U haul I ryde her ( haha get it )Leaving Mikki D’s Guy standing waiving at everyone with a truck. being the good Samaritan that I am I stopped after the four or five trucks passed him by. He ask me if I could help him out. expecting the could you lend me dollar he surprised and asked if I could help him move some furniture from his ex wife house to his for 50 bucks I said if I don’t have to lift anything sure. We drove about a half mile down the road pulled up to a nice little house where the door was opened by a sweet petite but older looking black women. He went in and started brining furniture out she if I wanted to come and wait so I said sure wife was a petite 5’1″ maybe 120lbs with a nice ass after an half hour of talking she asked if could move a couch when we get done I bakırköy escort said Ill see After dropping the furniture off he paid me and thanked me and asked to drop him off at his girls house. since it was on my way I said sure. we got to the house and a light skinned older blk women about 5’6″ 180 came to door with a see trough robe , big tities and what appeared to a small country for an ass waved he asked if I wanted come in and have a drink I said I no I’m good but he insisted so I said ok for minute.We got inside he said he this is my friend Sherri she appear to be drunk she hugged me grabbed my ass and said thanks for helping her baby I said no problem he whispered something and said he was going up stairs for minute winked at me and beşiktaş escort left She looked him said ok baby, turned to me stuck her hands down my pants and started tug on dick. me being the gentleman that I am, I let her, we ,moved to couch I sat back she got her knees pulled my now hard dick out and sucked hard and fast then she stood up turned around and sat the big ole ass on dick she must of slipped on the rug and my dick still wet from her mouth service slid all the way up her ass as she yelp dam it was tights, before she could catch her self I pushed hard about 5 times before she jumped off grabbed her ass and said dam that shit hurt I never done that before, she readjusted and guided my dick in her wet pussy she bounced for about beylikdüzü escort 15 min until I came deep in her. she got off of me cleaned my dick with her mouth and a towel she looked at me and said I hope this pays for your help. I yep it will do. I left and when I got to my truck thinking dam that was nice on my way back I passed by his ex wife house and she saw me waved me over and I though about helping so I went over and she said thanks for coming back I went in moved the couch and some other stuff she went to her purse and said dam I forgot to get my money from my ex I can call him if you could wait, I said no this one’s on me, she said you are a nice guy, then, she said wait a minute she walks out of the room comes back with just a t shirt on pushes me down in a chair gets on her knees and begins to suck my dick I’m thinking wow she sucks until I cum in her mouth and she swallows every drop. She cleans me up and sais to me we are even right I said hell yea and call if you need something else moved. Opp’s I forgot to give her my number. Well I’ll see her when I see her.



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