It was just a regular New Year’s Eve Party that night, or so I had believed. Kara, my wife of just three months, was more than a little drunk that night, and a large part of me wondered if either of us would be sober enough to drive. As it was, I began cutting back to make sure that someone could at least call the cab. From the looks of it, it would have to be me, because it damn sure wasn’t going to be Kara.

I had just started to dial the numbers when my hostess, Dana Corcoran, walked behind me and slipped her arms around my waist, even placing sweet kisses on my neck.

“Now, now. Don’t just run off like that, dear. It’s not polite to eat and run. You don’t have to go home at all tonight. I’d rather that you two just saved your cab money and spent the night here. You’re both a lot more fun when the sauce hits you.”

Bear in mind that I had never dated Dana in my life, as much as she had constantly flirted with me, often in Kara’s presence. My wife had never acted jealousy about the flirting, either, oddly enough as wives went. Then again, Kara was a very strange bride to begin with, having said nothing about my bachelor party other than to order my best man, Carlos, to “see to it that he comes home safe and happy. That’s your job.”

Admittedly, Kara’s own bachelorette party was reportedly rather wild, too, though she said remarkably little about it. Dana went to that, too, and apparently took more than a few selfies with Kara that were clearly meant to tease and joke with the whole lesbian lovers angle. To be perfectly blunt, I wondered about those two at times. Anyway, there I stood with Dana, my wife’s best friend and maid of honor, holding me by the waist, when Kara walked up to us and simply planted one on me before brushing my hard-on.

“Hmmm, seems that booze hasn’t messed him up too much. Lucky me. In the meantime, though, perhaps we can play a game or two. What do you think, Dana?” Kara asked rather suggestively of our hostess.

“I was just telling him that I didn’t want you guys to leave tonight. I’d rather that you both crashed with me. The others can take a hike or call a cab, but you guys are my favorite guests. I enjoy your company so much,” Dana told us, not once letting go of my waist as she ground her breasts against my back … small as they were, Dana’s tits were firm, perky, and very soft.

“I like that idea. How about you, Saul? Want to spend New Year’s here and wake up in a strange bed again?” Kara winked at me.

Yes, my wife finally brought up the fact that I had indeed found myself alone in one of Dana’s guest bedrooms on my wedding day and never could figure out how that happened. I still asked myself how I could have been so drunk that I didn’t recall being moved. I wondered how much she knew, but I gather that Dana told her everything (which was more than I myself knew, of course). Why was it Dana’s house and not Carlos’s, for that matter, and why hadn’t Kara been at least a little pissed at him for losing track of me?

“Oh, that. You’re not angry about that, I hope,” I chuckled as I blushed.

“Nope. That was just clean fun. Just like tonight will be, I swear,” Kara snickered for some reason.

Half the guests were already gone by then, and more than a few were already getting ready to go, including my brother Eli and my sister Ruth, as well as my brother-in-law Mordechai. Carlos, however, stayed for now. He kept chuckling more than a little, for reasons that still escaped me. It felt as if I were the butt of some kind of joke that nobody saw fit to explain to me. That was an annoying sensation, even if everyone seemed light-hearted enough about it. Pretty soon, it was down to the four of us and that was when Dana brought up the game which really shook up my world and made me question everything that I thought that I knew.

“Truth or Dare, guys?” Dana asked us, quite flirtatious as always and eager to play it.

“Is that wise when we’re inebriated?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Don’t be silly, hon. It’s the perfect time for this game. We’re far more likely to just go with it and that makes this a lot more fun,” Kara seconded Dana’s motion…

I ought to have known that my sexy wife would back her friend up whenever there was fun to be had. Then again, it really did seem like fun and I didn’t wish to be a rude guest, so Truth or Dare it was.

When Carlos grinned and agreed, Dana perked up and told him, “Just for that, you can spend the night here, too. Thank you.”

“Your turn, then,” Dana told Carlos.

Remember how Dana’s arms had been around my waist earlier, in full view of my rather playful wife? Well, Dana’s hands now roamed my neck and slipped up the back of my shirt, believe it or not. Meanwhile, Carlos’s own fingers now rested rather surprisingly on my right hand, as if he were holding it or something. Kara’s own hands traced her way down the crotch of my pants.

‘Truth,” he smiled in response to the challenge.

“Have you ever kissed another man?” Dana asked my best friend.

“Actually, yes, illegal bahis I have. More than a few times,” my former best man admitted with a grin and a wink at the ladies, “Your turn. Truth or Dare?”

“Truth,” Dana smiled wider now.

“Have you ever kissed a married man?” Carlos inquired, as he tightened his grip on my hand … I was too hammered to object.

“He wasn’t married when I kissed him, but it was during his bachelor party,” Dana blushed and giggled.

“Kara’s turn,” I said abruptly, really curious now, “Truth or Dare?”

“Truth,” Kara said coyly.

“Why do you never act jealous when Dana does what she’s doing now?” I referred at last to how much Dana liked to get frisky with me all the time.

“Do you want me to, or is this just curiosity on your part?” Kara evaded my question, which was odd.

“Curiosity. It’s always a little different with her. You flirt with her at times, too, but not like she does with me,” I commented casually.

“Okay, then. I like it when Dana flirts with you and you flirt back at her. It’s a turn-on, just as when Carlos and you flirt, though you’re not consciously aware that you’re doing that at all,” Kara licked her lips as she confessed her lustful thoughts, “Now, your turn. Truth or Dare?”

“Truth,” I completed the circle of truths, at least for this round. The others had shared interesting facts about themselves, and I felt that it was only fair to tell them something honest before I sobered up and chickened out.

“Very well. Are you naturally monogamous? Honestly? Or would you rather spread your wings now and then? Tell the truth and shame the Devil, though I think that I already know the answer,” Kara’s dimples showed, even on her beautiful olive skin, as she asked me that very tough and impish question of hers.

“No. Sorry, but since you know me so well and we’re being candid, you clearly expected that, didn’t you?” I revealed my true feelings about this issue, “I agreed to monogamy out of love for you, since you seemed to want it and I didn’t want to cause you pain. Lately, though, I’ve wondered just how much you really seemed to care about it. Personally, I would have preferred an open relationship, but you wanted marriage, and well, you’re a good Lebanese Catholic girl. I didn’t think that you’d consider swinging once we exchanged vows. Open marriage as such seemed to be out.”

“Oh, honey, you really are a sweetheart, aren’t you? A good Jewish boy of the Orthodox stripe on one level, though a natural libertine beneath the surface. Willing to sacrifice like that for my peace of mind. I wanted marriage, sure, but I never once said a thing about monogamy. I just let our families think so, because they’d never understand otherwise. Remember our wedding vows? Did you ever notice what words were kept out of them, for both of us, of course?” Kara said as she actually licked the left side of my face.

“Yes, the bit about ‘forsaking all others.’ It stuck out, but I ignored it, because I frankly didn’t need them added to the vows, even if some of my relatives … and yours, complained about their absence,” I acknowledged, even as the three of my companions got friskier.

“I rest my case, Your Honor. My point is that this is OUR marriage. Not the church’s, not God’s, and not our families’. It’s up to us what we do in the future, not to them, right?” Kara asserted.

“Touche. Point taken,” I smiled at the prospect of reviewing those issues at some point. Maybe it would make a good New Year’s Resolution for both of us.

“Carlos’s turn again, I think,” Dana reminded us now as she now breathed hard on my neck, “Truth or Dare?”

“Dare,” Carlos broke the Truth streak at last, but we were all ready for it, thanks to the drinks … I certainly had plenty of Captain in me, if nothing else.

“I dare you to kiss Saul on the mouth,” Dana snickered as she told Carlos that.

One could have heard a pin drop, and certainly my stomach came up to my throat for a second, as my surprisingly smooth Puerto Rican friend planted a lip lock on me that included more tongue than I could have ever anticipated. What shocked me even more was the degree to which I kissed him back, in spite of my own expectations. I wasn’t attracted to him, was I? Well, my cock was harder than steel and my mouth kept melting into his hot Latin lips and tongue, so apparently I was.

“Well … that was … something else,” I blushed slightly as Carlos pulled back, a satisfied grin crossing his face now.

“Your turn, Dana,” Carlos now smirked as he added, “Truth or Dare?”

“Dare,” Dana winked at him.

“I dare you to kiss Saul as well … also on the mouth,” Carlos encouraged my wife’s closest girlfriend.

“So be it. Pucker up, sweetie,” Dana urged me as she played tonsil hockey with me, her tongue swirling mine for the desired effect, and everyone could tell that I was just into it as she was.

“Damn, girl!” I noted my very hard cock, now leaking precum … Dana just shrugged and winked at me.

“Before we go illegal bahis siteleri any further, perhaps we should set some ground rules for this. I mean … what limits should the dares have? Do we have to do every dare, no matter what?” I proposed.

Dana shook her head, “I vote no limits, and since I’m the hostess, I get my way. Agreed?”

“Agreed,” my wife answered eagerly … too eagerly?

“Same here,” Carlos licked his chops now.

“Well, it’s your place, I’m your guest, and I’m outvoted, plus you’ve been very … friendly, as always. I suppose that I’ll go along with such rules. The sky’s the limit,” I conceded before turning to Kara, “Your turn, babe. Truth or Dare?”

“Time to put my money where my mouth is, huh? I’ll bite. Dare,” Kara smiled as if she badly wanted a risque dare, too.

“I dare you to strip naked and spend the rest of the night that way,” I laughed as I instructed her to undress.


Kara began by taking off her blouse, slowly, button by button, until she stood in bra, skirt, and … whatever was underneath the skirt. That turned out to be her panties and hose, both of which came off even before the skirt. Once her bra was gone, all that was left was the skirt, which she unzipped and slid enthusiastically off her own skin. Naked in all of her Middle Eastern glory, my dear bride showed not a sign of self-consciousness about it and even seemed relieved to be free of her textile prison. Seeing her now bald pussy gave me an incredible rush, too, as I knew that Kara only shaved her bush when she intended for something wild and kinky to happen. Carlos noticeably didn’t drool, but Dana and I did.

“Your turn, honey. Truth or Dare?” Kara reminded me as she slid next to me again and started pressing her naked flesh to mine.

“Dare, then,” I opted to be go along for now … one truth and dare each was a fair start.

“Good. I dare you to fuck Carlos’s mouth … good and hard … let him suck you as much as he wants, and cum down his throat,” Kara giggled, while Dana high-fived her now.

I coughed a bit, but I was truly trapped. There was no way out of this except by exploring whatever attraction I might have for my best friend. Our friendship might not ever be the same, but I had given my word and we would be ruined if I totally rejected him, too, I could just tell. Anyway, I felt bound by my honor, and for whatever reason, the idea really turned me on, so I unzipped my pants and let Nature take over.

The next thing that I realized, my dick was halfway inside my buddy’s mouth as he greedily slurped it good. When he got it far enough down his throat, I began moving my hips instinctively to actively fuck his mouth as if it were a pussy. Carlos’s mouth was hot, wet, slippery, and felt like Heaven on my cock. When I grabbed his hair and began aggressively ramming his throat, Carlos’s prick became unbearably stiff and Dana helped slide his pants down to his ankles. The harder I ravaged his mouth, the more erect he became, until finally he leaked precum from his dick.

As I felt my balls churn a bit more and spew out my load into Carlos’s throat, he visibly jettisoned his own jizz onto a towel that conveniently happened to be there … another odd coincidence, or was it? When Carlos stood up, I acted once more on instinct and exchanged bodily fluids through a snowball kiss with him. Evidently, I didn’t taste too bad, at least from what I could judge. Perhaps slightly salty, but there was nothing wrong with that. More to the point, both women circled me in obvious arousal and began fondling me enthusiastically, as did Carlos … I couldn’t help but notice that Carlos did nothing with them, however.

“Wow … I’ve never … fucked a man’s mouth before. That was … incredible! I guess that I’ve had my first extra-marital encounter, Kara, and we didn’t even plan or discuss it much ahead of time. Just a simple dare that you gave me,” I chuckled.

“Ready to keep playing, stud?” Carlos grinned as Dana now held my pants and underwear hostage.

“Sure, why not? I want my pants and boxers back, after all, and Dana’s holding them for ransom,” I laughed more than a little.

“That she is … such a doll, isn’t she?” Kara asked as she pressed her breasts to my own chest and Dana now closed in on me from behind.

“Yes, definitely,” I agreed, even as Dana’s mouth opened and she gave me a hickie on the back of my neck.

“Truth or dare?” Dana asked Carlos a third time.

“Truth,” Carlos agreed, not ready for the next dare yet, even as he groped my body.

“What is your sexual orientation?” Dana asked him point-blank at last.

“Gay. One hundred percent, six on the Kinsey scale, Fire Island gay. Not a trace of hetero in me, babe, though if there was, I’d have fucked you at the drop of a hat. I’m an absolute, true-blue, old-fashioned homosexual,” Carlos admitted for the record, though I had thought by now that he might be gay, “Your turn, my fair lady. Truth or Dare?”

“Truth,” Dana answered as well, winking canlı bahis siteleri at me even as Kara and she kept rubbing their slick bodies against mine.

“Have you ever fucked Saul, and if so, when?” Carlos now really got my attention … when would Dana have possibly fucked me? What made him think that she had?

“Yes, and you know full well when. It was shortly the bachelor party, when he was drunk, horny, and frustrated by the stripper … You caught us and simply joined in on the act. Remember how Kara found us, naked together, the three of us on my bed, spooning, Saul’s cock still buried in my pussy while yours was up his ass!” Dana recalled fondly indeed.

I paled at hearing this, of course. I had a threesome while drunk with the best man and maid of honor, and Kara had simply looked the other way? She had condoned my MMF action with our two closest friends? The biggest shock she left for next, when, trembling, I asked her to answer.

“Truth or Dare, Kara?” I asked her nervously, though she didn’t show any sign of jealousy or anger, or even hurt.

“Truth,” Kara had a saucy smile now as she answered my challenge.

“What happened after you caught us, exactly?” I insisted upon knowing and this was the best chance for answers at last.

“Are you kidding, sweetheart? I sucked you back to hardness, straddled you, and rode you until we both came that morning. You must have been quite out of it if you didn’t remember being used for sex by your own fiancee on the day of your wedding. I guess that the blue pills that we slipped you in your drinks helped counter the ED that people that sauced usually get. Don’t worry. There was no GHB. Just whiskey and potency pills.

“Yes, it was a plot … a conspiracy to get you laid by all three of us. We were tired of not getting to share you, so it was no fault of yours, babe. What did you think that this evening was about, honey? It was another excuse to seduce you, this time for a true foursome. By the way, we slipped you more blue pills.

“Look, the three of us want to sleep with you regularly … be your lovers. Now, do we really need to keep playing this game, or are you ready to be the meat in our sandwich? How about it? Dare to be our lover?” Kara now challenged me.

“So … the three of you, with me? What about you two ladies? Are you girls lovers, too?” I probed, only to be answered by a deep tongue kiss shared by the women.

“Yes, but you’ll always come first with us,” Dana promised me as she pried my cheeks apart and started to play with my ass.

“Always?” I reacted with surprise.

“It’s all about you, honey,” Kara assured me while stroking my dick and my balls, “So, yes, always.”

“Always,” Carlos spoke as he lubed up and slid his cock into my now prepared asshole, “Sorry, babe … this is about you, too. I wasn’t lying. You just really need to feel how great it will be to have my prick inside you.”

“What about … others?” I asked them.

“No need. This is about you. You’re just going to have to man up. The girls have each other, but I only need you, hot shot. We’re your personal harem. Just get used to it,” Carlos told me as he kept pounding me, soon reaching my prostate with little trouble, “And wait until you get to sodomize me. Oh, it’s going to be awesome!”

My cock was now very stiff indeed, and I badly needed to fuck someone, so Dana soon slid underneath me and offered her pussy for my pleasure at last. It wasn’t much longer until I bottomed out inside Dana, my every hip movement helping both her and Carlos drive me to the brink. I kissed her mouth, her neck, face, her shoulders, and even her tits as we fucked good and hard. She let out a wail as wild as a banshee’s, especially once Kara began feeding her tits to her, burying her face in her wonderful bosom. Every few seconds, I would hear moans and cries of pleasure come from Kara’s lovely cleavage.

I couldn’t hold back any longer and now I came far inside Dana’s slit, filling her with my seed, even as Carlos unloaded his own spunk inside my asshole. My butt and my cock were both rather sore, but I found that I wasn’t going soft again just yet. Yes, those blue pills continued to keep me going for a little while longer. I wasn’t too shocked, then, when Kara opened her loving mouth and began sucking my cock as if it were a matter of life and death. Nor was I stunned when Carlos and Dana teamed up to start rimming us for the sheer pleasure of it. Dana licked Kara’s bottom while Carlos tongued my crack, but both of them kept quite busy eating our asses.

“So … how long have you and Dana been intimate?” I wondered, rather curious now.

“From the beginning, babe. From the very beginning. We were lovers first, but we had to seduce you into marrying me and fucking both of us. Trust me, we never had any intentions of imposing any double standards on you. One way or the other, we were going to get you into bed with both of us. When we learned about Carlos, well … the rest is history. He’s been waiting such a long time and he’s such an adorable twink that we just had to get him his way. We always knew that there was something more than just bromance going on there,” Kara winked at me before the long licks of Dana’s tongue on her tush became too much to ignore.



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