My Aunt is a high-class whore. I had finished college and was sent to Mumbai to stay with her as I was training with a company, which manufactured air conditioners. Mumbai intimidated me as I came from a small town Bhopal and I was still had not had any sexual experience except when I felt my girlfriend’s breasts resulting in my being banished from hr presence. Of course I had seen a neighbor’s naked body when I went into her bedroom just as she was emerging from her bath with only a towel around her head. The sight of her naked hirsute body is still stuck in my head even though a few years have gone by. She had mammoth breasts and since the towel was perched on her head and she was holding it her thick jet-black bushy armpits was mouth watering. Long tufts of silky hair billowed out of her unshaven underarms and as I gazed down towards her pubic hair I saw a thick carpet of luxuriant jet-black hair between her legs. In embarrassment she rushed back in to the bathroom even as I woefully went away. Thereafter she moved away but images of her hairy body are affixed in my mind and there has never been a night when I have not masturbated thinking of hairy armpits.

My Aunt Sudha was only a few years older than me. She was very beautiful and living alone as her husband was in the merchant navy. I had the night shift and would leave home by 9PM to reach the suburb of Thane in time for the 11 PM shift and would return home only in the morning by 10 AM. Aunt Sudha normally kept a hot meal for me ready. I would let myself into her spacious apartment eat my meal alone and then catch with my sleep.

It all began when I had to return home suddenly I had gone to a friend’s place a few blocks away. I had left my wallet behind as I need money or my train fare I hurried home as I was already very late but I knew my colleagues would have covered up for me and anyway the long train journey ahead would give me enough illegal bahis time to think of an adequate excuse. I entered the flat just after midnight I tried to be as quiet as I could so as not to disturb Aunt Sudha. My room is just next to the door and a small corridor leads to the living room and further there are two more bedrooms.

I slipped into the flat noiselessly but I saw the lights on in the living room. Thinking it was on by mistake I started to go there to switch off the lights when I heard laughter and Aunt Sudha saying, “Stop it darling you are too big”.

I stopped in my tracks and I went to the kitchen from where you could see the living room. The light was off in the kitchen and I saw Aunt Sudha nude on her knees and there were three huge men in the room with her. One of them had a huge prick, which must have been at least 10 inches long, which he was pushing into her mouth. Another was gently kissing her thighs and like the neighbor I had seen in Bhopal Aunt Sudha had a massive muff. She raised up her arms and her underarms too were filled with coarse dark hair. She was a really erotic sight.

Another man’s crotch was directly above her head and she reached up and rubbed his hard cock through his pants. He didn’t need any more coaxing and he was out of his clothes in a flash. He placed his balls to her lips and she began sucking on them while her hand wrapped around his thick cock. The man who was kissing her pubic hair moved and started licking her hairy underarms. “ Karim you are tickling me” Aunt Sudha exclaimed as his tongue moved into the tufty bush in her underarms. “Do you prefer me shoving my big cock in your armpits then. I have never fucked a woman in her bushy armpits and I know Vipin here likes a woman with bushy armpits and that’s why the bureau gave your name as well as Usha and Rehana. You should see their underarms they are hairier than any man and Sameer was keen illegal bahis siteleri to get them both as well but they were not available.” Karim said as he licked the long strands of jet-black hair in her unshaven armpits.

Aunt Sudha gobbled up the huge cock of the guy called Vipin. As he gently fucked her mouth, Sameer positioned himself between her legs. He teased the entrance to her hairy pussy with the head of his cock then slowly pushed it in halfway. She sucked Vipin’s cock as she pulled Vipin’s cock deep into her throat.

I was completely shocked at the turn of events even as a huge erection formed in my pants. Three men were fucking my Aunt Sudha and here I was watching her. I unzipped myself and pulled out my cock as I took in the sights. Karim had moved along side Vipin who was thrusting his cock into her mouth. Karim had a hairy body himself. His chest was covered with a thick covering of black hair which ran down till his pubic jungle from which sprang out his massive cock. Her fingers ran lovingly along his shaft and I could see she was finding it a little difficult to even get her fingers around the wide girth of Karim’s big cock, but she persevered admiringly.

Vipin was looking down at her as she slowly opened her mouth wider and wider, her tongue still teasing his sensitive glans. She kissed the head and lowered her mouth down. The swell of the man’s tool widened her lips as far as they would go and eventually she was able to take the head inside. Vipin gasped as her mouth closed tightly over his cock head. Like me Sameer was jerking his cock, which was massive in proportions as he toyed with long sweaty hair in her untrimmed hairy pits.

Aunt Sudha removed Vipin’s huge shaft from her wet mouth and tugged it comparing it with the huge prick in her other hand belonging to the hairy Karim. “Sameer who is bigger I think Karim is bigger” she smiled as jerked the two canlı bahis siteleri monster cocks and turning to Sameer she said put it in me! Stick that big cock inside me! Deep in my hairy pussy!”

I watched in awe as Sameer pushed the first two inches of his inflamed meat inside her body and egged on by his mates pushed more of his tool up her bushy pussy. He continued to rock his hips back and forth pushing more and more of his throbbing penis inside my Aunt’s body with each thrust. I could see the sweat beginning to form on his brow as he became more forceful and after a few more strokes he had finally managed to get his entire length completely inside Aunt’s pussy as his cock jammed into the crisp black hair at the juncture of her thighs.

Karim and Vipin were being jerked off but Karim pulled away and shoved his swollen penis into her mouth and started to fuck her face. She moaned aloud as she writhed in an orgasm. Beads of perspiration had formed in her bushy underarms as vipin pushed his cock into the thick brush of lush jet-black hair in her unshaven pits. I looked in amazement as Vipin ploughed into the thick tufty jungle in her armpits. I had never seen a woman with her armpits being fucked even in blue movies as his cock started getting lost in the bushy growth in her armpit forests. Half his cock, which was almost a foot long, had already disappeared in the jungle of hair and it seemed as if her armpit hair grew out at least six inches long. My own underarm hair hardly grew a couple of inches and here was the mighty engine of the huge man’s penis getting lost in the forest of hair in Aunt Sudha’s bushy pits.

Within a second or two Karim was pumping thick wads of creamy cum into Aunt Sudha’s waiting mouth. Vipin was not far behind as he started spurting jism in her hairy armpits. Her armpit hair was so thick that his cum stuck to the long bushy strands of hair in her pits. Sameer was pressing on ramming his erect penis into her. Bringing her to another climax Sameer starts to cum. He suddenly thrusts in hard and fills her pussy with his thick cum. I am also jerking my cock violently as I spill my cum all over the kitchen.



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