stop, she again squeezed my wife’s tits before slapping them again and again, it wasn’t long before my wife’s milky white breasts were bright red. All the while my wife was a perfect sub, just kneeling there as she was abused.Melissa walked over and took the leash from Deborah and my wife obediently crawled behind her to where Trevor and Phil were sitting. Handing her leash to Trevor, he stood up and pulled Hayley onto her feet, he then picked her up and lay her down face first on Phil’s lap, her plump little arse in the air, before sitting down again. Phil’s then proceeded to stroke and fondle her bum before starting to spank her first gently, then more and more vigorously. I could see Hayley was in pain, her legs trembled and she involuntarily kicked out, but Phil took no notice and continued to spank her. I noticed Trevor had a hard on and had raised Hayley’s head to slip her gag out, he then pushed her face into his groin and my dirty little wife took his cock into her accommodating mouth. Hayley looked a complete whore as her head bobbed up and down on Trevor’s cock to the same rhythm as the spanking Phil was giving her, who now also hand his other hand between my wife’s thighs, I guess he was fingering her pussy. Melissa and Deborah, instead of watching had opened one of the strange black cases and took out what appeared to be lengths of aluminium. About 2 feet long a 6” wide, they slotted them together in the form of a cross, well more of an X and placed it against a wall. Melissa walked over to where the two guys were playing with Hayley and look hold of her leash and pulled her onto her feet leading her to the contraption they’d just assembled. I could see my wife’s cherry red arse and tits and realised that this was why she wouldn’t let me see her naked, she needed a few days for the spanking marks to disappear. Melissa stood Hayley against the contraption and my wife obligingly parted her legs as Melissa clipped the ankle straps to the frame and then raised her arms high above her head and clipped her wrists to the frame. I must admit my cute little wife looked fantastic, her shapely legs nicely parted with her neatly shaved landing strip, and although she had had two k**s, a pretty flat stomach and a firm looking perky pair of tits. Melissa put her gag back into her mouth and then placed a blindfold over her eyes before going to the other case returning with a whip! I watched as the four of them took it in turns to stroke the whip over her body, playing and teasing her before whipping her on her tits and the inside of her thighs. Although I couldn’t see her expression I could tell Hayley was in some pain by the way she was squirming, rather uselessly as she was fastened to the frame. Melissa then took the whip and again played it over Hayley’s body before whipping her between her thighs on her pussy! I could see Hayley convulse with the pain, but it didn’t stop as Deborah, Trevor and then Phil kartal escort took turns to whip her pussy.Deborah and Melissa helped Hayley down from the frame; she did look a bit shaky on her legs, they took off the blindfold and removed her gag, then massaged her all over, her tits, back, bum, stomach and thighs. Trevor and Phil had taken down the frame, but were now assembling it like a small table with two struts at each end pointing out at angles? Melissa led my wife over to the contraption and it was clear she knew what to do as she knelt down , opened her legs wide as she was again clipped to the frame, leaning forward over the frame she then put her elbows on the floor and her wrists were again clipped to the frame. There she was – on all fours, immobile and helpless but well presented, her legs wide open, her pussy and mouth readily available perfect for roasting.Trevor and Phil both knelt down one at each end of my wife, Phil pushing his cock into her mouth while Trevor fucked her pussy, given what a turn on the evening had been so far it wasn’t long before I could see Hayley was cumming as both Trevor then Phil shot their loads into her. As they pulled out both Melissa and Deborah walked towards Hayley, only now they both were wearing strap-on dildos, Deborah’s was huge it must have been at least 9” long and really thick. Melissa knelt behind my wife and started to fuck her while Deborah put her strap-on to my wife’s lips, Hayley struggled to get the dildo into her mouth, but being a good little sub-slut she finally got the bulbous head into her mouth. The girls fucked her for quite a few minutes before swapping places, my dirty little wife licking Trevor and her own cum off Melissa’s dildo as Deborah fucked her with her monster cock. It was no surprise that I could see Hayley start to spasm again with another orgasm. I though that would be it, but it was Deborah who now look Hayley’s leash and led her over to where Trevor and Phil were sitting on the sofa, Melissa, taking her strap-on off, sat down between them . My whore of a wife kneeling in-front of them went down on Melissa’s pussy whilst taking a cock in each hand wanking both Trevor and Phil hard again, all the while Deborah had her hand between Hayley’s legs. It wasn’t too long before both Trevor and Phil had hard-ons again. Phil stood up and lay on the floor his cock rearing up in the air as Hayley crawled over, mounted him and slipped his cock into her pussy and started to ride him. Trevor knelt in-front of Hayley offering his cock to her which she greedily took into her mouth, while Melissa took a tube and lubricated my wife’s bum, she slipped one finger then two into her arse as Deborah knelt down between both Phil’s and Hayley’s legs. Pushing Hayley down I could see Deborah try to get her huge dildo into my wife’s arse, but it was so big it just kept slipping asde, Melissa and Deborah seemed to hold my wife still as finally Deborah managed to get the head of her dildo past my wife’s ring and into her arse. My fuck-slut wife had all her holes filled as Melissa picked the whip back up and used it on her bum, she seemed to be urging Hayley on to ride the cocks buried in her holes, every time she slowed down Melissa would whip her arse. My wife’s movement became more erratic as she humped on the cocks in her; I could see her shuddering and shaking in orgasm as Melissa whipped her arse to the same rhythm. Finally both Trevor and Phil came inside her, I could see Trevor’s cum dribbling down her chin as he pulled his cock out of her mouth. Hayley pulled off the cocks in her pussy and arse and had to be helped up by Melissa and Deborah, she looked totally spent and exhausted.The 3 girls disappeared while Trevor and Phil got dressed; they then packed away the whips, dildos etc. into the two cases, about 15 minutes later the girls re-appeared, Melissa and Deborah fully dressed again, my wife just in a T-shirt and knickers, but looking more composed. Melissa, Deborah, Trevor and Phil left and I thought if you didn’t know what had just happened you wouldn’t believe these 4 people would be involved in such a sexy night. I watched as Hayley started to lock up the house and mused on the 2 hours I’d just spent watching my wife get used and abused – should I let on….



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