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Two play by play announcers

By Fanta_Story

Author’s note: Alvin is the main character in another one of my stories, The Airline Stud. The story below is an expansion of a small portion of the story, “The Airline Stud: Chapter 1”. I recommend you read that story to better understand the characters in this story.

The argument ended in a no-decision. There were four air force academy cadets at the bar to watch game one of the World Series. Tony was a die-hard baseball fan. He made the UNLV team as a utility infielder, mostly. Somewhere in the middle of his freshman year, he realized that he would never start, let alone achieve his dream of playing professionally. His uncle was a U.S. Congressman from Central California and a member of the Armed Services Committee so he finally decided to take up his uncle’s offer and accept admission to the Air Force Academy. He was there at the bar.

Two other of their buddies were from New York and huge Yankee fans had to be there. After all, there were no distractions like television in the barracks so they had to be there. Alvin loved baseball and would have had a chance of a professional career if not for his love of airplanes and flying. His father discouraged him from baseball as a career since the odds were still so long on making it to the show. Alvin should take a more traditional course and pursue a career in the Air Force or as a professional pilot.

The air force boys gave up the argument with the gorgeous waitress who told them that she played volleyball at the University of Tennessee. They could have won the argument. After all, waiters and waitresses who want a nice tip don’t argue with the customers. However, Alvin began to waver in his chauvinism about baseball because he wanted to leave the girl with a good impression of him.

“All right, I will concede to you that volleyball is a great game if you agree to have dinner with me,” he pleaded during a break in the action on the TV.

Audra looked him over good. She had never dated a white guy but this one had a lot of the qualities she liked, great physique, smart, manicured fingernails. If she was going to date a guy, she wanted one to have nice hands, for when he used them to finger her. She dated so many guys who bit their nails or did not take care of their hands. It was a bit of an obstacle with other men. “Sure, that would be great.” They exchanged phone numbers. The boys kept sipping their drinks, diet cokes and club sodas, since they were forbidden from drinking alcohol within 48 hours of flying and they all had flight times scheduled for the next day.

Alvin called to suggest getting together the following weekend but Audra worked most Friday and Saturday nights. It took some effort but they picked a date. “Audra, I am on a strict budget for socializing. Would you be offended if I suggested Islands on Second Street?” Audra had access to a car and Alvin did not so she picked him up.

They talked a lot about sports. Alvin described his love for baseball in a romantic style that kept her rapt. Audra was actually 6′ 1″. She did not date a lot partially because she always fantasized about looking up to a man, physically and figuratively and few men measured up, no pun intended. She did not ask Alvin how tall he was but she could tell he was an inch or two taller than she. She played outside since she was left handed. The Olympic training program was vigorous and involved a lot of conditioning and practices. She was not assured a spot on the team that would go to Rio but wanted a shot. Alvin learned that she had only recently acquired a jump serve that looked like a knuckleball as it descended from its apogee just above the net. He was impressed with all of the intricacies of the game.

Audra suggested that they drive up toward Pike’s Peak and find a nice view. Alvin hoped that meant that she wanted to make out so he agreed readily. They stopped at one of the lookouts that provided a good view of the Air Force Academy and the airfield. The air was crisp and smelled good. They parked. He leaned over to the driver’s side of the late model Honda Accord that Audra had brought from Tennessee. Since they were both tall, it was easy for them to get comfortable positions. Alvin was a good kisser, very soft and romantic for a man. It was getting hot and heavy when he reached over and cupped her left breast. Alvin liked to nibble women’s necks. Audra had a great neck.

After about fifteen minutes she reached down to feel that he was tenting his slacks. That made her very hot and horny. “Can I suck your cock?” She had only dated black men and knew that it was true what ‘they’ say about that. canlı bahis şirketleri She was curious about white boys. Also, she was tickled with Alvin’s sweet disposition and wanted to see if they could have a relationship. He would be in Colorado Springs for two more years, so would she, pending her actually making the team.

“Sure,” he said and unbuckled his slacks and pulled them down to the floor of the passenger’s side of the Honda. He pulled his hardening cock through hole and was glad that he washed his clothes that day.

Audra put her soft but strong hands on his hardening cock and felt immediately that his dick was smaller than all of her other lovers’. She was rather relieved since so many of the other men left her sore, although being filled by a big cock felt really good. She leaned over and put her mouth over his sensitive appendage. Alvin moaned when he felt her warm mouth and soft tongue. She took a nice long time, licking the shaft and head for four or five minutes before going to business sucking. She also moaned. Alvin pulled her shirt up to where he could unbuckle her bra. She pulled it off and Alvin felt her nice breasts, full and firm. He licked the fingers on his left hand and rubbed her nipples. She was about to suggest it but he figured it our first. She also moaned.

When Alvin first starting being sexually active, he came in a few minutes from oral or vaginal. It took him a while to learn now to control his breathing and his pelvic floor muscles. At the time of his tryst with Audra, he had not yet fully mastered the art. He could stay hard for five, maybe eight or ten minutes but that was all. He began to feel that he would come. “Slow down a bit, honey.” She was squeezing his balls with her left hand and could feel that they had begun to condense, which she knew was a precursor to ejaculation so she slowed down and got into a more gentle rhythm. She tried to take it into her throat. She had never been able to do that with her other men, and felt that she could with him but this was such a bad angle that it would not work this time.

Yes, he was only able to last five or six minutes in total and since her mouth felt so good and her left hand was massaging his balls so good, he could not hold on much longer. “I am going to come, baby.”

“Let it go, honey.”

And he did. She squeezed his shaft with her left hand and could feel it pumping the semen up from his balls. That really turned her on. That was one of her favorite things about sex, feeling her man’s orgasm when the cock was pumping, four, five or six spasms, and always accompanied by grunts, moans or whimpers.

She caught most of his, did gag a bit due to the strong spurts that filled her mouth with salty semen quickly, too quickly to swallow with each spasm. One mouthful dripped out of her mouth onto Alvin’s thighs. She had already reached for a tissue to clean it up when she sat up again in the driver’s seat.

They each had a great time and agreed to get together again the next week. Alvin lived in the barracks and could absolutely not bring a woman. Audra had a solution. “I live in an apartment at the Olympic training center and have two roommates but have a private room.” The relationship was about to get to the next level.

Audra picked Alvin up again in her Honda and they went to Applebee’s for dinner, as they were both on restrictive budgets. They spoke like people who were interested in developing a strong relationship with the other. Audra was the first to express the desire to go. The trip to Audra’s apartment was filled with sexual tension.

“My roommates will likely be there but will not bother us.”

Volleyball is largely a Southern California sport. Audra’s roommates were Kendra from UCLA and Catlin from USC. They both ogled Alvin and wished they were taking him to their beds. Working out like they did, getting sweaty made them horny. The girls on the team talked about that often. Kendra and Calin took the opportunity to turn the TV off so they could listen to Audra’s intimate activities. They both thought to themselves that they should get jobs in town so they could meet hunks like Alvin.

Audra’s room was small and Spartan, one twin bed, a night stand, a dresser and a desk. They both knew what they were there for. They faced each other and kissed deeply. She was glad to be with someone on whose shoulders she could hang. She used his big shoulders as an anchor as she leaned into him hard. Alvin had his hands on the small of her back and squeezed her close.

Alvin always liked to kiss his lovers’ necks and Audra had a long, smooth neck. He nibbled and she moaned so he continued. canlı kaçak iddaa She hung on him harder and was getting worked up good. She reached for his bulge and found a tent. She felt for his belt but he stopped her, “Let me do that. Remember, I get my chance, too”.

“I am looking forward to it,” she replied.

Alvin easily unbuckled the belt and let the slacks drop to the floor, leaving a small, tight pair of blue boxer briefs with a bulge. She reached into his shorts and wrapped her hand around his hardening cock. She squeezed and massaged it. Alvin moaned. Audra sat on the bed and pulled the shorts down. Alvin helped her by wiggling out of them. His cock sprang forward. She licked the shaft and his balls, teasing him painfully. She continued where she left off in the car and sucked him good. She really wanted to try to deep throat him. She tried by putting as much in her mouth as possible. Then she pushed his cock against her throat. The first time, she gagged a little but kept trying. After a minute or so, she got down the technique and was able to get it down. Alvin was amazed and delighted. The feeling was exquisite, like a wet vagina.

She licked it top to bottom and spent a good amount of time on his balls. Alvin was moaning the whole time. Kendra and Catlin heard Alvin’s cries and looked at each other. “First, cock sucking,” said Catlin as they blushed and giggled. They both got hot and shifted in their seats, Kendra on the couch and Catlin on the love seat.

“My turn!” exclaimed Alvin. She finished undressing and hopped on the bed. Alvin climbed between her legs and was greatly enthralled by her naked bottom. Her lips were thick and fat. Her clit had a large flap of skin covering it and it protruded from the top of her brown slit. The best part was that her inner lips were pink, not too dark, not too light, perfect pink. He got hungry.

She sensed that he was not sure where to begin. “Lick the lips.” Alvin loved that she was providing instruction on what she liked and felt a surge of warmth in his head. He did as he was told and started by licking the fat lips. Audra moaned. She hoped that he would tease her good. He lightly licked each lip and she enjoyed it and moaned her approval. He wanted to dip his tongue deep into her vagina and scoop out the juice that he liked so much but he refrained for now. So he sucked on her fat outer lips. She moaned louder, “Oh…. “

The roommates glanced hard at each other again and shifted in their seats. Now, Kendra commented, “He’s eating her now.” She smiled broadly and arched her eyebrows. They were acting like play-by-play announcers at a football game and enjoying commenting on the progress of the action.

Alvin could not wait any longer to taste the deep sweet flavor of the pussy juice from deep within her. He started licking her slit from bottom to top over and over again and used his tongue like a piston to dig into her vagina. She was in heaven but was longing to have her clit in his mouth. His mouth, nose and neck were covered in sweet sauce.

“Do this, babe. Use your hands, your thumb and index finger and pinch my clit and rub it together.” Alvin moved his right hand from her left breast and put his thumb on one side of her clitoral hood and his index finger on the other. He pinched them together. “Ungh, perfect, more, more, more. Rub your finger together.” He was getting into a rhythm now, like when he was crouched in his ready position awaiting a pitch while at short, slightly swaying on his toes, anticipating a hit to the left side. He was pinching her clit now and pressing his fingers together in a constant motion.

He licked her juicy slit up and down while squeezing his fingers and rubbing like he was instructed. Audra knew that she would come and was beginning her journey to orgasm. “Don’t stop. I am…going to…ungh.” She was running her fingers through his curly blonde hair and could not help but pulling his hair as she reached her peak. “Fuck, fuck, fuck oh.” She went over with one loud grunt, twisting and convulsing.

Catlin could not help herself and plunged her right hand into her nylon shorts. “That sounded like a big one,” referring to Audra’s orgasm. She was soaked and closed her eyes tight for a second. She saw Kendra staring at her and was quite embarrassed. “Take care of yourself, Catlin, I am tempted myself.”

Alvin looked up and Audra was smiling from ear to ear. “That sounded good,” he said.

“Go to hell. Incredible, is what it was. Let’s fuck. I have a condom.”

She scissored her legs and landed feet first on the floor, bounding to her dresser and quickly found a small envelope. “I want canlı kaçak bahis to suck your cock some more.” She handed him the envelope and got on her knees at the foot of the bed. Alvin scooted forward. He was fully hard and did not need any more encouragement but was enjoying her oral. “I like the taste of your missile, mister pilot.” She just sucked but did not bother to try to deep throat him now. She just liked the feeling of his smooth skin. The pre-cum was flowing. Audra loved the taste of pre-cum. She knew he would come soon but needed to feel him filing her.

“Sit back on the bed a foot or two.” Alvin took the condom out and rolled it on. “Perfect,” she said. She had straddled his legs. She leaned into kiss him deeply. Then she reached down for his cock and felt latex and rubbed it against the hood of her clit. She could not wait any longer and felt a deep itch, needing the satisfaction of being filled and stretched. She sat down with her knees at his rib cage. In an incredibly athletic move, she unfolded her legs and stretched them out so they were pointed directly to the wall opposite from the wall that Alvin’s legs were pointed. The next move made Alvin greatly excited. She crossed her legs so that they were crossed and squeezing him with her athletic thighs. Her legs were long and incredible and strong. She started a rocking motion, sitting on his lap, feeling his cock slide deep into her.

“I have never had a girl wrap her legs around me like this. It is super sexy.”

“I love this position. I can feel you very deep. Ahh, ahh, ahh.” She rocked and rocked and moaned and moaned. “Nice, nice, nice,” moaned Audra, loud enough to be heard in the living room.

The bed was creaking a little. That made Kendra and Catlin wild. “Fuck, he must be inside her now,” observed Kendra. “It sure must be nice!” They both giggled. Catlin continued rubbing herself under her shorts. She wanted to come badly, imagining Alvin fucking her hot roommate. Kendra did not want to be left out so she dipped her fingers into her shorts as well. They were both rubbing to a good rhythm.

Alvin was in the perfect position to use his hands to feel her big strong butt. It was bigger than he had felt before with other girls and attributed it to her muscular build that enabled her to jump high blocking or smashing a ball across the net. He squeezed her butt and liked the feeling very much. His strong hands made Audra even more excited. She did not have huge boobs but Alvin could feel them pressing against his chest.

She was rocking and moaning. Their hot bodies made them perspire.

“I feel so good, babe, so good,” she said, nibbling his ear lobe. “Ahh.”

In the living room the roommates’ eyes were shut tight and were rubbing their clits.

Back in the bedroom, Audra broke the rhythm after a full ten minutes and brought her legs back so she was straddling his thighs again. “Lay back.” Alvin did as told. She fucked him and rode his cock grinding and grinding. They were both moaning and staring into the others’ eyes.

“I am going to get something,” she said and got off of him. As she put her feet on the floor, Alvin could see the condom with a shinny gleam, shinny with pussy juice. She reached into her dresser drawer again and removed a small pale blue bottle of KY. “I need to come again.” She opened the bottle then sat back on his thighs. This time she inserted his cock and leaned back so that his cock could hit her G-spot. She poured a handful of the lubrication onto her right hand, poured it over her clitoris, closed the bottle and tossed it on the floor. She humped him and rubbed her clit, just like she instructed Alvin, putting her thumb on one side of the fat clitoral hood and her index finger on the other. She humped herself and squeezed her clit faster and faster.

“Oh, fuck,” she said loudly.

The girls could easily hear that joyful exclamation and Kendra came with a whimper, eyes shut tight. “We’re both coming, Ahh,”she said referring to herself and Audra.

Alvin had a good idea that Audra’s last cry was her announcing that she was close.

“I am almost there, babe.” She humped herself a few more times then let out a screech, “Oh, oh, oh, oh,” and felt spasms for about twenty seconds and finished with a sigh.

Alvin was in pain from squeezing his pelvic floor muscles and could not hold out any longer. He let go of all of that deep joyful tension and came with four big bursts into the condom, shaking his legs and let out a cry that sounded like this: “Argh—aaa, fuck”.

Catlin felt a surge of warmth in her head and chest and came with a sigh. What got her over the top was the fantasy that Alvin was inside of her, not her roommate. “That was the hottest thing I have ever heard. I would guess that she scored. I counted a few of her orgasms.

Catlin and Kendra had become sex show announcers in the Vin Scully tradition.



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