Transformation of Mr. Price – Chapter 4A man travels on business to San Francisco and through the inadvertent misuse of a male enhancement cream is transformed into a woman. If you have not read previous chapters this won’t make a lot of sense.I touched the tip of my cock, which was barely a nub between the folds of skin where it had been pulled inside me as if it was shrinking out of sight. And the moment it contacted my cock I felt the flush from the night before, and I didn’t care about the side effects anymore, yes I was thinking with my cock instead of my brain. “How much worse could it be,” I thought. My balls were sucked up inside of me, my cock shaft seemed to be stuck inside and all that was left was the tip of my cock. I had breasts that were not your garden variety man-boobs, and nipples that most women would beg to own.I circled the tip of my cock as if it was a woman’s clit smearing the thick cream to cover it entirely, and the intense pleasure gripped my entire body. And within minutes the tingling in my breasts became so intense I rubbed them all over with my cream covered hands, and that pleasure translated to my cock, I had never felt a connection like this I needed to have an orgasm and it didn’t matter if the stimulation came from what was left of my cock or from the firm nipples atop my new budding breasts. I massaged my breasts with more cream from the jar. My small A-Cup boobies that were so pert and sensitive felt wonderful in my hand and it was like being with a woman as I fondled them. The cream seemed to enhance the pleasure I felt.I imagined that I was fondling the breasts of my first girlfriend; she was such a cutie, her pert breasts held in her training bra. My hands went up her blouse clumsily trying to gain access to them. Fumbling with the clasp, it sprang open and I cupped her firm A-Cup tits, just like I was cupping mine. She moaned as I rolled her nipple in my fingers, something I had never felt before. I rolled my nipples thinking of her and then I felt it, a hot flush came over my body and just like the night before an orgasm took over my body. I felt the same tidal wave of pleasure washing over me, wave after wave.I ignored the temptation to touch my tiny nub of a cock between the folds of skin that now looked more like a woman’s slit than a man’s crotch. There would not be any hard erupting cock with this orgasm. The cream I had left smeared on and around the tip of my cock made it feel cold, but I was warmed within as the pleasure continued. I rubbed my nipples transmitting pleasure to my groin and the pleasure peaked, I clamped my legs together, there were no balls hanging down to feel the pressure as I rolled from side to side. The pleasure was almost a cramp, yet it wasn’t, I felt on fire, filled with pleasure that wasn’t centered in the tip of my cock, but pleasure in every part of my body. My prostate, as far as my orgasmic mind comprehended, did not contract, yet I felt contractions all through my midsection.My breathing was ragged, my head was filled of images of that young girl I had pleasured with my hands on her tits, and I remember sliding my hand into her shorts and rubbing her pussy through her panties. She never allowed me to touch her skin, but she was wet and I loved the feeling of her legs as they clamped together with my hand held tightly between her sweet tender thighs. My legs were now clamped as hard as hers, and I wanted this orgasm to last forever, but then it was over and I was warm all over and I lay on the bed, half man, half woman, I didn’t care, the pleasure the cream brought me was beyond any I had ever felt, regardless if I was with a woman or by my own hand.As I enjoyed the afterglow of my intense orgasm I thought of all the women I had pleasured, I wondered if what I was feeling with my orgasm was what they felt, or was this just some deviation from the normal male orgasm? Was the touch of the sensuous fabric the same against my breasts as what women felt? I was lying on my side and as I looked down I saw my cream covered breasts pressed together and then I drifted off into fitful dreams.I woke, it was early morning, I had not moved all night, I felt a chill from lying naked on the bed and rolled over to the edge to get up; I needed to empty my bladder and clear my mind from the confusing dreams. I looked down, my breasts, now much larger although still firm and pert had a bit of sag with my nipples pointing upward towards my face, and when I looked between my legs the shock that I felt was intense, it almost made me sick. I ran to the bathroom and looked into the mirror. The tip of my cock that had peeked out between a fold in my skin, was now not visible at all, all I could see was a crease that had formed on each side of it. It was as if I had a pussy instead of a cock. My lack of concern earlier now turned into dread and the fear that the cream had neutered me and turned me from male to female. I ran my fingers down the crease, and I parted it and found the tip of my cock buried deep in my slit, as I bumped it with my finger tip and pleasure gripped my groin, far more intense that touching a flaccid cock tip. As I bumped it again it almost hurt with my dry fingertip touching it, I wet my fingertip between my lips and tried again, the pleasure returned and I felt it connect to my nipples, it was as if there was a direct connection between my cock tip and nipples, an electric wire transmitting the impulse between the two at the speed of light.I loved the feeling but feared what had happened to my body, “I’d never be able to be with a woman again,” I thought as I rubbed between the slit that sent chills up and down my body. I looked up, my tits were now definitely larger and they swayed seductively side to side as I rubbed the nub between my legs. Then fear engulfed me again so I ran the shower, again thinking I could wash this away.Once in the shower I felt the warm water running over my body, it seemed that every little thing about the shower became noticeable, the little rivulets of water running off my shoulders and forming lines down my breasts. Some would follow the curved underside of my tits while others formed and dripped off my nipples that became erect with the sensation. Or did I will them to harden, it seemed like I had control over my body like never before. At bahis firmaları that moment my mind seemed to clear of my thoughts and doubts, I am not sure why, perhaps the after effect of the cream that I had applied so heavily had left me feeling strange.I got out of the shower and after drying off I wiped the steam off the mirror and looked at my reflection. From the neck down I would easily pass as a woman, my breasts were perfectly formed and for my 5’ 6” height and weight seemed to be perfectly proportioned. I didn’t have the wide hips of a woman, but between my legs was the crease that had formed when my cock shaft sucked inside of me. I turned and looked at my butt, I can’t tell you why exactly, but it was sized to suit my body, I really did look like a woman.I slipped into the robe and walked into the bedroom, the suitcases were still strewn about the room where I had left them. Lying on the bed were the panties and gown and almost instinctively I dropped the robe and stepped into the panty. I was perfectly smooth in front, with the exception of the pubic hair that felt rough and scratchy through the sheer fabric. For some reason the thought of a smooth flat front pleased me, I found the thought strange, but did not dwell on it. I pulled the gown over my head and my now erect nipples sent another deeply sensuous shock throughout my body.I was hungry but unable to think about facing anyone this morning. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, my breasts would no longer fit in my shirt and my jacket would never hide them. I dug through the second suitcase and found nothing of mine and the next suitcase looked like a collection of lost and found items, none of which seemed to belong together. I opened the last suitcase and my toiletry bag, not that it was worth much, but it was mine and I was happy to have it back. There was another mixture of clothing that seemed be not to belong together and I was about to give up on it when I unzipped the compartment under the front flap and saw women’s bras and panties. I looked at the tags trying to decide if they “were my size,” as if I had any idea what size women’s clothes would fit me. I pulled the gown off and saw a tag in the back that said large, and pulled the panties off and they said size 7. “Well that is a start,” I thought as I looked at the garments neatly packed in the suitcase.It seemed that this internal flap had been untouched in the damage that had occurred to the suitcase, each garment was sealed in a zip style plastic bag. I opened a package that contained a pink panty, it was marked as a size 6 but I noted it had lots of spandex so I pulled it on. “WOW, does that feel great,” I mumbled to myself. It offered just a bit of control and somehow I felt less conspicuous, again no explanation for that thought. But looking down between my legs I could see the panty showing the crease that was now the prominent feature between my legs, that shocked me, yet pleased me.I left it on and opened a bra baggie, the tag said 34-C. I had no idea; I had guessed at my “B-Cup” boobies so I hooked the bra around me and pulled it into place. My breasts fit the cups nicely but I had to re-hook the bra into the largest fitting hook to make it more comfortable. I was impressed with the fit and the way it pushed my breasts up into nice mounds.The rest of the garments were the same size and I immediately claimed them as mine, for whatever depraved reason. I started to feel guilty about digging through the bags that were clearly not mine. Yet I knew that what I didn’t claim was headed to the trash pile as the airport note made it clear that they didn’t expect them back. I pulled the gown back on and walked back in the bathroom to see how I looked. The mirror had become my best friend over the last couple days.I realized as I looked at my reflection that the gown was just a bit big on me even with the new push-up bra that I was wearing. I loved it nonetheless, it made me feel classy and yes, FEMININE! I was lost in thought as I admired the luster of the gown with its long folds of fabric that caressed my skin as I moved. I heard the phone ring and when I answered it I hear Ah Lam’s voice, “Mr. Price?”“Yes,” I said, “Is this Ah Lam?”“Yes, I must see you, I must speak to you, can you come right over to the shop?” she said in a bit of an agitated voice.“Well, uh, well it will not be possible for me to leave my room, I apologize,” I said as I felt bad to not comply with her wishes. She had been so helpful to me.“Then may I come to see you Mr. Price?” she said and before I could answer she said, “This is very important, I must see you.”I agreed to see her in my room and when I hung up I felt awkward. I wondered what to do, remain dressed as I was or try to get my regular clothes on. I decided that since she knew of the changes I had experienced I would remain in my gown and wait patiently. I went back to the mirror and looked at my reflection again. I was presentable except for a bit of chest hair that showed above the gown. I decided that at some point I would need to do something about that, but then “What the hell was I going to do next looking as I did?” I said aloud and then mumbled, “It is like I have accepted this.” And that is what seemed to be happening, first a thought of acceptance and the next moment total rejection.A few minutes later I heard a knock and the door and I cautiously opened it, peeking around the edge of it, it was Ah Lam, and she carried a small leather case in her hand and was using a cane, something she had not used when I saw her previously.I let her in and waited for her to gasp in surprise at my appearance, she didn’t. She hobbled past me and seated herself at the desk that was in the outer room of my suite. She leaned the cane against the desk and placed the leather case on the desk before saying anything.“Mr. Price, it appears that you chose not to heed my caution to you when we last met.” Ah Lam said and not waiting for my response she motioned me to come close, “Please Mr. Price I think you should be seated as we talk.”I walked over to her pulling a chair away from the wall to seat myself facing her, my gown covered knees very near hers. I was conscious of how far down the neckline appeared as I seated myself and tugged it up to cover my breasts better.“I wanted to talk to you tipobet about the cream before you used more of it,” Ah Lam said as she looked into my eyes, “But it is very apparent that you have continued using it and now the changes you display are permanent and can only be reversed with cosmetic surgery. And if the physical changes were all that had occurred to you, it is possible that you could endure the surgery and return to your male form in a matter of months.”She paused as she shifted in her chair and glanced towards the case as if hesitating to proceed. “May I ask you how much of the cream you have used?”I placed a hand on her hand and said, “It is easier to show you,” and I rose retrieving the second jar that was now nearly empty. I handed it to her and waited as she inspected the interior.“It is as I suspected,” she said replacing the lid carefully avoiding any contact with the cream, “I have contacted my associates in China that produce this product and after a great deal of conversation they have revealed that your transformation is not uncommon when the cream is used in excess. And based on the amount you have used in this short period your transformation has reached the point of dire consequences.”“Dire consequences?” I said with a tremor in my voice, “What is going to happen to me?”“Yesterday I warned you that you were in uncharted waters, and from my medical and historical knowledge I was speaking the truth. But my associates in China have reported this reaction with higher usage and wanted me to contact you immediately. You see Mr. Price, when used in this manner the subject tips the hormonal balance in such a way that not only are the physical changes radical, the neurological changes occur as well. Essentially Mr. Price you are very nearly a woman!”I felt my face flush, almost as hot as when I experienced the intense orgasms, then I felt a chill, as if stepping into a deep freeze. “I don’t understand,” I said, “In our conversation yesterday you told me that regardless of the physical changes that I am biological male and since that occurs at the DNA level I was in no danger or crossing that threshold.” I wondered as I repeated what she had told me if I dreamed the words or if they really occurred.“Yes,” she said, “I did tell you that and based on the information I had at the time I was speaking the truth as I knew it. But my associates tell me that at the extreme end of the dosage it is very possible that a shift in the DNA is possible. Can you tell me, in the last day have you noticed any significant changes in your, well disposition.” Ah Lam asked as she cleared her throat and diverted her eyes.I knew what she was asking, I had told her about my intense orgasms in our last meeting and I suspected she wanted to know a little more detail.“Yes,” I said and hesitated before continuing, “Last night I was unable to reach a normal male arousal, you know, I couldn’t get an erection at all. But I had an orgasm, but not like any other I have ever experienced.”I paused as I was not sure how much to tell her, “Please continue,” she said, “This is very important.”I told her about the intensity and the need to use the cream to achieve full arousal, but that the pleasure was far more enjoyable than anything I had ever felt. I left out no detail and when I finished she touched my hand as if to console me.“Mr. Price, what you have just described is the typical female arousal and orgasm. As you know, for most men arousal is quick and once he reaches ejaculation most desire vanishes. A caring and artful male delays his gratification until his female partner is satisfied and they are mutually satisfied with his completion. It is not the cream that you needed for arousal, it was time, it was attention to all your senses, not just the center of your orgasm. I don’t mean to be negative of the male anatomy; rather I wish to explain it.”Ah Lam stopped, grasped the leather case as if in fear it would vanish, and then continued, “You see Mr. Price women want more than immediate gratification, more than that deeply intense orgasm that brings on an explosion in the nerve center between their legs. In looking in the jar of cream and taking in account what you have told me I suspect that you are but one application away from completing the total transformation from Mr. Price to Ms. Price. It matters not where or how the cream is applied at this stage, the ingredients will be absorbed through your skin and will trigger an irreversible change in your DNA, in a matter of hours you will become a complete woman.”I am sure my puzzled look was evident on my face as Ah Lam continued, “The physical changes you have undergone, although rapid, are almost complete. Many I have worked with spend years in surgery and hormonal therapy to transform themselves. Yet they are still genetically male because of their DNA. If you trigger the final change there is no medical professional that could ever distinguish you as anything but female, right down to the cellular level.”I was shocked, yet seemed to anticipate that something like this had happened. I had already realized how bad a situation I was in as covering these changes would be difficult and with airline security travelling as a woman with a male ID was not going to happen.I swallowed hard and my mouth felt dry and I felt that I would have trouble speaking but pushed ahead, “Then what am I to do Ah Lam? I can’t blame you or the maker of the cream, your instructions were very specific and now I find myself nearly a woman in physical appearance and only a male ID to travel home. And once home I am not sure how to explain all of this.”Ah Lam slid the leather case closer to the edge of the deck and between us. “There are many secrets in China, many are used for good and others are very sinister. The secrets of the overuse of this cream were withheld from me, I can’t explain why. In this case are a few things I thought you might need, yet I was not prepared to offer them unless you had moved beyond the condition I saw you in yesterday. Your trip to San Francisco was business as you related to me; it was not what many come here for. As you may be aware, many travel here because we have the best plastic surgeons and endocrinologists that help those seeking transformation. I am sure you have heard of sex change tipobet güvenilir mi operations.”“I have,” I said feeling my entire body tremble as I wondered if she was suggesting surgical procedures to complete the transformation.“In this case,” Ah Lam said as she opened it presenting a case full of vials and jars similar to the ones I had used. “I have helped many T-Girls that thought they wanted surgery but were not sure they could actually live as a woman. In this case are the aids I have provided to help them to accomplish an outward appearance of femininity without actually taking that final step. All the products are natural and tested. They are safe to use and help soften the skin, remove body hair, and enhance nearly every attribute to appear more feminine without taking permanent steps that can’t be reversed. It gives them time to make their decision without affecting their long term health by taking harsh medications.”She continued, “If you wish to pass as a woman, which seems to be the only alternative at this point, I can instruct you on how to use these products as you decide what is next. I can also provide ID services, wigs, and clothing to help you return home while you decide if you want to take the final step, which involves the remaining cream in your jar. Some of these products will be helpful to you if you decide to go further.”My mind was reeling with her frank explanation of my condition and her offer to help me pass as a woman so I could travel. It was very evident that I’d never pass as male upon close scrutiny at the airport. I had not traveled to San Francisco for this purpose but my mistake at not following simple instructions had resulted in what was now a big problem. I could do nothing and go through life with a beautiful set of tits that I would need to somehow conceal on a daily basis as well as forego any sexual activity with anyone but myself. Or I could live as a woman, yet the thought of being with a man simply was not something I felt I would ever want.Ah Lam studied my expression and read my confusion. “Mr. Price I suggest that you take some time to think about what we have discussed and then let me know what you’d like to do. You are in a serious situation and moving forward you need to have a clear picture of what you want to do. Don’t be rash in making this decision. I always advise the T-Girls that come to me to make their decisions based on sound reasoning and a clear mind.”She left leaving the leather case, “regardless of what you decide, I think you will need these products,” and she hobbled across the room using her cane. When she got to the door she stopped, turned towards me and said, “Please call me if there is more I can do.”I was left setting on my chair near the large windows of my room. I looked out at the San Francisco skyline; it seemed to me that I had not enjoyed any of this view or the city. I had been consumed with the cream and my pleasure and now I was at a crossroads in my life. I got up and walked about the room, the satin gown felt wonderful against my skin, I could feel my breasts in the push-up bra and that made me feel attractive, and the snug fitting panty held all my secrets from view. The day dragged on as I paced about the room, unable to leave for obvious reasons, and unable to clear my mind of the confusion and worry.As night began to fall my mind seemed to clear, I disrobed and went to the bathroom fully naked. The reflection in the mirror was of a average woman with ripe breasts, narrow hips, and way too much body hair! I turned on the shower and armed with shaving cream and my razor I stepped under the warm water. I had never been one to shave beyond my face, I was not offended by those men that did shave their body hair, it just wasn’t me. But now it seemed like I must do it.I got out of the shower and felt aglow all over, the removal of the hair left a fully feminine appearance, I had looked at the products in Ah Lam’s case and one was marked with body softening lotion and I smoothed it over my silky smooth skin. I knew the stubble would pop out in a day or so, but for now I was smooth and the sensual feel of the lotion made me feel good about my decision.I slipped into the gown without my bra and panties and as the darkness fell over the city I positioned my chair in front of the windows, put a light jazz station on the radio and sat down to enjoy the beauty of the skyline.The sky near the horizon blazed orange with the setting sun while the city itself was bathed in the coming night. The city lights were shining making it look like a magic city that it was. I heard the radio announcer say that Billie Holiday was up next with the song, “All or nothin’ at all” as the western horizon went dark leaving San Francisco bathed in inky darkness with only the city lights to illuminate my room.“All or nothin’ at all,” Billie sang in a sultry way, “ Half a love never appealed to meIf your heart, it never could yield to meThen I’d rather, rather have nothin’ at all”I loved her song styling and her voice and yet it seemed as I listed to the lyrics I was hearing them for the first time. I was listening to each word and knew what she meant as she sang,“ I said all, nothin’ at allIf it’s love, there ain’t no in-betweenWhy begin then cry for somethin’ that might have beenNo I’d rather, rather have nothin’ at all”Ah Lam’s words rang in my head, “you are one application away from the total transformation,” and she was right, knowing the direction you are headed can only be made with clear rational thought. Billie’s voice was so clear in my ears,“ Hey, please don’t bring your lips close to my cheekDon’t you smile or I’ll be lost beyond recallThe kiss in your eyes, the touch of your hand makes me weakAnd my heart, it may grow very dizzy and fall”And without hesitation I picked up the jar with the remaining cream, opened it and pulling my gown up past my waist I applied the remaining cream between the folds of my crease. The warmth began immediately; the magic of this cream began. I felt a pinch deep inside my groin, it was like my balls were being squeezed, uncomfortable but not painful. My midsection was warmed and it seemed as if everything inside me was turning around, flip flopping as if I had eaten bad food, I knew what was happening, my mind was clear and my thoughts rational as Billie continued,“ And if I fell under the spell of your callI would be, be caught in the undertowWell, you see, I’ve got to say “No, no, no”All or nothin’ at all”And the final words of the song described my final decision, “All or nothing at all!”



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