Trouble in classWas the second month of the school year and found myself in trouble again. Mrs. Black caught me day dreaming for the fifth time. She said she had no choice but to report me to the principal. I knew if she did that I’d be in serious trouble with my dad. He and my dad played golf together and I know he’d tell him. I begged Mrs. Black not to report me and I’d do anything she said if she wouldn’t. She said she’d think about it. After class I asked her if she thought about it, she said yes,and I should come to her class during lunch. Thinking I dodged a bullet I went to my next class. What was she going to make me do,clean the chalkboard, take out the trash? At lunch break I grabbed a quick bite and went to Mrs. Blacks room. I knocked on the door and went in,she said to sit down and pay attention. I said yes mamma, she said I thought hard about it and I want you to be at my house to do some work for three days. Sad it wasn’t what I thought, illegal bahis I knew anything was better than the alternative. I said ok, and she gave me her address and said I expect you there Monday after school. I went to the rest of my classes. Going home I found out where she lived and went over. The place was huge. A two story six bedroom house, with a double size backyard. Thinking she’s going to have me clean the place up,it’ll take me at least three days. I went home and did my homework. After dinner I went to bed hoping she didn’t tell the principal, since my dad was playing golf tomorrow. The weekend went without a problem, and I was in class. After class Mrs. Black asked if I remembered our deal,I said yes. At the end of school I went to her house. She said to come in. She said her yard man quit and the backyard needed cutting and the pool needs cleaning. I asked where the equipment was kept. I was in luck, she had a riding mower with illegal bahis siteleri a grass catcher. I was dumping the clippings when I seen her come out and sit by the pool. She had a short robe on,and I guessed she was wearing a swimsuit. I was admiring her legs and what I could see of her body.At school she always wore long loose fitting skirts and a jacket. We all figured she was a large woman,but she’s actually nice looking, on the verge of being sexy. I went back to cutting the yard and noticed her stand up and take off her robe. I nearly fell off when I watched her. She had a high cut one piece swimsuit, a round ass. Not big but shapely and firm,nice legs, and tits. She laid down and spread sun lotion on her arms,chest and legs. I was dumping the last of the yard clippings when I seen her turn over. Her swimsuit climbed up in the back and her untanned skin shined white in the sun. Coming back from the she’d I went to ask her if I could canlı bahis siteleri knock off for the day. She had lowered the top of her swimsuit, no tan lines I guessed. I said excuse me Mrs. Black, would it be ok to finish tomorrow, she looked up and smiled, what all have you done. I said I did all the mowing and dumped the clippings. I strained to get a look at her tits as she leaned up to look around. She said alright but be here on time, I said yes mamma. She said when we’re not at school you can call me Billie, I said ok. Walking home I had the biggest hard on in my life and couldn’t wait till I got home and Jack off.I went to my room and stripped, pulling a bottle of lotion out of my dresser, I laid down and squirted some on my dick and slid my hand on it. I closed my eyes and imagined it was Billie stroking me. I said just like that,mmm yes you know how I like it. I rubbed my balls and stroked slowly, then sped up. I said you can suck it if you want to. I slid my hand over the head of my dick and short stroked it. Use your tongue like that. After a few minutes I was yelling yes Billie, I’m cumming and shot a load out and landed on my stomach. I took a shower and dressed again.



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